Picking Up the Exiled Prince Chapter 5

Quiet midnight

Danis woke up on a calm night. As expected, the footsteps and voices of the army cannot be heard from the outside, and even national soldiers need a rest. I think I’m searching by reducing the number now.

 When I see Alain sleeping unprotected on me, I remember that I slept as it was. I slowly moved it to bed so that it wouldn’t wake up, and hung a blanket on it.

 Perhaps she is sleeping deeply, she gently touches her blonde hair with a bitter smile at Alain who does not make a slight movement.

“Such a place is still age-appropriate …”

 When he got out of bed, he lit a candle on his desk and turned on a small light. Sitting in a chair, Danis smoked a cigarette and took a sip to calm himself down.

 After a while, I heard a light knocking sound from the door of the middle entrance, which had calmed down.

 Danis pushed the cigarette against the ashtray, stood in front of the door, knocked it back twice, and after a few seconds, heard a light knock four times, then opened the front door a little.

 The man who appeared was a man in his twenties, and his body was slender. He wears a hat over his chestnut-colored hair, which may be a heavenly hair. The man checked the surroundings and spoke in a whisper.

“As Mr. Danis expected, something happened in the castle. It seems that a considerable number of soldiers searched for the castle town and the downtown area that I usually do not visit, and there is something busy in the castle. Well, it is information from the soldiers at the end. I don’t know if it’s true or false, but it seems that the king is talking about his illness and falling down among the soldiers. “

 Curiously, Danis hears the man’s report and then a deep sigh comes out of his mouth.

 I was thinking about the worst case with the information I know about the current situation, but I haven’t heard anything from the prince who is in the house now. However, there was only one inheritance right, the treatment of the prince, the situation of being chased, and almost the answer.

 If the king really fell ill, the prince’s position could be worsened by the dispute over the right to succeed to the throne, but the period is overwhelmingly too short to be chased. Two weeks ago I heard that the king was at the ceremony.

 And … the treatment of the prince …

 It was planted with trauma that was not possible in the first place. It is no longer the way to treat the royal family.

 The king fell ill in this situation. It’s too abnormal to just do it. I don’t think so …

Danis wrinkled his eyebrows.

“I’m leaving here before dawn. You can go back to the base …. I’ll just ask the guy at the base to give me a notice so that I can always get rid of it.”

“… Is it such a dangerous situation?”

Surprisingly, the man rounded his maroon eyes, the same as his hair.

“Oh … I wish there was a decent person in the castle. If I’m not good at it, bad politics may continue. It seems better to think that I don’t know what will happen.”

“Decently, that’s what we say.”

 The man smiled with a funny smile somewhere.

That’s right. Danis laughed back with his nose, and after a while the man bowed lightly and walked away quietly, checking the surroundings.

 Danis closed the door as if nothing had happened, and after sitting in a chair, he glanced at Alain, who was sleeping comfortably.

“It’s up to the prince to find out by chance that it’s a bad thing, or to change the status quo …”

Danis looked at Alain sleeping with an age-appropriate face for a while.

 Danis has no sympathy. No matter what kind of person you are, unhappiness and bad luck will come suddenly, and no matter how much you close your ears, the current reality will not change. Even if you sympathize, it does not mean that Alain’s circumstances will change.

 Half-hearted kindness is empty even if it becomes easier temporarily.

 …… I know that.

“……… Thank you, it ’s no good.”

 Danis sighed deeply at the fact that he was out of tune.

 However, in response to the current situation, the prince chose to escape rather than mourn and stop unfortunately. People have time to stand up once they stop in despair. Without the hope and purpose of living, even the meaning of living would be lost.

 If you just have nothing inside and just run away, it will be difficult to run away without being caught by the soldiers who know the inside of the castle.

 As expected, this still-boy prince was a little interested in Danis about what he had in this short period of time.

 Danis also has a bitter memory …

Picking Up the Exiled Prince

Picking Up the Exiled Prince

Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
Prince Alan was forced to go into hiding within his own country. While escaping from his castle, he was rescued by a mysterious man. Despite this man occasionally leading Alan by the nose, he strangely reminds Alan of someone from his past. But their story has only just begun. Cool27 Year Old X 16 Year Old Prince


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