Picking Up the Exiled Prince Chapter 4

Something is different *

Alain lay down on the bed and thought that it would be okay for a while, and if left unattended, this tremor would gradually heal … For a moment, Danis’s hand lifted his neck and forced him to get up. It fits snugly in Danis’ arms as if hugged from his back.

“What …! ??”

 Suddenly Alain’s head turns white.

 However, when the trembling body unconsciously tried to rampage to refuse with reflexes, the body was held down with one arm.

“… I’m sorry, but there’s only one here in my bed. If it’s too violent, I’ll push it down?”

 Alain loses words to unexpected words.

 Does this man not know the word refrain from someone who knows he is a prince?

 When I looked closely at Danis, I found that my coat and suit had been taken off and I was dressed lightly. What was the hand that stroked Alain’s head earlier? Was it a mistake to think that it was kindness?

 My body was still trembling, but I forgot that my body refused, probably because I was surprised.

“Don’t go wild …”


 Perhaps Danis had brought it nearby, and when he took a bottle of something, he picked up the contents. As Alain tilted his head to see what was about to begin, Danis’s hand turned up a large shirt that Alain wasn’t wearing, and his liquid-wet hand slipped into the crevice in his butt.

 Suddenly, Alain grabs Danis’s arm and turns deep blue.

“What … what …?”

“… I didn’t check it …”

 What does it mean to not confirm?

 Danis’s finger touched the bud in the crevice of the butt so that the stop of the grasped hand was meaningless.

 At that moment, Alain distorted his face and trembled to endure the pain.

“Stop … why … why …”

 In addition, Danis calms down Alain, who trembles abnormally, and slowly taps his shoulder several times so that he can comfortably hold Alain in his hand.

 In the meantime, when Danis’s finger sank into the bud, he groped to confirm something, and even though he felt pain even when he touched it, Alain screamed with only pain in his finger. Raise a close voice.

“Huh … !! … mmm …”

 Even though I tried to move my body to escape from my fingers, Danis stopped me with my arms and I couldn’t escape, and the pain caused tears to accumulate in my eyelids. Alain, who could only accept it, bit his back teeth strongly and endured the pain.

 This is terrible … When I hear Danis muttering in my ear, the finger inside Alain stops moving and is slowly pulled out.

 Alain, who endured the pain, exhaled unconsciously at the same time.

“… I think it’s just a relief …”

 I look at Danis asking if I’m still doing something. I was so confused that I couldn’t speak, I just watched Danis’s actions.

 Danis opens the drawer on the side of the bed, takes out a small candle, gets up on the table, and takes out the box in the drawer. The contents contained bandages and compresses, which seemed to be therapeutic, and the creamy medicine was taken out from it.

 At all … I only have a bad feeling.

 When I lit a small candle with a match, it apparently contained aroma. A sweet scent rises. The sweet scent I hadn’t smelled so much made my head dazzle.

 I realized that it wasn’t just an aroma, and covered my nose and mouth with my hands, but maybe it was too late or my thoughts didn’t work and it was hazy.

“What … this is …”

“In addition to having you put up with it a little more, I’ll relieve you a little from fear.”

 Alain tells Danis, who answers plainly, what. Meanwhile, Danis’s hand rolled up his shirt and slowly stroked it from his exposed belly to his ribs.

 Even though it was just stroked, it shook the body from the spine to the head.


 With a vague head, you can’t even move on to resist. Is it because of the scent that makes the body feel like it’s burning?

 Danis’s breathing rubs against his ears, and even that makes him feel sick and sensitive.

“… Focus on pleasure as it is”

 Perhaps he felt no resistance, Danis’s hand, holding it down, crumpled Alain’s head. Squeeze the blonde hair with your fingers and dig into Alain’s ears to eat gently.

“Hmm …”

 Alain was confused by the sensation of crawling up from inside.

 I don’t know this feeling. However, I knew only the painful and unpleasant sensations, and I didn’t know the sensations of getting so hot from within. Every time Danis touches, the reacting body becomes embarrassed.

 I should have met him for the first time today, but I’m relieved to be stroked as I’ve known for a long time. Especially when I stroked my head, I felt like I remembered someone’s hand. Is this also due to the scent I mentioned earlier?

 Danis’s tongue ran down his neck from the back of his ears, regardless of Alain’s inner feelings.

“Hmm … Hmm …”

 At the same time as shaking his body, he kills the voice that is about to come out of his mouth. It’s embarrassing to be surprised at my sweet sigh.

 While intoxicated with such a sensation, Alain didn’t notice that one hand of Danis reached for the cream of the medicine. The finger touches the anus in the crevice of the buttocks again.

“Pain …!”

 It hurts as if it was stained with cream.

“It’s okay … turn your attention to this.”

 It sticks to the back of the neck, and the tongue reaches the base of the neck. The finger that touched the anus was groped to sink again and paint.

“Ah …”

 Alain becomes cloudy without knowing whether his body is shaking due to pain or whether he is reacting to being touched by Danis. With a head deprived of thinking power, it can only follow the senses given.

 The heat that springs up from inside, the heat gathers in the lower abdomen, whether the body is straightforward, and Alain’s own that reacts and stands up.

 Because the shirt is rolled up, there is nothing to hide and I look straight at it.

“What … what …”

 Danis, who noticed it, says it’s not strange.

 Isn’t it strange? When he tilts his head, Danis smiles a little at his ear.

“… There are other things.”

 With that word, Danis’s free hand touched Alain’s standing up.

“Well …!?”

 At the same time as being surprised, the body trembles for a moment when it is touched by the sensitive part. Instead of listening to the words of restraint, I touched the tip with my finger, wrapped it, and moved my hand up and down.

 Alain unconsciously sways his body with a sudden strong pleasure, and his unprotected mouth makes a glossy voice that he has never heard.

“Huh … huh … oh …?”

 I’ve never felt that my head was going to turn white. My hips move naturally with the movement of my hands, and I feel embarrassed and embarrassed and my face is hot.

 When I noticed, the number of anal fingers in the back increased and I sank further, and I was playing with it as if I was searching for something. In less than a few seconds, the moment my finger rubbed against the mucous membrane inside, Alain’s body suddenly bent back.

“Ah … !!”

 Here, Danis’s finger relentlessly touches the same place. Every time, my voice turned inside out, my head turned white, and my eyes were dazzling.

“Huh … oh … soko, … hen …”

 Danis was moved without stopping the movement of his front hand just by saying yes, and his consciousness jumped for a moment.

 It goes up to the climax without mercy.

“Ah, ah … mhh ……… ahhhhh !!”

 As the body bounced back, Alain himself couldn’t stand it and exhaled heat.

 Danis catches it by hand.

 Alain hadn’t caught up with his head yet, and when he was out of breath, he put his weight in Danis’s arm to weaken him.

 Did you get a little lost? Danis stroked his head.

 This is the first time I’ve had this feeling, and I think it feels good. The humiliation I received from Gabriel’s subordinates left me with an image that was just unpleasant and painful.

 However, it is very complicated and embarrassing to have a man panting like a woman. Somehow, I couldn’t look directly at Danis and turned my eyes away.

 After that, Danis wipes his hands lightly without any particular change, then extinguishes the candles, and Danis wipes the place where his body was sweaty and uncomfortable.

 To be honest, I was surprised because I thought I would be left alone.

“Because I’m out before dawn, sleep now.”

 Danis said, so I was embarrassed by the stones, so I tried to get out of my arms, and when my arms were turned and stopped, I fell down with my weight as it was.

“Eh … a little … Hana”

“I can’t sleep without human skin …”

“What ?? …?”

 Alain turned bright red.

 I want you to forgive me for sleeping while being hugged by the person who seems to have been half-played until a while ago.

 Danis may not be aware of it, but Alain is unconsciously aware of it.

“Hanasetsu !!”

 However, I couldn’t get out of it because Danis’s arm was strong, and he fluttered.

 After a while, when I asked him what he was doing without answering anything, he slept with a small sigh.

“I’m really sleeping …”

 Alain was weak and lay still without any help.

 Suddenly, I remember that Danis was sleeping right next to me when I first woke up. So after treating the wound, I was shocked to find that it was used instead of a pillow.

 I thought it was stupid … and closed my eyes while feeling half the temperature of Danis as if I was going to sleep.

 Then I finally noticed. I didn’t notice it because of the smell of cigarettes, but there was a slight scent of lavender. When I open my eyes, I can see a chain of pendants through the gaps in Danis’ shirt, which may be the scent.

 Feeling nostalgic for the scent, I closed my eyes and slowly fell asleep.

Picking Up the Exiled Prince

Picking Up the Exiled Prince

Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
Prince Alan was forced to go into hiding within his own country. While escaping from his castle, he was rescued by a mysterious man. Despite this man occasionally leading Alan by the nose, he strangely reminds Alan of someone from his past. But their story has only just begun. Cool27 Year Old X 16 Year Old Prince


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