Picking Up the Exiled Prince Chapter 26

Escape from the city

After a little slowing down, Alain was called that day and went to a room that looked like a drawing room.

 First, Danis, Chris, Bourne, and several other Danis subordinates were sitting or standing on the sofa around the desk. When Danis and his eyes meet, he turns his eyes unintentionally without knowing how to react. Alain tightened his face a little, thinking that something was going to happen.

 Chris recommends me to go to the sofa. Chris stood right next to Alain like an escort, probably because of the knight’s custom.

 Press the cigarette that Danis was smoking against the ashtray. Everyone gazes at Danis like a signal.

 Both Alain and Chris adapted to the situation.

“Now everyone has gathered. From now on, what is Chris going to do?”

“As planned, after protecting Alain, I’m thinking of heading to Aqua City. First of all, I need a place to have a presence and a system that can be supported.”

 In Chris’s opinion, Danis nodded.

 He turned his gaze toward Alain and nodded, asking if there was any objection. There is no particular objection. Even with the help of Danis, we need someone who can help us publicly.

“When it comes to that, how do you get out of this city?”

“If I were to leave Alain-sama, I would have to put a strict soldier at the main gate, etc., it would be difficult to get out of the city from the main gate …”

 Chris made a difficult face and folded his arms.

 That should be it. The central city where this royal castle is located is covered with high walls from the castle to the downtown area, and the emphasis is on defense from the enemy.

 The main gate was managed so that it could not be entered without a permit. There, because the prince escaped from the castle this time. It’s a sword that has become even more rigorous.

“Danis, what’s your opinion?”

“If you go to Aqua City, it’s a reasonable distance. You can’t go underground, but at least you’ll need to prepare for a trip with a horse.”

“After all, I have no choice but to get out of the main gate …”

 When Chris is pondering, Danis smiles invincibly.

“In other words, you should deceive the check of the soldiers at the main gate.”

“Simply put, I and the prince have cracked faces. There is always a check to show my face when I come out. I don’t think I can be fooled by disguise.”

 Chris points out to Danis, who says it’s easy to do.

Chris’s opinion is justified. Chris and the prince should remember the castle and the soldiers as long as they are in charge of the search. I’ve heard that checking the main gate is particularly difficult.

 However, Danis laughed with his nose and dismissed it.

“Who do you think we are? It’s enough not to be noticed near the entrance. It’s just a matter of not being checked by soldiers in the first place. Leave it to us.”

“… Is it sure to come out?”

 Danis replied eagerly to Chris’s question.

“Do you know better than anyone who is good at making surprises?”

 Perhaps Chris remembered something, he looked at him and then exhaled. Chris nods when he agrees.

 Alain is not particularly dissatisfied. I’m curious about how to do it, but I’m sure it’s not the case to get out of this situation.

 Alain also nodded.

“It’s a decision”

 At the moment when it was decided to follow Danis’s method, Danis spoke to Bourne and instructed some of his subordinates to procure supplies.

 I understand. And Bourne, but a few people left the room as soon as they replied.

 Well, how do you get out of that main gate? I was a little worried, but it may not be legal at the time I do not say it here. It may be that he avoids showing the inside of his hand openly in front of Chris.

 Alain thought that it might be better to leave this to someone who is familiar with it.

 It may have been bad to leave it to me completely.

 On the day of the decision to escape from the city, Chris and Alain were dressed as merchant wagons, and were normally lined up for a rigorous check of the main gate soldiers, wearing robes over their heads without any disguise. ..

 No, it will be bald normally as it is.

 Alain sweated his hands.

 There are two wagon horses, and the inside is suspicious just to pretend to be a wagon, so there are various things in it. Chris hid his sword’s weapon in it so that he could get it right away.

 Chris also had wrinkles between his eyebrows, perhaps because he was worried about Danis’ instructions.

“How do you deceive this? Danis said he would send a one-shot signal …”

“I don’t know … at worst, I’ll make the way. In that case, horse first.”

 To Alain’s question, Chris seemed to be a little ready to say so.

 No particular explanation was received from Danis.

 However, if there is a signal, it is only said that the wagon and the horse should be separated and run through the main gate. What the signal is is not taught.

 In the meantime, the soldiers’ check turn is approaching. Every time, Alain was impatient in his heart.

“… Is it still?”

 Bosori and Chris say it.

 I try not to show it to the eye, but Chris may also feel impatient.

 The check of one person, one person, and the people in front is over.

 Finally, it was Alain’s turn.

“Hey, take your robe”

 Alain sweated cold when the soldier called out.

You will be urged to do it quickly. I can’t just remove the robe. When Chris took out his sword from the wagon.

 Dokakaan! !! A flashy sound echoed in one piece, and everyone in that area turned to the sound.

 It was an explosion from the building. People scream and the soldiers run toward the one that exploded in a hurry.

 So I was surprised. No way …

“Alan !!”

 When Chris pulled out his sword, he cut off the rope connecting the wagon and the horse.

 At Chris’s call, Alain rushes to one of the separated horses when he distracts from the explosion.

 Chris blocked the remaining few soldiers who noticed it with a sword and tried to chase after noticing it late, and then ran with all his might on the remaining horses.

“Damn, wait !!”

 The reaction of the soldiers who shouted so was slow, and the horse was far from the main gate.

 Alain runs on a horse to the confluence after desperately exiting the main gate.

 No way … who would think that was the signal! ??

 You wouldn’t expect it to explode! ??

While screaming in my heart, Chris caught up later on the way.

“I will go as it is”

 Chris’s face had a calm voice, but he felt angry.

 From the perspective of Chris, a knight who protects the country from the private sector, I took it for granted. Even to leave the main gate, an explosion may have occurred in the city, causing damage to unrelated people. Chris wouldn’t allow it.

 Although I thought that I should overdo it, it was certainly effective in distracting the soldiers’ consciousness.

 After running out on a horse for a while, I confirmed that no followers had come and arrived at the confluence that I had decided at the beginning.

 The confluence was a water place in the woods nearby out of the city. So I get off the horse and take a break.

 Danis didn’t seem to have arrived yet.

“Did Danis get out safely?”

 Alain looks toward the city.

“That guy isn’t caught so easily. I’m reluctant, but I don’t have to worry about that.”

 Chris sighed heavily and pierced the words in a somewhat abominable way.

 There may be the previous thing.

 It was powerfully close to Chris’s eyebrows.

“… I hate hair, but I admit it.”

 Chris’s way of admitting the other person was a little funny for the voice that seemed to dislike it at first glance, and Alain giggled.

 Chris is truly astonished.

“Now! … only the escape leg. If you use your head more decently …”

“” Decent “…”

 When I heard a voice from behind and looked back, there was Danis standing with his arms folded and leaning against a tree.

 Before I knew it, I would like to say that there was no injury and Danis was there as usual.

“I got out of the city safely.”

 With a reassuring face, Danis exhales with a bitter smile.

 Chris was staring at him after Danis appeared. I’m sure I would like to mention the explosion just before.

“Don’t stare at me. Rest assured that there were no injuries or damages. It was my hideout nearby that suffered damage.”

“I don’t trust”

 Chris cuts off in Danis’ words. Danis shook his head asking him to like it.

 Alain will enter between the two if there is no humor as it is.

“For the time being, we were able to join, so let’s go to the relay town quickly.”

 So Chris stopped glaring, if not convinced, and headed for the horse.

 Alain strokes her chest.

 Alain also rode a horse, and Danis, who had not taken the horse, rode after Alain. Besides, Alain was a little surprised. It was natural because there were only two horses, but my heartbeat suddenly bounced.

 Alain turns to Danis.

“What happened? Do you have a bridle?”

“No, it’s okay”

 Equestrian has been taught since I was a child, so there is no problem. Recently, when I get close to Danis, I feel like I’m overreacting. Alain is glaring at Danis again while Chris shakes his head and tries to switch his mind.

 Normally, I wouldn’t ride behind the prince, but now I don’t even care about that. Danis didn’t seem to care about the line of sight from Chris.

 During the trip, they exhaled whether the air was okay, and signaled the horses with their legs to run to the destination to Aqua City.

“Let’s go together”

Picking Up the Exiled Prince

Picking Up the Exiled Prince

Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
Prince Alan was forced to go into hiding within his own country. While escaping from his castle, he was rescued by a mysterious man. Despite this man occasionally leading Alan by the nose, he strangely reminds Alan of someone from his past. But their story has only just begun. Cool27 Year Old X 16 Year Old Prince


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