Picking Up the Exiled Prince Chapter 25

Chris's Thoughts

I slept lightly that night.

 Normally, knights are trained so that they can take a nap or sleep anywhere. Chris is one of them.

 Even if it’s on the way to war, even in this uncomfortable place like Danis’s bosom, it can happen straight away if you feel murderous or notice something wrong.

 However, after seeing the coat of arms of Danis’ arm yesterday, he seems to have slept lightly. I woke up soon after the outside became bright.

 With a habit of habit, I immediately wash my face and get ready. When you take the sword in the scabbard, pull it out of the scabbard and take care of the blade. Chris’s own face was reflected on the side of the sword.

 The face was a little steep even from the perspective of Chris himself.

“That … should be a coat of arms that wasn’t inherited anymore. In other words, do you say he’s a survivor?”

 If the proof of the coat of arms of Danis’s arm that I saw last night is true, then the clan no longer exists. I heard that story before Chris took the knightly exam.

 I heard that the whole house of the family was burned.

 If it really is the survivor of the clan, it’s no wonder that he’s thinking of revenge.

 There have been four aristocrats in this country who have been involved since its inception and have supported the king. The past tense is because the previous clan died and a corner of it was destroyed.

 From the vow of absolute loyalty, the successor of the aristocrat is engraved with a coat of arms, which is a proof of the vow, somewhere on his body.

 However, it was kept secret except for the heirs and some members of the clan.

 Chris Levsky is one of them.

 It is also engraved on Chris’ right shoulder at the time of inheritance.

 And the roles are divided according to each clan.

 The Levsky family, a sword and shield

 The Van der family who support as an aide or butler

 The Hallmia family, which supports the country’s economy and trade

 The Orbright family who restrains and manages the darkness of the country

 I heard that one of these aristocrats, the Orbright family, was destroyed by someone.

 The loss of any aristocrat has the potential to chaos the country. The country was also ravaged when the clan with the coat of arms engraved on Danis’ arm collapsed.

 It was a rough way that I wouldn’t feel if I was in the aristocratic class, but Chris, who was aiming for a knight, sometimes stepped on the land of the commoners, which was remarkable.

 For Chris, who saw it, it is difficult for Chris to understand why Danis abandoned the clan’s family name even if he took revenge. If he had the coat of arms of his successor, he would have been able to regain the title of title from the king.

 Abandoning it is synonymous with abandoning the clan’s mission, which can only be used by the royal family. It means that the country didn’t feel like using it.

 Even if I couldn’t recover at that time, I would have been able to come forward later.

 After all, even if you have a coat of arms, you can’t trust it.

 However, he actually hides and helps the prince. Chris decided that it was okay to act together for the same purpose.

“It seemed quite different from the clan’s heirs I know …”

 Chris is also a knight’s aristocratic class, and has been present at evening parties and royal festivals for a long time.

 I remember that the perished clan was often intimate with the prince, Alain-sama. Her unusual black hair, which can be seen from a distance, has a soft demeanor, yet she is graceful and the words convey her excellence. Reminded me of the old days.

 Will it change so much that I don’t even feel a fragment of such a figure?

 It was common in aristocratic society that the front and back faces were different, but when I thought that the prince was unabashedly nostalgic, he was close to another person. But I also know that people change.

 Chris grinned when he remembered the old days.

 When Chris was only twelve, he was informed that his father had died in the war. Instead of his death, he was told that the defense was successful, but it was a shock to Chris, who respected and admired his father at the time.

 Chris, who had never thought about the death of his father for a millimeter, realized the harshness and weight of the suddenly thrown knight. I’ve never been so sad.

 Maybe my mother was so shocked, I fell asleep for a while after I fell asleep on the day when the news came.

 Then my mother changed.

 Maybe because I didn’t want my son to do the same thing, it became extremely strict and I couldn’t show the sweetness. Sometimes it became hysterical.

 In such a dramatically unusual environment, a 12-year-old child cannot grow up without twisting. However, if I think that the death of my father, who I respected, is useless, it doesn’t come to my mind. However, even if it could be used for the royal family, it could not find any meaning.

 One day, without being clear about that feeling, I became a knight’s soldier and guarded the inside of the castle.

 It was near the garden. The garden is magnificent because the royal family may visit it by chance. That day, the inside of the castle was noisy. The prince, Alain, escaped from the lecture by the royal lecturer, so maids and butlers were desperately searching around.

 At that time, Chris’s impression of listening to it was that the royal family was sullen and good.

 At that time, there was a rattling noise coming from the garden, and there was a possibility of a stray cat, but there is also a possibility of a suspicious person. I slowly disappeared toward the person making the sound.

 The rattling sound becomes louder.

 As I leaned forward and waited in the direction of predicting and moving from the direction of the sound, a person’s head peeped through a small hole in the arranged vegetation.


 The smooth blonde hair and the big blue eyes with the features that look beautiful at a young age catch Chris.

 Perhaps he was surprised, he stared at him with a daze, and Chris was similarly surprised and solidified.

 Prince Alain, who thought that he was sick, had leaves on his head and body in front of him. Alain gradually became pale.

 Chris was wondering what a disappointing figure he was, and when he tried to speak to him, he heard the voices of butlers and maids from the surrounding area.

“Alan-sama !? Where can I be ?!”

 Chris and Alain shook their shoulders at the same time.

 I saw the maid running in the direction of Chris and Alain, and at that time I unconsciously stood so that Prince Alain could not be seen.

(What am I doing …)

“Did you see Alain, the knight there !?”

“No, I haven’t seen it here.”

 When I replied, the maid left with a little disappointment.

 The maids left, and after a while, the prince, who was hiding in the vegetation, stood up while paying his clothes.

 Chris also turns his eyes to the prince who was on his back.

“Thank you for hiding. I’m sorry.”

“If you think so, why don’t you come back?”

 At that time, Chris didn’t have very good feelings, and because he was young, he had a cold attitude toward the royal family. Still, Chris returned with an irreverent attitude, unwilling to apologize.

 Prince Alain blinked his eyes as if he was surprised at it.

“Then why did you hide it?”

“Unconscious. Reflexive.”

 When he denied the action, the prince laughed aloud, after being stunned again.

 And Chris wondered what was wrong with the prince. The prince stopped laughing aloud when he saw Chris, but his mouth was still distorted and he seemed to endure laughter.

“I’m sorry. It’s rare for someone to have that kind of attitude to me.”

 It would be so. The opponent is a royal family, the only heir to the prince. Few people will take such an overt attitude. But what’s wrong with that?

“Goodbye, if you think so, it’s easy and nice.”

 The prince did not blame me for his worsening attitude, though he laughed bitterly. Instead, I turned my gaze toward the garden with a lonely and sad face.

“That’s right … maybe it’s selfish, but I’m glad that there are people who really get angry. I know, I have to do it properly. Sometimes I wonder if I can meet … like a child, even though he’s dead. “

“that is……”

 Chris wore some loneliness when he saw Alain’s face.

 I know that face, so did I.

 This is the face when I lost an important person.

 When I saw the prince with a young face, he looked like he was a little before me.

“I’m protected by a lot of people, but I don’t have the power to protect them. But I don’t like that anymore! At least if I become a king, I want to reduce the death toll from this country. Some people die in battle. I want to be a king who is not embarrassed when I meet him in the world … It’s like confirming his determination. “

 The prince turned to Chris again and smiled lonely.

 Chris was embarrassed that he had misunderstood when he saw the prince laughing even more that he couldn’t help telling me such a thing.

 Talking to a prince is a soldier. Even though he is an aristocrat, he cannot immediately become a captain. It is certainly difficult to know who the prince is.

 However, the younger prince, who is still younger than himself, is not only mourning the death of his loved one, but also looking forward.

 I’m thinking of making a better country.

 Chris was impressed with that heart.

 On the other hand, what about Chris himself? Until now, the royal family turned away when they could not find meaning for a usable knight.

 Ah … well, was it something like this? Chris then remembered his father’s words.

 I heard it when my father was alive and teaching Chris at home.

“Why can my father fight for life and death?”

 The face of my father who answered the question was calm.

 The coat of arms to the royal family is just a tatemae. If the person does not feel like it, it may not make sense.

“That’s because I thought this person could devote his life.”

 My father proudly said with pride.

 I didn’t know at that time.

 To be precise, I didn’t really know until this time.

 Chris decided that he could follow him.

 Chris smiled.

“Then, isn’t it not good to skip?”

“Hmm …! Don’t say that”

 At that time, for the first time, Chris saw Prince Alain, who had a childish face and swelled his face.

-When you become king, I will be the captain and welcome you-

With that in mind, I saw the prince with a calm feeling that was very different from the beginning.

Picking Up the Exiled Prince

Picking Up the Exiled Prince

Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
Prince Alan was forced to go into hiding within his own country. While escaping from his castle, he was rescued by a mysterious man. Despite this man occasionally leading Alan by the nose, he strangely reminds Alan of someone from his past. But their story has only just begun. Cool27 Year Old X 16 Year Old Prince


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