Picking Up the Exiled Prince Chapter 24

Calm Morning

As the sun went up and I could hear the birds singing, Alain woke up vaguely.

 A little more in the warmth of being wrapped up, Alain was in Danis’s arms with the desire to fall asleep. When Alain rubbed his nose against Danis’ chest, he lifted his heavy eyelids with a soft, faint scent of lavender.

 Within my eyes, there was a pendant that Danis was wearing on his skin. Danis, who is not so obsessed with things, is the only one who will not let go.

 I’m really interested in what’s inside. However, I intuitively felt that I should not touch it without permission.

 I feel like I’m angry.

 If you ask me to show you, I may show you.

“… Do you care?”

 As I stared at the pendant, the voice of Danis, who woke up a little, came down right next to me.

 Alain was surprised because he thought he was sleeping.

Danis’s hand, which had his arm around Alain’s body, loosened, and instead a kiss was dropped on Alain’s forehead.

 Somehow, I feel that Danis is very kind, and on the contrary, I feel uncomfortable.

“… What’s inside?”

 I’m honestly worried, so I asked.

 Danis is looking for words, but after a short pause, I feel like he has a lonely face for a moment.

“There is a picture of a family in it.”

 I thought it was surprising.

 However, it must have been a very important family to wear it without taking it off.

 Danis’s family … I can’t imagine it even if I look at Danis’s face. Only Renius and his parents had black hair and black eyes in Alain’s memory. I’m really worried.

 Alain stares at Danis with a hopeful look, asking if he can show the inside. Danis exhaled in a little embarrassed manner.

“It’s bad. I’ve decided not to open it until it serves its purpose.”


 Alain was a little disappointed that he was refused, but when he first heard the word “purpose” from Danis, he was more interested in it.

 Is there any purpose that the ruler of darkness cannot fulfill?

 Even though he is in the head where information is likely to be gathered, rather than the aristocratic society on the table.

“Oh … a long time ago, the whole family was killed. It’s like joining this organization to take revenge on a person who was dying at that time.”

 Danis’ voice that said that had no color.

 Alain was surprised and opened his eyes when he heard the story for the first time. I didn’t usually feel anything like resenting someone.

 But with that colorless voice, I still thought that the death of the family had not been settled in Danis. On the contrary, the tone of saying nothing seemed to be a memory of the past.

 And to say that the goal has not been achieved means that revenge is not over.

 Maybe it’s because of that time that I can’t sleep without holding a person like this and using it as a pillow?

“Well … it’s not the case when I’m lenient.”

 Danis got up, saying a little annoying. Alain, who wants to be a little more sloppy, looks at Danis a little lonely.

 Danis, as usual, immediately lit a cigarette, smoked, and saw Alain’s face, sighing.

“Is it the mountains that I want to do … do I have to go back to my room? I don’t want to deal with that knight if possible.”

 Besides, Alain turned blue at once.

 Given that Chris’s sense of innocence, what if he could see this situation? …… I thought I was about to pull out my sword and slash Danis with a terrible appearance.

 Just because Alain wasn’t in the room, she thought she was worried and immediately jumped out of bed.

“Yeah, that’s right. Can I rent a bathroom first?”

 Danis nodded, smoking a cigarette.

 Alain enters the bathroom, staggering due to yesterday’s negligence. I twisted the shower faucet.

 Come to think of it … Isn’t it going to be difficult to become a pillow in the future? Is it okay?

 I was a little worried about Danis, who would be slowing down smoking in the room right now. Will I be taken away like that time?

 If the cause was the loss of my family I mentioned earlier, I felt that I finally understood the reason why I was taken away and that it was not easy to cure.

 That means that the process of the death of Danis’ family was disastrous.

 Alain also sees the place where his father, the king, died after being stabbed. I know that death threatened by others is very painful. Even now, just trying to remember makes my heart hurt.

That wouldn’t be comparable to the sadness of Alain, leaving one and the whole family.

 He said it was an old story, so he must have been younger than he is now.

 Alain twisted the faucet of the shower and stopped the hot water, hoping that he would be a little relieved, though he would not be a family member.

 After that, Alain changed into clothes and refused Danis when he left the bathroom and returned to the room.

 Danis was looking out the window, sending only his eyes to Alain. Even though I was looking out from a distance, I left the room wondering if I remembered my family.

 Crossing the corridor, Alain was called out as he tried to open his room.

“Good morning. Where have you been since this early morning?”

 In retrospect, Chris was already there in a neat look. Alain is impatient at the unexpected encounter with Chris.

 However, Chris’s complexion was not rugged, and he seemed to ask where he was purely.

“I couldn’t sleep and was out in the wind a little.”

 Chris heard that, yes, Alain is relieved to give a normal return.

“It may be unavoidable in an unfamiliar place, but if possible, please do not act alone.”

 Then Chris replied, exhaling somewhere.

 From the perspective of knight Chris, he may not think it’s safe here either.

 That concern is that of the royal family. Given the current situation, Chris is very grateful for his existence. However, Alain was a little worried.

“Why did Chris follow me?”

“Because it’s the knight of the Levsky family I swore to the royal family.”

“That’s tatemae? I’m just a child if I’m deprived of inheritance.”

 It’s unpleasantly mournful.

 Alain knew that the Chancellor was in control now and would return his palm if he was treated as a sinner.

 Chris smiled with a slight embarrassment, and Chris knelt on the spot, took Alain’s hand, and kissed the back of his hand.

 It was a courtesy as a proof that the knight dedicated himself to the prince.

“Don’t say that. Alain-sama may not remember, but a long time ago, before I became a knight, I was asked to speak to me. Vowed to serve the royal family. “

 Alain snapped his big eyes.

 I twist my neck and think about it, but I can’t remember. If Chris wasn’t a knight yet, Alain might be still young. At that time, it didn’t seem to Alain that he said something that encouraged such a person’s determination.

 Chris stood up when he let go of Alain’s hand, with a smile on his face, as he leaned his head and saw Alain desperately trying to remember.

“You don’t have to remember, it’s enough for me to remember.”

 Although Alain didn’t fall in love with him, Chris was convinced that he had followed him by his own will.

 There is nothing happy for Alain. It was enough because even one person thought of Alain in the castle.

“I’m sorry I can’t remember, but thank you. Thank you for your continued support.”

 Chris replied with a clear voice and a knight’s reply.

Picking Up the Exiled Prince

Picking Up the Exiled Prince

Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
Prince Alan was forced to go into hiding within his own country. While escaping from his castle, he was rescued by a mysterious man. Despite this man occasionally leading Alan by the nose, he strangely reminds Alan of someone from his past. But their story has only just begun. Cool27 Year Old X 16 Year Old Prince


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