Picking Up the Exiled Prince Chapter 23

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Alain was surprised. I think I was surprised to see that I opened my eyes.

 I was more surprised by what Danis said than the fact that Danis’s lips and Alain’s lips now overlap.

 Danis didn’t expect to say such a thing as he thought he might have misunderstood what he said earlier, saying he was angry at having another man hug him.

 I was confused when Danis’s tongue came into my mouth, but I unknowingly entwined it.

“Hmm … Hmm …”

 With the comfort of the deep kiss that I accepted, Alain’s lower abdomen immediately reacts and becomes hot, as the body originally had no idea how to heal.

 Danis doesn’t release me from the kiss as if I’m greedy, as if I shook my body and shook my shoulders and said that it wasn’t enough yet. I was suffocating, and I couldn’t breathe from my mouth, which was finally released by hitting my chest.

“What do you mean …”

 If you accept it as it is, it sounds like you are jealous of the man that Danis holds, and when Alain is confused, Danis raises his mouth with a little laugh.

“Is that what it means?”

 In Danis’ words, Alain’s face became hot.

 When I received such a monopoly word that I was angry at the thing I hugged, it sounded like I was liked, and Alain’s heart beat.

 Alain was the most confused by himself who was feeling happy again because his whole body became hot.

“I am … a man”

“What about it?”

 Danis responded to the confused words without a break, and only got more heat on his face.

 Yes, Alain stares at Danis, saying that he was such a person who treats the royal family like a normal person, so it has nothing to do with men or women.

 He said he was angry, so it was natural to say that it was natural, but I felt that his eyes, which were always cold, were hotter than usual.

“Even Danis … you look like that.”

“I think it’s rare for me”

 Danis burst into laughter at Alain’s words. The person himself may be surprised.

 Alain also wanted Danis to be touched without explanation. I can’t judge for myself whether it’s because of the aphrodisiac or not. However, in front of Danis, who was seen with his hot eyes in front of me, I felt that there was another reason.

 If there is anything else, Alain just agrees.

 I sometimes stroke the back of my ears, but Danis is waiting for me. Maybe it’s because he was hugged badly by a man, and he’s kind to people with cold eyes. Alain sometimes wonders.

 Alain gently put his hand on Danis’s body.

“… I wanted you to touch it … isn’t it strange to say?”

 For Alain, it was the best word. While agreeing with my own will, my heart is annoyed. The face was so hot that I knew that red was probably bright red.

 Danis smiles and kisses her forehead.

“Sufficient as an invitation”

 However, Alain’s clothes are taken off just as a signal. Alain’s clothes, which were originally light clothes, were about the size of a shirt, and Danis’s hand was dexterously unbuttoned with one hand, and the skin under the shirt was immediately exposed.

 At the same time, the lips that touched the forehead touched the cheeks, and this time they moved to the nape of the neck. I noticed that both Alain and Danis were lying on the sofa.

 Danis’s finger touches Alain’s chest decoration.

“Huh …”

 Alain’s sensitive body immediately changed its reaction and quivered. The protrusions on Alain’s chest, which had already grown up, are stiff. When Danis noticed it, he scratched it lightly with his fingertips, and Alain moaned responsively.

“Are you ready?”

 Danis smiles, and even though it’s done with medicine, Alain becomes uncomfortable and embarrassed, and heat gathers on his face.

 Alain was a little dissatisfied with such words.

“Who’s the fault …”

 Only this was raised in the warehouse and left unattended. Alain wanted to be able to endure so much while his body was aching.

 Besides, how? Said Danis with a nasty smile.

“Did you want me to touch it so much?”

 In return for Danis, Alain was emptied and dyed his face red. Well, when I didn’t return anything, Danis stuck to the protrusion on Alain’s chest.

 I heard a whispering voice.

 Already sensitive to Danis, who relentlessly licks and bites in his mouth, Alain’s body is impatient and twists his body, enduring a lustrous voice coming out of his mouth.

“There … idiot …”

 Well, even if I lightly pressed Danis’s head, he didn’t let go. When I finally thought that he had let me go, it turned red and a little tingling as if it were my nipple.

 Alain, who was somewhat embarrassed by the woman’s swelling, then wanted to look away, but Alain tried to reach out to Danis to stop him, as the other tried to do the same.

“Already good …”

“No. You’ve been tampered with here?”

 Alain’s face turns red involuntarily when Danis wrinkles between his eyebrows. I couldn’t stop thinking that it was like jealousy, and Danis put his mouth in the opposite protrusion and picked the empty red bulge with his fingers.


 Alain’s body bends back, feeling like something ran on his back. Every time I touched it, my body reacted with a jerk and I couldn’t control the voice I was holding down, and I heard a voice like when I was panting.

“Huh, oh … it’s okay.”

 When I was out of breath and desperately called for a restraint, the other person finally took it away from my mouth, but it was also red.

 Pull both red and ripe nipples with your fingers.


 When Alain opens his eyes to a strong stimulus and makes his body react greatly, Danis smiles with some satisfaction.

 Alain looks at such a situation with a grudge, but he does not seem to reflect on whether he is enjoying Alain’s reaction. There was also Alain himself who was happy somewhere even though he was annoyed by being treated well.

 But rather than that, I was too impatient and wanted something sooner.

“Isn’t it okay? … fast”

 I didn’t want to be impatient anymore, so I turned my arm around Danis’s shoulder and put my body in close contact, and rubbed my sickness over my clothes where Danis was already sick.

 I couldn’t think of begging myself a while ago. Breathing is turbulent, and Alain’s lower abdomen is caressed and already wet. In addition, every time Danis caressed, the hole in his butt was tingling.

 Perhaps he was surprised by Alain’s begging, he looked unexpected. Where did you remember that? I had a face like that. I don’t want to do anything other than Danis for such an embarrassing thing, so I’d like to say it’s rude.

“Hurry up, aren’t you ready yet?”

 With that said, slide into the valley of Alain’s butt, touch the hole with your finger, and put your finger in. Then, Danis’s eyebrows moved slightly.

“Did you do it yourself?”

 In that word, Alain turned his face bright red, remembering what he had done in the bath. I affirmed the reaction. I was so embarrassed that I was so embarrassed that I turned away from Danis.

 I thought of Danis and was myself, or if there was a hole, I would enter and I was driven by my feelings.

“Who did you think of?”

 Danis drops a kiss on Alain’s cheek and asks for a trick. Besides, my face got hotter.

 Without asking such a thing, what I already know is that Danis’s corner of the mouth is raised.

 Really nasty.

 Answer When I was squirming, I repeatedly moved my fingers in and out shallowly at the entrance of the hole in the buttock. Alain’s body is greedy, and when a finger enters, it tightens tightly, and when it comes out, it makes it tingle.

 Unable to put up with the impatient act, Alain replied, turning his face bright red.

“Who is there besides you?”

 As Alain couldn’t make eye contact, he heard the laughter of medicine and Danis. It’s frustrating, but I can’t stand it, I wondered if Alain’s heart was so annoying that he couldn’t afford it, but Danis had a generous face.

 Danis, who was stroking Alain’s ears, was facing away, but he wasn’t facing him, and when he was pointed with his chin, Danis’s face was close enough to touch the tip of his nose.

 When I kissed Alain lightly while it was still bright red, I exhaled like a sigh.

“At all … I’m out of tune”

 Alain was taken aback by the words.

Where are you talking about getting sick? It didn’t look like that at all, so Alain tilted his head without knowing it.

“Because you hurried”

 The number of Danis’s fingers in Alain increased to two, and when it increased to three at once, when the inside was opened, something thicker than the hot finger was applied to the entrance.

 Zokuri and Alain shake their backs. In the midst of anxiety and anticipation, Danis grabbed Alain’s leg and sank his anger into it.

“Ahhhhh !!”

 At the same time as he was pushed up into Alain, his body bent back and he felt a tingling sensation all over his body, and he spit out from Alain’s own excitement.

 I was embarrassed by the fact that I got acme just by putting it in, but I was happy that Danis was in it now.

“I’ll let you forget the feelings of other guys.”

 Danis hits Alain’s hips with his hands. Alain bounced.

“Oh, uh … hiyah!”

 Alain’s body, which has become irritable, has long been unthinkable about anything else, but when Danis hits his hips many times, Alain panting each time, and the effect of the aphrodisiac helps the body to rejoice. Reacted to give.

“Ah, ah …! … again … ah !!”

“You can do as much as you like”

 Every time it moves, it tightens Danis tightly, and if it is pulled out, the hole reacts with greed and desire. Every time I was stabbed to the back and pressed, I spit out from Alain’s self many times.

 Even so, every time he is struck again, Alain regains his energy and easily blows out from the beginning.

“Huh … Ah … I …”


 At the same time as tightening the inside of Danis, Danis sighs. I pushed it up again as it was.

“Oh oh !!”

 Alain bends violently and spits out several times from himself. After a delay, hot things were poured into Alain, and Danis pushed it all the way to the back, and while they were breathless, they soaked in the afterglow for a while.

 It’s not unpleasant even though it’s been so intense. I was so happy to be inside … Alain smiled with a funny smile.

“What’s wrong?”

 Seeing such a reaction, Danis, who was breathtaking, asked.

“I didn’t think this would happen …”

“That’s right”

 Maybe Danis thought so too, with a slight bitter smile. Maybe it’s because it’s a year away, and I think so.

I felt lazy all over my body, and when I rubbed against Danis, I was finally invited to sleep.

 Danis gently strokes the back of Alain’s ear and then kisses her forehead.

“If you’re calm, you should sleep”

 When Alain nodded with Kokun, he immediately let go of his consciousness, probably because his physical strength was limited.

 When he saw him fall asleep, Danis picked up Alain and put him to bed.

 When Danis sits down on the bed, he picks up a cigarette that was nearby and ignites it, and smokes it.

“Really … I don’t think this will happen.”

 After spitting out cigarette smoke, I saw Alain with a refreshing face somewhere.

Picking Up the Exiled Prince

Picking Up the Exiled Prince

Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
Prince Alan was forced to go into hiding within his own country. While escaping from his castle, he was rescued by a mysterious man. Despite this man occasionally leading Alan by the nose, he strangely reminds Alan of someone from his past. But their story has only just begun. Cool27 Year Old X 16 Year Old Prince


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