Picking Up the Exiled Prince Chapter 22

The Emblem That Emerges

After finishing all the instructions and work in his absence, Danis sat down on the sofa in the living room in a corner of the base and lit a cigarette to take a break.

 At first glance, a single house is special because it is connected to the next house and there is another room in the basement. I was fooling myself into being a base so that I couldn’t find it easily. It seemed that the national soldiers couldn’t find it, but there are many people who are aiming at their necks. Why? It’s a simple story.

 Those who want chaos because there is no one to bundle, those who want to rule the darkness instead, those who want to replace it with others and have delicious feelings, there is no end to it.

 Danis, who was in such a dim world and never thought that he would be involved in the society of the table so far, had a slightly complicated feeling.

 I didn’t think it would be related to the table.

“Excuse me”

 It was Chris who came in with the knocking sound.

 It also includes things that I never thought I would act with this man in this way.

 Danis smokes a cigarette and sends only his eyes to Chris, who came in seriously.

“What about Alain?”

“Be careful. Maybe you were tired, and when you slept, you entered the room.”

 Ignoring the annoying words, Danis replied.

 Danis pushes the cigarette fire against the ashtray to extinguish it. The fact that Chris came all the way to see him may not be the only requirement.

“… I wanted to ask you one thing. Why do you help Alain?”

 That’s a legitimate question.

 There is no way for Danis, who should have no connection, to help Alain. Aside from Chris, the knight who protects the royal family, he is not originally involved and is also a detrimental role.

 Danis would think the same thing.

 Chris, who has a serious look, turned to Chris, saying that deception would not work.

“That’s because I also have an advantage. It’s completely personal rather than an organization leader, but I have a grudge that I can’t return to the Chancellor Gabriel. …… Speaking of which, do you agree? “

“I see, revenge … but what if that cooperative relationship breaks down? What are you going to do?”

 Chris returned with a keen eye, convinced of what Danis said.

 It is quite natural and correct to react that way.

 When you have achieved your purpose, return your palm. That’s a common thing. Chris may be saying that he is worried about it.

“Hmm … if you’ve achieved your purpose, you’ll withdraw immediately after seeing it. It’s not awkward for a person dyed in darkness to interact with the table.”

 Danis laughs back with his nose, but Chris looks at him with a glance.

 ”I can’t believe it,” Chris said with a suspicious look. Because he is a person who protects the royal family, it is natural that he cannot believe it. Danis thinks that there is just one person around Alain who is so cautious.

 Still, it would be better for the sweet-minded prince to have a suspicious human being in the young prince.

“Well, I know what you mean …. I’ve heard that your father died in the defensive war, but are you legitimately succeeding the Levsky family?”

 Chris frowned at the sudden question.

“What do you mean by that? I’m legitimately raised by my father as a successor.”

“Well, then it’s just a relief, but it’s better than nothing.”

 When you roll up the clothes on Danis’ left arm and bring the candle fire in front of you close to your arm, a black tattoo-like pattern gradually emerges on your arm.

 The shape has an enclosure like a coat of arms, and a shape like a shield and a sword entwined with a snake appears inside.

 Chris was surprised to see it with his eyes wide open. That should be it. This is only accepted by the heirs of some families, and Danis’s emblem will never be seen again.

“The coat of arms is …!? … Who are you …?”

“If you’re a successor to Levsky, you know what this coat of arms means. I never dreamed that the day would come when I would disclose this coat of arms.”

 Chris made an unsuccessful face somewhere, thought a little, and then touched the door of the room to leave.

“… I’ll trust you for the time being, but I’m not completely trusting.”

“It doesn’t matter. That’s fine.”

 Upon hearing Danis’ reply, Chris left the room silently.

 I hope this makes it a little easier to do … I saw the emblem on my left arm. The coat of arms gradually fades as the fire goes away. A special tattoo is engraved so that it will emerge when it is roasted on fire. So normally Alain doesn’t notice this.

 You don’t have to notice it.

 It doesn’t make you expect anything strange.

 He is no longer known to Alain and cannot be sent to the royal family.

 Danis raised the edge of his mouth slightly, remembering that he sometimes muttered Renius’s name in sleep from the prince, who had used it as a pillow to keep his dreams alive.

 Danis touches the pendant under his clothes.

 There are calm memories and simmering memories.

 There was a knocking sound from the door, and Danis took his hand off the pendant and then put it in and replied.

 It was Bourne who entered the room. Bourne came in with a syringe in his hand. It’s the one I’ve been asking for since I got here.

“You have to use this because your mistress has a hand …”

 Bone was unusual, and his eyebrows were even more strict on his face, which had a strict impression. Bone is only a type that doesn’t show much expression, though not as much as Danis.

“Don’t say that. It’s a temporary thing.”


 Danis’s hand, trying to smoke again, reacted with Pikuri and stopped.

“… Are you telling the bad guys in this organization what you’re bad at?”

“Yes, you always noticed somewhere, didn’t you?”

 Danis sighed lightly at Bourne, who made a clear statement. I tried to say something, but no matter what I said, it was an excuse.

 Usually, it is unusual for Danis to act openly. So, it’s not even more likely that I acted without knowing my feet. Bourne would like to say.

“Did you come to lean in the sermon?”


 Bourne stepped back a few steps with the syringe he brought on his desk. When Danis smokes this time, he exhales smoke. And I will put it into words with a simple voice.

“If it doesn’t look like it, that’s about it if it ends with.”

“It’s easy for you to die. It’s your generation that the organization is stable now.”

“Say difficult things in this dark society …”

 Danis laughs a little funny.

The leader of the dark organization is always targeted. Therefore, only Danis was moving from time to time so that the location would not be specified.

 Even so, it is common for people to be killed and die for any number of imaginable reasons, such as being targeted by their relatives or grudges. And the head of the dark organization changes immediately.

“It wouldn’t be a world that would change so easily if I was gone.”

“Still, since I became Danis, the back-door transactions and drug sales that I had overdoed without being governed have become more stable than before. It’s better than it used to be. I don’t know what you can do so far. “

 Danis took a breather at Bourne’s evaluation of Danis.

Certainly, I took it for granted that I was the one who did that, or that if the mind of the dark society changed, the overall governance would change.

 If you want to maintain this rule, relying on Danis will end up for you.

“… I’m in trouble if I don’t have to be okay if I’m gone.”

“That’s a difficult story.”

 After all, Danis shrugged at Bourne’s story of wanting to live longer.

 After smoking the cigarette, Danis extinguished the fire in an ashtray and stood up with the syringe that Bourne brought. be careful. I just returned and headed to my prepared room.

 At midnight when it was quiet, Danis was looking out at the window of the prepared room, smoking a cigarette without turning on the light.

 Sometimes I simply couldn’t sleep. If you go to bed, you will almost certainly have a nightmare. Keep watching so that you don’t forget your revenge.

 And the other is …

 There was a knocking sound from the door of the room. When Danis replies, the door opens slowly without making a noise.

“… Danis … is it a little good?”

 It was Alain who opened the door quietly. After seeing Danis once, I swam my eyes to other places and tried to say something, but my face was frowned upon and my cheeks were reddish even in the dark.

 I had a rough idea. The body may not heal yet. It is strange that a strong medicine is continuously drunk many times and healed to the extent that he can endure it so that the people around him will not realize it.

 If you are an ordinary person, you are already crazy like a sex slave. To say that it doesn’t go that far is either because it has a special tolerance from the beginning of life, or because it has been accustomed to poisonous throat stimulation since childhood.

 Danis extinguished the cigarette.

“First of all, why don’t you go inside? Only coffee will be served.”

 Finally, Alain’s swimming eyes turned to Danis, and when he nodded, he went inside and sat down on the sofa. Still, he seemed uncomfortable and turned his gaze around the room. While stopping Alain’s appearance at the edge of his field of vision, Danis put coffee into the cup with a familiar hand.

“Are you still restless?”

 If there was no luck, I cut it out from Danis.

 Immediately, Alain reacted and his face became reddish again. why? But it was a further story for Danis, who knew the condition by touching Alain’s body in the warehouse.

 Danis placed a cup of coffee on the table in front of the sofa.

“I don’t know what to do because I can’t heal even if I sleep …”

“… I think”

 Alain looks down at the coffee cup and says with a little muddy words. It’s hard to say overtly. It seemed to be sparse from the beginning when I met him.

 It’s good to grow up, so it should be said that it’s natural.

 Danis removes the stored syringe from the shelf and sits next to Alain. Alain immediately turned his eyes to the injection that Danis had.

“that is??”

“It’s like a neutralizer for aphrodisiacs …. I don’t know how much the effect will be, but it’s better than not. Should I stop it?”

 Alain shook his head, rolled up his arm clothes, and told him to do it.

 Danis thought that Alain’s prompt decision was trusted. It is rare that the arm is extended without listening to the ingredients inside. Originally, it is nothing more than a suspicious material such as a syringe from a person in the position of Danis.

 It may be that I met him as an individual rather than as a human being in the dark society, but it was a pure trust that Danis felt for a long time when he met Alain.

 Suddenly, a voice containing laughter came out.

 What’s wrong with Alain? I blinked my big eyes and looked at me. Danis was nothing, holding a syringe in one hand.

 Soaked in the strong alcohol gauze prepared in advance, lightly wiped the extended arm, and then stabbed the needle of the syringe into the arm.


 Alain groaned a little because of the stinging pain.

 Although I’m used to it, it may have been a little painful, probably because of Danis’s skill, which is not as good as a doctor. When the liquid inside was completely injected, the needle was pulled out and the stab was pressed with a finger with gauze.

 I told Alain to hold it down for a while and held it down myself. Alain’s gaze is on the gauze that is holding it down.

“How long does this work?”

“… If it works in about 20 minutes at the latest, it will come out.”

 The effect comes out faster than I expected. Alain seemed to keep calm while muttering, but his breathing was quick and shallow. The shoulders were moving up and down accordingly. When I look closely at my face, my face is shining a little.

 I thought that Alain’s face, with her long eyebrows and large eyes turned down, was still beautiful. When I was looking at it with that in mind, I noticed that one hand was unknowingly touching Alain’s chin.

 Alain shakes his body and looks up toward Danis.

“Da, Danis?”

 Without saying anything, I stared at the prince who was staring at me.

 I don’t know what kind of feeling this prince had, but Danis didn’t really feel that way.

 It really doesn’t look like it. Danis laughs at himself in his heart. With this, it doesn’t matter if Bourne complains.

 I thought that the desire for monopoly had long disappeared.

 Alain’s gaze swam to another place, perhaps because it was uncomfortable to stare at him without saying anything.

 Slide from the chin you were touching to the temple and gently stroke the back of your ear with your finger. Alain is weak.

 Immediately, Alain reacted as expected, closing his eyes and closing his mouth tightly, whether he wanted to smoke.

“Hmm …, Danis … what?”

“I’m a little annoyed.”

 e? Alain looked up and saw Danis. What? With a surprised face, he is tilting his head. You probably didn’t expect to say that.

 Danis stopped stroking his ears, put his hand on Alain’s chin again, and raised his face.

“I hugged another man”

 Alain widens his eyes and is surprised to open his mouth halfway. Danis dropped his lips and closed his mouth.

Picking Up the Exiled Prince

Picking Up the Exiled Prince

Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
Prince Alan was forced to go into hiding within his own country. While escaping from his castle, he was rescued by a mysterious man. Despite this man occasionally leading Alan by the nose, he strangely reminds Alan of someone from his past. But their story has only just begun. Cool27 Year Old X 16 Year Old Prince


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