Picking Up the Exiled Prince Chapter 21

Fever that does not subside *

Alain changed into the clothes that Chris brought, and after filling his stomach, the three went out of the warehouse while the outside was dark. Chris also changed into private clothes because the knight’s clothes were conspicuous.

 While avoiding soldiers, head toward downtown. It seems that it’s different if you think about going to the base where Danis was taken before. Chris was watching the surroundings, following him from the right side, slightly behind Alain.

 When you head to a different direction from the base you headed to, the people around you gradually gather your eyes.

 In front of the brick house, which looks like only one private house, there stood Bone, who is Danis’s subordinate, with a large body and sunglasses.

 Bourne, who noticed this, gave a light bow.

“How about the defense?”

 That was the first word Danis uttered at Bourne. Perhaps he already knows the existence of Chris, he goes into a house that looks like a single house without mentioning that Chris is there.

“The other side has been withdrawn without delay. The area directly under Mr. Danis has moved here. It seems that others have also been withdrawn.”

“What are the bad guys?”

 Bourne explains as Danis moves. From the inner pocket of the coat, when Danis put out a cigarette, Bourne lit the cigarette with a match.

 Looking at these exchanges, I realize that Danis is the leader of the dark organization. Maybe it’s because he’s usually calm and calm, and he doesn’t feel the intimidating personality of being the boss of an organization.

“I asked the head of the transaction to get off my head. I will leave the treatment of other subordinates to Mr. Danis’s judgment.”

“It doesn’t make sense to blame the end, but it’s okay to create a place where you can start over. You need people to control that section of the road. That’s right …”

 Maybe they’re talking about people who tricked Danis into trading with Gabriel. The story is told. Chris seemed to look around.

 Perhaps the story was over, Bourne looked towards Alain and his friends.

“I will prepare a separate room for Chris.”

“To me …?”

 Perhaps he was caught up in Bourne’s words, Chris looked at Bourne with suspicion. Chris sees it with a rather sharp eye, and Bourne holds the sunglasses with his fingers without making any slight movements.

“Alan-sama …”

 Then, suddenly, Alain remembered something and sent his eyes to Bourne and shook his head.

 Almost forgotten, Alain was in a hurry to remember that Danis’ subordinates thought he was a mistress. What does Chris, who doesn’t know that, tell Danis, even if it’s a lie! ?? I felt like I was catching my eyes and biting.

 Alain desperately tries to tell Bourne with his eyes.

 Bourne exhaled lightly.

“I don’t know what I’m wary of, but I’ll prepare another room for Alain.”

 Alain was relieved that it seemed to be transmitted.

 Chris knew that he was convinced by pulling it. Nodded. However, I still don’t trust it somewhere. Originally, Chris was a knight captain, and if you think that he is the one who moves to calm the city, it may be unusual to just follow him silently unless this is the case.

 Guided by Bourne, I moved to the front of the room. It seemed that Chris’s room was prepared next to him.

 Alain tells Chris that he wants to take a break and enters the prepared room. Perhaps because the inside was just moved, Alain headed to the bathroom in front of the feeling of being tired and wanting to fall to bed in a simple room with a minimum of things.

 Enter the bathroom and twist the faucet. Alain suffered from a still lukewarm shower from his head.

 Then, when I took a deep breath and exhaled, and relaxed, Alain’s desperately restrained normal heart peeled off. The whole body feels hot and breathless. I felt that the blood circulation in my body was getting faster and faster.

 It may be because the effect of the aphrodisiac is continuing, but it seems that the whole body is aching, probably because it was interrupted by Danis on the way.

“This is …”

 I don’t know what to do.

 I didn’t know how to dissipate the excess heat. Maybe I don’t feel like getting rid of it just by getting Danis. But maybe now Danis is talking to his subordinates about the future. But I didn’t feel like I could continue to put up with it.

“For the time being … I feel uncomfortable …”

 After being tossed by Gabriel’s subordinates, I felt that there was something left inside that was released because of the movement.

 Alain slipped his hand into the hole in his ass and put his finger in it.


 Even if Alain puts his finger in, his body trembles and slowly scrapes out the unpleasant things inside. Even such an act, the one before Alain reacted and stood up.

 Besides, I really hate it.

 I couldn’t control my body and exhaled a rough sigh, and I felt uncomfortable.

 Before, when I was embraced by Danis, I thought I didn’t do this, and I wondered if Danis was doing it while I fainted.

 At the same time, I remembered when I was held, and Alain felt his face getting hot.

 Will it be an aphrodisiac at that time as well? In a situation where Tim had something like that, and he had no choice but to do it halfway, everything was reacting to his body … But at that time, his body and mind seemed to be different, and he went crazy. There was no such thing.

 Now Alain understands. At first I was confused and confused by the pleasures given to me, but I didn’t dislike it from the middle. I was reminded now.

“… Dani … Su …”

  I think it’s funny.

Recalling that Alain was made Danis, Alain groped the inside with his finger in the hole in the butt, and Alain grasped himself before being cured by the heat with the other hand.

 The body deposited its weight on the tile wall of the bathroom, and Alain slowly squeezed it out with his own hands.

“Oh … oh …”

 Recalling what Danis was doing, Alain comforts himself with the unhealing fever. I tampered with the finger buried in my butt according to the movement of my previous hand.

 Alain’s own body reacts with the shake.

 Even though I tried to suppress it from my mouth, the rubbed voice leaked, but Alain gradually increased the speed of his hands and fingers touching his hips.

“Ah … ah … huh ……… ~~~ !!!”

 The liquid is released vigorously from Alain’s handling himself. Alain’s body bounced big.

 Take a big breath and immerse yourself in the afterglow after you’ve finished. During that time, I felt lonely.

 Alain turned blue when he took a breath and returned to himself.

 I what……! ??

 With this, Danis … and Alain got confused and got out of the bathroom for the time being.

 Restlessly, I walk around the room. I feel like dying because of self-loathing.

 Wow, let’s forget.

 Let’s sleep! !!

 Turning away from what he had done, Alain went to bed, leaving his still unhealed body to sleep.


 I also had a nostalgic dream.

 Since I met Danis, I have come to dream of him a lot. Maybe it’s because Danis looks alike, but the atmosphere and personality are different …

 It was the day of a ball held at a certain royal castle when I was little.

 Alain looked around for Renius, found a place with his parents, and ran vigorously and called out.

“Reniusuu !!”

 Renius, who noticed this, seemed to have a confused face for a moment, but if he immediately laughed like the usual Renius, he would be ill-mannered in a hurry. He stroked Alain’s head while paying attention with a gentle voice.

 Then I suddenly noticed.

 Why? There was a sense of discomfort in the stroked hand. In his somewhat awkward hand, Alain looked up and looked at Renius.

“What’s wrong?”

 Renius looks a little surprised at Alain, who wonders and says so. As if it was a moment, he returned to his usual calm face and giggled at what was wrong.

“I can’t deceive Alain. I’m a little nervous.”

 is nervous? Alain rarely sees Renius, though he is young, wondering if such a thing happens with Renius. Renius was a boy who was a little older than Alain, and he was very solid, probably because he was a tracer. Although he is always in gentle contact with the surroundings, he is imposing.

 But I’m really nervous. Renius, who properly separates public and private, called Alain abandoned. Besides, although it looked calm, it seemed to be uncomfortable.

 Alain held one hand of Renius.

 Renius once again makes his black eyes smaller and stares at Alain with a surprised look.

“I said this would make things a little easier.”

 That was what Renius had done before. When I wasn’t used to standing in public, Renius did it when I met him quietly before.

 Renius holds back Alain’s hand.

“Hmm … Thank you”

 Alain was robbed for a moment.

 Renius, who thought he would return calmly, smiled a little in his calm, rather masculine.

 Alain is staring at a laugh that I have never seen before. It soon returned to the usual Renius atmosphere.

 Alain was anxious about the smile that made Renius seem to be false. However, I soon forgot that anxiety.

 I no longer see Renius smiling like that.

Picking Up the Exiled Prince

Picking Up the Exiled Prince

Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
Prince Alan was forced to go into hiding within his own country. While escaping from his castle, he was rescued by a mysterious man. Despite this man occasionally leading Alan by the nose, he strangely reminds Alan of someone from his past. But their story has only just begun. Cool27 Year Old X 16 Year Old Prince


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