Picking Up the Exiled Prince Chapter 20

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Alain, Chris, and Danis, who escaped from the secret passage and successfully escaped from the soldiers, were connected to a well somewhere when they exited. It’s probably a place far from the castle because I walked quite a bit. Alain was a little relieved that he would not be able to find it soon.

 When I left the well, I took a rest and temporarily hid myself in a nearby warehouse that was unlikely to be used.

 Enters the warehouse and is taken down from Chris’s back. However, Alain’s body is still hot as if he was breathing and burning. Even though my head was unpleasantly calm, I had to put up with the fact that my body seemed to react when my clothes rubbed against my skin even when I was carried by Chris.

“It seems better to show it to the doctor sooner.”

 I’m glad that Chris speaks to me with anxiety, but honestly I’m sorry for that pure worry.

 I felt that it was not good to say such a thing to this innocent and innocent Chris, even though he was given something that looked like an aphrodisiac and his irritable body just couldn’t remember where to settle.

 Danis instead answered Chris’s worries.

“… It won’t heal even if you show it to the doctor.”

“? … What does that mean !?”

 In mysterious words, Chris saw Danis with a suspicious look. I wonder if Chris doesn’t have a good image of Danis when he glares with a little sharp eyes. I felt that I was in contact with Danis with some stern eyes.

 Even so, after arriving at the warehouse, Danis doesn’t look at me. The tone is the same as usual, but from the time I found Alain, I feel that wrinkles are closer than usual between my eyebrows. … In other words, he seemed to be in a bad mood.

“… Thank you very much …”

 When Danis came right next to Alain and thought he was relieved to see his eyes, Alain froze on Danis’s expression.

 Alain chills and chills in the eyes that are too cold. I had never seen Danis with such eyes, and when I just looked up, I noticed that Alain’s face turned to a different direction with a flashy sound.

 I didn’t know what had happened for a moment, but I knew that Danis’s hand was in front of me and I slapped my cheek.

“You !? What !?”

 It was Chris who responded quickly to it and put it into words.

 So Alain finally realizes that he feels pain in his struck cheek. Alain touches his struck cheek with surprise. Danis’s face remained angry with a cold face.

“I was amazed by the stupid prince.”

“What !? What is an idiot for someone in this state !?”

 Usually, Danis, who sighs when he is stunned, does not even sigh. Chris was rather angry at the hit. Originally, it should be Alain to protest.

 I couldn’t say anything back.

“If I didn’t know anything, I didn’t do anything either.”

“What does that mean?”

 Danis began to ignore Chris’s protests, perhaps because Chris was coming in and thought the story wouldn’t go on.

 Then, he turns to Alain again.

“… Did you know what would happen when you came back?”

 Alain nodded without words.

Besides, Danis’s face becomes steep. I’m really angry.

“If so, I should have pretended to cooperate. Why didn’t you nod to the other party’s request?”

“… It’s a loss if you nod. If you nod, you don’t know what Gabriel will do in politics.”

“That’s why I’m saying I’m stupid.”

 Apparently, Danis is angry that Alain didn’t lie to the story of Chancellor Gabriel.

 But if you do that, you don’t know what to do in the name of a successor to the prince. I couldn’t nod. Alain is getting more and more irritated by Danis’s words. Anyone should get angry if they are told many times that they are stupid.

“That’s why … !!”

“So, let’s make it look like a doll, not a decoration !?”

 Alain was silent at the words.

 When he notices, Chris is silent as if to ask. Certainly, Gabriel’s subordinates, who played with Alain for good, said such a thing. But I thought I couldn’t do that, as long as I had a strong will.

 It was certain that it was loose shortly before it was helped.

“You probably thought it wasn’t a big deal, but … if you weren’t good at it, you might not have been able to think of anything.”

 Alain shuts up without saying anything.

 As Danis says, I don’t know what would have happened without the help of the two. Then it was better to shake your head and wait for a chance.

 But Alain didn’t want to nod. I didn’t want to be as the person who killed the king’s father said. It was Alain’s pride.

 I noticed the pain in my cheeks and my physical condition that I couldn’t get rid of even now, and I felt like I was chilling. He said he chose the one he didn’t like.

 Danis was angry that Alain himself treated himself roughly for his pride … again.

“That’s why you don’t hit anything !?”

 Chris, who was silent after seeing the situation, again denounces Danis’s actions.

“Are you aware of the gentleness?”

“That’s why you’re too rude!”

 The quarrel between Danis and Chris begins. But it didn’t come into Alain’s head. I feel like I’m having a hard time doing it myself, and then I remember the miserable and unpleasant memory that I had covered and pushed in, and when I noticed, I had tears in my eyes and pressed that I was about to cry. Hold back.

 Chris and Danis were a little surprised at Alain’s appearance and stopped talking for a moment.

“… You’re overstated!”


 Chris pointed at Danis with his finger and said apologize.

 Danis scratched the back of his head with his hand, unusually confused when he saw Alain holding his crying.

 In just a few moments, Danis exhales, as he thought. Danis crouched right next to Alain and slowly touched Danis’s struck cheek.

“I said too much …. I just cry when I want to cry. Right now, there’s no one around me to worry about.”

 Alain raises his face and tears overflow in the inner corner of his eyes. Danis’s face, which was a little blurred by tears, was the usual Danis’s face.

 Alain unknowingly clung to Danis and was crying when he noticed. I had been killing him until a while ago, but I cried aloud as if to blow out at once.

“Wow ah”

 Chris sees it, exhales lightly, and then heads out of the warehouse, perhaps because he was careful.

“… I think I need to change clothes and so on. I’ve been out for a while to buy more.”

“If you go out, ask your subordinates to contact you. Do you need to hide somewhere?”

 Danis said that, once he stopped Chris, he handed him something marked on paper from his coat’s chest pocket. Chris tilted his head a little when he saw it, but when he nodded, he went out of the warehouse.

 Meanwhile, Alain was crying without stopping tears. Danis’s hand gently strokes his head. It made me cry again.

 To be honest, when did you cry so much? Although he has a position as a prince, the king was fond of his son, but the stepmother had a strong hit with Alain, and the servants who could not speak even if they felt sorry for it, hurt if they touched it. Alain couldn’t cry in front of people when he got sick, if he hid in his childhood and cried.

 Therefore, I may have put up with it. You may have thought it was okay somewhere.

 But now I was crying like a lie.

 Ahhh … By the way, I’ve been stroked like this and cried. It was a childhood. Why do you remember the old days at such times?

“… Uh … I’m sorry …”

 When Alain calmed down and stopped crying, he was unwell when he saw such a ugly figure, and turned his eyes away from Danis. I think it’s too embarrassing to cry at this age, wiping the tears in my eyelids with my hands.

 Danis doesn’t mind. The voice is calm and I feel relieved somewhere. However, because he was clinging and crying, he looked like he was half hugging. Alain hurriedly pushed away from Danis by hand, and when he noticed it, Danis grabbed his arm.

“I’m no longer in the way, and then I’ll look at my physical condition.”


 Alain made a stupid voice involuntarily. After crying like this, when I turned my eyes back to Danis, the uniform coat I had originally borrowed from Chris was just hung on my shoulder, so I fell off easily with my movements.

 Alain’s face is probably red because he gradually became enthusiastic about his face even though he was naked. Besides, Danis didn’t respond in particular, but his voice was dismayed.

“It’s a further reaction now.”

 Sure, it looked pretty similar until a while ago, and I’ve been embraced by Danis once. Still, it was embarrassing to see it again.

 Danis touches Alain without worrying about such Alain. Stroking from the abdomen to the ribs, the body, which was originally irritable, immediately responds with a jerk.

“Mah … huh …”

“Did you take the tough medicine after all? How much did you take?”

 Danis immediately let go of his hand when he saw only a light reaction. Why do you feel a little lonely to let go of that hand? With that in mind, I remember the medicine taken by Gabriel’s subordinates.

“The amount that was in a small bottle … I think I can remember it, but I feel like I was drunk several times on the way.”

 Alain was ambiguous in the middle because his memory was ambiguous while he fainted or was about to lose consciousness.

 Gabriel’s subordinates remembered that Alain was drinking something from his mouth when he was half unconscious, saying that he would not let go of his will.

 Upon hearing that, Danis wrinkled his eyebrows. got it. In other words, contrary to Alain’s pulling, the bodies facing each other became like riding on Danis’s lap and hugging from his back.

“Well, Danis ??”

“I was fine with that amount. I can make it a little easier temporarily.”

 Danis’s hand slides down the skin from Alain’s belly to the lower abdomen, albeit with some dismay. One touched the protrusion on the chest from the ribs that were far away with a finger.

 Alain’s body, which had already become hypersensitive to medicine, quivered and the chest decoration had already become stiff.

“Hmm …”

 Danis rolls the chest decoration with her fingertips and gently scratches the hardened tip with her toes. Alain shook his body and suppressed the voice that seemed to leak from his mouth.

 It was strange that even if Danis touched me, I didn’t feel that I didn’t like the act that seemed to separate my mind and body.

 If you notice it, your ears will be eaten, and Danis’s tongue will run down the nape of your neck from the back of your ears. Alain sighed at the sensation of chilling from his wife.

 I feel that Alain himself, who is already reacting, has become stiffer, and it’s embarrassing to see him in his eyes. I didn’t even think that men had been doing that until a few hours ago, but when I said that, I saw a more embarrassing abomination a few days ago.

“… Dani … Su …”

 Alain feels a little impatient and calls to Danis who continues to caress. He smiles a little, huh? I heard back.

 So, yes, this person is kind to the touch, but poorly maintained. Alain squeezes his words when he finds out that he has heard back.

“… there … it’s okay …”

 Alain desperately puts it into words while breathing out with Danis’s caress. He said with a slight laugh, and he grasped Alain, who had already reacted in his body and became hot and aroused, as if Danis wrapped it in one hand.

 Alain’s body trembles and reacts, but I’m relieved that he finally touched the place I wanted to touch. Danis’s hand skillfully handled Alain’s.

“Hi … Ah …”

 The irritable and uncontrollable body obediently accepted the pleasantness of Danis’s hand movements, and raised a pleasantly humming voice from Alain’s voice.

 Alain’s body twists with pleasure as the handling speed increases and the surplus hand touches and picks up the chest decoration again. However, he couldn’t escape where he struggled in Danis’s arms, and he had no choice but to scream at the pleasure he was given.

“Ah … oh … da … varnish … it”

“Don’t worry, as much as you like”

 Danis’s hand stimulates the tip of Alain’s with his finger.

 Alain’s body reacted violently to it, and the body turned back unconsciously.

“Ah … ohhhhh !!”

 It is blown up from the tip of Alain’s thing and released. I pulsated with pounding and blew many times until I got out.

 Alain shook his shoulders violently and sighed, and his face became terribly hot at his reaction, which he had never expected to be like this. Also, after being embarrassed, the hole in the butt is cramping as if he wants something.

 The heat of my body did not calm down, and I looked toward Danis.

 Danis gently strokes Alain’s head.

“It’s a little calm … it doesn’t seem to be.”

 It feels good to be stroked by Danis, and I feel relieved somewhere. But for Alain now, I expect more. I don’t know if it was because the medicine was put up.

 But obviously, it wasn’t possible a few days ago that I didn’t hate what I wanted. I don’t want to be embraced by another man. But now I want to be embraced by Danis.

 Unfortunately, Alain’s feelings cannot be fulfilled, and Danis will not try any further.

 Although he looked at Danis eagerly, Danis shook his head lightly.

“I want to deal with the mountains, but … I’m a kid.”

 So cruelly speaking, he sat Alain off his arm and hung Chris’s coat on Alain’s shoulder.

 When Kyoton and Alain were listening to Danis’ words and actions, the entrance to the warehouse opened.

“I bought clothes and food”

 It was Chris who went out with care when he entered the warehouse. I had clothes on my arms and bread on my drinks and basket.

 When Alain sees it, he takes a deep breath and calms himself down. However, the half-baked heat was unlikely to be easily drawn. However, I thought it was better not to be noticed by Chris, so I forced him to smile.

“Thank you Chris. It helps.”

Danis had the usual look as if nothing had happened.

Picking Up the Exiled Prince

Picking Up the Exiled Prince

Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
Prince Alan was forced to go into hiding within his own country. While escaping from his castle, he was rescued by a mysterious man. Despite this man occasionally leading Alan by the nose, he strangely reminds Alan of someone from his past. But their story has only just begun. Cool27 Year Old X 16 Year Old Prince


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