Picking Up the Exiled Prince Chapter 2

Reason for escape

After taking a break from the soldiers’ visit, Danis puts his pistol in the coat in his closet. When I thought about it, I started packing as easily as possible.

 When Alain finally calmed down at the soldier’s visit, he began to wonder why there was such a thing when he saw the wig he was wearing.

 …… It’s too ready.

 And although it is not uncommon in this country for the private sector to have pistols and weapons, the speed of response when soldiers come to the familiar treatment … No matter how much you see from Alain who grew up in the royal palace, I’m not a freelancer. It seems to be.

 What kind of person is this man, Danis? Alain was worried in a corner of his heart whether he could rely on this man.

“… Who are you?”

 Silenced for a moment at Alain’s question, Danis slowly turned to Alain in the middle of getting dressed.

“… It’s just a temporary stop. I’m likely to come again. I’ll leave here before dawn. I praise you for having escaped from the castle guards so far, but if you escape from now on, it will be tough alone. If you follow me, I won’t stop … “


“It’s time to turn back …. unless you’re prepared to throw everything away …”

 So plainly, Danis, in words, began to resume dressing.

 Danis said he was prepared to throw everything away. It was probably asked if he was a prince and if he could abandon all his life.

 Now I can go back …? When Alain heard it, he held his knees, and when the dark feelings that he had been trying not to think about a while ago came up, he killed his painful and crying feelings and laughed with his nose.

“My whereabouts … I don’t have that castle anymore. Without the title of the prince, I’m just a kid. Isn’t it the one who bothers me?”

 Danis glanced at Alain once to see if he had finished getting dressed, sat in a chair as if nothing had happened, and drank cold coffee, laughing a little at what was wrong.

“If it’s a nuisance, have you been calling me since I came here?”

 That’s just one word.

 For some reason, as soon as Alain heard the words, tears that he thought might have died out overflowed his eyelids and his vision was blurred.

 Danis’s words weren’t thrown away or sympathized … I felt like he just told me to like them. I was supposed to meet for the first time, but I felt relieved so much that I didn’t care about the anxiety I mentioned earlier.

 After a while, Danis put his arm through the coat, closed his knees, put his hand lightly on Alain’s head, and came out a little. I said a word and went out from the front door.

 When I went outside, the rain stopped, and Danis took a cigarette out of his coat pocket and set it on fire.

“… I think it’s more important than I expected.”

 After smoking a sip, I avoided the soldiers and proceeded through the back alley.

 After Danis left the room, Alain lay down on his bed.

 When I was looking at the ceiling of a simple house, I got up with a surprise.

“In the end, I can’t ask who you are !!”

 Although I felt that I was not careful about what was well deceived, I slammed the whole weight into the bed again as if I was weak.

 That said, Alain hasn’t said why he’s being chased by soldiers yet. In the first place, a man named Danis didn’t ask. I don’t know if it just didn’t hear or was waiting for Alain to put it into words.

 I still don’t know if I can trust it.

 However, Alain had only one option. The soft bed feels … warm coffee and the aroma of beans … I thought I couldn’t taste this feeling anymore.

 The day of sadness and despair that Alain is in today’s situation, has it been a week since now? Alain squeezed the sheets tightly and remembered.

 –It was a rainy day like today.

 It was when I left the bedroom to change my mood without going to bed at night. The sound of something falling and the glass breaking came from the king’s bedroom, Alain’s father’s room.

 No matter what the fuss, when he entered the bedroom, there was a king lying on his bed with blood bleeding from his belly, and Alain rushed to his father’s king.

“Father …!? … This is what !? What …”

 Confused by the current situation, he shouts out loudly if anyone is there. As soon as the maid rushed in, she shouted in a surprisingly high voice and ran to the doctor.

 Meanwhile, when the king coughed and spit blood, he clenched Alain’s hand.

“Alan … run away … haya …”

 There, the king coughs again, and the power of his grasped hand weakens, perhaps because he has lost consciousness.

 Confused by the king’s words, when I looked around the room, the windowpane was broken. Someone may have entered from there. Alain firmly held the king’s hand back.

“I’m fine! So be very careful …”

 When the king looked at Alain … he laughed gently and slipped off Alain’s hand when the power of the king’s hand was weakened so that it suddenly broke with the last power.

“Father …… ?? …… Father !! ???”

 Alain hugged the king and shouted in tears at the sudden thing.

 After that, the maid called a doctor, who shook her head when she saw the king’s condition. When I was stunned because I couldn’t catch up with the sudden thing, a man named Gabriel, the Chancellor’s Excellency, heard the situation from a big, fat middle-aged man.

“This is … !! King … What the hell … No way …”

 I knelt on the spot.

 A gendarmerie enters there in a hurry.

“Excuse me! I’ll report … I’m sorry, but there’s something like this in the prince’s room …”

 The gendarmerie terrifiedly offered a small knife with blood on its blade.

 Other than Alain who was there, he had a startled expression. Alain, who has not yet accepted the reality of the king’s death, slowly saw what the gendarmerie offered.

 No way, I can hear the surrounding voices vaguely. I didn’t know what Alain was saying. I slept until a while ago, noticed the noise and rushed in …

“I can’t believe it, but if there is evidence, I can’t help it … Take me.”

 Chancellor Gabriel, who should have been kneeling, instructed the soldiers. The soldiers are urged to accompany Alain by pulling him away from the king.

“What are you guys saying …? … I’m the son of a king!? … I got it …”

 Chancellor Gabriel shook his head, and the surroundings turned to a frosty eye. Anyone in this castle should know that I was loved by the king. Is it suspected? Alain goes blank in an unbelievable situation.

 Then I suddenly remembered the words of the last king. Run away. What does that mean …

 After that, the protest was empty and the prince Alain was connected to the prison on suspicion of murdering the king.

Picking Up the Exiled Prince

Picking Up the Exiled Prince

Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
Prince Alan was forced to go into hiding within his own country. While escaping from his castle, he was rescued by a mysterious man. Despite this man occasionally leading Alan by the nose, he strangely reminds Alan of someone from his past. But their story has only just begun. Cool27 Year Old X 16 Year Old Prince


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