Picking Up the Exiled Prince Chapter 19

Infiltration and Escape

A few hours ago …

 Danis and Chris were deliberately captured and entered the prison using Chris’s men as planned.

 Of course, everything I had was confiscated and I was alone.

 Certainly this is probably the easiest way to infiltrate a tightly guarded castle. However, Chris was wondering what to do from this situation where he was put in prison and couldn’t do anything.

 The prison guard is certainly not so staffed, so it’s not enough, but there is time to change, and if you leave this prison, one soldier will be able to manage it immediately.

 Chris saw Danis trapped in front of him. Danis may have noticed this line of sight, but he didn’t seem to react and it was just as usual. A man who still doesn’t know what he’s thinking.

 After a while, the man in prison began to drowsy. I know I’m sleepy because of the work I have little to do, but if I find it under normal conditions, Chris would have scolded me.

 Then Danis finally started to move.

 When Danis looked at his sole, he came out with something like a thin wire. Chris is amazed. I certainly don’t check such places.

 Danis dexterously unlocked the handcuffs with a wire and stood in front of the iron fence in the prison.

“What are you going to do from here?”

 Chris speaks quietly so that he doesn’t hear the prison guard.

“… Well, there are many ways to do it …”

 Chris wanted to sigh, as he was surprised that it was one, but he had to improve the prison again.

 Danis lightly taps the iron fence of the prison with his hand. The prison guard didn’t react, maybe he was asleep. Danis then looked at the ground and ceiling with iron fences.

 Chris wonders what he is checking.

“… Chris, do you have any strength in that state?”

“? … It’s possible if you can have it, but what happened?”

 Even though they are handcuffed, it doesn’t mean they can’t be grasped. However, it will be difficult to open both hands. When Chris didn’t understand the intent of Danis’s question, he instructed him …

 First, grab the steel frame of the prison. Then he is told to put all his strength into raising the fence. Only the iron fence is natural but heavy. I stepped on to my face and got stronger.


 The fence raised with all my might feels like it’s floating a little, and when I look at the ground, it’s out of the hole where the fence was stuck.

 Danis told me to slide back as it was, and at the moment when I took a break on the way, the iron fence fell sideways.

 The sound of the iron fence falling down flashy, and the soldier man who was lying down noticed and tried to raise his voice with a surprised face. When Chris stands behind him in an instant, he hits the back of the man’s head with a knife and stuns him. Chris threw it at Danis when he picked up the key to the prison on his waist.

“… I don’t think there was such a way to escape …”

 Chris sighed that he was able to easily escape as a captain.

“Because there is a mechanism for making anything. Well, it’s not a hand that can be used twice.”

 Danis looked at the whole story with a cool face, received the key, and unlocked the prison from inside. Chris also removed his handcuffs and took his original sword, which had been placed near the prison guard’s desk.

Danis also takes a coat and a pistol.

“Well, it’s the real time from here.”

“I know without being told!”

 After confirming that there was no sign of people at the doorway of the prison, I continued to the stairs going up from the dungeon to open the door.

 Chris goes up first and climbs with Danis. It is Chris who knows the inside of the castle. As I climbed the stairs, confirming that there were no soldiers first, the soldiers watching at the entrance blocked Chris’s destination by hand.

 Chris uses his reflexes to hold his hand on the sword.

“Captain Chris … the prince seems to be in the guest room.”

 A soldier watching over the entrance muttered. If you look closely at Chris, the soldier was a soldier of his own corps.

 Apparently, he intended to help him when he got out.

“It helps.”

“After a while, a change will come. Fast.”

 Ah, Chris nodded, and when he was trying to head toward the guest room while checking the surroundings, Chris turned around with a sudden noise from the doorway of the prison.

 Danis seems to have fainted the soldier who advised him earlier.

 Chris was surprised at the sudden behavior of Danis.


“Are you in your squad? If we escaped and stood up without incident, we would be subject to punishment.”

 Chris had no choice but to keep quiet at Danis’s theory. Now Chris is on the side of the prince’s escape. If only Chris is the mastermind, then we can’t get involved here, Danis’s judgment is correct.

However, even so, there is something that can be said …

“Let’s go, it was a guest room.”

 Danis urged me that Chris wasn’t boiling somewhere.

 Danis immediately ran towards the guest room. Chris tried to stop waiting, but he swallowed the words as much as possible so as not to be distracted by the surroundings, although he was surprised that the directions were correct.

 Chris quickly caught up with Danis and whispered.

“Why do you know this?”

“… That’s later, what to do with the soldiers first.”

 Once stopped at the corner of the corridor, a soldier stood in guard first. If there are no visitors to the guest rooms, it is unlikely that the soldiers will stand on the lookout. Two soldiers were guarding in front of the room.

 Certainly, this is the first thing to do.

 However, only a few people can enter the castle. Even aristocrats cannot easily enter or leave the castle unless ordered to climb the castle from the royal family.

 Only high-ranking people use it, such as guest rooms.

 Even though it divides the back of the downtown area, there is no way to know the inside of the castle. However, he shook his head and kicked out other thoughts, not even when he was asking it now.

“I will clean up the soldiers and rush inside. You ask for a lookout.”

“… I understand …. If you see any scene, don’t get angry.”

 What does it mean for Danis to make a sudden word after a short while after proposing a kamikaze! ?? Chris asks.

 Danis has a light tone while checking the bullets of the gun, and if you go, you’ll probably know … That said, I cut off the words.

 What if I get angry? Can you predict?

 Prince Alan is at least one of the royal families. Even if you are in a position to be accused of a sinner, you cannot be treated roughly. But does this guy Danis say something upset in this situation without any confirmation?

 No, this guy wouldn’t do anything that wouldn’t be profitable.

 Chris took a deep breath to calm his mind, giving him an unpleasant premonition.

“let’s go”

 Chris ran from the corner and ran to the guard in the cabin.

 The soldier who suddenly came out of the corner and was surprised by the person was surprised for a moment. But for Chris, who already held the handle of the sword, that moment was enough.

 Chris hit the two with a single blow, as if pulling out his sword. The lookout soldier collapses.

 Danis, who was watching it, made it from the corner in a word. And, as Danis said earlier, he is attentive to his surroundings. Even though it was a blow, there was a little flashy sound, so it is not strange that soldiers will come at any time. It’s just a matter of time before the jailbreak breaks out.

 Chris grabs the doorknob, saying he has to act. Obviously, it was locked.

“… It doesn’t look like these soldiers have the key.”

 Danis was looking for a lying soldier.

 In other words, there may be soldiers inside who are locked from the inside and do not have a lookout. However, it is not the case that I am spending time with such a melancholy.

 Before thinking, Chris broke the door in front of him with his foot.

“Now … Guha”

 At the same time as I kicked it, I heard people moaning.

 Perhaps he was lucky, there seemed to be a soldier behind the door he had kicked. Thanks to that, I was able to save time and effort. Chris immediately went inside and shouted.

“Are you okay !? Prince Alan !!”

 At that moment, Chris stopped for a moment at such a sight.

 Prince Alan was certainly there. However, on the skin hung from the ceiling with chains, the apparently insulted marks were instantly found even from a distance.

 Prince Alain opened his eyes wide when the light pierced his eyes for a moment when his blue and considerably tired eyes looked at him from his hair that had been roughly treated or disturbed.

 What kind of thing … is this? No way, this treatment was given to the prince of a country … Chris I got angry in a moment, but I don’t know if I can escape successfully if I lose my composure here. Chris squeezed his hand to calm his anger, and as soon as he took a breath, he took his sword and broke Alain’s chain.


 Prince Alain called Chris’s name with a slightly weak voice. If it looks like this, it will be natural. It may be hard to move if you are not good at it.

 Prince Alan’s limbs are sweaty and wet with liquid, with clear insulting marks on his feet. Then Chris felt like he shouldn’t look, so he turned down and hung his military coat on Alain’s shoulder.

“Hey, a chase has arrived. It’s going to be difficult soon !!”

 Danis came in a little hurry. The moment I saw Alain, I felt that there was a slight wrinkle between Danis’s eyebrows.

 If you see 16 boys like this, everyone will have to react. The appearance of the prince was so terrible.

 Chris reaches out to Prince Alan.

“… Can you move?”

 Prince Alan made tears in his eyes. Immediately it is wiped and Chris’s hand is taken.

“Maybe Dijiyo …”

 The moment Prince Alain tried to stand up, he almost collapsed from his knees. It didn’t collapse because Chris reflexively supported Prince Alain.

 If you look closely, Prince Alain’s body is trembling. Chris’s anger was about to rise, as he seemed to be weak.

“Don’t overdo it. Get caught on my back.”

 Prince Alain turned his eyes away and nodded. The prince’s face looks complicated.

 Ah, Chris inwardly wanted to split the guy who touched this prince into eight pieces right away. But now it’s better to escape from the castle.

 Chris got out of this damn room with Prince Alain on his back.

“Hey, let’s go! The road we came to seems dangerous.”

“I know it!!”

 Chris and Danis run against the road that came in a hurry. However, I heard the sound of the whistle of the recruitment of soldiers. It’s a whistle requesting support. If you don’t escape from here quickly, you’ll be surrounded in no time.

“What do you do from here !?”

 Chris talks to Danis.

After a short pause as Danis thought about something, Prince Alan, carried by Chris, interrupted it as he tried to talk to him.

“… This was a guest room … Then there is a warehouse ahead, but there …”

 Prince Alan choked in the middle of the story to put up with some pain. I have some slight shortness of breath. Did you take any strange medicine? In that case, I want to see a doctor as soon as possible, but while thinking in my heart, I head to the warehouse indicated by Prince Alan.

 When I entered the warehouse, it was a place where things used for ceremonies were stored.

“I’ve arrived, what is it here?”

“There is a statue of a person in the back of the room … with your right hand down.”

 As Prince Alan said, Chris turned the statue’s right hand down. Immediately after hearing the sound of dull metal moving, a staircase appeared to the left of the statue.

 Chris was a little surprised and blinked.

 In the captain class, the well-known aristocrat Chris knows at least some secret passages. However, this place was completely unknown.

 Danis laughed a little funny with his nose.

“I see … I was wondering how I escaped alone last time, but this is what it is.”

“I didn’t know it was in such a place.”

“It’s natural … this is one that only the king and heirs have taught …. I was taught a month ago.”

 Both Chris and Danis were surprised at the words.

It’s kept secret from all but the king and his heirs, and a month ago the king taught this place … that means he was thinking about the possibility of it being used.

 In other words, the king was aware that his life was being targeted.

“If so, why didn’t you order the strengthening of the escort?”

 Chris murmured.

There, the outside of the warehouse room became noisy.

The voice echoes to search all over.

“For the time being, I’ll get out of here.”

“That’s right”

 The three hurried to a secret passage.

Picking Up the Exiled Prince

Picking Up the Exiled Prince

Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
Prince Alan was forced to go into hiding within his own country. While escaping from his castle, he was rescued by a mysterious man. Despite this man occasionally leading Alan by the nose, he strangely reminds Alan of someone from his past. But their story has only just begun. Cool27 Year Old X 16 Year Old Prince


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