Picking Up the Exiled Prince Chapter 18

Hell Again * Moble

Alain woke up with the sound of iron and iron rubbing against each other. To be exact, I was faint.

 Sticky sweat and a scent on my nose all over my body. The whole body was lazy and the body was heavy. How long has it passed since that … My consciousness was stunned, and despite being fainted, my whole body was hot and I started to feel short of breath from my shoulders. This was the third time I felt it, but it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done … after I already knew it with my own body.

 The limbs are chained together and hung, making them unable to move. The man who was close to noticing Alain who had risen from fainting grasped the man-shaped toy inserted in Alain’s lower abdomen and pushed it further.

“I’ve finally got up, it’s still a long way to go, look!”

“Ah … oh !!”

 A body with a fever trembles greatly regardless of one’s will, and every time a toy is inserted or removed, a pleasant and sweet voice comes out of the mouth.

 The careless opponent enjoyed Alain’s reaction with a distorted smile while immersing himself in his pleasure, as if playing with a toy.

 Disgusting. Disgusting. Disgusting.

 Although I think so in my mind, my body reacts to the pleasure given by force, and my head is stunned. It was only hell for Alain in the present situation where he could continue to act in a way that did not fit his body.

 Even so, if you make a soft noise, it will end.

 No matter how much you want it to end, if you break your heart, it will end up as Gabriel expected.

 This happened after Gabriel captured him and returned to the castle.

 It’s probably intentional that Gabriel and his two subordinates were thrown into the guest room instead of Gabriel’s office, and the bed flickered to the edge. I now think that I was under pressure to hear what I said if I didn’t want to receive the same treatment.

“Now, the tag game is over. Did you understand this? It doesn’t make sense to run away?”

 Gabriel had that arrogant smile on his face.

 Alain laughs with his nose. Besides, Gabriel reacted with a jerk and frowned.

“I’m not saying I’ll hear anything else.”

 With Alain’s words, he wrinkled his forehead and distorted his mouth, perhaps because he was frustrated. It seems that things that don’t go the way he wants are really bad, Gabriel squeaked his back teeth and then rang his fingers.

 The subordinates of the aides who had been waiting by the side came toward Alain. I want to turn pale, I don’t like the faces of his subordinates, but I remember them. When I see the faces of the two who left a bad memory on Alain himself, their bodies tremble even if they don’t like it.

“I’m a stupid kid. All I need is that face and body. You can destroy it.”

 His face had a distorted smile while replying to the order in a sloppy manner.

 Gabriel snorted and went out of the room.

 Alain was frightened for a moment but glared that he should not be bearish. It’s okay, they’re traumatized to give in, and look for a chance to escape again. Tell yourself so.

“If you can try it, try it !! My will is not so soft !!”

“… haha! You’re so bullish that your hands are shaking? It’s easy to nod, but you’re a stupid kid.”

 One of his subordinates laughed and laughed as if he approached Alain, and when he approached Alain, he grabbed his hair, pulled it up, and turned his face.

 Alain is pulled by force and growls in pain. When the man’s face approached, he grinned.

“Or are you trying to buy the same thing again?”

“… Don’t be fooled !!”

 Alain glares back, but the opponent has no effect on the dust, and Gabriel’s subordinate grabs Alain’s head and pushes it to the floor.

 The rough pressure caused a dull, painful face.

 One man speaks to the other.

 The other man took out something like a vial. Somehow Alain has an unpleasant premonition, moves his body and looks at resistance. However, the opponent couldn’t compete with the soldiers even if it was bent, and it was only suppressed.

“I had a nice face that was distorted in pain the other day.”

 The man forcibly opens Alain’s mouth with a nasty smile. I poured all the liquid in the vial that the other person had into Alain’s mouth. Alain screamed back, probably because he was forced to drink something and entered the trachea.

 I don’t know what was drunk, but it’s certainly not a good thing. Alain tried to spit, but his mouth was suppressed, and when he was held, he was thrown into the bed in the guest room.

 There is a squeaking noise in the bed and fortunately there is no pain.


 When Alain tried to get up immediately, his vision shook and his power was weakened.

 When I noticed, Alain’s body became hot and I gradually became out of breath. I found that the blood vessels in my body were pulsing.

 When the two men came to bed, Nita Nita was still laughing unpleasantly. One man suppressed Alain, and the other man took off Alain’s clothes carelessly, and the man’s hand slipped on Alain’s skin.

“Hmm …”

 Alain quivered at the touched place. Alain is confused by the reaction and clenches his back teeth.

 I remembered this feeling that my whole body became sensitive.

“Hey? Isn’t it a good reaction?”

“Because I gave you a medicine that makes you feel good this time, we’ll make you feel good. That’s all I can think of.”

“Now …!?”

“It’s a sight to see how long you can stay sane.”

 Alain struggled desperately to resist in a hurry, but he couldn’t get enough power probably because of the medicine he had taken. Apparently, it’s true that the two men are saying, and their bodies are unconsciously burning and breathing out.

 I heard it after being served by Tim before, but the condition is very similar to that of an aphrodisiac. However, if it is different, it seems that only my head is strangely firm, and what I drank before felt that even my thoughts could not bear the desire.

 However, the medicine taken by these soldiers was not deprived of their thoughts …

 Then I can still bear it. It may have been wrong to think.

 A man holding Alain from behind picked up the exposed chest protrusion.

“Hit …”

 Zokuri and Alain’s body trembled. Perhaps he is sensitive, he scratches the hardened nipple with his toes lightly by stroking the protrusion with the pad of his finger.

 Besides, the body that became sensitive to the whole body inevitably responded and struggled.

“Hmm … Hmm … Stop”

“Isn’t it comfortable to stop? You’re reacting here just by touching your chest?”

 When the man across the street stripped off Alain’s trousers, Alain’s already hot one stood there. For Alain who wants to think that it should not be comfortable to be touched by such men, there is no choice but to face the fact that the body is reacting. Alain shook his head when he was shocked because his head was calm.

 The man is hmm, well, though. While laughing as usual, I slid my hand to Alain’s back and found a small hole, and put a finger in it.

“Huh … stop …”

“I’ll tell you right away here.”

 When the man’s finger moves, Alain’s body reacts and shakes. Alain’s head was terrified to feel chills. However, the body does not tremble and reacts, and if a man’s finger enters, it tightens with Kyukyu, and if it is pulled out, the entrance reacts with greed and desire.

 Zokuri and Alain turned pale in their heads because their minds and bodies were separate.

“Why don’t you make me want something? If so, I’ll give it to you!”

 The hot and hardened man hits the entrance to Alain’s ass. Besides, my body reacting to it was really disgusting. Even though it was because of the medicine, I was horrified at the body trying to accept the man who had done such a terrible thing before.

“Stop … hi … ahhhh”

 The man’s mercilessly sank into Alain. Alain’s body was shaving back with Bikun when the sensation of pleasure rushed in. The one that stood up was a leak, and the trolley and liquid were dripping from the tip.

 I had no choice but to turn my face away from my current state, but this time the man holding me behind me reached out to Alain’s lower abdomen while fingering the protrusion on one chest. ..

“Oops, don’t forget this one either.”

 Play with the protrusions on the chest while handling Alain’s out.

“Hmm … stop … oh … hi”

 Alain, who could not resist anything, reacted with a jerk in the man’s hand as if his body was pleased, and he could not stand it from his voice and panted.

 The men happily play with Alain’s body. It was only a pain to shred Alain’s pride.

 It is regrettable that Alain’s body unconsciously gives joy when a man moves his hips, exposing such a figure to such men. Still, the body is swept away by pleasure.

“Look, you’re saying you want more !?”

“Huh … ya … oh … ma”

 The man hits his hips violently. Alain’s eyes were flickering, and he could only make a pant voice that resembled a scream from his mouth.

“Hmm … I wonder if the prince has such a crazy body? I’m glad I’ll put it inside a lot!”

“Ah … ah … to … ah … ah ah!”

 The man pushed his hips inward, pouring hot things into him, and pushed his hips many times so that he could get out of Alain without overflowing.

 Alain should be uncomfortable, but his body reacts with a jerk, and the liquid is flying over his body and getting dirty. Alain fainted once there.

 After that, I continued to endure desperately so that I could be made to deal with the other person several times and still not be able to bring only consciousness … Now maybe the men have changed their taste a little, I just started using toys with chains It was.

 How long will this last?

 Will it be easier if I let go?

 Alain’s face definitely had a color of exhaustion.

“But I’ll honestly praise you for enduring this far. Because even adults don’t have this medicine for a few hours.”

 The man who humiliated Alain says he was a little interested. However, I don’t think it will stop. The number of tools I have never seen is increasing. The medicine that was taken was placed there.

 It may not be possible anymore …

 As soon as I thought so, I heard something noisy outside.

It feels noisy, like screaming.

 Perhaps Gabriel’s aide was strange, he headed towards the entrance to the room.

 At that moment, the door was smashed.

 The man who was near the entrance suddenly got caught between the door and the board and turned over, and the man stretched out.

“Are you okay !? Prince Alan !!”

 Alain was hung, and when he raised his face, Chris was there.

 After being surprised at Alain’s appearance, Chris broke the chain that was connected to Alain with the sword he had in his hand when he wrinkled his eyebrows.

“Hey, I’m chasing you! It’s going to be fast!”

 From the other side of the door, Danis looks into his face.

 The moment I saw that face, tears burst from Alain’s eyes. Curiously, it shouldn’t have been so far, but I felt like I was away for a long time.

 Alain put his formal coat on Alain’s shoulder, probably because Chris couldn’t see Alain’s hailless appearance when he was stunned.

“Can you move?”

After nodding, Alain put up with the feeling of crying.

Picking Up the Exiled Prince

Picking Up the Exiled Prince

Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
Prince Alan was forced to go into hiding within his own country. While escaping from his castle, he was rescued by a mysterious man. Despite this man occasionally leading Alan by the nose, he strangely reminds Alan of someone from his past. But their story has only just begun. Cool27 Year Old X 16 Year Old Prince


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