Picking Up the Exiled Prince Chapter 17

Ruthless Side

Danis and Chris ran to the place, catching one of the subordinates of the dark society who had been chasing the troops and leaving it to them, and spitting out where they were headed.

“You are the head of the dark organization !?”

“Speaking of which, aren’t you also unreliable for the captain of this country?”

 Chris endured Danis’ words and swallowed them. Certainly, it was Chris’s blunder that he didn’t notice. It seems that the Chancellor was also suspected from the beginning.

 Danis was like each other because he was betrayed by his subordinates. Any further arguments are meaningless.

“Well, I didn’t even notice the adhesion of my subordinates … but I think it’s better to manage the current situation than that.”

“I know without being told!”

 As I headed toward my destination, a face I knew from the other side ran. It was Tim who came toward me while shaking his hair.

 Its face is steep.

“Danis-san !! ……… I’m sorry, I … !!”

 When I saw Tim with a regrettable look, I could tell that Alain wasn’t with me.

 When Chris and Danis stopped running, Tim stopped short of breath. You can see that he was running at full power as if he was sucking heavily on his shoulders.

“King Alan …”

 Danis puts his hand in between to stop Chris from biting.

“… Did Alain go by himself?”

“……Excuse me……”

 Tim turned his face down and clenched his back teeth.

 Tim can’t be here if it’s just desperation and a good-natured act. I would have stopped it at all costs. Tim, who looks like this and is warm, is right to be asked in a crisis situation. I knew Tim well that it should have been returned by will because it broke.

“What’s your role? Alain understands why I’m buying you, so you gave priority to you? Now give it top priority. You can use your subordinates, bring your trump card! “

 In Danis’s words, Tim raises a rugged face and understands. Then I run to another place.

 Chris watched the whole story and turned to Danis.

“What is the trump card?”

“… Isn’t the corpse predicted to have been assassinated yet? If the assassin is discovered, the prince’s suspicion will clear up.”

“…‼ ︎ I haven’t reported so far, but it’s been over a week now? I’m sure it’s working to destroy evidence.”

 When Danis saw Chris, he smiled at his incompetence.

“Well, how about it.”

 It’s an honest bet.

 There is basically no merit to keep the person who assassinated the king alive. More than Prince Alan is suspected. It gets in the way even more.

 But … there are many other ways to take power with the prince as a puppet. What is the reason for being so obsessed with the prince? I had some doubts.

 You could make up an assassin …

“Anyway, I’m heading. It may be late.”

“Even if not told”

 Danis and Chris start running again.

 Then, from the narrow alley, a wounded man appeared desperately. Besides, when Danis noticed and the other party also noticed Danis and others, his complexion turned blue. Danis stops and faces the man. It was the leader man that Danis had entrusted with this area.

 In other words, the person who betrayed by connecting with Chancellor Gabriel this time is in front of me. From the appearance of the injury, I was able to predict that it was mostly there.

“Go ahead, go ahead, set a little moxibustion and head.”

 Perhaps Chris understood that word, and when he shot through the man with a keen eye, the leader man made a quivering face. But first and foremost, Chris ran forward, as Danis said.

 Danis approaches the wounded man.

“While betraying, I got a really stupid figure. Lovely?”

 While Danis squinted and laughed improperly, the wounded man, Lavagie, shook his body with his face pale. Frustration is seen in the eyes of a man. It seemed unpleasant to think that it would be a match.

“Isn’t it because you were stupid! It’s common in this world.”

 Danis glared with a keen eye at the frightened but barking Lavagie. Grab the man’s neck with his left hand and forcibly press it against the wall, then squeeze the neck to lift it.

“Hmm … Gut … Ah …”

The man was strangled and his trachea was tightened, but the man scratched his feet while leaking an unvoiced sob, but his limbs only shook, probably because his neck was closed and oxygen became thin.

“Oh, I’m sure I was off guard without even noticing your shallow betrayal …”

 The man’s breathing was humming, and the moment his eyes exposed the day after tomorrow, Danis let go of his hand.

 The man collapsed on the spot and was strangled, so he turned back. Without giving a chance, Danis pushes his gun against the man’s forehead. The man took a deep breath. My body trembles and my expression remains blue.

“It’s okay to aim for my seat. I like it. But there is no seat for a guy who is easily used by the other party’s speculation and easily loses his subordinates. Died ?? If I had to take this position from me, I would use a better head. “

 The man couldn’t even move because of fear.

There was a gun pressed against him, but he was not angry and threatened with a calm and light tone, and he was afraid of Danis’s way of not changing his complexion at all.

 There is no gap in its appearance. There is no room for escape. Even though the terrible cold words fall from above, I shrink.

Speaking of intimidation of the back organization, it threatens the other party with power and awesomeness. That’s why I’m terrified that I won’t lose, but this man named Danis threatens with a calm voice unlike before. The voice was terribly cold and felt far more frightening than the angry flies.

 This man named Danis can pull a gun with no expression. I don’t have any feelings there. It behaves as if it were normal.

 Danis can stay in his head because he has a sharp head, but the way he should be is different. You can even be ruthless with a plain face. That is the fear of this person.

 Lavaggy thought it was a mistake to think that he had a chance to see him bring the boy.

“You will drop off from this area. I’m grateful to start over.”

 Danis diverts the muzzle from the man. The man put his hands on the ground as if to collapse. The man replied weakly, yes.

 Seeing that, and feeling no longer hostile, Danis put the gun in his inner pocket on the coat and headed for his goal.

 When Chris arrived at the place where he got the information, there was Danis … no, the wounded man’s men were lying on the ground.

 Alain was not seen, and the soldiers seemed to have pulled down.

“Damn! Was it late !!”

 Wrinkle between the eyebrows and clench the back teeth to suppress regret. His hands were holding his fists and trembling with anger at his shallowness.

“Captain … !!”

 There, several soldiers from his unit appeared.

Chris turned to the soldiers who called him up, and the soldiers looked apologetic.

“I’m sorry … I didn’t realize that this happened …”

“It’s not your fault. I was just shallow.”

 But … Chris shook his head to block the soldiers who said …

 Perhaps even my own troops were used. The opponent is the Chancellor, at worst we have no decision-making power. If you were originally suspicious, it’s not that your subordinates are bad.

 I wondered why I wasn’t strong enough …

“Isn’t it late … I don’t think he’ll kill me so much …”

 Danis appeared later, and Chris’s men, who were surprised at his face, were ready. Chris turns his hand and shakes his head to fit his sword in his subordinates.

 Danis was held out both hands and go in front of Chris far from achieved is not about yet.

Chris looks at Danis’s face without knowing his intentions.

“Catch me. If this happens, why don’t you take me out?”

“Now ……… Sure, but I’m already suspected by the Chancellor. I don’t know if it will work.”

“If so, should I let my subordinates do it?”

 Chris said what … and showed him thinking that he would bring his hand to his mouth as if he had noticed something.

“If so, let me do that too.”

 Chris’s words surprised his subordinates with their eyes wide open.

 What are you talking about! ?? Shouts from his subordinates.

“I want you to help me when I get away.”

“Isn’t it even more necessary? I’m the one who knows the inside of the castle.”

 Chris seems to have decided. Entering a prison should be the same as getting stigmatized as a knight. But it wouldn’t make sense to look at Chris’s face. This guy isn’t bent if he thinks he’s right.

 Danis shrugged and sighed.

“Wait a minute! You’re your subordinate in the first place. Can we be trusted …”

“That’s an easy thing. It’s a souvenir instead of moving to another unit because the captain who committed the unknown is disgusted.”

“Well, we are soldiers of Captain Chris’s unit no matter what!”

 The soldiers salute in front of Chris with their backs aligned.

Chris smiled a little, wondering if he was relieved.

“Thank you. But I can’t get you involved right now …. Let’s go with this strategy now. Next time I took the prince out and sent him to the Van der family … Will you help me again then? “

“… It’s natural !!”

 Chris’s men, with a slightly regrettable look, replied in honor of their captain.

 Danis burst into laughter.

“Why don’t you have good subordinates?”

“Unlike you”

 Talking, restraints are put on Danis’s hand and Chris’s hand. Chris’s subordinates took care of the weapons so that they would not be suspicious.

“I will go to the prison to make it easier to escape.”

“I don’t need it …. I know how to make it over there.”

 Chris, who heard it, knows why you know the structure of the castle prison! ?? Danis shrugged and exhaled, even though he glared at me.

 I’ve only entered it once.

But Chris didn’t seem to be convinced by that. However, I ignored it because it was not the case when I was dealing with it.

 Well … I wish that prince was safe …

 Recalling that he had been traumatized when he first met, Danis had only a bad feeling.

Picking Up the Exiled Prince

Picking Up the Exiled Prince

Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
Prince Alan was forced to go into hiding within his own country. While escaping from his castle, he was rescued by a mysterious man. Despite this man occasionally leading Alan by the nose, he strangely reminds Alan of someone from his past. But their story has only just begun. Cool27 Year Old X 16 Year Old Prince


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