Picking Up the Exiled Prince Chapter 16

Because it's a prince

Alain and Tim were fleeing from the soldiers along with the guidance of their men. While desperately escaping, the soldiers couldn’t catch up with the people on the other side of the city, probably because they were in control of the city.

 You’ve never thought that people you wouldn’t normally be involved with would be reliable.


 Tim, who was running away with him, made a suspicious expression and muttered.

 What’s wrong? Even though he said he was able to escape successfully. Tim ran and looked around. The expression is somewhat steep.

“Deviate from induction”


 Surprisingly, Tim pulls him and turns into an alley that is different from the surrounding guidance. A few men were waiting after passing through a narrow alley.

 If you are surrounded by the exit of the alley, you have no choice but to stop.

“Oops, I’m in trouble if you go there.”

“If you think that there aren’t many followers, don’t you guide them to a different place from the trick? What are you going to do !?”

 Tim’s face became even steeper, and his usual light words were gone.

 What does it mean to lead you to another place? Before that, the men say that they have to stop Alain and go to guide them.

 One of the surrounding men grinned.

“What are you going to do? It’s a simple story, I’m just dissatisfied with the current boss, and I just happened to roll in a good story!”

“… Do you want to betray Danis?”

 Tim replies with a low voice that conveys his anger, and Alain is chilling at his face. Tim, who always has a light tone and is easy to talk to, quietly expressed his anger like another person, and his screaming voice was the face of a human in a dark society.

 However, the man laughed and returned without any help.

“Betrayal ?? In the first place, that’s the norm in this world? The guy who stood up well is the head. That’s the rule here!”

“Haha, if you feel like you’ve beaten Danis, congratulations!”

 When Tim laughs back with his nose, what is the man? I grabbed Tim’s chest with anger. Tim squinted and laughed.

“I wonder if it was a cheap story, but hopefully it will work?”

 shut up! !! Said the man, then slammed Tim’s face. Tim falls to the floor in reaction to being beaten. Alain rushed to Tim and closed the gap between Tim and the man.

“Stop it !! I’m the one who has something to do !? I’ll follow you, so stop it.”

 The man is okay because his anger hasn’t subsided yet. Somehow, Alain caught his arm by the men’s subordinates around him so that he would not run away.

 When Alain was forced to stand, Tim looked at me.

“I don’t care …”

“… If you’re surrounded like this, you’ll be caught right away where you’ve escaped. Then you don’t want to hurt Tim in vain.”

 Alain laughed at Tim in distress.

 For Alain, who wasn’t wondering if this might happen someday, it’s better to listen quietly than Tim, who hides and runs away with him, is mercilessly beaten in front of him. Maybe you still have a chance to escape.

 Also, I was curious about Danis’ words when he missed Alain and Tim. What Danis said about the matter he was pursuing should be prioritized above all else. And it probably can’t be chased unless it’s Tim …

“It’s pretty sweet … well, this one helps.”

“Follow me quietly, release Tim.”

 When the man gave a visual signal to the surroundings, the surrounding men opened the way.

“Don’t be silly, can you show your face in front of Danis as it is!”

 Tim is indignant at Alain’s eaves. I’d like to say that it’s my fault that I’m ruining the past. It was also big that Danis asked me.

 However, Alain shook his head.

“I won’t be killed at worst, but Tim won’t know when he arrives first. Remember what Danis said.”

 So Tim closed his mouth. Alain nodded lightly as he stared at Alain silently.

 Tim looked like he had bitten a worm, and when he got up with his tongue, he escaped from the open road.

“Well, would you like to come?”


 Alain shakes the hand pulled by the man. The man snorted. You will be guided while being surrounded by the surroundings.

 If anyone is guiding, it’s definitely Chancellor Gabriel. Then, even more so, I didn’t want to be aware of Tim’s existence. So Alain tells himself that this is okay. I insisted bullishly, but when I remembered what happened at the castle, my legs shrugged. Still, I could only think of this much that Alain could do now.

 If you follow the men, you will find national soldiers lined up in the vicinity of the low-traffic area on the border of the castle town in the downtown area, and beyond that, Gabriel, a fat and well-built Chancellor who is unforgettable and unpleasant, is bold. was standing.

“It looks like it worked. After all, it seemed to be the correct answer to keep an eye on that Levsky family.”

 Alain glares at Gabriel with a sneaky smile.

 From the beginning, it seems that this Chancellor Gabriel did not trust that knight, Chris. Although he is such a person, he is only in the position of Chancellor. If he didn’t use his wisdom for the bad, he would have been a good Chancellor.

 The man who was catching Alain pushed Alain’s back toward Gabriel.

“I caught it as promised. Let’s get a reward.”

 When Alain shook because he was pushed, one of the army soldiers urged him to come here near Chancellor Gabriel.

 Gabriel laughed humbly, saying that this was the end of tagging. Alain turned away with wrinkles between his eyebrows. Gabriel grumbled that Alain was still an unadorable child, and turned to the men who betrayed Danis and brought him to this point.

“Well done. This is the reward.”

 Gabriel quickly raised his hand to the soldiers.

 Besides, Alain had a slightly unpleasant feeling. Looking around, there are more national soldiers. If you just hand it over, you don’t need that many people. Rather than the number of people because I don’t trust them …

 Gabriel lowers his hand.

“Come on, catch the guys who kidnapped the prince!”

 At once, the soldiers surrounded the men who betrayed Danis with their weapons.

“What!? … I was deceived !?”

“Did you cheat ?? Hahaha, a happy head. I don’t remember dealing with a guy like you.”

 Gabriel has a sneaky smile.


 The surrounded men took out the knives and weapons they had hidden inside.

 Alain stops involuntarily in Gabriel’s way of being too selfish! Screaming and trying to jump out is grabbed by the national soldiers and suppressed.

“I don’t mind killing anyone other than the leader man”

“Well, I’m here !? Why do I need to go that far !?”

 Alain throws at Gabriel, and Gabriel laughs with a poop.

“I don’t want to be rumored that the Chancellor of this country has teamed up with Gorotsuki.”

 It’s an aristocratic society, and it’s sensitive to rumors because it cares about the physical condition. But you shouldn’t have to kill it for that.

 Alain turned away from the sight that a brawl with the national soldiers began in front of him, and it was overwhelmingly disadvantageous to have no escape and the people fell down.

“Because I’m going to run away in vain, I’ll involve people who aren’t involved.

 Alain shook his body.

 It was a good story. Certainly, this might not have happened if Alain hadn’t escaped. In that sense, it would be a lie if you were told that you were not liable.

 But Alain thought that there was something he shouldn’t give up because he was a prince.

“If I thought it was okay to leave it to the Chancellor, I would have been a doll if my dad hadn’t been killed by you. If I had them do that, this would be the situation. Was made by you. “

 When he returned so strongly, Gabriel slammed his tongue and cursed him as a really unadorable kid.

“I’ve done it! Don’t miss it !!”

 During such an exchange, a man ran away. He was the man who was the leader.

 Gabriel stands up instantly.

“Chase what you are doing !!”

 The ordered soldiers chased the man.

 Gabriel glances at this and mutters.

“It’s still time to say that.”

 Alain was taken by the rest of the soldiers to the castle.

Alain turned his back from downtown, worried about Danis and Tim.

 I don’t care, just think about yourself. Alain felt some chills in his body when he looked at the towering castle from a distance, thinking what was waiting for him this time, thinking that he would be told if he was here now.

Picking Up the Exiled Prince

Picking Up the Exiled Prince

Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
Prince Alan was forced to go into hiding within his own country. While escaping from his castle, he was rescued by a mysterious man. Despite this man occasionally leading Alan by the nose, he strangely reminds Alan of someone from his past. But their story has only just begun. Cool27 Year Old X 16 Year Old Prince


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