Picking Up the Exiled Prince Chapter 15

Ate and Predicament

 Chris Levsky … Alain remembered the name, as Tim, who was in perfect disguise, called Danis.

 If there is no mistake, I heard that the Levsky family, a family of knights who contributed to the establishment of this country, certainly died in the previous battle a few years ago. Above all, it was a family that Alain’s father, the king, trusted. Due to the death of his predecessor, he stopped hearing the name of the family for a while, but I think he heard that the successor of the family became the second captain about two years ago.

 That person is now alone and confronting Danis (Tim).

 To say that they knew each other, they were staring at each other with hostile eyes.

“… The story doesn’t go on even if you stare at each other. What kind of business do you have for me until you come to see me alone? If you just bring the prince back to the castle, wouldn’t it be such a mess?”

 Chris stopped glaring at him without losing his stern look.

“I often say that I’m giving you such easy-to-understand guidance information. Well, I’m sure the reason I came here wasn’t to bring Alain to the castle.”

 With that said, Chris laid the sword on the floor, which was important to the knight.

 It was probably to prove that there was no hostility. However, the act of a knight placing a sword has a meaning close to surrender. There is no reason why the captain of a noble and prestigious knight has no pride. However, a knight named Chris laid his sword on the floor without any hesitation.

“Can you trust me a little with this? If possible, I’d like you to keep the prince away from his dingy hands.”

 Danis (Tim) muttered with an interesting Tim-like reaction, with a voice that could only be heard by Alain on his side. After thinking for a while with my hand on my chin, I turned to the entrance door.

“That’s right. What are you going to do?”

 Chris was a little surprised at the words from Tim’s voice before heading towards the door. When the door opened, this time the real Danis appeared.

 Danis sighed as soon as he entered, perhaps because he was surprised by Tim, who dismissed him as a shadow warrior.

“Don’t let go of the prince without moving from there.”

“No, it’s a knight. I’m afraid of glaring.”

 When Tim took off what he had on his face, he exposed his usual face, which seemed to be comfortable with the original Tenpa.

 Chris looked at Danis with a suspicious look.

“I didn’t think you would normally speak one-on-one, but I see.”

“It’s natural. I also take risks. I’m sorry, but I want the prince to stay there. Even if I hand it over in the current situation, it won’t do me any good for this country. “

“It’s a surprising story that you were thinking about the country.”

 After Chris says ironically, Danis and Chris again stare at each other, to be precise.

 The air freezes and tension runs.

 After a while, Chris exhaled, picked up the sword he had placed, and put it back on his waist.

“I’m going to ask such a person …”

 Chris sighed as he stopped hostility, uttering piercing words. Danis also returned to his usual look with a cold look and hung him on a nearby chair.

“… So what do you ask me to do?”

“If so, isn’t it wrong to recognize that we generally know the situation?”

 Oh, Danis nods. Chris has a rugged look.

“I would like Alain to be sent to the Faldel family in Aqua City.”

“Fandel family? … Jack’s hometown?”

 Chris nodded to Alain’s words, yes.

 The name made Alain aware of how unbelievable he was in the current situation.

 The Van der family is a family of royal aides and butlers such as kings and princes. Jack was Alain’s butler, gave him a long vacation before the king was killed, and returned to Aqua City, where the Van der family is now located.

 Also, I heard that Jack’s grandfather, Ys van der, who served the king, was an aide to the king, but now he has retired and lives in Aqua City after he got sick.

 Yes, if Jack hadn’t returned home, it wouldn’t be possible for a knife with blood to come out of Alain’s room first. Even if he comes out, Jack is a butler, but only his family has a voice.

 The timing of the murder is planned, and the reason why I want to bring Alain back to the castle quickly without reducing the number of soldier searches is because I want to carry things by the end of my return home.

“I see … Certainly, if the Van der family is backed up, the situation in the castle will be divided between the royal family and the Chancellor.”

 Danis was curious about Chris’s presentation.

 There, from the wall behind the sofa where Tim and Alain were sitting, I heard a knocking sound just before Chris came in.

 Tim’s usual light expression turns into a squeezed look in an instant. The knocking sound this time was long and occasionally chopped into noise.

 As Tim suddenly felt something, he screamed at Danis and his friends.

“Danis, come over here !! Soldiers are coming !!”


 Chris and Danis saw Tim surprised at the same time.

 At that moment, several soldiers fluttered in from the door.

“Capture Danis Harvart and Chris Levsky and protect Prince Alan !!”

 The soldier who was spearheading the soldier screamed.

 In a blink of an eye, you will be surrounded by soldiers other than in the direction of the sofa as a wall. Alain sweats cold in this situation, and it is impossible to escape anymore.

 After slamming his tongue, Danis turned to the soldiers and shouted to Tim, unusually loud.

“Tim! Take Alain and run away. And you will definitely grab the case you are chasing!”

 Before Tim tried to say anything, Danis slammed some of the books on the bookshelf behind him.

 When the book is pushed only where Danis hits, the sofa on which Tim and Alan sit along the wall so as to work with it begins to spin around with the wall.

“Danis !?”

 He calls out to Danis’s back, but when the wall is blocked by a rotating device, Danis and his friends disappear. When suddenly confused, Tim grabs his arm.

“I’ll run away !!”

“But two people !?”

 I was pulled by Tim and started running.

 The other side of the wall seems to be inside the house behind. There are some Danis’ subordinates around, and he is called out to me quickly.

“Danis asked me to miss you! It’s okay. He doesn’t get caught so easily!”

 Tim was running while pulling Alain’s arm without turning around, but he could see some impatience on his face.

 It should be difficult to escape if you are surrounded by anything. However, if Alain is caught here, the things that have been hidden until now will be useless.

 Alain followed Tim, worried about them.

“Damn! Chase the prince!”

 The soldier who was leading the soldier gives instructions to the surroundings, and the number of soldiers decreases. However, there was no change in the situation of being surrounded.

“Is that door still open?”

 Chris speaks to Danis with a calm look.

“No, I’m trying to use it only once.”

 And when Danis replied without any particular impatience, Chris slowly pulled out the sword he was sitting on.

 Besides, the soldiers flutter. It was a natural reaction that the person who served the castle and was in the position of captain pointed his sword at the same soldier.

 Danis also fired a gun from the inner pocket of the coat.

“Is it okay? If I caught me, my doubts would have cleared up?”

“Don’t make me laugh. I’m ready when I come here. And I’m a knight of the Levsky family who pledged allegiance only to the royal family. The role of! “

 After saying so, Chris swung his sword down at the surrounding soldiers. The soldiers who couldn’t hide their turmoil crossed their swords, but when they were blown away and hit a wall, they lost consciousness or didn’t get up.

 The soldiers around him shrugged off the intimidating sword of Chris.

“It’s a detrimental role.”

 Danis shoots a gun without overlooking the appearance of the assault soldier. The ball hit his foot and the two soldiers in front of him collapsed and moaned.

“You don’t have to understand!”

 Danis and Chris defeat the soldier in front of them while arguing. The soldier in command saw the color of frustration.

“What are you doing to them! Catch them!”

“If you want to catch me, come kill me!”

 After defeating most of the soldiers around him, Chris approached the soldier in command and slammed his sword against his neck.

 Chris’s intimidating look, hi! Said the soldier.

“Let the soldiers you sent to Alain pull up now!”

“I can’t do that. It’s the Chancellor who is in charge of the whole thing. It’s true that I told you to keep an eye on you, but unfortunately Alain will be protected soon. Absent”

 Immediately after hearing it, Danis hit the soldier’s back of the head with a gun handle and stunned him. Hey Chris! But Danis is calm.

“… I see. Apparently I was licking the Chancellor. I’ll hurry.”

“Oh ……… and you can use your title for Alain !!”

 Danis and his friends ran to the direction where Alain escaped while escaping because the soldiers in the vicinity were chasing him.

Picking Up the Exiled Prince

Picking Up the Exiled Prince

Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
Prince Alan was forced to go into hiding within his own country. While escaping from his castle, he was rescued by a mysterious man. Despite this man occasionally leading Alan by the nose, he strangely reminds Alan of someone from his past. But their story has only just begun. Cool27 Year Old X 16 Year Old Prince


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