Picking Up the Exiled Prince Chapter 12

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While hanging on the sofa in a room like an office, which is one of the bases of the underworld, Danis listened to the surroundings to hear reports and give instructions in order to give overall command.

 A little frustrated, Danis glanced at his subordinates, as the eyes around him occasionally felt fidgeting as to what he wanted to hear.


 One of his subordinates scratched his head with a slight shyness.

“No … the boy I brought was rumored to be the boss, so how is it actually?”

 Danis had a slight headache, even though his subordinates showed him with his pinky finger up.

 It seems that the people around me are also interested in it, so I was watching this situation. I want to sigh very much in my heart, but the moment I saw Alain yesterday, I expected this to happen.

 While playingfully saying that Tim has done it, he also realizes that his true intention is a trick. It’s his advice that you shouldn’t put it here if you’re halfway through.

 Usually, tapping is a means of deceiving people in that way, but if you take care of yourself, you will be surprised. Perhaps because of his personality, he enjoys doing it for about half.

 The subordinate in front of me was waiting for Danis’s reply.

“Don’t touch it. If you don’t want to be half-killed.”

 Half-threatening, some of his subordinates whistled.

 It’s surprising from the surroundings, I’ve tried not to make a specific person until now, and it’s natural that the people around me will be interested because the boy is the one who rarely brings someone. It may be natural to say.

“That story is good, can you grasp what the example is?”

 To be honest, I can’t deal with such a topic. I changed the story.

“I’m hitting all over the place … nothing has come up yet …. Oh, there’s one guy who really wants to see Danis, but I can’t eat it … what should I do? ? “

 Cheeks and Danis curiously put on their cheeks. There are quite a few people who want to meet me, who is the central figure in the darkness, but I was a little worried about this timing.

“… Keep an eye on that trend for a while, and if you do something suspicious, detain it and bring it in front of me.”


 After finishing all the other instructions, Danis took a sip of coffee from Bourne, wearing extraordinarily large sunglasses.

 Danis was trying to get as much preparation as possible from now on. After that … Unless Prince Alain decides what to do, Danis’s position is to use it for negotiations when a person who is trying to control politics comes out to this side.

(But if Alain wants to break through this situation …)

 Danis touched the pendant under his clothes with a cloth and closed his eyes.

 Danis smiles improperly in a calm expression. Upon seeing it, Bourne felt a chill on his back for a moment and pressed his sunglasses with his fingers.

“… I feel like I’ve seen such a face for the first time.”

 Tim, who came in through the door of the room, had a funny face on his face.

“… Is that so? Well, I think I’ll finally be able to hunt down the guy I hate.”

“Danis hates me because I’m always out of luck.”

 Tim smiled with a pitiful look at someone he didn’t even know.

“Although you usually have a lot of heart … I’ve bought such a place, but I’ll get really angry after the mischief.”

 Danis sighs as Tim refills Alain with medicine. Tim laughs lightly and doesn’t seem to care so much.

“Eh? Danis isn’t full, right? If you don’t feel like it, you’ll either leave it alone or leave it to others.”

 Danis sighed and stood up from the sofa, pointing his thumb at Bourne towards Tim.

“Squeeze lightly so that there is no problem”


 When Danis left the room, he said, from inside the room, huh? Ah, I’m sorry! !! I heard Tim’s pitiful voice and the sound of his joints coming off.

 Since he is in charge of intelligence activities, he has some power to escape, but it was just a good punishment for Tim, who is far from Bourne in power.

 Danis turned to his room with a cool face.

 I noticed that it was completely evening. When I returned to the room, I saw Alain sleeping unprotected on the bed, and Danis shrugged at the lack of a sense of crisis.

 After looking at Alain sleeping comfortably, I picked my nose lightly with my fingers.

 Perhaps he was suffocating, and when the boy’s face with a well-organized face was crumpled and unfortunately made a ugly face, his big blue eyes opened after he groaned.


 Alain jumped up after blinking several times, perhaps surprised that Danis’ face was nearby.

“What are you doing?”

 I don’t think I’ve ever been woken up like that, I’m embarrassed to snort and stare at Danis.

“I have something to ask. How about your body?”

 Alain got up, complaining that he would wake him up normally.

 Apparently it’s enough to get up.

“I still have my legs swaying …”

 I turned my eyes shyly and my cheeks were slightly red. The eyes, which are still innocent and are laid down with blonde eyelashes that are the same color as the hair, have something that makes a man feel chilly.

 As Tim advised … thinking that if left unchecked, his subordinates could get out of hand …, Danis brought the wooden chair in the room close to the bed and sat face to face with Alain. ..

“Then, you can leave it as it is. You feel a little calm? Let me know what happened.”

 Alain is so. Nodded and sat facing Danis. Then he looked down lightly and made a sad expression, and after closing the first time, he looked at Danis and said one by one.

 After hearing about the current situation from Alain’s point of view, Danis put his hand on his chin.

“… Well, the king was murdered.”

“I was aware of it. I don’t think I was talking about it.”

 Alain looked a little surprised, but it doesn’t look like that. Perhaps because he grew up as a royal family, he knows that he doesn’t see things on the spot.

 However, the Chancellor Gabriel seems to have unfortunately looked at the prince cheaply. You probably thought it would be easy to name it. It was easy to realize that he was the mastermind, and he escaped from the castle.

 From Danis’ point of view, it sounded like a warm means for a person in power who was in the position of Chancellor.

 I don’t know if I was relieved to have killed the king safely, but if I’m such a stupid person, I can do it.

“So are you thinking about what to do next?”

 Alain puts his face down, holds his hands and puts it on his lap. His hands gradually trembled, and Alain’s expression was neither frightened nor crying, but he seemed to put up with the anger he had accumulated inside with wrinkles between his eyebrows.

“I don’t have the power right now. I still don’t know what to do … but I can’t let him like it as it is. What happens to this country if he gets full power !? My father dies If you’re annoyed that you’ve driven it away, you can’t just hold your finger on the people in need … “

 Alain’s eyes and words that made such a strong statement were noble. The nobility lives only in the person who looks at the country, and even though it is a boy, Alain seems to be a royal family.

 Danis smiled thinly, crumpling and stroking Alain’s head.

 Perhaps Alain was surprised, he blinked a few times before seeing Danis.

“It’s not bad. I’ll lend you if you don’t have the power.”

 e? Alain turned to Danis in a daze.

“I have a little need for that man named Gabriel, so I’ll help you to open your nose.”

“Is it okay …?”

 Alain looks at Danis with a neat face, but he laughs. Apparently still unbelievable, Danis grabbed Alain’s chin and pulled him towards him.

“If you’re worried, why don’t you act as a mistress?”

 Alain’s face turned bright red as soon as she smiled as if ridiculing her tricks. In such a place, the reaction seems to be a boy raised in a greenhouse.

 If this is a sly person, it wouldn’t be strange to take advantage of that position.

“Well, that mistress is … after all, do the people here think of it …?”

 I was wondering if Alain was in a hurry, but his face was red and his eyes were swimming elsewhere. Apparently Tim infused something. Otherwise, you wouldn’t even realize you were a mistress. I was a little worried about Tim’s condition, hoping I shouldn’t say anything extra.

 That’s right for Alain’s question. When I replied, I turned my face red and saw that it looked like an apple, and then I returned to my swimming gaze and returned with a strong look, as if I had decided something.

“If that is … what I can do”

 Danis was astonished as if he was pinched by a fox.

 I intended to ridicule it a little, but I didn’t think it would take my face.

“It’s a joke …. Don’t overdo it even though it doesn’t contain any medicine.”

 Recalling Alain, who was trembling to see his physical condition before, Danis returned with a sense of dismay at the dashing thing.

 Alain had a sullen face. I’m angry that I wasn’t taken seriously.

 Alain slammed when he let go of his chin and stood up to stop ridiculing.

“I wouldn’t say this to someone I don’t like.”

 Danis stopped moving as he tried to stand up.

Looking at Alain, my cheeks are still slightly red. At that moment, my body was noisy, and when I noticed it, I unconsciously pulled it toward myself and robbed my lips.

“Hmm !?”

 Alain was surprised at the sudden thing and closed his eyes after blinking. If you put your tongue in and entangle it, it makes you feel a little stuffy. When Alain’s eyes slowly open, the appearance of becoming empty with a lingering sound is somewhat fascinating.

 Unpalatable. Danis lightly pinched Alain’s cheek.

“… You shouldn’t say that easily.”

 After seeing Alain grinning a little painfully, Danis let go.

 Alain was easy to understand and mushy.

 Danis sits on the sofa in the room and then reads the newspaper in the room. At the edge of his field of vision, Alain stopped looking at him and sank into the bed, and exhaled Danis.

 It’s a little older, but if you’re not careful with your children, you’ll sometimes be hit by something that attracts you. Danis was a little upset that he was moving unconsciously.

 I am amazed at myself because the person who is about to lose control is the one who is 10 away.

I’m not particularly in trouble there.

 I lay down on the sofa after casually placing a newspaper on my desk that didn’t come to my mind because I wasn’t like myself.

 Danis later thinks that it was bad to fall asleep there.

Picking Up the Exiled Prince

Picking Up the Exiled Prince

Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
Prince Alan was forced to go into hiding within his own country. While escaping from his castle, he was rescued by a mysterious man. Despite this man occasionally leading Alan by the nose, he strangely reminds Alan of someone from his past. But their story has only just begun. Cool27 Year Old X 16 Year Old Prince


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