Picking Up the Exiled Prince Chapter 11

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 Alain woke up with a headache and a reluctance to move.

 I can’t say that I’m awake, but the moment I slowly opened my eyes, Alain’s heartbeat surely jumped. Because Danis’s face was up close in front of me. I felt that Alain’s face became even hotter, understanding that the act from night to dawn was true due to the negligence of the whole body and the fact that he was lying naked.

 Even to get rid of the medicine, I exposed my embarrassing abomination to Danis. In the second half, I had already entrusted myself to pleasure and my memory was ambiguous, but I feel like I was saying that I was lost in blood … I felt that I should not remember. No, definitely don’t remember! Alain shakes his head lightly and forcibly expels the memory in his head.

 The person in question is still asleep with a small sigh. Alain’s body was firmly held and he was sleeping, and he was probably used as a pillow again.


 When I see Danis’s face up close like this, I think he’ll play with me when I was little and look like Renius.

 Black hair, black eyelashes, and black eyelashes that I can’t see now, but my eyes are black … I was a little boy, so I wonder if Renius, who has grown up, looks like this. ?? I turned my eyes down while thinking.

(But Renius isn’t there anymore)

 I remember being very shocked. Was that when I was eight? One day, the story I heard from the butler was a sudden obituary.

 The fire broke out in the mansion where Renius lived, and the whole family was late to escape, and Renius was among them, and the whole family died.

 So the man sleeping in front of me can’t be Renius. But Alain was worried about the scent of lavender from the pendant around Danis’ neck.

 Is it a coincidence? Danis woke up when he tried to touch the pendant.

 ”Hmm … what time is it now?”

 Alain was surprised and withdrew his hand.

 In addition, Danis does not seem to notice, and the restraint of the arm that was put on the pillow is loosened. After looking at the window once, Danis got up and crumpled his black hair and lit a cigarette near him and smoked it. My eyelids seemed to be heavy, probably because I wasn’t fully awakened yet.

“… Is your body okay?”

“The whole body is lazy …”

 Probably, Danis replied with a drowsy voice, extinguished the cigarette with an ashtray and got up from bed.

“You can sleep as it is today, and you may want to ask a lot, but tomorrow is fine.”

 That’s why Alain tried to get up, and he should have stood up on his knees, but the body he was trying to get up was still in bed.

“Hebu !?”

 My body … or rather, my lower body wasn’t strong. I can’t get up at all because I can’t get up at the moment I put my strength. Alain was confused by such a situation.

 Seeing such Alain, Danis was laughing a little laughingly.

“Because I just did that, it’s natural that I can’t move.”

 Alain turned his face red.

 Recalling my abomination last night, I felt very unbearable. However, it was originally because of Tim, who had a lot of medicine, and Alain himself did not want it. It can’t be helped … Yes, it just got into that state.

“I didn’t really like it!”

 I was so embarrassed that I grabbed the pillow on the bed and threw it at Danis. Danis laughed and laughed and avoided the pillow.

 When Danis tries to enter the unit bath, looking sideways at Alain who is angry with his red face swelling, he is stopped by Alain who has been swollen a while ago.

“Wait a minute … take me too …”

 It wasn’t a tragedy when I woke up, so maybe Danis took care of me. However, my sweaty body didn’t feel good. Even if I rent a shower, I don’t feel like I can reach the unit bath.

 Seeing Alain’s face a little red as she spoke away from Danis, Danis laughed quietly and lent her shoulders.

“Are you satisfied with this, Prince?”

 Alain was sullen at Danis who said so.

 After that, as Danis said, Alain was lying in bed again.

 Rather, I can’t move, so I can only sleep. Alain decided to accept Danis’s words because he couldn’t get rid of the heavy negligence of his body and whole body. How many hours has it been since Danis left the room for work?

 I heard a knock from the door, and I asked him to come and realized that I wasn’t wearing a wig right now.

“I’ll enter ………”

“Wait a minute”

 I stopped the moment Tim came in with a plate of food in one hand and a basket of bread in the other.

 Alain was in a hurry but couldn’t do anything and looked straight at Tim.

“Wow, I thought it was a brown long-haired boy, but he was a blonde boy.”

 Alain turned pale and immediately put on the bed sheets from his head. I know it’s too late, but … I’ve seen it. I was completely off guard just because it was Danis’ room.

 Tim doesn’t seem to be so surprised, whistling and returning with a little surprise, but Alain glances at Tim through the gaps in the sheets.

“It’s okay if you don’t panic. I’m still doing my job to find out through intelligence, so what kind of person did Danis bring?

 Tim lined up the food he brought with him on the table.

 Adele is a tentative name when I came here.

 In other words, yesterday I added medicine to my drink, even though I was considering it.

“… Wait a minute … Did you understand that and gave me that yesterday !?”

 Alain talked to Tim with a bit of anxiety when he threw the sheets he was wearing.

 Tim smiled happily when he saw Alain as he put the food on the table. There is a consideration … but I don’t know how far it is, but at least it will be yesterday’s action after knowing that he is an important person.

“Don’t be silly! Whose fault is that?”

 Alain was angry and screamed, and Tim approached and put his index finger on Alain’s mouth and was urged to shut up.

“It’s a little bad, but if it’s loud, you can hear others, so be quiet.”

 Although Alain looks suspicious, it is unpleasant to know his own identity … Quietly silent there.

 When Tim took his finger off, Tim’s expression, which seemed to be easy to talk to, changed to a calm and calm look like another person.

“If you are an important person, you first had to establish safety while you were here, and at the same time, you had to make Danis a little aware, which I thought was bad for you, but for both sides, a little. I was forced to carry things. “

 Tim, who has changed his wording, wonders if this is what he was supposed to be, and Tim’s calm voice speaks plainly, swallowing the spit that has accumulated in his mouth.

“… Establishment of my safety and … Awareness of Danis ??”

However, Alain tilts his head to the questionable words.

“Where do you think this is? It’s a place where people who wouldn’t normally come out are gathered. If you go out without thinking … You’ll be caught by the seller right away? There is a possibility that it will be done. “

 Tim’s words made me chill. On the way to Danis, I was sure that when I walked down the alley, I saw a sight that I wouldn’t normally see. Originally I was in a position to correct it, but now I am just a weak boy.

 As Tim says, there’s Danis so nothing is done. But, though …

“… If so, why … that … do you need to do that?”

 Tim smiled and grabbed Alain’s shoulders.

“Because it’s too early to become Danis’s mistress so that he can’t get the first place here.”

“……… What?”

 Alain was stunned by the surprising words. After a while, my face became hot enough to boil and steam.

 In that story, it means that there is a possibility that he may be considered a mistress even now.

“No, I don’t understand the meaning …”

“Ah? I don’t know? … Danis is scattered around to hide himself, but it’s unlikely that he can stay in his room, which he uses for work such as bases.” If you make it and stay overnight, it will spread all at once, so you won’t have to touch it easily, and you don’t have to worry, so don’t worry. “

 When I returned to Tim’s usual light tone from the middle, I talked happily somewhere.

 When Alain heard that, his bright red face turned pale at once. In other words, if you are not good at it, you can talk about it at this base. Alain was in a mess in his head.

“Wait a minute … Then you just have to stay …”

“Here … I can’t hear a certain amount of voice, but … yesterday was a leak.”

 At the end, Tim was stabbed in a whisper, Alain was stabbed. When Alain picked up the thrown sheets, he covered them and shrank with embarrassment.

 In other words, yesterday’s that and that was leaking my embarrassing and ugly pant voice. I don’t know how many people were in this base, at least if there was someone, Tim’s story would mean that it would spread quickly and be seen by passing someone.

 Alain felt like he didn’t want to leave this room anymore.

 Tim wondered if Alain, who was wrapped in sheets and shrunk, couldn’t show his face at all, and he scratched his face lightly with a dry laugh.

“Well, it’s okay, it’s common here for other guys, and I don’t care.”

“That’s not the case!”

 Now, after Danis came into the room yesterday and saw Alain’s condition, I felt like I knew why he sighed for a long time.

 Because I realized what this guy named Tim was aiming for …

“Well, you’re hungry? Let’s eat for the time being.”

 As soon as I was told that, the scent of freshly baked bread made my stomach squeak. Look towards Tim and Chirari from the sheets.

 Come to think of it, I didn’t remember eating decent rice because I ran away. It’s embarrassing but will make you hungry.

 Alain can’t get up, so he urges Tim to bring the bread over here and grabs the bread in the basket. I thought I’d bring it to my mouth, but because there was precedent, I looked at Tim with a jerk.

 Tim noticed it and laughed lightly.

“No, I’m not doing anything anymore. I mean, if I do something next, Danis will really kill me.”

I raised my hands and smiled bitterly this time.

 Even so, I can’t trust this person named Tim himself. I thought it was easy to talk to when I first met him, but now I have the impression that he is a person who seems to be just looking and does not know what he is thinking in his stomach.

 When I went round and round, the bugs in my stomach rang again, and I couldn’t beat my hunger and bite into the bread.

“By the way, what did you want another Danis to be aware of?”

 When he hears that, Tim smiles somewhere happily again.

“He has a sharp head and has an eye to look at the situation calmly, but … he’s a person who doesn’t care about himself.”

 Alain tilts his head while eating bread without knowing what it means. Tim whistled this time without saying anything further, so somehow I felt it wasn’t a good thing.

“Well, nice to meet you for a while, mistress?”

 Alain coughed at Tim’s words.

It’s going to be very uncomfortable while I’m here.

Picking Up the Exiled Prince

Picking Up the Exiled Prince

Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
Prince Alan was forced to go into hiding within his own country. While escaping from his castle, he was rescued by a mysterious man. Despite this man occasionally leading Alan by the nose, he strangely reminds Alan of someone from his past. But their story has only just begun. Cool27 Year Old X 16 Year Old Prince


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