Picking Up the Exiled Prince Chapter 10

Knight Chris Levsky

 Frustrated by Prince Alain’s escape from the castle and not being caught, Gabriel, the Chancellor, seemed to be stuck in the office.

“Yes! Haven’t you found the prince yet !?”

 The loud and loud voice of Chancellor Gabriel echoed in a room in the castle.

 The prince has escaped from the castle and is searching for the city’s soldiers with all his might, but he hasn’t found it yet. Gabriel’s expression was steep, as he didn’t expect one boy to spend so much time.

 The voice of a young man echoes there.

 A young man dressed as a captain of a soldier enters the office, stands in front of Gabriel with his back straight, and bows lightly once.

“Don’t worry. We already have soldiers at the doorway. It’s not so easy to get out of this castle town. It’s only a matter of time before you can find the prince.”

 The young man, with his short brown hair and deep green eyes refreshing, reported to Chancellor Gabriel on his knees.

“Absolutely return to the castle”

“Huh! … I’ll put the prince back safely in the name of this Levsky.”

 Um, I’m looking forward to it. Gabriel nodded and sat down in the Chancellor’s chair.

 Then, when the young man stands up, he leaves the room. I walked fast in the corridor inside the castle to go to the site. And a few soldiers walked to follow.

“… I will protect it as soon as I find it. It’s better than other corps!”

 With a young man’s voice, huh! The reply of the soldiers who are in line will come back. The name of the young man is Chris Levsky. A knight who was assigned to one corps at the age of 24, he was also a knight of a generational family who was active in building the Kingdom of Land.

 Chris was impatient with the current situation.

(I have to find it earlier than the other corps … I just have doubts about the charges.)

 Chris, who is in charge of one corps, has heard about the situation of the castle to some extent, if not under the direct control of the royal family. First of all, the fact that the king was killed shocked me, and at the same time, I was skeptical that no one would say anything wrong.

 It is said that the prince killed the king.

 It seems that a knife with blood actually came out of the prince’s room, but the prince, who was the first successor and was loved in the first place, has no motive. Also, according to the maid, the window in the king’s room was broken. Under such circumstances, the first thing to suspect is the assassination from the outside, but it is concentrated only on the prince.     

 What’s more, no one else protests about it … Is this something that shouldn’t be abnormal …?

 Chris was worried that the prince’s position would be too bad to return to the castle as it is. I don’t know what will happen if the prince who is still guilty is returned to the castle as it is. Believing in a man named Chancellor Gabriel was only anxiety about the murder of the king.

 If so … I have no choice but to find out earlier than any other corps and move to a safe place once.

 If possible, there is no choice but to find the person who will be the backing of the prince, or the true criminal who killed the king, who would upset this situation.

 However, in the current situation, the prince becomes a cause. One thing is that if you do poorly, you can become a civil war. It’s hard to find someone who really has loyalty to the prince.

 However, Chris intuitively felt that it was better to prevent him from returning to the castle.

 Get out of the castle and move to a temporary base where you can temporarily manage the instructions of the soldiers. The soldiers of the other corps were resting because it was almost dawn. In other words, now is the time to find out more than others.

 When I went to the place where the soldiers at the base were gathering, the team that was searching was back.

“Captain Levsky, I’m a little worried …”

“What are you worried about?”

 The leader of the group was impatient, and Chris listened back with a suspicious look.

“Yes, I witnessed Danis Harvard in the vicinity of seeing a person who looked like a prince. From the testimony of the neighborhood that he saw him carrying a blonde boy … maybe …”


 Chris was surprised and opened his eyes.

 I was surprised at the name, but he was a dark man in the society he was chasing. I had actually found it several times, but each time I was able to escape.

 If that person is involved, I don’t know how to deal with it in the future. He has survived many times and cannot get a foothold in downtown areas even though the city is big … He is a very smart person.

 I may be sniffing something in today’s turmoil, and I can’t read at all how it will come out if I know that the kingdom is in crisis …

 If you really are acting with the prince, what is the purpose of that man … I had no idea.

“I’m not sure yet … I’m a little worried that I can’t find it even if I devote myself to searching so far.”

 Chris put his hand on his mouth and thought for a while at the words of the leader of the group.

 If you really have a person named Danis, you’re sure to be worried about the future. However, the power to cleverly escape from the army soldiers … the current situation of the prince …

“… I’m sure there was someone who hid them …?”

 Chris was surprised at first, but while wondering how calm he was, the leader nodded with a suspicious look.

“Is it possible to talk to Danis directly or can I contact him?”

“It will take a while, but I can contact you …?”

“… Keep it secret and hurry up.”

 The leader of the team was impatient as if he had noticed something.

“No way …”

“……… If the future of this country depends on the future, it’s not the case when we’re choosing the means! We have to be on the side of the prince… not much.”

 Chris turns his back from the soldiers.

The soldiers in the team bowed lightly and then took action from the spot.

 I don’t know what this choice will be.

 After all, the other party is a crazy eater.

 However, protecting the royal family is the highest priority. If it is harmful, force the prince out.

 If you have other choices …

 It may not be the case when we are concerned about the shape.

Please stay safe.

Chris hoped so until his subordinates reported.

Picking Up the Exiled Prince

Picking Up the Exiled Prince

Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
Prince Alan was forced to go into hiding within his own country. While escaping from his castle, he was rescued by a mysterious man. Despite this man occasionally leading Alan by the nose, he strangely reminds Alan of someone from his past. But their story has only just begun. Cool27 Year Old X 16 Year Old Prince


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