My Weibo Page is Able to Tell Fortunes Chapter 73


The upgrade of Weibo took a lot of time.

Shen Yuanye watched the progress of the circle lagging behind, and only moved a few percentage points for a long time. She was really anxious, so she had to focus on other things.

Luyue looked ahead.

Shen Yuanye could see her expressionless face through the rearview mirror, as if she had just come out of the North Pole.

She remembered her previous guess and asked, “Luyue, what did you do before?”

Lu Yue raised her head and glanced in the rearview mirror, and said lightly, “Secretary.”

No wonder that he is very at hand in determining the itinerary. Compared with Shen Yuanye’s assistant who saw others before, Lu Yue can be regarded as a gold medal assistant.

It’s really unexpected to be wronged by a little model of myself.

She asked calmly: “Then how come to Huayi as an assistant?”

Lu Yue did not change her face and replied: “The boss sexually harassed.”

This answer Shen Yuanye really can’t pick out the problem, Lu Yue herself looks good, and she is absolutely outstanding among ordinary people.

She was really curious about her experience.

But Luyue didn’t mean to say, and Shen Yuanye couldn’t ask for it.

After more than half an hour, the blockage on the road was finally cleared by several traffic policemen, and they returned to the apartment.

It didn’t last long, but it took an hour in a daze.

Shen Yuanye took out the phone after closing the door, and the above process had reached 99%, and when she was staring at it, it turned to 100%.

It prompts that the update is complete.

Shen Yuanye slammed her shoes and fell on the sofa. She couldn’t wait to open Weibo and log in to her account.

The Weibo interface has not changed.

She had prepared for it a long time ago. This Weibo update is completely different from the real Weibo update in reality. The version you see in the settings is still a long time ago.

This update refers to a feature update.

Now the first thing is to find someone to experiment.

Shen Yuanye immediately thought of Zhao Qiulu, but she always wanted to know if it was the girl from the beginning, just to see the result this time.

After clicking into her homepage, the latest Weibo took the lead in attracting her attention.

[Mother still didn’t **** the needle today: “Last time I asked me to give the hammer, the hammer came, the video is here, please open your eyes and watch it by yourself #视频”]

There are really videos.

At a glance, Shen Yuanye could see that the video was the one that defamed her in the previous life. She could remember what the cover of this video was like with her eyes closed.

It was this video that ruined her.

Will it be the result this time?

Shen Yuan Ye didn’t believe it.

Since she was all over again and fell to the ground again, what meaning does her rebirth have, is it to make her die again?

She didn’t want this.

Shen Yuanye didn’t panic at all. After seeing the video’s playback volume of hundreds of thousands, he clicked into the comments below.

“Really, it was so hard, the actor’s face changed.”

“I pushed people to the ground without saying anything. Now that there are such magazine resources, I don’t believe that there is no one behind!”

“Seeing that she was still smiling behind, I knew that there was definitely no intention to apologize. It was deliberate and bullying.”

“It’s true that it’s not dedicated to work, it’s just to shoot an advertisement, how so many things.”


Most of the most like-like comments are that she is not dedicated, and the rest are all about how there are more people like this in the entertainment industry.

Shen Yuanye could almost think that the blogger might be laughing now.

She returned to the homepage of “The mother still didn’t get a needle today”, and when she was about to press the attention, she suddenly thought of her current situation.

I’m afraid there are still people staring at her, who are they watching?

But experimenting with new features is a must. Since someone is staring in the middle of the night, it’s better to just pay attention to it.

Pay attention to a blogger who has black yourself, and let those black people guess their purpose.

Thinking like this, Shen Yuanye reached out and clicked “Follow”, patiently waiting for the next black screen to appear.

As a result, the familiar black screen did not appear, but two options appeared on the side of attention.

“Quietly follow” “Follow”

Shen Yuanye is not stupid, so she naturally chose to “quietly follow”.

At the same time, I couldn’t help sighing.

This feature didn’t come out earlier, and it had to come out now. It was hacked, and it was too late. At most, it won’t be dealt with in the future.

She probably has a vague outline of the conditions for Weibo to upgrade.

In the first upgrade before, she saved several people, and there were seven or eight people in total, but this time, there seemed to be a few people, and they looked similar.

Weibo was upgraded again.

I’m afraid it should be the same condition next time.

Shen Yuanye knows in her heart, she also has comfort for her previous actions. At last she is not doing useless work, and every time she has to comfort herself that she is not a Virgin.

After paying attention quietly, the familiar black screen appeared.

Shen Yuanye looked expectantly at the next content, but the first thing that came into view was the photo and the date of death.

Zhao Qiulu’s information has not changed.

Although she was a bit lost, she was also mentally prepared and continued to decline.

The difference below attracted the attention of Shen Yuanye.

Originally, a vertical line appeared on the position of the calendar table. There were 7 nodes on the line, which were 7 days in the future. The date was written on the right of each node.

Other than that, it’s nothing.

Shen Yuanye didn’t think it was that simple. Like the previous calendar, she also clicked on it and found that it was different. This is definitely not the only date.

This line is located on the far left of the phone screen, close to the side.

Shen Yuanye thought for a while, reached out and clicked on it.

When the fingertip touched the first node, a picture immediately appeared in the blank area on the right.

Not only that, there is a line of words below the picture.

Shen Yuanye stared at it for a while, then suddenly reacted, isn’t this the illustration she saw on Weibo before?

Many people want to watch horror movies but are scared, so they will look for illustrations at this time.

The diagram, as the name suggests, is to take a screenshot of a certain segment of the movie, and then use your own words to summarize the above meaning.

Shen Yuanye has seen some illustrations and is no stranger to this.

This new calendar line is not just like an illustration.

Today is April 29, and the first node is tomorrow, which is April 30.

When Shen Yuanye put his finger on it, the content on the picture on the right was very simple, it was a girl sitting in front of the computer.

The girl turned her back to the picture, so she could only see her back, with a ponytail, and she seemed to be young.

And the text below the photo: [Zhao Qiulu is buying hot search]

Shen Yuanye guessed that this might be buying a hot search to black her out.

She slid her finger to the next node, May 1, which was the day when the previous calendar showed “touched porcelain”.

The previous picture disappears and a new picture appears in the blank area on the right.

In the picture is the road outside, with a young girl standing on one side, and in front of her lies an old lady, pointing her finger at her.

The young girl’s face was full of anger.

Other passers-by appeared in the picture, their eyes were on the two people, either watching the excitement or making persuasive actions.

And there is a line below the picture.

[When crossing the road, an old lady suddenly lay down in front of him, Zhao Qiulu was shocked]

It really explained everything about the photo.

Shen Yuanye thinks this function is great.

If you only look at the pictures, you can only see that there may be conflicts between the old lady and Zhao Qiulu, but you may not be able to guess specific things like touching porcelain.

It’s like sitting in front of the computer, not writing, who knows that Zhao Qiulu is buying hot searches and not playing games.

However, this picture shows Zhao Qiulu’s profile face, and Shen Yuanye recognizes it at a glance, but it is not the girl who was deleted by her in the previous video.

It really was her.

Shen Yuanye was relieved that she knew that she was right. It was easier to deal with the other party if she knew her true identity, and it was more convenient to tell others.

She clicked on the third node, which is May 2nd.

In the picture that appears on the right, the background is in the hospital, with a nurse entering the mirror, but it is very blurry, and Zhao Qiulu is holding a few 100 yuan in his hand.

The old lady stood opposite her, taking the money in her hand, her eyes full of joy.

It seems that I really lost money.

Shen Yuanye looked at Zhao Qiulu’s anxious and unwilling payment in the picture, staring at the money in her hand, which was really funny.

She watched them all the remaining days.

After Zhao Qiulu broke the money and eliminated the disaster, the next activities were basically in front of the computer, and the text prompts were either spraying or hacking her.

Until the last day, May 6, finally there was a difference.

The background in the picture is a coffee shop. Zhao Qiulu sits opposite to a woman. She does not show the front but has only one hand, while Zhao Qiulu is smiling.

There are computers in front of both people, and the computer screen is not visible in the picture.

Shen Yuanye looked at the text prompt.

[Zhao Qiulu was invited into a coffee shop by a female netizen to discuss hot searches, and she was in a good mood]

Discuss hot searches?

Isn’t that related to her? Shen Yuanye didn’t think this was such a good thing, she must be thinking about how to hack her again.

Unfortunately, the size of the picture is limited and the face of the female netizen is not shown.

Shen Yuanye is a bit regretful, but I really like this new calendar line diagram function, which can be said to be much better than the previous calendar table.

Nothing is as powerful as the picture explained.

Shen Yuan Ye calmed down for a while and continued to decline.

I don’t know what the 360° panorama has become, or there is no change this time.

From the previous photos of the death scene into a panoramic view, the help to her is not only a little bit. Many things that were originally invisible can be seen, and the scope has been expanded.

Soon, the things at the bottom came into view, and Shen Yuanye knew that Weibo hadn’t disappointed herself when she saw it.

The panorama becomes a video.

The video has a time limit. The video of Zhao Qiulu’s death scene is one minute in total.

The author has something to say: You should all know the illustrations, you can search on Weibo if you haven’t read them, you can understand at a glance

This calendar line is just a vertical line, similar to the one below, you can click on the dot to show pictures and text

●(April 30)

●(May 1st)

●(May 2)

I made a picture with a memo and I can see it on my Weibo


My Weibo Page is Able to Tell Fortunes

My Weibo Page is Able to Tell Fortunes

Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2017 Native Language: Chinese
After rebirth, Shen Yuanye discovered that her Weibo page was able to foresee the future. As soon as she followed the other party’s Weibo page, it would immediately refresh to show the other party’s [Portrait of the Deceased], [Date of Death], and [Picture of the Death Scene]. ……Eventually, the foreseeing function of her Weibo page had upgraded. “Film Emperor Zhang and Empress of Pop Li, who fights everyday……are actually in the same Portrait of the Deceased?” “Singer was killed……the murderer’s shoe was photographed at the death scene?” “The new young actress and the Film Empress……died at the same time?” Jiang Pan: Why do you not follow me on Weibo? Shen Yuanye: …… That was because she did not want to see both of them together in his Portrait of the Deceased after she followed him on Weibo. I shall unfollow you, unfollow!


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