My Weibo Page is Able to Tell Fortunes Chapter 52


The next morning, Shen Yuan Ye was going to the company.

Lanfu’s blooming perfume is expected to be put on the market in the summer, and now it is only warming up, but the spokesperson needs to decide.

Lu Yue waited outside the apartment early in the morning.

For this assistant, Shen Yuanye couldn’t see through. She once thought about following her Weibo, but later found out that the other party hadn’t opened Weibo at all.

It is impossible for her to ask the other party to open one for her attention…

Where did Liu Li find the assistant and refused to tell her that Shen Yuanye always felt that Lu Yue’s background was unusual, but after thinking about it, she didn’t know which eldest lady would choose to be an assistant such a tiring job.

But she doesn’t usually have anything important.

“Ms. Shen, Lanfu plans to sign you with Bo Aite after signing the contract today, so I need you to reply at that time.” Lu Yue said.

Shen Yuanye let out an “um”.

She turned to Weibo and searched for the topic of Lan Fu. There are really many loyal fans, and they also expressed their expectations for the perfume that his house will release.

A few days ago, Lanfu gave her a series of cosmetics, the main part of which was naturally blooming perfume to endorse.

I have to say that being famous is capable.

Her cosmetics Shenyuan Coconut only took a week to feel the goodness of it. After all, the feedback given by the skin is the most basic.

But now she only endorses perfume.

The reason why blooming perfume is put on the market in summer is precisely because it contains most of the extracts of summer flowers, which is in time.

It’s refreshing and doesn’t smell greasy.

Shen Yuanye didn’t like to spray perfume before, and she wants to endorse it. These days before going out, she will spray a little to feel the effect.

Fortunately, she did not disappoint.

“Sister Liu Li said that the monthly sales of “GRACE” has exceeded the monthly sales of the previous season.” Lu Yue suddenly thought of this and said, “There will be related activities on Weibo, and your participation will be needed at that time. ”

Shen Yuan Ye had some surprises.

Recently, she was busy with the last time she was thrown a baby to make a yin and worshipped Cheng Feiqiong as a teacher, and she forgot to pay attention to the magazine.

“Okay, I see.” She replied.

The sales of GRACE magazine are indeed a happy event.

Whether it’s because of her, or the content of this month’s magazine is more attractive to readers, in short, this name and performance are on her.

This is more important than anything else.

At nine o’clock in the morning, Shen Yuanye met the person in charge of Lanfu in the conference room.

The signing of the contract to the end of the seal went smoothly, and the other party also looked forward to a good start to this perfume trial.

After Liu Li sent off the person in charge, she smiled and said, “The remaining two endorsements are also under discussion, and the results will come out in about a week. For now, you only need to focus on Lanfu. In September London Fashion Week, you may Will be invited.”

The last sentence successfully brightened Shen Yuanye’s eyes.

Fashion week, that is what almost every model dreams of.

The four major fashion weeks include Paris, New York, Milan and London. The focus of each fashion week is different. For example, New York Fashion Week focuses on business.

The reputation of London Fashion Week is slightly inferior to the other three, but for the current Shen Yuanye, they are all shows much more than her own.

The invitations of fashion week are also exquisite, like the stars of the entertainment circle, many of them appear on the stage by virtue of brand invitations.

And she will do the same in a few months.

Shen Yuanye knows that as a newcomer, if he can get this resource, it must be Huayi who has taken the lead.

Zhang Wentao really helped her a lot.

During the last meal, Li Mengran and him lightly took care of saving people, and only discussed other matters, but they did not expect that they would still help her in the follow-up.

Shen Yuanye also didn’t expect that his saving behavior in the first place would bring such great benefits to him.

After coming out of Huayi, she only felt that the future was broad.


At two o’clock in the afternoon, the Cheng family sent someone to take Shen Yuanye to the Liu family.

There is a big difference between the Liu family’s house and the Cheng family’s house… It’s probably the difference between the one who works hard to pretend to be deep, and the other is the true century-old master.

I have to say that the furnishings are still very beautiful.

Liu Xuyang waited outside, and Cheng Feiqiong greeted him as soon as he got out of the car, “Mr. Cheng! I really trouble you today.”

Cheng Feiqiong nodded, “This is my apprentice, Shen Yuanye.”

Liu Xuyang looked over and looked at Shen Yuanye calmly, “Miss Shen is really young and promising. Old Cheng’s apprentice must be extraordinary. Sitting here, I’ll make tea for you.”

Shen Yuanye smiled at this compliment.

However, she noticed that Cheng Feiqiong’s complexion was not particularly good as soon as she entered the door, frowning all the way, and as she walked in, she wrinkled more and more tightly.

And Liu Xuyang in the front did not see at all.

The villa was decorated in a magnificent manner. Lin Siyu carried her baby downstairs. When she was at home, she faded away from the power of a strong woman and became gentle.

Liu Xuyang is introducing them to Lin Siyu.

And here, Cheng Feiqiong suddenly said: “A woman has nine kinds of looks, and she accounts for three of them, with a round head, flat forehead, big eyebrows, and black lips.”

Shen Yuanye put his gaze on Lin Siyu who was on the opposite side. She was a very well-dressed woman. Even though she was 41 years old, she still looked very young.

Sure enough, it was similar to what Cheng Feiqiong said.

It seems that Liu Xuyang married the right person and is full of blessings.

Over there, Liu Xuyang pulled Lin Siyu over, and the servants at home also served tea, “Cheng Lao, this is my wife and daughter. This time I invite you to give my daughter Liu Yue a life.”

He took the initiative to report the time of birth.

Shen Yuanye himself also matched this with the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches on the Bagua Yi, and found it strange.

She hadn’t thought about it yet, Cheng Feiqiong had already spoken: “It will not survive for seven days.”

The living room suddenly became quiet.

Cheng Feiqiong’s affirmation that he will not survive for seven days is basically fixed.

After this sentence, Liu Xuyang and Lin Siyu’s expressions changed suddenly, not in disbelief, but in shock.

They still know Mr. Cheng’s approval.

It’s just that the husband and wife got such a baby girl after years of treatment. How could they only live for seven days? This is unacceptable.

Lin Siyu had only been out of confinement for a few days, and turned a blank face, “Really only seven days?”

Liu Xuyang also asked in a low voice, “Cheng, is what you said is true? Yueyue only has these few days…”

Lin Siyu looked down at the sleeping child in her arms, her red face was like a peeled egg, smooth and delicate, which made her feel warm.

The daughter was born with the expectation of her and Liu Xuyang. She is the jewel in their palms and is also a favorite of thousands, so she named Liu Yue.

This is the child born a few months after her pregnancy. Over the past month, the family has been getting along very happily, how could it not survive for seven days.

Lin Siyu didn’t believe in Cheng Feiqiong, but didn’t want to believe it.

The atmosphere is somewhat depressing.

Cheng Feiqiong got up and looked at Liu Yue. The little child was sleeping well in the swaddle, and there was no feeling that he would be dead in seven days.

Shen Yuanye was also very surprised.

Liu Xuyang seized the opportunity to ask Cheng Feiqiong, and she took advantage of this free time to log on to Weibo.

The main reason was that she couldn’t believe this incident, and she had to believe it. Shen Yuanye wanted to figure out what was going on.

Needless to say, Liu Yue is definitely what Liu Xuyang and Lin Siyu care about most.

So, Lin Siyu and Liu Xuyang’s recent calendars should have information about Liu Yue, and Master also said that he will not survive for seven days, and the Weibo calendar should be predictable to the seventh day.

At least one of two people can see the relevant information.

Thinking of this, she first searched for Liu Xuyang and followed the other’s Weibo.

To her surprise, Liu Xuyang’s posthumous photo was taken with Lin Siyu, and the date of his death was more than 40 years later, and he lived a full 80 years old.

She slid down and the calendar came into view.

Now Shen Yuanye can quickly check the various information on the calendar. In 7 days, the white date and the red date each account for half of the country.

The first half is white and the second half is red.

Shen Yuanye clicked directly into the first red date, which was three days later, which was the end of the month, Monday.

[April 30, 2018·Level 1 Danger] Liu Yue is sick

Compared to Liu Xuyang, this danger is very common. It has nothing to do with the body, but only represents an impact, so the degree of danger is very low.

And the next three days are not high.

[May 1, 2018·Level 1 Danger] Liu Yue was hospitalized

[May 2, 2018·Level 1 Danger] Liu Yue was in a coma

[May 3, 2018·Level 2 Danger] Liu Yue died

The last day was indeed the date of Liu Yue’s death. Shen Yuanye looked at almost everything about Liu Yue for a few days and clicked on the white date in front.

Basically everything was normal for the first three days and nothing happened.

Shen Yuanye fell into thinking.

It can be seen that Liu Yue suddenly fell ill from the end of the month. There was no sign before. In just four days, he took the life of a baby, which seemed too soon.

The Liu family doesn’t lack anything, and the food is excellent. This disease is so aggressive that it is impossible to be ignorant.

She didn’t know what was so severe.

Shen Yuanye thought for a while, searched Lin Siyu’s Weibo, and clicked his attention.

It is slightly different from Liu Xuyang’s Weibo. The photo shows a group photo of two people, while the date of death is one day late.

The color of the calendar table below is exactly the same.

Shen Yuanye still went in one point at a time, and only then found a different place.

On the 30th, Liu Xuyang’s message was that Liu Yue was ill, and Lin Siyu here gave “Liu Yue foamed at the mouth”.

Further down, everything else is the same.

The foaming at the mouth caused Shen Yuanye to stop.

Weibo clearly predicts certain facts, so it should be impossible to spit out milk. What kind of disease will foam at the mouth of a baby?

How did she think that maybe someone was harmed.

My Weibo Page is Able to Tell Fortunes

My Weibo Page is Able to Tell Fortunes

Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2017 Native Language: Chinese
After rebirth, Shen Yuanye discovered that her Weibo page was able to foresee the future. As soon as she followed the other party’s Weibo page, it would immediately refresh to show the other party’s [Portrait of the Deceased], [Date of Death], and [Picture of the Death Scene]. ……Eventually, the foreseeing function of her Weibo page had upgraded. “Film Emperor Zhang and Empress of Pop Li, who fights everyday……are actually in the same Portrait of the Deceased?” “Singer was killed……the murderer’s shoe was photographed at the death scene?” “The new young actress and the Film Empress……died at the same time?” Jiang Pan: Why do you not follow me on Weibo? Shen Yuanye: …… That was because she did not want to see both of them together in his Portrait of the Deceased after she followed him on Weibo. I shall unfollow you, unfollow!


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