My Weibo Page is Able to Tell Fortunes Chapter 49

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Did you really find an apprentice?

Cheng Xun looked in the direction of his fingers and saw a beautiful girl scooping roasted yam with a spoon, staring at them.

He was angrily smiled, “Are you looking for a passerby?”

Cheng Xun pointed to the mobile phone, “You sold one hundred dollars in a year, and you can count on millions of fortune-telling once. Why do you have to abuse yourself?”

Who doesn’t know the reputation of Mr. Cheng Feiqiong.

The Cheng family was famous for a century, and metaphysics was born and enduring.

By the time of Cheng Feiqiong’s generation, he really carried forward his metaphysics, and even understood the ancient books left by his ancestors.

In the entire imperial capital, he had to line up to make an appointment for his fortune teller.

Even if the appointment is made, it still depends on the mood of the old man. If something goes wrong, he won’t make a move at all.

The old man is very temperamental.

Cheng Xun heard him say that he was looking for an apprentice last year, and then he ran away with some money. He didn’t go back every time he found him. Fortunately, he knew to go home at night.

This time it was Mr. Chen who had to find something.

The old man sat on the flowerbed, “I don’t know what Mr. Chen.”

Cheng Xun spoke again: “Dad, this person is very helpful to his son’s business, and you can’t solve the problems he encountered, so Mr. Chen can’t do anything.”

“I want to take my apprentice, I have no time.”

“Apprentices from where, go back and I will find a few apprentices with excellent talents for you, to ensure you are happy.” Cheng Xun promised.

Shen Yuanye shook her spoon, feeling that she had to interrupt him: “Um… I’m really Grandpa’s apprentice.”

Cheng Xun looked at her up and down, “Do you know who he is?”

Don’t know wow.

Of course it is impossible for Shen Yuanye to say such a thing, she thought for a while, and then said lightly, “My Master.”

The old man slapped his thigh and responded, “Hey.”

When the two people sang and played together, Cheng Xun still didn’t know what his father meant, and he rolled his eyes immediately.

He thought for a moment, and proposed: “Miss, if you are really my dad’s apprentice, you might as well go back together.”

Before Shen Yuanye spoke, the old man happily responded, “Okay, okay.”

Cheng Xun’s car is big enough and there is plenty of space inside.

Shen Yuanye was not afraid that she would be abducted. After all, after the person in front of her gave her business card, she remembered who the other party was.

The Cheng family is still very famous in the upper class.

Cheng Xun whispered as he closed the car door: “My dad was going to open Weibo the year before, so I registered an account for him and bought him a million zombie fans.”

Shen Yuanye was surprised by what he did.

There is such an operation?

Cheng Xun continued: “But as soon as he posted on Weibo, but the zombie fans didn’t reply, he was very angry and wanted to quit Weibo. Later, I invited hundreds of navy soldiers to comment together before leaving him home.”

Shen Yuan Ye almost laughed out loud.

Mr. Cheng Feiqiong is really an old naughty boy, his childlike innocence.

“As a result, he found out last year and ran away from home to find his apprentice. Who knew he was selling roasted yam.” Cheng Xun sighed, “I still sell watermelons in summer.”

He looked at the girl before him again.

The eyebrows are quite exquisite, and he has also seen many beautiful women, including real celebrities, but they can make him look comfortable.

Dad’s eyes suddenly became higher.

Cheng Xun asked again: “Are you really my dad’s apprentice?”

The corners of Shen Yuan’s coconut lips raised slightly, “If the old gentleman is willing to accept it, that’s it.”

Cheng Feiqiong heard these words in the back and called out angrily: “Cheng Xun, you stinky boy, don’t lie to my apprentice!”

Cheng Xun was wronged: “Dad, I don’t have any.”

Listening to their bickering, Shen Yuanye’s eyes filled with a little smile.


Cheng’s house, in the hall.

“First control the stocks, keep the remaining funds, you must keep them, don’t move in the near future, wait for my news.”

Chen Long held the phone and ordered the other end: “The next Linglong Bay project, I am at Master Cheng’s house now, and I will consider whether to bid after I get the results later.”

The person opposite quickly responded.

Chen Long took a deep breath and sat back on the carved chair, staring at the porcelain cup in front of him.

Linglong Bay is a newly released project in Jianghai District, and it is very popular. As long as it wins, he will be responsible for the next cultural center to be built there.

The point is that now someone is letting out the wind, Linglongwan cannot vote.

Generally, if this is the case, he would investigate it himself, but the results of this investigation were the same, and he hesitated.

If he really didn’t vote, if he was bid by his opponent, wouldn’t he cry to death.

If he can’t make a shot, he makes it, and it’s over again.

So he has been thinking about it for a long time, and just made an appointment with Mr. Cheng Feiqiong, so let’s count it, I hope Mr. Cheng will be pleasing to his eyes.

He squeezed the phone tightly.

For Mr. Cheng, he has not been counted by him, but some of the business partners he has contacted have won, but he is full of praise and trust.

The Linglong Bay project requires huge funds and the prospects are very good.

As long as Mr. Cheng is good, he will bid!

The car reached halfway up the mountain and stopped outside a villa.

Shen Yuanye knew that this was a rich man’s area, but had never been here. This was the first time that he had touched the light of Mr. Cheng Feiqiong.

He should be called Master by now.

There should be a big difference between a century-old celebrity and an ordinary nouveau riche. Every flower, every plant, and every tree, looks very emotional.

As soon as she entered Cheng’s house, she felt comfortable all over, as if she was in the warm sun, and she had another feeling just outside.

As soon as Chen Long inside heard the sound, he immediately got up and shouted: “Mr. Cheng!”

He waited for nearly a day and still ate here, but there was something in his heart and the food was not stable, and his whole spirit was tense.

Cheng Xun said, “My dad is back, but I have to rest for a while. Why don’t Mr. Chen go to the living room and start later?”

There is no reason for Chen Long to refuse, “Okay.”

Cheng Feiqiong stood in the Cheng’s house with his hands behind his back and dressed in black cotton-padded clothes bought outside. His original aura suddenly changed, and he shouted, “Girl.”

Shen Yuanye replied softly: “You can call me Yuanye.”

“What kind of ghost name is this, it’s not good at all.” Cheng Feiqiong immediately disgusted, “What do you think of him?”

He looked at Chen Long.

Shen Yuanye also looked over, she naturally knew that the old man asked her not so simple, I was afraid it would test her a little.

It’s just that she didn’t expect Mr. Chen in front of her to have seen him.

Well-known domestic real estate developers often appear on hot searches, most of the time because his house broke the record for the highest selling price, etc. The basic name is familiar.

Cheng Xun saw that she was not talking, and called the housekeeper, Uncle Li, by the way: “Uncle Li, go make some cups of tea, dad, don’t embarrass the little girl.”

Cheng Feiqiong snorted.

Several people went to the meeting room. Chen Long followed Cheng Feiqiong and wanted to ask questions. Shen Yuanye walked behind and took out his mobile phone. Sure enough, she quickly found Chen Long’s Weibo.

I also thank him for opening Weibo.

The corridor is not short. She hurry up, and when she noticed that the date of death is relatively long after paying attention, she slid down and went straight to the calendar.

Only one day in the next week on the calendar is a red date.

Shen Yuanye was about to look at it. When the meeting room arrived, Cheng Feiqiong also sat down. She could only put her phone away and take a deep breath.

In a hurry, she only remembered that the date was the 16th.

Chen Long sat down and asked impatiently: “Old sir, I want to calculate, what will be your wealth for the next period of time.”

Once Linglong Bay’s project is invested, it will trap all his liquidity, so it is very important and must be clarified.

Cheng Feiqiong did not speak, but looked at Shen Yuanye.

Shen Yuanye moved her hands and organized her words: “Master, don’t blame me for what I said wrong. I don’t know anything about fortune telling.”

Cheng Feiqiong said in a huff: “I’ll see if you have talent? If you don’t, I don’t want you.”

Cheng Xun, who had just arrived in the meeting room, heard these words silently in his heart: How could it not be, he admitted personally, there is no need to run away.

Shen Yuanye glanced at Chen Long.

It was the first time Chen Long saw her and listened to their conversation. How could this girl tell a fortune before she had studied with Mr. Cheng.

But Mr. Cheng was named, and he could not refuse.

Chen Long had no choice but to put on a smile, “Say this lady.”

Shen Yuanye thought for a while and then said: “I don’t know the others, I only know, Mr. Chen, you will not go well on the 16th.”

The voice fell, and the living room was silent.

Number 16? He seems to have no schedule on this day and rests at home.

Chen Long was stunned, and laughed instead when he heard what she said. Sure enough, he still couldn’t believe a newcomer who was too young, and came to talk nonsense.

He chuckled and waved his hand: “What’s wrong with me on the 16th, the lady still has to learn more metaphysics with Mr. Cheng.”

Shen Yuanye didn’t expect the other party to believe it either.

In fact, she didn’t click on the red date on the 16th, so she didn’t know what would happen to Chen Long that day.

But looking at the depth of the color, it is not very serious.

Shen Yuanye looked at Cheng Feiqiong who was heading up, and smiled slightly: “Master, I’m finished.”

Cheng Feiqiong smiled suddenly, wrinkles piled up around his eyes.

Seeing that he was in a good mood, Chen Long thought about his own affairs and quickly asked, “Mr. Cheng, will my wealth fortune be all right in the future?”

Cheng Feiqiong glanced at him, “Didn’t my apprentice tell the result?”

After listening to Chen Long’s spirit, the expression on Shen Yuanye also changed.

Sure enough, he is Mr. Cheng’s apprentice, and he can see his future casually. It must be Mr. Cheng’s true biography.

He couldn’t remember another thought he had just now.

“Miss Yuan seems to be quite talented. Congratulations to Mr. Cheng for getting such a promising apprentice.” Chen Long said: “It’s better for Miss Yuan to help me count other things.”

Fearing that Shen Yuanye would refuse, he specifically said his needs again.

Under his expectant gaze, Shen Yuanye thought for a while, still had to correct his mistake, and said, “Actually, my surname is Shen.”

My Weibo Page is Able to Tell Fortunes

My Weibo Page is Able to Tell Fortunes

Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2017 Native Language: Chinese
After rebirth, Shen Yuanye discovered that her Weibo page was able to foresee the future. As soon as she followed the other party’s Weibo page, it would immediately refresh to show the other party’s [Portrait of the Deceased], [Date of Death], and [Picture of the Death Scene]. ……Eventually, the foreseeing function of her Weibo page had upgraded. “Film Emperor Zhang and Empress of Pop Li, who fights everyday……are actually in the same Portrait of the Deceased?” “Singer was killed……the murderer’s shoe was photographed at the death scene?” “The new young actress and the Film Empress……died at the same time?” Jiang Pan: Why do you not follow me on Weibo? Shen Yuanye: …… That was because she did not want to see both of them together in his Portrait of the Deceased after she followed him on Weibo. I shall unfollow you, unfollow!


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