My Weibo Page is Able to Tell Fortunes Chapter 113


Shen Yuanye paid close attention to her quietly.

She is in the right position now, behind the wall, no one will peek.

Even if someone took a peek, they would only see Lu Wanjie’s Weibo homepage. She could also say that she was looking at the victim’s information, which was not appropriate at all.

The information appeared soon.

The last photo is a photo of Lu Wanjie. It is true that he is not wrong. The death message on the right also gives his real name.

Name: Lu Wanjie

Date of Birth: September 4, 1990

Date of death: August 13, 2018

Shen Yuanye slid down a bit, the calendar line diagram is invisible.

She simply slid straight to the end to watch the death video.

If the murderer’s face can be photographed, then the case can be checked on that person, without much effort.

The cover of the death video shows Lu Wanjie lying on the ground.

Because it was night, and Weibo was high-definition, most of the places were in the dark, and because the location of the crime was the lakeside in the park, there was no light.

Fortunately, it can be seen.

Shen Yuanye clicked to play.

In order not to let people notice, she didn’t wear headphones, so she decided to check it at first glance. If the information was incomplete, she would look for opportunities to wear headphones to hear if there was any sound.

At the beginning of the picture, Lu Wanjie was lying on the ground.

Because it was too dark, Shen Yuanye was not sure what state he was now, only knew that he closed his eyes.

But the report given by the forensic doctor was drowning to death, so he should still be alive now, and may be in a coma.

After ten seconds, there was finally movement.

A figure suddenly appeared in the dark, and it could only be seen vaguely as an individual, and nothing else could be seen clearly.

Half of the figure was exposed in the lens, and the black shadow reached out and touched Lu Wanjie’s face, then withdrew his hand.

Shen Yuanye guessed whether Lu Wanjie was still angry.

After more than ten seconds, Black Image was determined, and finally made a decision, pushing Lu Wanjie’s body to the lake, and then pushing it down.

The whole process is very fast.

The video also came for more than forty seconds. At this time, the camera had moved away from the black shadow and placed it on Lu Wanjie. As he fell into the water, water splashed.

Then in the last few seconds, Lu Wanjie slowly sank into the water.

The video does not end here.

“How is it, do you see anything?”

Shen Yuanye was shocked by Ren Lulu’s sudden problem. Fortunately, she had a good psychological quality and was covered by a mask, so she shook her head unchanged.

There is no detailed information about the murderer in the video.

I don’t know if it is a male or female, because it is too dark to see clearly.

Generally, the first time she watched the video, she paid attention to everything, so she would not find any details, but the second time she would consciously pay attention to some pictures that she hadn’t seen before.

Shen Yuanye felt that he could take a closer look, but now the opportunity is insufficient.

“Not yet.” She was about to continue when there was a movement at the door.

Ren Lulu’s eyes must be, “Jin Yuxuan found it!”

Liu Heyang was not followed by Jin Yuxuan herself, who was also wearing a delicate dress, and her face did not have the sadness of her boyfriend’s death.

But think about it, she has stepped on two boats, and she has no feelings for Lu Wanjie.

“Interrogate first.”

Before the people by the river appeared, his voice came in.

This is the first time Shen Yuanye has seen him since following him on Weibo.

In my mind, I recalled the appearance of the old riverbank, and then the weird and terrible photo and death video…

She turned away uncomfortably.

At the thought of that scene, she felt a little unacceptable.

Jiang Pan’s eyes stayed on her for a moment, then moved away, and said, “Wait for a meeting first, and a meeting in the conference room in five minutes.”

Ren Lulu whispered: “Maybe I want to introduce you.”

Although the consultant Shen Yuanye does not often work with them, he still needs to know him so that he can work together in the future.

Five minutes later, everyone in the bureau was in the conference room.

Shen Yuanye was sitting next to her. Ren Lulu was afraid of her alone and sat next to her. Anyway, the boys went to the side consciously.

But there was a beautiful woman in the game, and a group of big men were quite happy.

Jiang Pan gave a brief introduction: “Temporary consultant, Ms. Shen.”

In fact, everyone on the team knew her and met her several times, but few talked to her. It was Liu Heyang and the others who were in charge of her case before.

Shen Yuanye stood up and gestured to everyone.

Jiangpan said indifferently: “Because of your special identity, some disguise will be carried out. You should not disclose the information, otherwise you will be at your own risk.”

Shen Yuanye never took off her mask.

Because she is also a public figure now, she suddenly became an adviser to the police station, and she still appears here. If she is photographed by someone who followed her before, it will be black again.

She hadn’t mentioned this before by the river, but she didn’t expect him to think of this layer.

Shen Yuanye feels a bit complicated.

Several people in the conference room naturally knew what he meant by arrogance in his words, and they couldn’t help but set their eyes on Shen Yuanye.

After the introduction, Jiangpan announced the adjournment.

He stopped Shen Yuanye: “If you have anything in the future, you can find them, or you can find me.”

“I know.” Shen Yuanye nodded, looking at his face, it was difficult to explain, and when he finished speaking, he went to Ren Lulu’s side.

Although Jiang Pan had a strange attitude, she didn’t think much about it.


Since Jin Yuxuan was taken to the bureau, she was taken to the interrogation room, and then two police officers were watching outside.

Because of her own restlessness, there may still be accidents.

Although the interrogation room wouldn’t let her run away, in the unlikely event of suicide and other unforeseen circumstances, it would not be a good thing for their criminal investigation team.

Upon hearing someone push the door in, Jin Yuxuan said bitterly: “You are tortured, I must expose you to those Weibo big Vs when I go out!”

Ren Lulu said silently: “We haven’t said a word until now. We just came in and were tortured? You are really fragile.”

Jin Yuxuan snorted a few times.

She was originally pretty, but in this way, she looked a little bit mean.

Sitting next to Ren Lulu, Shen Yuanye didn’t say a word, but kept watching Jin Yuxuan to see if she was the person in the video.

The murderer in the video showed a hand. Although it is not high-definition, it can be checked.

Ren Lulu looked at Liu Heyang next to him, “Okay, let’s make a transcript. Jin Yuxuan, do you know that your boyfriend Lu Wanjie drowned and died?”

When she heard that Lu Wanjie was dead, Shen Yuanye clearly saw Jin Yuxuan’s facial expression flashing unnaturally.

It seems that this matter may have something to do with her.

Ren Lulu naturally saw it, “Lv Wanjie was found in the lake of Qinghe Park early yesterday morning. Where were you then?”

Jin Yuxuan said: “Of course I sleep at home.”

Ren Lulu said: “You lie.”

As soon as she said this, Jin Yuxuan became a little panicked, “What lies, where can I go if I don’t sleep at home in the middle of the night, don’t be tortured, otherwise I will expose it!”

Only this can threaten people.

Ren Lulu curled her lips, “We adjusted the monitoring of where you live, and you didn’t return to the community until the next morning.”

“I don’t live in the community, can’t I live in other places?” Jin Yuxuan rolled her eyes.

Ren Lulu said “Oh”, “Where do I live?”

Jin Yuxuan did not answer, she suddenly stroked a strand of hair that fell by her temple, and Shen Yuanye stared at her hand closely.

The nail polish dyed with big red and sequins is very delicate.

Shen Yuanye patted Ren Lulu on the shoulder, winked at her, and asked, “When did you make your nail polish?”

Hearing this, Jin Yuxuan shook her hand, “You say this, okay? I made this new last week and it cost hundreds of yuan.”

Shen Yuanye nodded, “It’s pretty.”

Ren Lulu was curious, why she suddenly asked about this, but did not interrupt her, but observed it quietly.

Shen Yuanye pondered for a while, and said: “Did you do something wrong yesterday?”

Jin Yuxuan’s face changed, “Are you sick?”

She looked at Shen Yuanye’s appearance and saw that she was wearing a mask, but the half of her exposed face was very beautiful. Gu Li said weirdly: “You can’t see people with the ugly face below, right?”

Ren Lulu patted the table.

Shen Yuanye was not moved, but said to herself: “You already have decree lines on your face, extending to your mouth. The decree lines are also called the entrance of the snake. This kind of face is generally old and lonely. When you reach the position of the mouth, it is Done evil things.”

Ren Lulu and Jin Yuxuan both looked confused when this metaphysical knowledge was spoken.

“There is also a hanging needle pattern on your Yintang, which is to suppress your children and parents. All signs indicate that you have done something wrong. Lu Wanjie’s death is related to you.”

Shen Yuan Ye looked at her fixedly.

Jin Yuxuan was very angry when she heard this, but she panicked as soon as she heard this, “What are you talking about? Where are the liars from the public security bureau? Can the public security bureau invite such people? Are you closing the door?”

It was the first time that she heard this kind of saying about her children and her parents, and she said that, she was still in the police station.

The police have been advancing with the times these days and have begun to solve cases with metaphysics?

Although Ren Lulu thought it was amazing, the previous clues all showed that Shen Yuanye has real talents. She said to Jin Yuxuan: “Where are you that night? Have you met Lu Wanjie? ”

Shen Yuanye said, “You were in Qinghe Park that night, and you hit the wound on the back of Lu Wanjie’s head. Isn’t it true?”

Jin Yuxuan turned pale when she rubbed her face.

Ren Lulu looked at Shen Yuanye in surprise, and then looked at Jin Yuxuan’s expression, thinking that the case could be solved directly, but she did not expect to hear another turning point.

“You know in your heart whether you are a murderer or not, just look at your own transcript.” Shen Yuanye said, “I advise you to say it earlier, don’t let yourself go to jail instead of the murderer.”

My Weibo Page is Able to Tell Fortunes

My Weibo Page is Able to Tell Fortunes

Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2017 Native Language: Chinese
After rebirth, Shen Yuanye discovered that her Weibo page was able to foresee the future. As soon as she followed the other party’s Weibo page, it would immediately refresh to show the other party’s [Portrait of the Deceased], [Date of Death], and [Picture of the Death Scene]. ……Eventually, the foreseeing function of her Weibo page had upgraded. “Film Emperor Zhang and Empress of Pop Li, who fights everyday……are actually in the same Portrait of the Deceased?” “Singer was killed……the murderer’s shoe was photographed at the death scene?” “The new young actress and the Film Empress……died at the same time?” Jiang Pan: Why do you not follow me on Weibo? Shen Yuanye: …… That was because she did not want to see both of them together in his Portrait of the Deceased after she followed him on Weibo. I shall unfollow you, unfollow!


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