In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS! – Chapter 118

The Imperial Beast Pavilion

Wei Feng directly put on the whole set of clothes on the spot, and the whole set of clothes was also complete, including jade pendants, waistbands, hair crowns and the like.
After getting dressed, Wei Feng suddenly changed.
Handsome and handsome!
Who would have thought that in the morning he looked like a beggar, and in the evening he looked like a dignitary.
Looking at his outfit, Wei Feng was also extremely satisfied.
And with this outfit, it will be much easier to do things.
Getting up and walking towards a street, Wei Feng remembered that there seemed to be a pawnshop on that street.
Come to the east.
Wei Feng came here, took off the jade pendant from his waist, and walked in.
It was approaching evening, and the shop owner was counting the bills in front of the counter.
Seeing someone coming in, the boss looked at Wei Feng and immediately got up to greet him.
“Ouch! This young man, do you know what the store can do for you?” The boss was very polite, and first asked Wei Feng to sit down, and then poured Wei Feng a cup of tea.
Judging from Wei Feng’s clothes, he knew that Wei Feng was either rich or expensive.
Because of the clothes with magic patterns, not everyone can afford them.
Wei Feng sat down naturally, first took a sip of tea, and then said: “To be honest, I came here to play, and I had an accident and lost my storage ring.”
“Oh! Thief.” The boss answered.
Wei Feng nodded, then put the jade pendant in his hand on the table, and said, “This is my jade pendant. I want to exchange some money with the boss today, and he will definitely thank
him.” “You’re welcome.”
The boss didn’t look at Wei Feng’s jade badge, but got up and went to the counter to get some spirit stones, put them on the table and said, “It’s my honor to be able to help the son, but the son, please take back this jade badge. The other day, the son will pass by here and bring the money.”
Wei Feng was not surprised.
Although his jade pendant was worth a few spirit stones, as long as he was a business owner, he would be willing to take a few spirit stones for a gamble.
In case Wei Feng is really a disciple of a wealthy family, he will return a little bit every day, and he will earn all this money back.
“Then I would like to thank the boss. My surname is Qin Mingdi. He will come to repay the boss’s generosity.” Wei Feng made up his name and said righteously.
Afterwards, Wei Feng put ten spiritual stones into his arms, thanked the boss repeatedly, and left the pawnshop.
With ten spirit stones, you can find an inn in this world and eat and drink for a day.
Of course, this is definitely not enough.
And Wei Feng didn’t plan to end this easy and fast “making money” method.
When he came to this city two days ago, he walked around the city twice, and there were at least ten pawnshops in the entire city.
In this way, Wei Feng used the same method to successfully “earn” 113 spirit stones in these ten pawnshops.
In this way, it will be enough for his expenses for the past two days and the use of it for a period of time.
After finding an inn to stay, Wei Feng asked someone to bring him some food.
These days, he hadn’t had a good meal or had a good night’s sleep.
Now, he wants to get out of his bad state.
Lilith didn’t hesitate to spend the divine source to send him here, he couldn’t live up to the other party’s wishes, he must live well.
After eating and drinking enough, Wei Feng slept again until dawn.
And when he woke up, he felt very comfortable.
The tiredness of these days has been swept away, and there seems to be endless energy in the body.
After getting up to wash, and having breakfast downstairs, Wei Feng left the inn and walked towards a library.
He wants to know something about the world, and books are the most convenient way.
After spending a day in the library, Wei Feng learned a lot.
This world is still a world of beasts, but it is different from the world of beasts before.
The beastmasters in this world do not summon the beasts by opening the star array, but to capture or buy the eggs of the beasts themselves to obtain the beasts.
In the choice of the beast, a lot is clear.
In addition, although the beasts in this world are generally stronger than those in the previous world, there are also many less than god-level ones.
God-level is a standard in this world, a starting point, a beginning.
Above the god level, there are several levels of great god beasts, original god beasts, and true god beasts.

In the evening, Wei Feng returned to the inn, handed in another ten spirit stones, and stayed for another day.
The next morning.
Wei Feng got up early.
Today is the day when the Imperial Beast Pavilion recruits its disciples.
Yesterday, he deliberately got to know this Imperial Beast Pavilion, which can be regarded as the top three sects in the entire Floating Cloud City.
Moreover, there are abundant resources in the Imperial Beast Pavilion, and there are many kinds of Imperial Beasts with great potential. Many people yearn to enter the Imperial Beast Pavilion.
However, the entrance test of the Imperial Beast Pavilion is also quite difficult.
When Wei Feng arrived at the Imperial Beast Pavilion, there was already a long queue outside the sect of the Imperial Beast Pavilion.
He got up early enough, but someone got up earlier than him, and it was really attractive to see this Imperial Beast Pavilion.
Wei Feng had no choice but to stand in line at the back of the team, listening to the discussions around him.
Soon, the test begins.
At this time, Wei Feng looked back, and on the long stairs, the people lining up could hardly see their heads.
Wei Feng couldn’t help shaking his head, so many people wanted to enter the Imperial Beast Pavilion, and in the end, I don’t know how many people would be able to enter. It is estimated that 90% of them will be brushed down.
According to Wei Feng, there are three tests in the Imperial Beast Pavilion.
The first item is the strength test of the beastmaster, who must reach the god level to pass the level.
The second item is the affinity test for the beast.
Lu Chen learned that this affinity test is related to the tacit understanding and trust between the beastmaster and the beast in the future.
The third item is to directly contract the beasts!
Many people failed to make a contract with the beast for the first time or even the first ten times.
In addition to the personal charm of the beastmaster, it also has a great relationship with the spiritual strength of the beastmaster.
This third test can also be regarded as a test of the spiritual power of the beastmaster.

Soon, the test will come to Wei Feng.
The first item, Wei Feng easily passed the border.
For the second item, Wei Feng still passed the test easily.
In the third item, Wei Feng was sent to the back mountain of the Imperial Beast Pavilion.
There are many imperial beasts, wolves, tigers, lions, birds, everything here.
And the quality of this imperial beast is also good, almost all of them are of blue quality.
Wei Feng gave it a try and launched a beast-fighting contract with a little wolf cub.
As a result, it was an instant success.
[Hint: Obtain a blue-quality imperial beast [Grey Wolf Cub]]
[Hint: Complete Mission 2: [First Imperial Beast] Get the first Imperial Beast.
Obtain completion reward: exchange value +10, fusion point +1. ]

Another task completed.
At this time, Lu Chen discovered that there was another panel in his brain, which was the attribute panel of the gray wolf cub.

In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS!

In This World of Beasts, I Am The Biggest BOSS!

Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
When he woke up, the world has changed. Through astral projection of his soul, Wei Feng found himself in a world of beasts. Everyone here has the ability to tame beasts – that means everyone here is a beastmaster! But beastmasters have clear strengths and weaknesses. Some people can control wild beasts and stand at the peak of this world, while some can only control cattle, sheep, and livestock, and they are at the bottom of this beast-taming food chain. To begin a new life in this strange world, Wei Feng summoned a stone man, but he had unexpectedly awakened the ability to extract the core abilities of beasts he encounters. Moreover, the more the growth of the beasts, the stronger these abilities get. Ding! 【NOTICE: You have unlocked the [Armored Skin] ability of the beast-guarding [Stone Man]!】 …… Ding! 【NOTICE: You have unlocked the [Strength Enhancement] ability of the Royal Beast [Dragon Ape]!】 …… Ding! 【NOTICE: You have unlocked the [Speed Enhancement] ability of the beast [Blue-scaled Eagle]!】 …… Hence, with all the core abilities that he has extracted from these beasts, Wei Feng has transformed into a living human beast! Whenever the enemy thinks they have successfully defeated all of Wei Feng’s beasts, the corner of Wei Feng’s mouth would raise, revealing an innocent smile, “No, no, no! The battle has just begun – I am the biggest boss here!”


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