I Picked Up An Ancient Transmigration Killer To Be A Wife Chapter 87

Here, Wu Yuanyuan’s miraculous recovery shocked the medical staff. Liang Jili brought the two leaders of the hospital to come over with a shy face, and asked what medicine Guo Ming used.

    Guo Ming didn’t bother to care about these trivial matters at this time, and she didn’t even think about hiding things, so she wrote the prescription directly, which made the hospital leaders very embarrassed. After all, this kind of thing, any one is enough to hold up a big subject.

    Seeing that Wu Yuanyuan was recovering well after the operation, Guo Ming’s heart was basically relieved. After all, for her, as long as Wu Yuanyuan still had a sigh of relief, she would dare to break into the Palace of Yan Wang and bring people back.

    “Yuanyuan, I’m going to call my godfather

    and godmother .” It was also because Wu Yuanyuan was recovering well, so Guo Ming planned to call her father and mother Wu to talk about Wu Yuanyuan’s situation. I didn’t explain it for the first time. It was because I was so full of my heart to save people, I didn’t even bother to make this call, and I was also a little bit afraid of Wu Yuanyuan’s unstable state and rashly said about the situation that frightened the two elders.

    Fortunately, many people who were present on the night of the engagement were able to speak, so the doctor did not grab the “family signature” during the rescue, and the phone call was dragged to the present.

    “Don’t fight!” Wu Yuanyuan hurriedly stopped.

    “Don’t fight. Don’t fight! I don’t want them to know.” Wu Yuanyuan said eagerly as she looked at Guo Ming.

    “Stupid boy, parents who are affected by the skin and the body, if you have such a big incident now, it would be inappropriate for you not to talk to your godfather and godmother!”

    “Can’t fight! I… I’m afraid they are worried. …”

    “With me, you will have nothing to do. They will feel distressed at best and will not worry too much.”

    “But… Don’t play well…” Wu Yuanyuan still refused.

    “You are afraid that if you are injured for me, will your godfather and godmother anger me?” Guo Ming changed his mind and understood what Wu Yuanyuan was worried about.

    “I…” Wu Yuanyuan was said to have been on her mind, and she didn’t know how to explain it.

    “Yuanyuan, this happened because of me, you… Lying in bed like this, you know how sad and regretful I am…” Guo Ming said, suddenly remembering the scene of the day, and he couldn’t help but for a while. Fear. . .

    if. . . If the ambulance did not arrive in time. . . .

    Thinking of this moment, her eyes were red again, and the painful results that hadn’t happened yet were enough to defeat her just thinking about it.

    “Godfather and godmother should blame me originally, because I didn’t protect you, so if they blame me, I’m very grateful…” I

    don’t know how to express it, but Guo Ming wanted someone to replace Wu Yuanyuan and deal with it ruthlessly. Do it yourself.

    Because of his lack of judgment, he neglected the sneak attack behind him. . .

    Because of his indecision, the culprit took the opportunity to hurt Wu Yuanyuan. . .

    If, if you kill yourself at the beginning, how could your beloved girl lie in a pool of blood?

    So Guo Ming hated him, hated himself very much. But she knew that Wu Yuanyuan would not hate her and annoy her. But if no one hates her and annoys her, in her heart, there is no way to forgive herself.

    So Guo Ming tried to persuade Wu Yuanyuan, and then, with a redemptive mind, called Dad Wu and Mother Wu.

    The phone only lasted a few minutes. Guo Ming concisely told Father Wu and Mother Wu that they were attacked while attending the engagement banquet, and Wu Yuanyuan was stabbed with a knife by the gangster in order to protect herself. The operation is successful and his condition is stable. Then, after a few seconds of silence, I apologized seriously.

    Dad Wu answered the phone and didn’t say anything about Guo Ming’s apology. He asked about Wu Yuanyuan’s specific situation in detail, and learned that he was recovering well after the operation. He didn’t say anything to blame Guo Ming, but just said something in a hurry. , Now go to buy a plane ticket, just hang up the line.

    Within a few minutes, Guo Ming received a screenshot of the order from Dad Wu from WeChat, the earliest flight to City A tomorrow morning.

    It was almost ten o’clock in the evening, Wu Yuanyuan ventilated and shouted hungry. Zhang Qiang’s mother made chicken soup and millet porridge and sent it over. The chicken was soft and waxy, and the chicken was beaten into minced meat by the cooking machine and mixed in the porridge together.

    Guo Ming fed Wu Yuanyuan half a bowl of porridge, and waited for her to go to the bathroom on the bed. Using the potty for the first time made Wu Yuanyuan a blushing face.

    I sent away the family of Pang Deyou Zhang Qiang who came to visit the bed, and the nurse who was invited to see there was nothing to do, so he went to lie down on the bed.

    Guo Ming’s resting place is in the suite, which contains a large sofa and coffee table, a utility cabinet and a TV.

    She was not sleepy. When she saw Wu Yuanyuan’s eyes open and not sleepy, she accompanied her to talk. Until she saw that Wu Yuanyuan was tired, she helped her tuck the quilt and went to lie down on the sofa in the back room. .

    Early the next morning, Guo Ming got up to go to the airport to pick up Father Wu and Mother Wu, but received a call from Zhang Qiang. She said she was already on the way to the airport. Pang Deyou took the breakfast prepared by Zhang’s mother and delivered it in a while. Come here, let Guo Ming take good care of Wu Yuanyuan first.

    When Wu Yuanyuan woke up, after waiting for her to wash her hands, she fed half of the custard Mama Zhang made, and Zhang Qiang also took her father and mother Wu into the ward.

    Seeing the godfather and godmother coming, Guo Ming put the bowl in his hand on the bedside table, took out two metal clothes hangers from the bucket under the bed, plopped, and knelt on the ground.

    “Godfather, godmother, Guo Ming didn’t protect Wu Yuanyuan,” he said, lowering his head and holding the clothes hanger with both hands, “Goddaddy, godmother, please punish!”

    The author has something to say:

    more and more . .

    Although it’s a bit late. . .

    Tomorrow should be the afternoon or evening update, because the live broadcast is planned for tomorrow morning. . .

    The lingering life of the unemployed. . . .

I Picked Up An Ancient Transmigration Killer To Be A Wife

I Picked Up An Ancient Transmigration Killer To Be A Wife

Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
What? I’d even picked up a transmigrator when going out for a movie?I don’t want to be so lucky! “Big sister, underwear is for wearing, not for holding things!” En, I know, you like pie without the crust! “Waiter, get us a 9-inch pizza!” Facing a killer’s courting, what should I do? Yes, this is the story of an ancient killer transmigration into the body of a modern girl and living in a girl’s home. Did I tell you that both are women?


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