I Picked Up An Ancient Transmigration Killer To Be A Wife Chapter 46

The location of the shop that Xia’s found is very good. On the one hand, it is close to the bustling commercial area, on the other hand, it is near the major high-end residences. Not only is there enough traffic, but parking is also convenient. The ground floor of this floor is a high-rise building. It is said to be a first floor. In fact, it is all built according to the height of the second floor. If you make a compartment inside, you can easily get the two-story building.

    I don’t know if it’s the previous homeowner or the Xia family. I have already made partitions for this house. So after entering, the room on the first floor facing the street has a clean and bright door face, a medicine cabinet on one side of the wall, and on the other side except for the doctors. The location, there are some transparent counters, Guo Ming plans to sell some precious medicinal materials and homemade medicines, qualifications and so on, the Xia family has already made it through, as long as they are made and sent for inspection. Next to the counter are two large porcelain urns, and there is a faucet at the bottom. Guo Ming plans to boil some health tea according to the season for free to the people who come and go. Behind is the processing room and the restroom, where I plan to make medicine and make medicine. The second floor is still vacant. Guo Ming hasn’t planned what to do. Maybe it may not be necessary to hire two guys as their staff dormitory.

    Next to this shop, there is a psychological counseling office, which also looks very grand. The decoration is clean, and it is probably a new shop. It seems that there are only two people in the consultation office. A girl with a round face and big eyes should be an assistant. Every time Guo Ming comes over, she will meet her at the information desk, and the owner of the consultation office is also a young woman. He was about the same size as Guo Ming, with shoulder-length hair and long narrow phoenix eyes, looking lean and swift. Guo Ming only met two or three times when he went to the shop to rest. Neither of them had a warm personality, so he nodded as a greeting.

    The better thing is that after the Spring Festival, it was the recruitment boom, and Guo Ming also recruited two employees during this time. They are all students who are about to graduate from university, a man and a woman, and they are in a romantic relationship.

    Can employees fall in love? Guo Ming has never thought about it. For her, she only needs to be able to complete her job, and she doesn’t need to manage so much in her private life. Coincidentally, among these two new employees, the boy is a student of the University of Chinese Medicine, and the girl is one year younger than her. They studied business administration, which happened to be a senior and a fifth. There is nothing special about the rest of the semester. , Most of them are internships and then waiting for graduation, so you can come to work directly.

    After signing the trial contract on both sides, Guo Ming plans to open the clinic!

    The scene on the opening day was still very lively. Everyone I knew here sent flower baskets. Even Father Wu and Mother Wu asked Wu Yuanyuan to buy the right flower baskets and put them at the door. Naturally, the Xia family needn’t say much, the rich and powerful Zeng family is even more exaggerated, and the flower baskets they gave were placed on two floors back and forth from the door of the store to the street.

    When it was auspicious, when the firecrackers were set off at the door, Guo Ming smiled and picked off the red cloth on the door plaque, and the

    characters “Guo’s National Medical Center ” flashed in front of everyone.

    Pang Deyou leaned over and whispered: “Doctor Guo, from now on you can only treat diseases and save people, you can’t use poison to kill people!” Guo Ming rarely glanced at him in a good mood. You can be unaware of it.” Pang Deyou shrank his neck when he heard it, and helped Guo Ming greet the guests.

    I thought that the newly opened Chinese Medical Center would have to be deserted for a few days, but I didn’t expect the people to join the team had already lined up. After asking carefully, I realized that the Zeng family had already beaten Guo Ming as a “genius doctor”. Previously, those friends of the Zeng family wanted to come to see a doctor or have a confession with Guo Ming, but they were blocked by the Zeng family. After all, those “riches and ills” with no major issues do not need to trouble a “big coffee” like Guo Ming. Now it’s alright. Knowing that Guo Ming is sitting in the medical hall, the wealthy and idlers finally have a direction, so on the first day of opening, everyone ran up to support the newly opened medical hall on the one hand, and on the other hand to increase their favorability. Close relationship. After all, being able to know a genius doctor is good for oneself no matter how you look at it.

    So Guo Ming, who had just chatted with a friend who came to join us, sat down at the table seriously and started to get busy.

    The liver-raising tea made in advance was distributed by Xiao Zhang and Xiao Liu. The three days after the opening of the business did not receive the consultation fee but only the medicine fee, and there were already many people waiting in line for treatment. This scene attracted even more attention. A lot of people, many residents from nearby also walked in, whether or not they really planned to try the pulse for free, at least they all held a cup of liver-protecting tea and sipped it.

    Xiao Zhang saw that it was almost time, went to the processing room in the back hall and started to make new liver-raising tea. The ingredients were already picked up by Guo Ming, and the packs were placed aside.

    On Guo Ming’s side, after questioning the pulse, she wrote a prescription on the side. After the fee was paid, she got up to grab the medicine, and by the way called Xiao Zhang to come and learn it. The few who came here are mostly friends from the Zeng family. They are also the masters of constant socializing on weekdays. They have similar problems. They either hurt the liver or the stomach. There is also an uncle who looks healthy. But four A fifty-year-old child has insufficient essence and impaired kidney qi. It must be caused by the indiscretions between men and women. Guo Ming grabbed the medicine according to the prescription and talked about the taboos one by one before letting them go.

    In the morning, I was busy until noon. The patients who came for the consultation basically looked almost the same, and the nearby residents were almost scattered. Guo Ming got up to pack up and prepared to call Wu Yuanyuan to eat, but saw her smiling early in the morning. Standing at the door with two large packages of take-out lunch boxes.

    The lunch was divided among the two employees, and the remaining Guo Ming took the rest and went upstairs to eat with Wu Yuanyuan. While eating, he spoiled his mouth: “These are not as delicious as you made, but the food made by my family Yuanyuan is the best.”

    “Small! What do you want to eat, tomorrow I will make a lunch box for me.” Take it with you!” Wu Yuanyuan said with a chuckle.

    “I want to eat~~~You~~~~ I want to eat you~~What should I do if I don’t eat enough~~” Guo Ming grinned, grabbing Wu Yuanyuan’s hand and pulling it into his arms, Wu Yuanyuan whispered in surprise: “Be good, it’s in the shop~!” After saying that, he blushed.

    The two were making fun of them there, but they heard the noise downstairs: “Is there anyone? Is there a doctor?

    Something has happened!” The author has something to say:

    continue to save the manuscript~~~~~ I look forward to saving enough to travel. The number of chapters, you can go out with peace of mind~~~~~

    Good noon everyone~~~~ You must have meals on time~~~~

I Picked Up An Ancient Transmigration Killer To Be A Wife

I Picked Up An Ancient Transmigration Killer To Be A Wife

Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
What? I’d even picked up a transmigrator when going out for a movie?I don’t want to be so lucky! “Big sister, underwear is for wearing, not for holding things!” En, I know, you like pie without the crust! “Waiter, get us a 9-inch pizza!” Facing a killer’s courting, what should I do? Yes, this is the story of an ancient killer transmigration into the body of a modern girl and living in a girl’s home. Did I tell you that both are women?


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