I Picked Up An Ancient Transmigration Killer To Be A Wife Chapter 41

  With the aid of drugs, Xia Jianguo’s condition was quickly under control and gradually recovered. About the third day, after drinking five sets of medicine, Xia Jianguo’s blood was completely drained of toxins. Guo Ming changed him to a new prescription to repair the damaged organs and help the wound heal. At this time, she has become like a great god in the hospital. Since the first day of successfully expelling toxins for Xia Jianguo through traditional Chinese medicine, many more representatives of traditional Chinese medicine from major hospitals have come to learn every day. Each of her prescriptions were taken to study with her permission. Fortunately, everyone knows that this is a matter of curing diseases and saving people and should not be sloppy. Therefore, the representatives of Chinese medicine only try to minimize their presence and learn from the side, and it does not affect the treatment process. And Guo Ming is very fond of these studious doctors, and he would also say a few words when administering needles or grasping medicine. It can be said that everyone is happy.

    Just like this, Xia Jianguo woke up in about half a month.

    After the person woke up, it can be said that all the medical staff breathed a sigh of relief. The subsequent treatment became smoother after Xia Jianguo woke up. Guo Ming went to Zeng’s family to help Zeng Miaomiao give the needle every morning, and then went to the hospital non-stop to help Xia Jianguo with pointers. Others have already done everything for boiling medicine and feeding medicine. All she has to do is to assist Xia Jianguo with the golden needle to better absorb the medicine in order to better recover. Although Xia Jianguo’s current injury is still very serious, for Guo Ming, it is even less difficult to administer a needle to him than to administer a needle to Zeng Miaomiao. After all, this only needs acupuncture assistance, and what Zeng Miaomiao needs is to reshape the meridians.

    After another week, Wu Yuanyuan told her that the time to go home with herself was approaching. Upon hearing this, Guo Ming wrote the next prescription to Liang Jili. Several boxes of ointments for external use were boiled and left behind to prevent Xia Jianguo’s trauma from not being enough for medicinal purposes. After explaining the following precautions to Mr. Xia, Guo Ming said goodbye.

    From the Zeng family’s side, Zeng Miaomiao is now able to slowly start rehabilitation with crutches. It can be said that this was something that no one had thought of at the time. Because the Chinese New Year was about to come, Guo Ming stopped her treatment, only let Zeng Miaomiao continue to take the medicine according to the prescription, and explained that the daily rehabilitation time should not exceed half an hour. After all, the meridians have not been completely reshaped. If you act too hastily, you may suffer damage. The Zeng family obeyed Guo Ming’s words, saying that they would absolutely follow Guo Ming’s requirements. When Guo Ming and Pang Deyou left Zeng’s house together, another person got a card, saying it was a Spring Festival gift.

    Carrying the card, the two of them went to the mall together. Pang Deyou must go to Zhang Renyi’s house during the New Year, so he should buy some presents quickly. Knowing that Guo Ming is going to follow Wu Yuanyuan home is understandable. But Guo Ming was so cautious about preparing gifts for Wu Yuanyuan’s parents, which made Pang Deyou feel weird, and even the look in Guo Ming’s eyes became weird.

    Guo Ming didn’t pay much attention to it. Before asking Wu Yuanyuan, her parents didn’t have too many hobbies, so think about it, just like ordinary people respecting their parents, he bought a few cigarettes and a few bottles of wine for Wu’s father. Mom bought two sets of skin care products, bought a cashmere coat for each of them, and wrapped two big red envelopes for the New Year’s Eve. After a glance, it should be almost the same, so she packed her bags and went home with Wu Yuanyuan.

    Wu Yuanyuan lives in City B. Although it is also a provincial capital in the north, it is still a second-tier city. It takes 4 hours for the two to get to City B from here, and the temperature will of course be very different. Before leaving, Wu Yuanyuan carefully brought Guo Ming and bought a long down jacket and furry snow boots. Although her home is not as cold as the northeast, it will snow in winter.

    After getting off the plane to retrieve the luggage, Wu Yuanyuan opened the suitcases of the two of them and took out the down coats. The two coats are of the same style, one army green and one dark blue. Wu Yuanyuan was inexplicably jealous when she looked at Guo Ming’s long legs. Her height is really dominant. You can see that such a bloated down coat is worn on her, but it doesn’t look useless at all. How do you look good?

    The coat was attached with a hat, and there was a circle of fluffy fox hair on the side of the hat, but each of them still wore a woolen hat. Wu Yuanyuan’s small face looked swollen in the hat, coupled with a cold red nose, it was really cute. Guo Ming couldn’t help but took her into her arms. Wu Yuanyuan couldn’t help being a little shy watching the people coming and going at the airport, but she still buried her face on Guo Ming with enjoyment.

    When the two returned to Wu Yuanyuan’s house, it was already an hour after getting off the plane. When I opened the door, I saw Father Wu and Mother Wu waiting at the door with a smile. Guo Ming suddenly felt stage fright, and this inexplicable mood made her feel ashamed. She followed Wu Yuanyuan, said hello to the two old people seriously, and then continued to follow Wu Yuanyuan, preparing to leave her luggage.

    Wu Yuanyuan’s parents live on the top floor and are a duplex house. There is a river outside the huge floor-to-ceiling windows. According to Wu Yuanyuan, this is China’s mother river. The scenery here is very good, the house is also beautifully cleaned, and the decoration in warm colors makes people feel very at ease. The first floor is the living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom and a study room. On the second floor is the parents’ bedroom and Wu Yuanyuan’s bedroom, as well as a guest room. The rooms are in the form of suites, and the toilets are all in the room. I heard that Wu Yuanyuan was going to take her good friends home for the New Year. Mother Wu cleaned up the guest room very early, and all the bedding was replaced with new ones. As soon as she entered, there was a warm smell of the sun.

    After putting down his luggage, Guo Ming hurriedly took out the present prepared for the second elder. When I came back this time, the suitcase was mainly filled with gifts, and she didn’t have many needles in her own luggage. There were a bunch of big bags and small bags, but so many things shocked Father Wu and Mother Wu. Both of them know the goods, and naturally know how much these things are worth. While feeling that Guo Ming is too polite, they also persuade her not to buy so many things. At a young age, save more money for your own use.

    Guo Ming smiled and said sincerely: “Uncles and aunts, just accept it. I… I have no parents since I was a child. This is the first time to celebrate the New Year at home.” The

    two elderly people felt strange in their hearts. Yes, I hurriedly accepted the gift, and then enthusiastically pulled Guo Ming to sit at the table to prepare for dinner.

    Because the daughter came back, the two prepared a lot of delicious food. Although only four people ate, they also set up a table full of them. During the banquet, Father Wu wanted to drink two glasses, but Mother Wu and Yuanyuan Wu didn’t drink, so when she asked that Guo Ming would drink, he quickly opened his collection happily, and the two chatted while drinking with a table full of good dishes.

    “Xiao Guo, do you do that?”

    “Uncle, I’m a doctor.”

    “It’s good to be a doctor. Girls are caring to be doctors! Are you in internal medicine or surgery?”

    “I’m a Chinese medicine doctor .”

    “Guo Ming is a very good Chinese medicine doctor, he can treat any disease!” Wu Yuanyuan interrupted while chewing on the chicken feet in her hand.

    “Really! I think Chinese medicine is better than western medicine! Western medicine treats the symptoms but not the root cause. Although Chinese medicine comes slowly, it can get rid of old problems!”

    “Auntie is right, Chinese medicine cures the roots. But Chinese medicine is also fast. It’s not slower than Western medicine.”

    “Xiao Guo, which department are you good at?”

    “General medicine is fine, bone setting is fine.” Guo Ming thought to himself, I am best at using poison, but this is better not to say.

    “It’s so amazing! It just so happens that I often have low back pain recently, you can help me see it when I finish eating.” Mother Wu said happily.

    “You don’t need to finish eating, I can watch it for you now.” Guo Ming said, putting down his chopsticks and wiping his hands, and then he took Mama Wu’s wrist.

    After a while, Guo Ming asked seriously: “Auntie, do you have any other discomforts besides low back pain?”

    “There are no other problems, what is wrong with me?” Mother Wu looked at Guo Ming’s expression with some worry.

    “Small problem, a little thing has grown in the womb.”

    The author has something to say:

    I’m so hardworking! ! !

    Applause yourself~! ! !

I Picked Up An Ancient Transmigration Killer To Be A Wife

I Picked Up An Ancient Transmigration Killer To Be A Wife

Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
What? I’d even picked up a transmigrator when going out for a movie?I don’t want to be so lucky! “Big sister, underwear is for wearing, not for holding things!” En, I know, you like pie without the crust! “Waiter, get us a 9-inch pizza!” Facing a killer’s courting, what should I do? Yes, this is the story of an ancient killer transmigration into the body of a modern girl and living in a girl’s home. Did I tell you that both are women?


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