I Picked Up An Ancient Transmigration Killer To Be A Wife Chapter 4

   Although Zhang Qiang was reluctant to admit it, he still felt that this person named Guo Ming was really capable. She pestered Yuanyuan back home, grabbed Guo Ming’s bed and let her sleep on the sofa in the living room, but this person still changed her medicine every day seriously, boiled the medicine, and boiled strange potion into the bathtub to let herself soak. With. According to her, it will speed up recovery.

    It’s just that this person is really, too strange. Zhang Qiang looked at her words and attitudes that are incompatible with modern times, and said silently in his heart, “It’s like crossing over!” (Zhang Qiang, you are the truth!)

    Sleeping on the sofa is not a matter of mind for Guo Ming. But I didn’t expect that on the fourth night of sleeping in the living room, unexpected guests came uninvited.

    At about Mo Yin, when this person was most likely to fall asleep, Guo Ming keenly caught the sound of breathing outside the door. The breath was deliberately suppressed, and accompanied by the breath, there was a crisp sound of metal tapping. Although it has been deliberately suppressed to the point where it is difficult for ordinary people to detect it, for Guo Ming, the training she has received since childhood still allows her to easily capture everything.

    Guo Ming rose instantly. In a room without beams, she had no choice but to use both hands and feet to jam herself on the bumps on the ceiling of the gate. The long hair had been wrapped around his neck a long time ago, and then he was bitten in his mouth.

    As soon as Guo Ming fixed his figure, he saw that the door lock was pulled out. There was a big hole in the original door lock. The door was gently pushed open, and a dark figure came in.

    ————————————————– ———————————- As

    soon as Qin Hu walked in, he felt that there was wind behind him. Without turning his head back, he held the screwdriver and stabbed it back, and only then did his arm rise, and he was held by the person behind him, numb for a while. Then, borrowing the light outside the window, he saw that he actually felt more of a long needle hanging in front of his eyes, and the needle tip reflected a shallow light. As long as he breathed a little bit more, he could hit it. Let the needle stick into the eye. Qin Hu was in a cold sweat for an instant, and quickly held his breath, and said to his heart that the hapless Qin Long turned out to be in the hands of an expert this time!

    A deep female voice came from behind, and said coldly: “Who is coming?”

    Qin Hu carefully judged the distance between the needle and the eyeball, and answered cautiously: “Tomorrow Group, Qin Hu.”

    “What’s the matter?

    ” A few

    days ago, on the subway…”

    “Oh, you are the gang of the little thief with his arm removed, come to seek revenge!”

    “Sisters, you are too cruel, and the arm is still stuck in the ligament. Here. Qin Long’s ligaments were torn when

    he asked for medical treatment, and his eating skills were completely ruined.” “Hmph, it’s a good thing to save him for life. Going back and telling you, I’ll spare you my life today, if anything happens. Second,”

    Qin Hu heard a cold voice behind him:

    “You will definitely be annihilated!”

    ——————————- ————————————————– —

    Not to mention how Qin Hu locked the door back with his left hand, and how annoyed and frightened he left. In the early morning of the next day, Yuanyuan was scared by Zhang Qiang’s yelling and yelling. Jumped.

    “Wow, it’s true, my goodness!”

    “Yuanyuan, come and see! The martial arts masters reappear in the world!”

    Wu Yuanyuan ran to look at the pictures on Zhang Qiang’s tablet with her mouth full of foam, and Guo, who had already practiced and cleaned up properly. Ming heard it and leaned over.

    The video was only 1 minute long, and Zhang Qiang played it again. In this video shot on a mobile phone, accompanied by the unceasing exclaims of “I rely on, it’s so awesome”, I can see a man with a long slender head and hair dressed in period costumes selling an art on the street. I was able to open my head and was surrounded by the city’s control. In a few words, both parties started to move their hands. Four or five city’s pipes were knocked to the ground between the electric light and the stone, and the surrounding city’s pipes were immediately followed. They also came up, and for another moment, they lay down again. Seeing that the situation was not good, the man quickly left. And the most attractive thing is not only the high-powered martial arts that the men clearly showed during the rally, but also the men who took advantage of the opportunity to go to the city when they left.* The car roof stepped on the signboard and the air-conditioning plug-in unit on the roof of the shop, and took a few breaths. In between disappeared on the roof of the sixth floor of the superb light work.

    “Practicing parkour!” Zhang Qiang shouted.

    “Master of martial arts!” Yuanyuan exclaimed.

    “You Longjin! It’s him!” Guo Ming was secretly surprised.

    “The master is in the folk!” Zhang Qiang sighed.

    “Do you know where to find this person?” Guo Ming asked.

    “The sea of ​​people is vast, where can I find it. He runs so fast, huh?” Yuanyuan thought, this person would not have traveled like Guo Ming! Hastily swallowed the second half of the sentence in his belly, lest Zhang Qiang heard the clue.

    “Who said that you can’t find it? You are a security camera. You can check the surveillance. You can calculate the time this person took the video, look at the surrounding environment, and find the corresponding surveillance camera.” Zhang After Qiang finished speaking, he looked at Guo Ming: “Why are you asking about this? Ask him to study art?”

    Guo Ming’s heart “…”

    “Where can I check the surveillance?”

    “The police station of the jurisdiction. You are here. That can be found by the police station,” Zhang Qiang said casually.

    “Yeah. It’s easy to check the surveillance, but it’s the hardest thing to calculate the time and place! I don’t know if there is an expert in the world who can calculate everything by watching the video.” Guo Ming looked at him with a look of yearning, but he was in front of Zhang. Qiang glanced at her secretly when she was not paying attention.

    “I told you that the master is in the folk! Don’t underestimate the power of the masses! Come, I will let you see where the masters in this world are!” Zhang Qiang said, turning on the computer, and drawing on the touch screen with his left hand. , I found a well-known local forum. No need to search for keywords, I found that the video was already very popular. There were already several posts on the homepage of the irrigation version. After choosing the most popular post, it was only on the second page. Someone picked up the time and place where the martial arts masters appeared in the video, and other onlookers came out to confirm it.

    “Hey, at 5:30 yesterday afternoon, near the Hongyun Supermarket on South Jinshui Street.” Zhang Qiang said with a calm expression, but her slightly heavy breathing still exposed her arrogant mood.

    Guo Ming clasped his fists and looked at Zhang Qiang: “

    Ms. Zhang is really amazing! The master is in the folk! I admire you!” Zhang Qiang’s little arrogant look made Wu Yuanyuan smile in her heart: This doctor Guo’s skill in fooling people is okay. Ah, it’s so easy to figure it out. Turned to be a little worried, Guo Ming didn’t really want to find him. That person knows martial arts, what if it’s a bad guy?

    Wu Yuanyuan’s biggest advantage is that she doesn’t want to think of it anymore, so she shakes her head, throws these thoughts behind her head, tidy up her things, leaves a sick doctor at home, and goes to work by herself.

    The two left-behind people ate, read, and held the phone to remote control their work progress. In the afternoon, Guo Ming went out to the local police station under the banner of a stroll in the afternoon. Along the way, he carefully observed his surroundings. As expected, there were some small cameras in the community, on the streets, in the entrances of some shops, and they were round and square.

    Guo Ming thought to himself, if these cameras could really record Pang Deyou’s every move, then his plan to detect the Yamen at night would also be recorded. I thought about it all the way and continued to observe, but I did find a way to bypass the camera. Very simple, all cameras have a certain height, as long as it is higher than this height, you can’t take pictures of yourself even if you want to come to the camera.

    After exploring the road, Guo Ming wandered around and walked back to his residence. Zhang Qiang was the only one at home. Zhang Qiang put his injured arm on the armrest of the sofa and cocked his feet to make a call to train people, as if some case in the bureau was broken by the newcomer. Seeing Guo Ming coming in, he nodded and signaled to continue cursing.

    Guo Ming walked to the balcony by himself, but there was no shock in his heart. At this hour, Miss Wu should have returned long ago. But today, the cars going downstairs can’t see Miss Wu’s white car. Guo Ming has five keen senses since he was a child, and he can often seek advantages and avoid disadvantages to avoid many evils, but today, he can’t keep his mind at all.

    What are you worried about?

    Turning his head to see Zhang Qiang still holding the phone and talking endlessly, Guo Ming suddenly felt that he should also have a phone, so that he doesn’t have to stand here eagerly now, at least make a call to know where Miss Wu is.

    I haven’t come back so late, could it be. . .

    Guo Ming couldn’t wait any longer. If the Xiaoxiao class had trouble again last night and they found people like Miss Wu, wouldn’t it? . . With a thought in his heart, Guo Ming’s feet naturally moved with him. After only a few breaths, people arrived at the door, and he was stunned to see Zhang Qiang: “Ah, I also practice parkour!” As

    soon as he went downstairs, among the bustling crowd in the parking lot, Guo Ming saw the familiar figure. Two steps closer, Wu Yuanyuan lowered her head and just put the car keys, looked up, she was shocked: “Hey, Guo Ming, why are you here?”

    “Why are you back so late tonight?”

    “Oh, There was a car accident on the road back, and it was blocked for a long time. I starved to death. You guys haven’t eaten yet.”


    “Let’s go out for dinner, what do you want to eat?”

    “Take me to work tomorrow

    Right place.” “Huh? What are you doing there?”


    “Oh. What do you want to eat tonight?”


    ————– ————————————————– ——————–

    Not to mention how the two of them went to the restaurant for dinner that night, and brought back a copy for the sick number at home. Just talking about the night shift, after the two girls at home were asleep, Guo Ming dressed up and went out with her hair tightly coiled. Putting on the hood on his clothes and trying to hide his face, Guo Ming avoided the surveillance in the building all the way, but he was still taken aback by the hall lights that turned on as soon as he approached. After finally getting out of the building, Guo Ming breathed a sigh of relief. Hidden all the way through the green belt of the community, I came to the street lightly and silently according to the plan in the afternoon, soaring, climbing, borrowing strength, pedaling every step of the way, and soon in the towering buildings. Traveling far away.

    After bypassing the many cameras, came to the police station in the jurisdiction, sneaked into the building and approached the surveillance room. Guo Ming found that the door of the surveillance room had actually been opened. There is no trace of the door lock, but it doesn’t look like the catcher opened it and forgot to lock it. After all, this is the Yamen, if the servant inside is so careless, I am afraid that there will be no way to do it long ago. However, it doesn’t matter if the door is unlocked, it saves my own business. Thinking, she tapped her toes, and the door opened and the room was already slipped in. However, when he saw everything in front of him clearly, Guo Ming couldn’t help being stunned.

    The author has something to say:

    It turns out that there really is such a thing as Cavan! I still have no experience! !

I Picked Up An Ancient Transmigration Killer To Be A Wife

I Picked Up An Ancient Transmigration Killer To Be A Wife

Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
What? I’d even picked up a transmigrator when going out for a movie?I don’t want to be so lucky! “Big sister, underwear is for wearing, not for holding things!” En, I know, you like pie without the crust! “Waiter, get us a 9-inch pizza!” Facing a killer’s courting, what should I do? Yes, this is the story of an ancient killer transmigration into the body of a modern girl and living in a girl’s home. Did I tell you that both are women?


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