I Picked Up An Ancient Transmigration Killer To Be A Wife Chapter 34

 Sitting in the car alone, Sun Zhicheng asked timidly, “Now, what should I do?”

    “Just sit in the car and don’t get out of the car.” After Guo Ming finished speaking, he pulled out a huge knife from under the seat and looked out the window. The light shone dazzling white light. She handed it to friend Pound, and put the various needles in the medicine box into the pockets of her wrists and legs. Then he turned around, opened the car door, and said excitedly: “It’s been a long time since I killed anyone!”

    This is a remote road, on both sides of the road, except for the street lights, there are dense street trees. The moon hangs lonely in the sky, without stars to accompany it. The car lights were all off, and only the street lights were shining here, dragging the dozen figures surrounding Guo Pang a long time. Seeing that there were only these two people getting off the car, Su Cha said loudly and funny: “Mr. Sun, are you Chinese/national/people so timid? I advise you to get off the car obediently. How long can these two people resist for you? “Before the voice was over, I heard the woman on the other side whispered: “Kill!” Then things became weird.

    Pang Deyou took a knife and deceived him, and several big men rushed over with machetes in their hands. However, how could the ordinary machete be the opponent of this magic weapon weighing a hundred jins, and only a slight collision, it has torn the tiger’s mouth, not to mention how funny the teeth on the machete look. It is seen that Pound is friendly like a swan goose, spreading wings and legs, opening and closing movements, strong explosive force coupled with the weight of a knife, in the crowd like a human meat grinder, there is no continuous limbs and arms where blood flows.

    Several people around saw that the man with the knife was so difficult to deal with, and decided to turn around to deal with Guo Ming, only to turn around, but found that the situation was even more weird. I saw that the woman looked like a wandering spirit, piercing through those people, and the companions, as if they had been caught by an evil spirit, were clearly not touched, but fell directly to the ground, convulsed a few times, and then He vomited blood and died instantly. Coupled with her white coat, if the bloody smell is not too real, these people really want to suspect that the scene before them is making a movie!

    In a short time, the scene turned into this, and Su Cha himself was surprised. But astonishment to surprise, he still held up the Qiang in his hand steadily, and aimed at Friends Pound who was moving around the court. In fact, speaking of it, he even wanted to target Guo Ming, and he could solve it with a single shot. Of course, this is under the premise that if the second is accurate.

    After all, Su Cha was using Qiang’s veteran hand, his eyes were correct, and he pulled the trigger immediately after seeing it, but felt a soft wrist, and then felt a great pain. After looking at it, he found that his right hand was all broken from the wrist, and his fingers were still clenched. On the trigger, it rolls to the ground along with it. It turned out that between Xu and Mi, Guo Ming actually picked up a machete and threw it out as a hidden weapon, directly cutting off Su Cha’s right hand!

    At this time, everyone who was still alive on the field had no intention of fighting, and turned around and ran. How did friend Pound let them run away, throwing out the big knife in his hand, hitting the two with the back of the knife, and with the force of the throw, the two sturdy men felt as if they were being slammed behind the back by a two-hundred-jin fat man Just like a punch, he was directly slammed with his back and fell to the ground.

    Tina turned around and ran away when Su Cha broke her hand, but how did she run past the flying needle. She only felt a numb calf and fell to the ground all at once.

    “Where to run?” Guo Ming strode two steps, stretched his foot to step on one of Tina’s legs, lifted her upper body and twisted it in the opposite direction. As soon as she heard a click, her leg was dislocated from the joint. Tina yelled, tears streaming down her eyes.

    “No, don’t do this…” Tina looked up again, she looked like Wu Yuanyuan again, but her hair was messy, her face was pale, and her eyes were praying.

    Guo Ming angrily started from his heart, and slapped the past fiercely!

    “Let me ask you! How do you know the girl’s appearance? How do you lie to me with a blind eye?”

    Tina was slapped for a long time and couldn’t hear what Guo Ming said, but she obviously knew she was not happy, so After getting rid of the blindfold, he still looked like himself, looking at Guo Ming eagerly.

    Guo Ming asked again, and then wailed and replied: “I can control people’s minds. This is a talent. But I can’t see your identity. I can only see this girl in your heart. This is the only clear thing. Picture. I thought she was important to you, so I confuse you and make you mistakenly think that I am her…”

    “How did you understand my Ying Huang San?”

    “I don’t know what you are talking about. After meeting you, I feel like my brain is a white mist, and I can’t remember what I have done. But as soon as you left, I knew it clearly. Remembering Mr. Sun’s identity, I just I told Su Cha and asked him to cut the grass and wipe out the roots.”

    Guo Ming thought to himself, maybe this woman really has some abilities. The Yinghuang San and acupuncture that she has given herself have the ability to confuse anyone’s mind, but she can actually do it by herself. Recovery is really not to be underestimated. It’s a pity that she dared to pretend to be Wu Yuanyuan to lie to herself, based on this, she would have to die!

    After thinking about it, Guo Ming stopped talking nonsense with her, and slammed directly at the place of her fate, just as she spit out a mouthful of blood, and then slowly fell down.

    At this moment, Su Cha sat alone beside the corpse lying all over the floor, covering his injured arm, with blood still flowing on his wrist. Pang Deyou knelt down, wiped the knife in one of them, then raised his head and said to Guo Ming, “Doctor Guo, the leader will be handed over to you.” Guo Ming responded and walked over to Sucha. At this time, Sun Zhicheng, who was staying in the car, suddenly opened the door and shouted: “Don’t kill, don’t kill, stay alive.” After shouting, he turned his head and glanced at the venue, then turned to retaliate twice, and drew back into the car.

    As early as when the two got out of the car, Sun Zhicheng called the police. At this time, the dispatched action team had just arrived. After He Xiangguo took a group of colleagues out of the car, he had a splitting headache when he saw the scene in front of him.

    He stopped the bleeding and sent to the doctor, and then arranged follow-up personnel to wash the ground to clean up the mess. He Xiangguo couldn’t help but feel deeply helpless! How to write this special report!

    After a few words with the three of them, He Xiangguo let the three of them leave first. After leaving, Sun Zhicheng sat in the car and began to doubt his life.

    “Miss Guo, what are you doing?”

    “I’m a doctor.”

    “Ah…don’t all doctors save people…you…” Recalling the movement of this murderer, There is no hesitation at all! I would never dare to say the following things, Sun Zhicheng thought, I want to live for two more years!

    The author has something to say:

    More finished~~Go to the next meal~~~

I Picked Up An Ancient Transmigration Killer To Be A Wife

I Picked Up An Ancient Transmigration Killer To Be A Wife

Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
What? I’d even picked up a transmigrator when going out for a movie?I don’t want to be so lucky! “Big sister, underwear is for wearing, not for holding things!” En, I know, you like pie without the crust! “Waiter, get us a 9-inch pizza!” Facing a killer’s courting, what should I do? Yes, this is the story of an ancient killer transmigration into the body of a modern girl and living in a girl’s home. Did I tell you that both are women?


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