I Picked Up An Ancient Transmigration Killer To Be A Wife Chapter 28

 The scene after leaving the bar was really tragic, which Wu Yuanyuan never expected. The people at that table didn’t expect it either.

    That’s right, who would have thought that they were chasing out and trying to teach those people, let them know something good, and don’t just reject others. As a result, they were taught by them, and the most annoying was that they were taught by only one girl. And after the lesson, the girl took out her ID and told them that she would arrest them and go to the police station whenever they wanted to make trouble!

    Seeing the group of people limping away, Wu Yuanyuan stared at Zhang Qiang with her eyes widened: “Oh, you can do so now! One hit so many! That’s amazing!”

    “I just learned the three styles .” That’s it, it’s the Pang family’s powerful swordsmanship.” Zhang Qiang was rarely humbled once.

    “Miss Zhang has worked very hard recently! Basic skills are well practiced!” Guo Ming nodded and praised.

    “The German Youjia is serious, I am also stunned by the light of having a good master!” Zhang Qiang continued to be humble. Wu Yuanyuan couldn’t help thinking, with a boyfriend, her character has changed. The power of love is so great!

    With infinite curiosity, Wu Yuanyuan and Zhang Qiang separated. Pang Deyou wants to send his girlfriend home first, and then go back to sleep in his living room.

    The two who came home may have fallen into the previously ambiguous atmosphere because of alcohol. Wu Yuanyuan blushed her cheeks and looked at the clothes Guo Ming had cleaned on the balcony. She felt that she was so good-looking, her figure was so good, and her gestures were so good! Wu Yuanyuan was holding her hot face, and she couldn’t help cursing at herself, why is she so worthless? How could she like Guo Ming like this!

    After receiving the clothes, Guo Ming entered the room and saw Wu Yuanyuan blushing and looking at him with foggy eyes. He felt funny. Putting the clothes on the bed, he took Wu Yuanyuan’s hand in the past, and said, “How recently? Is the internal fire so hot? Drinking some wine is all hooked out?” After saying that, I went to the dining room to get a cup. I didn’t know what to mix in, soaked a glass of slightly sour water and handed it to Wu Yuanyuan.

    Wu Yuanyuan frowned and drank the water in the cup, put down the cup, folded clothes with Guo Ming, and talked about Zhang Qiang.

    “How did you say that they are together? There is no sign at all, it’s too secret!”

    “I don’t know, but they are alone and widow learning kungfu together every day, they will have some feelings. Right.”

    “Yes, brothers and sisters in martial arts novels are the most prone to accidents! Hey, you can also martial arts, so is there any brother or something?”

    “Heh, what are you thinking? I don’t have a brother, I The master is just my apprentice. My martial arts are so ordinary, and not many people want to learn.”

    “Ordinary? I think you are very good! Like a hero!”

    “A little life-saving kung fu is a hero! That’s it! Isn’t our Tianrong Country all heroes!”

    “Hey, do you think Zhang Qiang’s family would agree to be together with them?”

    “Why not Friends Pound has a good character, hardworking, and possesses special skills. He is a dare. Why don’t you agree

    to be a daring guy ?” “But you know, here we are, getting married and living is not just a matter of character! Pound is a friend, everyone knows, but he doesn’t have a job, no car, no house. , I just came here and have no foundation. Even the basic material conditions can’t meet the requirements of Zhang Qiang’s family. Not to mention, he still traveled here.” Having said this, Wu Yuanyuan lowered her voice, “Will it be sudden? Go back again, who knows.” After speaking, he seemed to have thought of something, his expression was dim, and he didn’t speak any more, but silently put the folded clothes in the closet.

    “Without material foundation, no one can rest assured that their daughters will get married! Me too, a traveler who has no car, no house, no job!” Guo Ming thought silently, his mood also depressed.

    In such a gloomy mood, the two gathered their things, washed and went to bed.

    No words for a night.

    On the second day, after watching Wu Yuanyuan get on the elevator, Guo Ming came out of the parking lot of Wu Yuanyuan’s company. The Zeng family’s car had already been waiting there. Zeng Miaomiao’s recovery speed under Guo Ming’s acupuncture and decoctions is astonishing. In just a few months, he can already walk through the house in a wheelchair. Although it can’t be too long, it’s better than it was all day long. Staying in the medicine bathtub is the bed.

    A friend introduced by the Zeng family before, the condition of the inquiry is not difficult, but it is a problem of the legs and feet of the elderly in the family. It cannot be treated for a short time, but it can be greatly relieved. Therefore, Guo Ming prescribed a prescription to take the medicine according to the above. Change the recipe for a while. Because it is a stubborn illness, the medicine is unavoidable, and there are also many precious medicinal materials. Fortunately, the owner has a strong family background. For them, that is not a problem. As usual, I took a card as the consultation fee, which was a lot of money. When I want to come, I want to be a long-term friend with Guo Ming, so he is very generous.

    When he arrived at Zeng’s house, Pang Deyou was already sitting in the living room drinking tea and waiting for her. After they cleaned their hands, they came to Zeng Miaomiao’s room. The little girl who was as soft as a flower was waiting for them with her big eyes open. Seeing Guo Ming coming in, a sweet smile hung on his face, and the honey-like smile overflowed from his eyes, and couldn’t stop it.

    “Miss Zeng, starting today, we are going to reshape your meridians, bone and marrow. The process is painful, you need to clenched your teeth, don’t give up, and don’t fall asleep, so as not to affect the effect.”

    Zeng Miaomiao nodded and said, “Sister Xiao Guo , I can hold on, don’t worry!”

    Guo Ming took out the gold needle and began to apply the needle on Zeng Miaomiao’s back. The twelve golden needles were connected into a strange pattern on the girl’s smooth waist, which looked shocking.

    Pang Deyou looked at Guo Ming and saw that Guo Ming nodded at him, so two violent breaths ran in from the feet he was holding. Zeng Miaomiao had a sharp pain, feeling that the soles of her feet seemed to be split, and the pain entered her bone marrow. She was completely unprepared and couldn’t help exclaiming, but heard Guo Ming’s voice above her head, “Concentrate, hold back.” She shut up and gritted her teeth immediately. , Began to endure.

    Those two qi flow all the way up from the soles of the feet, and Guo Ming also passed through the qi in the golden needle, in order to detect the movement of Pang Deyou’s true qi. When Pang Deyou’s infuriating qi runs to the governor channel, Guo Ming’s zhenqi is lifted into Changqiang in the form of silk threads, where all the infuriating qi gathers together and rushes through the meridians of Yaoyangguan, Mingmen, Suspension, etc. , Its momentum is like sea water pouring into the river ditch, almost bursting the meridians of Zeng Miaomiao!

    Zeng Youfu and his wife were standing beside them, watching their daughter lying on the bed, her body was suffering from severe pain, and she arched unconsciously, as if she wanted to resist the pain. His whole body was shaking like chaff, his face was like gold leaf, his lips were bloodless, his teeth had deep marks, and his eyes turned up from time to time, like a nearly dried-up fish. Mrs. Zeng couldn’t see this scene, and couldn’t help feeling distressed. The hand holding Zeng Youfu was also secretly working hard, and she just scratched her finger marks on Zeng Youfu’s arm.

    Guo Ming glanced sideways, frowned slightly, and whispered, “Honey refined ginseng!” This voice pulled Mrs. Zeng out of his distress, and hurriedly took out the ginseng slices made by Guo Ming before from the servants, and picked out three. The film came, but Zeng Miaomiao’s painful teeth clenched tightly and couldn’t feed it at all. Guo Ming was still operating on the golden needles with both hands, and had no time to take care of it. Zeng Youfu came over and cruelly opened his daughter’s mouth and fed the ginseng in. He was almost bitten by himself.

    Someone was hanging, and Zeng Miaomiao persisted for more than half an hour. Seeing that she really couldn’t hold on, Guo Ming slowed down, took the zhenqi that Pang Deyou had entered with his own qi, and slowly flowed out from the acupuncture points on the soles of his feet. As soon as the needle was withdrawn, Zeng Miaomiao took it with him. Fainted.

    After reaching out to probe Zeng Miaomiao’s neck and telling him that it was OK, Guo Ming and Pang Deyou were also exhausted and spread out on the sofa in Zeng Miaomiao’s room.

    Zeng Youfu and his wife looked at the two genius doctors with sweat all over their bodies, and their complexions became much paler, and they were unable to even speak. They only used their eyes to stop their willingness to come and help, and they felt guilty in their hearts. Staying with him for a long time, watching Guo Ming take out a porcelain bottle from his pocket, take one of the pills, and let Pang Deyou also take another pill, the two of them slowly turned red.

    The two ate dinner at Zeng’s house. Zeng Youfu arranged a large table slowly, full of fresh seafood, delicacies, and seafood. Knowing that Guo Ming loves pizza, he specially invited an Italian chef to make pizza for her. The gratitude to the two can be seen, and it is no longer to say that the wave is not wasted. After the meal, Zeng Youfu arranged for the two to rest in the guest room. The two said that it was unnecessary, and Guo Ming received a call when they were pushing the way.

    “What? Want us to be a driver?”

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I Picked Up An Ancient Transmigration Killer To Be A Wife

I Picked Up An Ancient Transmigration Killer To Be A Wife

Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
What? I’d even picked up a transmigrator when going out for a movie?I don’t want to be so lucky! “Big sister, underwear is for wearing, not for holding things!” En, I know, you like pie without the crust! “Waiter, get us a 9-inch pizza!” Facing a killer’s courting, what should I do? Yes, this is the story of an ancient killer transmigration into the body of a modern girl and living in a girl’s home. Did I tell you that both are women?


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