I Picked Up An Ancient Transmigration Killer To Be A Wife Chapter 2

 Wu Yuanyuan still burst into tears when she came out of the studio. No way, she is really a person with too low tears. The temperature is still quite high in early autumn, but heavy rains are also coming. Yuanyuan slowed down, turned on the wipers, and listened to the crackling sound of the rain falling on the roof of the car.

    The stiff neck last night still made her neck sore that she couldn’t turn her back. Yuanyuan struggled to look at the left and right car mirrors, glanced at the cosplay event poster outside the cultural center, and continued to drive forward.

    After turning a corner, I came to the side entrance of the cultural center. Yuanyuan saw a person standing at the door. Slender figure, moon white robe. A long hair sash is edited, and a hairpin is inserted on it. The man stood at the door, helpless and confused. This egg-shaped building doesn’t even have a shelter from the rain. The heavy rain made her robes stick to her body.

    Yuanyuan stopped the car suddenly, rolled down the window, and shouted to the man: “Hey, get in the car!”

    The man suddenly looked up, but she was startled. Yuanyuan waved to her again and shouted “Get in the car”. The man walked over in a few steps. Just at the side of the car, stopped, I don’t know what I was thinking.

    Yuanyuan loosened her seat belt and leaned forward to open the passenger’s door. The man was not welcome, pulled the car door and sat up. Yuanyuan smiled and looked at her, with her hair sticking to her forehead and cheeks, kindly handed over a tissue, and asked: “Beauty, where are you going? I’ll take you there.”

    The person didn’t answer, and turned to look at Yuanyuan. He twisted his body hard and asked: “Your neck?” The voice was not as crisp as Yuanyuan’s, but it was also low and gentle.

    Yuanyuan smiled and

    said, ” I stiffened my head last night and it hurts me to death.” A pair of stars came over and said to Yuanyuan, “Sit down, I’ll help you. I’m a doctor.”

    Yuanyuan felt incredible, this People are so strange. When she let her in the car, she didn’t express gratitude or doubt, but she cared about her stiff neck.

    I don’t happen to have a neurosis, right?

    As Yuanyuan thought, she sat upright. Yu Guang saw that the person stretched out a hand, just a point, a stroke, a twist on one side of her neck, she felt a pain in her neck, and then she turned her head. I was surprised to find that the originally painful stiff neck actually healed!

    ————————————————– ————————————————– —————–

    Guo Wuming is still thinking, what is he sitting on? It’s like a sedan chair, but no one carries it. There are wheels, but no horses. I don’t know what kind of car it is. And give it the name “car”. In a blink of an eye, I saw the girl next to me, staring at me with wide-eyed eyes. Her eyes were foggy, like a deer, and she suddenly felt that she wanted to laugh a little.

    The little bit of the twist just now was just a simple twisting of the bones, but the girl had such an expression. I think I haven’t seen anything in the world. As soon as he took the shot just now, no name is known, the girl has no internal strength, and the muscles and bones are not strong. It’s just a common people. Wuming wondered, do you want to take a needle, take this “car” and come over and drive by yourself to find a place to stay? Just look at the furnishings in the car, I’m afraid I won’t be able to fiddle with it. Forget it, keep her life for now. Anyway, she also gave herself a shelter from the rain.

    The girl with big eyes asked, “Where are you going? I’ll take you there if I drop by.” Guo Wuming was a bit lonely. Where can I go, where can I go?

    “I’m going to Tianxi Village.” Guo Wuming tentatively said. It would be a good thing if Tianxi Village can be found here.

    “Tianxi Village. Illegal construction is being demolished recently, isn’t your place affected.”


    Where is Tianxi Village? Will I take Nanyuan Road faster?”

    “I don’t know. “

    You’re not a local? That’s right. Locals don’t live in Tianxi Village. There are rented houses there. Let’s go, I’ll take you there first.” With that, Yuanyuan fastened her seat belt and was about to leave. Guo Wuming also turned his head and looked around, and stuck the strap by his side, looking out the window all the way, thinking about the next step. It would be great if he could really get to Tianxi Village, maybe he was just a lucky guy who strayed into Taoyuan. Guo Wuming knew that it was impossible, but he secretly looked forward to it.

    No words all the way. It takes half an hour to drive to Tianxi Village. The city is transforming the village in the city. This plan went on for several years, with a period of interruption in between. Initially, the villagers of Tianxi Village took advantage of the opportunity to build many small houses and attics in order to get more houses after the renovation. During the interruption years, the villagers rented out the illegal small attic to migrant workers. Therefore, Tianxi Village has gradually become a famous gathering place for outsiders. Most of the local people made some money by renting houses, and many also bought houses elsewhere. Unfortunately, because of the large number of migrants and poor management, local security in Tianxi Village has also become chaotic, which has become a problem for the local government. The first thing the new mayor took office last year was to continue the plan of Tianxi Village at that time and turn it into a reasonably planned urban village. There are three fires for the new officials to take office. The mayor’s determination is very strong and the methods are relatively tough. Therefore, Tianxi Village can be said to have been in full swing in recent days, and forced demolition and illegal construction can be seen everywhere. The locals have also made a fortune in the past few years anyway, and there are not many serious resistances. Basically doing work can make the transformation go on.

    Guo Wuming stared blankly at the “Tianxi Village” in the mouth of the woman next to him. This is where?

    This is not where I came from at all.

    It doesn’t know where it is at all.

    She fumbled for a long time on the door of the car, opened the door, walked all the way, stopped in front of a ruin, and looked up at the roaring metal behemoth not far in front. She was really lost in her heart.

    If just now, I still had a glimmer of fluke hope for this place with the same name, then now, the reality has completely pushed Guo Wuming into despair.

    I, really, can’t go back.

    ————————————————– ————————————————– ——————

    The rain is still heavy now. Wu Yuanyuan watched that the girl in Hanfu was standing in front of the ruins so rashly under the rain, and she hurriedly underwent her umbrella. Next to the ruins, a young outsider was emotionally arguing with a few people who appeared to be staff members. Not far from him, there were a few people standing in twos and threes, all with luggage at their feet. Some people are calling, and some local neighbours are persuading. I heard a few words and phrases from time to time, saying that the rented house that was demolished was originally an illegal construction, and that this piece of land was already rented to other people by the locals. The renter built the rented house and made money, but now when it needs to be demolished, they have not done a good job for the tenant and left by themselves. So I feel sorry for these tenants, and I don’t know where to live for a while.

    Wu Yuanyuan looked at the girl who was already getting wet next to her. His face was pale. The water droplets shattered hair from the front of the forehead, making the eyebrows even more pitch-black. She didn’t show any sadness on her face, she even tugged at the corners of her mouth and pulled out an unexplained smile. But Yuanyuan knew that she didn’t smile at all, and there was no smile at all in those bright eyes. Her expression like this somehow reminded Yuanyuan of the female partner of the tragic fate in the previous movie, so she thought about it.

    Guo Wuming knew when the woman next to him walked to him holding an umbrella. Just in the face of such a scene, no matter what kind of fame, it is inevitable that people will be lost for a while. Sumi, just listened to the soft voice of the woman next to her: “Is there anything you have here?”

    Wuming didn’t say a word .

    “Why don’t you live with me tonight. I just want to find someone to share with me recently.”

    Wuming looked up at her, the woman with bright eyes and a sincere face. It’s a bit cold, her lips are lighter, and she looks pink, like a peach blossom with a layer of snow suddenly falling in the early spring. Wuming was still vigilant, but also very grateful. He watched her firmly, arched his hands, and said, “Thank you.”

    He got on the “car” all the way, and Wuming paid more attention to this place. About half an hour or so, the car stopped. The woman turned to her with a smile, stretched out her right hand, and said, “Hello, I’m officially introducing it now. My name is Wu Yuanyuan.” Wuming guessed that this might be the etiquette used here, and she also learned to extend her right hand. Wu Yuanyuan took the initiative to move her palm and shook it with the nameless hand.

    “Next, Guo… Ming.”

    After getting out of the car, Miss Wu first gave her a half-step, and introduced her as she walked. Although many words are unnamed and do not understand the exact meaning, she knows that she is introducing her residence, which is probably a compliment for the convenience of travel. Wandering around, Wuming remembered the way he had taken all the way, and walked to the front of a tall building. It was evening, and the sky was a little dark. Miss Wu walked into the building, and when she was passing by, a lamp above her suddenly turned on, which really frightened Wuming. Wuming kept paying attention to the surrounding arrangement all the way, concealing his expression all the way. Walking along the smooth stone road, Miss Wu led her into a small room. Before I went in, I pressed the button. I didn’t realize it. After I went in, the room suddenly moved after Miss Wu pressed the button again.

    Wuming was shocked. The first reaction was to hold Miss Wu and say it again. Fortunately, she found that Miss Wu’s expression was not nervous and helpless, but she looked at herself somewhat meaningfully, so she temporarily pressed her heart to be vigilant and pretended to be If you stand aside casually, your dantian has already boosted your energy and is ready to deal with sudden changes at any time.

    In this way, she followed Miss Wu to the door of her house with trepidation. She sighed without a name, she should have no wealth. The house I lived in was upstairs in a large building, but the room was like an inn. One door went in and the room was divided into several rooms.

    Wuming doesn’t care about where he lives, as long as there is a tile to cover his head. It’s not that I haven’t lived in places like caves and caves when I am performing tasks, and I also live in the woods and gardens and rockeries.

    Entering the room, the Wu girl stretched out her hand and tapped on the wall, and the room suddenly lit up. Wuming thought to himself, the lights in this place are beautiful, and they don’t need oil, they are so bright. There are not all advantages here.

    Wuming followed Ms. Wu and watched her walk over with her room and room, and introduced her as she walked. Here is the living room, here is the bedroom, here is the kitchen, and finally came to a small house, which is only a few feet in size, with the stone paved in it. Water slide, a mercury mirror above a stone table, the light can be seen, and a silver faucet below, clear water will flow out with a light pull. It’s really convenient. Next, Miss Wu took herself to a translucent glazed door, pointed to the various colored bottles on the shelf next to her, and said one by one, this is for washing the face and this is for washing the body. Then after hearing her talk about the use of the big faucet inside the glass door, she left herself in the distance, took herself a change of clothes, towels and slippers, and then went out.

    Wuming looked at the place while undressing. Everything here is beyond her common sense. A faucet that can produce hot and cold water by turning it in different directions, and a room that can go up and down at the push of a button without the need to light a lamp. Wuming stayed alert all the way, but couldn’t help being lost.

    Here, where is it?

    ————————————————– ————————————————– ——————

    Wu Yuanyuan tried the multi-screen interaction between her mobile phone and TV again, then adjusted her breathing, and waited quietly for Guo Ming to finish taking a shower.

    Looking at the way Guo Ming came out, Yuanyuan wanted to laugh a little. I don’t know how high Guo Ming is, he looks like 175 by visual inspection. Wearing her own pajamas naturally turned into nine-quarter pants. She was wearing slippers with her ankles exposed, and her long wet hair was draped over her shoulders. Fortunately, her pajamas were longer and would not show her umbilical cord, but the sleeves were still a bit short and stretched. Yuanyuan picked up the dry hair towel and asked Guo Ming to sit on the sofa. She helped her tie it up. After passing a glass of water, she sat opposite her.

    “There was an accident in our community half a year ago, and several of them were stolen. For safety, the community installed a home security camera to monitor the situation in the house in real time. You see, that’s it.”

    Yuanyuan pressed the TV With the remote control, the two of them appeared on the TV. Yuanyuan waved her hands to the TV playfully, and the people on the TV waved their hands.

    “Now, as long as there is any abnormality in the house, the police, oh, that is, the official staff of the yamen, will be here within a minute. One minute means fast. You look at the wall clock and just walk around. “

    Yuanyuan paused, drank her mouth water, then looked at Guo Ming, and said every word,

    “So, you understand, please don’t hurt me at will, because you definitely can’t escape.”

    “So, please tell me now, where did you come from? What year is it from you?”

    ———————– ————————————————– ———————————————

    “How do you know “

    Guo Ming is not nervous. Miss Wu is just a weak woman, she must take her life. As for the Yamen, she chuckled in her heart, which really couldn’t threaten her. However, she was still a little surprised, and she was very careful all the way, but she did not expect to see the clues.

    “You probably have never seen electrical appliances, so in the face of induction lights, elevators, and everything in my house, your performance is too surprised. In this era, even if you come from the poorest places, you don’t even have seen electric lights. Ah. And your breath and footsteps are so light that people don’t even notice that you’re behind. This kind of ability should not be possessed by ordinary people. Also, when I introduce you to our facilities in detail, you listen carefully. But. If you are a modern person, you will only think that I am mentally ill. Who will tell the guests that this is a faucet, that is a gas stove, this is hand sanitizer, that is shampoo. So I judge, you should not be a modern person.”

    Guo Ming smiled, smart Girl, she appreciates it.

    “Well, I come from the Kingdom of Tianrong, and I am a doctor. I don’t know why, I woke up here overnight in the trees in the forest. What year am I from? I came from Tianrong 147 years. Girl Wu, can you tell me where exactly this place is?”

    Guo Ming secretly smiled and watched Wu Yuanyuan beamed her eyes after hearing her answer, and enthusiastically pulled her to introduce her current place. Miss Wu spoke quickly and she was very excited. Guo Ming wrote down what she said in her heart, and she knew that she had come to a place called □□. People here live more convenient and faster than Tianrong, and there are many novel inventions. Miss Wu introduced Guo Ming in one breath for more than an hour, pulled Guo Ming around the room twice, and asked her to try out all the buttons in the room before taking Guo Ming to the guest room, and tidy up the bed for her. She fell asleep.

    Guo Ming let Miss Wu take a buzzing hair dryer to dry his hair, then lay on the bed to sort out his thoughts, thinking about how to go back. Just thinking about it for a while, I heard Miss Wu pacing outside the door for a long time, and then tapped on the door. Then I saw her with a big smile, hugging her pillow and quilt, and said happily, “I forgot to tell you, our custom here is that if guests come to our house, the host will accompany the guests to sleep.” said Finished, lying beside him excitedly.

    Guo Ming laughed secretly in his heart. As expected, as soon as she lay down, Miss Wu turned around, her eyes flashing with curiosity and excitement, and asked, “What is it like in your place? Do you usually wear long robes? What do you eat? Are there any martial arts masters there?”

    Guo Ming answered falsely and said: “Where are we…” With a hand knife, she stunned her.

    The author has something to say:

    What an embarrassing thing. . It took a long time to find out how to update. . . .

I Picked Up An Ancient Transmigration Killer To Be A Wife

I Picked Up An Ancient Transmigration Killer To Be A Wife

Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
What? I’d even picked up a transmigrator when going out for a movie?I don’t want to be so lucky! “Big sister, underwear is for wearing, not for holding things!” En, I know, you like pie without the crust! “Waiter, get us a 9-inch pizza!” Facing a killer’s courting, what should I do? Yes, this is the story of an ancient killer transmigration into the body of a modern girl and living in a girl’s home. Did I tell you that both are women?


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