I Picked Up An Ancient Transmigration Killer To Be A Wife Chapter 112

“Yes, I just ran into the Shoulder Man!”

    “What Shoulder Man! Pancake Man!”

    “Oh, yes, Pencil Man!”

    “Pancake Man!”


    !” Zhang Qiang smiled I had to lean forward and close together, patting Wu Yuanyuan on the shoulder, unable to straighten her waist for a long time. Today it is rare that both of them rested, and left the one at home, and ran together to go shopping and watch a movie. Choosing a comedy, Zhang Qiang didn’t expect to laugh at the center, and he kept laughing all the way.

    Wu Yuanyuan reluctantly brought water to her, and while helping her to get along, she said: “Slowly and slowly.”

    “It’s really not sad if you can’t go back there?”

    “What’s the sadness? It’s good to be a clerical worker.”

    “Before. Who kept saying that he was a police officer to fight crime? I spent so much effort to learn martial arts with Friends of Pound at the time, but now I have changed it again!” Wu Yuanyuan picked up popcorn and threw it into her mouth: “But it’s okay, civil servants are always Be safer. Before you went out, I was scared every day. Now it’s fine. Guo Ming was also resigned and focused on being her doctor. You can only stay in the office as a clerical worker. Pang Deyou will continue to be him.

    “Isn’t the coach?” “I didn’t do it, because of those things, I was resigned.” Zhang Qiang looked around and said in a low voice: “Although there was support from behind at the time, it was always a personal behavior. , Being dealt with can be regarded as going through a cutscene to show the above attitude.”

    “Then what is he going to do now?”

    “Recently , he is choosing a place and planning to open a gym.”

    “Oh, that’s great. Be your own boss!”

    “Anyway. He is very interested in fitness, he has the skill and foundation, and he can be regarded as a professional counterpart. We made a lot of trouble before, although it is illegal, it is also regarded as meritorious. Anyway, the bonus is given a lot, just to use it as the capital.”

    “That’s fine, peace and prosperity, peace and stability, better than anything else.”

    ————————————————– ————————————————– ————The

    next day, I will rest at noon and chat with colleagues.

    “Have you heard that there was another big case last night.”

    “What’s wrong?”

    “Another convenience store in Chuncheng District was robbed. This time I heard that a clerk resisted and was directly chopped by seventeen dollars. Take a transcript.

    I worked overtime in the middle of the night and did it this morning.” “This is the second incident. Did the gang commit the crime?”

    “I heard from my family that there are three gangsters, wearing hoods and holding long knives. They robbed them when they came in, and ran after they robbed them. , Did not speak during the whole process, and resisted directly. Moreover, the three people have a clear division of labor. They must be an organized criminal gang.”

    “Hey, I called your family before they got married. It seems that good things are coming soon!”

    “Yeah~ o(* ̄▽ ̄*)oWe are going to get the certificate on Chinese Valentine’s Day.”

    “You have proposed to marry me? Tell me the whole process of your proposal.”

    “Oh~~~~Isn’t it the same as everyone…”

    The colleague turned the topic to another place, Zhang Qiang smiled, took out his mobile phone and began to check the map of Chuncheng District. “Thinking that I can’t fight crime by doing a clerical job for the rest of my life? Huh, Lao Zhang is still too naive!” A

    week later.

    “Have you heard about everything last night?”

    “How could I have not heard of it, it was spread all over the bureau!”

    “Oh, that’s great. My family has been spinning around for a few days and hasn’t rested, so I squatted to look for it every day. Those gangsters. It’s all right now, and I can finally get a good night’s sleep today!”

    “How strange you say this is! Three gangsters were wounded and thrown in front of the convenience store. This is too funny!”

    “Could it be that the spoils are unevenly divided and the nest is reversed?”

    “Who then? I know, it’s a good thing anyway!”

    Zhang Qiang listened and smiled: “Yes, it’s a good thing!”

    Three months later.

    “The corpse of the missing female college student was found!”

    “Hey… It’s been half a month before I found it. The gangster is really cruel. Dividing the body!”

    “My family is busy again. I would rather the world. Taiping, he can not work so hard, and the people can be safe.”

    “Hey…you said that little girl, if you can’t run at night, you can’t go to the drawn night run route. What are you going to run in the wilderness! What a bad green road is to spend? The government has so much money and built it so beautifully, just to make it easier for the people to exercise. As a result, people still have to run to the place where no one is there, hey!”

    “Young people, always have their own ideas. It is a pity that mavericks have adventures. Spirit is sometimes not a good thing. In any case, the deceased is big, and it is always sad to die at a young age.”

    “That gangster is so abnormal! I hope the Midnight Ranger can catch him too! “

    Oh, why did you give the mysterious man a name!”

    “Yes, I always think that superheroes are deceptive in American movies. I didn’t expect them to be true! Look at the recent cases, those The suspects were all wounded and thrown at the crime scene by a mysterious person, which saves us so much! Moreover, watching them look like they are wounded, just look at them!”

    “Oh, let’s talk about that mysterious person. That’s not bad. Those are all wounding incidents, the gangsters are not so horrible. This time it’s killing and dismembering, it’s too dangerous! I also hope that some midnight ranger can catch the gangster, but I still feel a little suspended.”

    “Killing .” Divide! Humph!” Zhang Qiang hummed unconvincedly.

    In the evening, Zhang Qiang was going to go out: “Deyou, I have an appointment with Yuanyuan to watch a movie, so you should rest early!”

    “Why do you two have activities at night? It’s already over ten o’clock. It’s midnight! Go, I’ll take you. After reading it, tell me, I’ll pick you up.”

    “No way, Yuanyuan is already late at work. It’s okay, what am I afraid of in martial arts! I’ll be back by myself after reading it! You Obediently wait for me at home!”

    “Well then, pay attention to your own safety!” Pang Deyou said, and went on to do his own thing.

    Zhang Qiang went out and went straight to the parking lot. Changed into night running clothes in the car and drove to the vicinity of the university town.

    The University Town was built far away from the city, with a park nearby and some construction sites under construction. In the past, there were a lot of running students. The government built a green road there to connect the entire university town with the nearby park. The roads are level and the street lights are bright, which is convenient for students to exercise. In addition, the government has also directly built the park into a sports park, so in addition to students, many citizens who live not far away will often go there to relax.

    However, since a girl who ran at night disappeared half a month ago, there have been a lot fewer people running at night. Zhang Qian stopped the car and came out. As expected, except for some boys in groups, few girls were running at night. She lowered her hat, put on a mask, and ran to the deserted countryside along the route of the missing girl.

    This is a wild land slightly far away from college students. It should be a place with good scenery during the day, but at night there is insufficient lighting and the vegetation is lush, there is always a gloomy atmosphere in it. Zhang Qiang had earphones in his ears, pretending to listen to a song, but in fact nothing was playing in the earphones. She ran all the way to adjust her breathing, her eyes looked around vigilantly, and her ears also caught the sound from the surroundings.

    After running for more than half an hour, about six or seven kilometers, nothing happened. It seems that there is nothing to gain today. Zhang Qiang turned around and prepared to go back. After running for a long time, although his physical fitness was good, he was also a little tired.

    Unexpectedly, just a few steps after turning around and ran, I heard the wind in my ears! Zhang Qiang hurriedly lowered his head to escape, and then turned around, and found that at some unknown time, a sturdy man appeared out of the grass. Although he is not tall, he is burly and moves quickly.

    Zhang Qiang didn’t dare to take it lightly, staring at each other with his eyes, dodge flexibly, and deceive.

    At first sight, the big man was not a practising family, and his shots were out of order, but his strength was his strength and his agility. For a while, even though Zhang Qiang attacked several places on his body, he didn’t have much advantage.

    Zhang Qiang felt a little panicked. After all, he had only been running for a long time, and his strength was insufficient. In addition, there was insufficient lighting and the surrounding environment could not be seen clearly, so he should make a quick decision! Thinking of this, Zhang Qiang’s moves became fierce, and he continued to quickly change his moves around the man, trying to knock him down, but who would have thought that the sudden change occurred!

    Zhang Qiang leaped up, kicked, and kicked the man to the ground fiercely, but who knew that there was a hole in the grass where he settled, and he heard a “click”, and there was a heartbreak from his right ankle. Tingling, Zhang Qiang said in his heart: Not good! At the critical moment, my foot was broken!

    The man was a little confused by a kick, and then sat on the ground and shook his head before standing up. But obviously, that kick didn’t make him flinch, on the contrary, it aroused his anger even more! He took out a steel pipe from nowhere, waved the steel pipe and rushed to Zhang Qiang viciously!

    Zhang Qiang was shocked, and quickly got up, gritted his teeth and endured the pain to retreat. But the right foot was so painful, the pain hit the ground just after the touch, and the injury was obviously more serious. Nowadays, I can’t run, I can only resist dealing with each other. But Zhang Qiang only ran a few kilometers after all. He didn’t have enough physical strength, and the other party was holding steel pipes. Under the left and right block, his arms were so painful that they were numb.

    Zhang Qiang was inadvertently hit by a steel pipe on the head and fell heavily. Before fainting, Zhang Qiang sighed in his heart: My life is over!

    When she woke up again, Zhang Qian felt dizzy and swollen, and her whole body was spinning, and her body was shaking severely. Moreover, the tinnitus is so severe that there is always a buzzing sound in my ears, just like the sound of wind from a car driving on the road.

    I shook my head, the sound still existed, and I moved my foot again, and there was a piercing pain from my right ankle. Zhang Qiang gritted his teeth, not daring to make a sound, and then carefully looked at the environment he was in.

    “I don’t know how long I’ve been lying down. But it seems that the bastard hasn’t killed me yet.” Zhang Qiang thought, reaching out and touching her body. The clothes are still there, and she also covered a blanket. The familiar taste and touch made Zhang Qiang wake up all at once.

    “You German?” Zhang Qiang yelled hoarsely.

    “Qiang Qiang, you are awake!” With a brake, Pang Deyou stopped on the side of the road and hurriedly got out of the car and ran to the back seat.

    “Does the head hurt? Does the foot hurt?” Pang Deyou asked with concern, kneeling on the back seat cushion.

    “How did you find me? How did you know?” Zhang Qiang looked at Pang Deyou’s familiar face. At this moment, all fear came to his heart, and tears fell in a moment.

    Seeing Zhang Qiang crying, Friends Pang was shocked, and hurriedly took Zhang Qiang’s hand to comfort him: “Is it a headache? Is it a pain in the feet? Tell me where the baby is uncomfortable, or I will drive first.

    I’ll be at Guo Ming’s house in a while, let’s see the doctor first, let’s talk about it, okay?” Zhang Qiang cried, but still didn’t let go, and took Pang Deyou and asked directly: “When did you find me? Have I been taken advantage of by that gangster? You? How did you find me?”

    “Don’t worry, you just got a kick and got beaten with a stick. I have been following you all the time. In the past few months, every time you went out to’watch a movie’ and’make your hair’ What, I’m always with you, but you don’t know it. Today, because that place is not easy to hide, I was a little far away from you and let you talk. Otherwise, you will be the same. I won’t be hit anymore!”

    “Ah? You know? Do you follow me every time?”

    “Silly girl, I don’t know! If it weren’t for you, you think I would let you go out and play most of the night!”

    “Then why don’t you tell me!”

    “I don’t think you are addicted to acting as a hero, so I’m not embarrassed to tell you! Besides, there is nothing dangerous with me following, so I can rest assured that you can help justice and fight violence.”

    “You! You! I hate it! You followed me and you were hiding from me! You hate it!” Zhang Qiang heard what Pang Deyou said, and suddenly felt a little embarrassed, and could not help but slap his face on the back of Pang Deyou’s hand, quite a bit embarrassed into anger.

    “I hate and I hate, I was wrong and I was wrong. Wife, let’s go to Guo Ming first, OK, your head and ankles should be treated as soon as possible!”

    “Humph! Don’t leave soon !”

    ——- ————————————————– ————————————————– —–

    At midnight, under the darkness, some evil is always growing secretly.

    In an abandoned factory far away from the city, more than 20 people are gathered around a table with some soft drugs on the table. These things pass through their hands and then flow into the city. I don’t know how many minors and how many families will be destroyed.

    After counting on both sides, I was about to leave, and suddenly raised my head, only to realize that two people slowly walked out in the darkness not far away at some unknown time. Both of them wore black, black baseball caps pressed very low, and black masks also covered their faces.

    “Damn, what is it? Who are you?” Those people took the weapons in their hands, and the headed people asked viciously.

    “Remember, we are the Midnight Shuangxia!”

    The author has something to say:

    Think about daily stories seriously. . . I find that I am daily incompetent. . .

    Finally, I felt, don’t blame me, who called me a long-distance relationship. . . Usually there is too little interaction ah ah ah ah. . . .

    So, let’s put a side note first. . . . Wait for me to hold back the daily routine, and then come to update. . . .

    When will it come out? . . I do not know either. . . .

    Ok. . . It’s the sauce. . . .

    Top the pot and run away. . . So as not to be beaten. . . .

I Picked Up An Ancient Transmigration Killer To Be A Wife

I Picked Up An Ancient Transmigration Killer To Be A Wife

Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
What? I’d even picked up a transmigrator when going out for a movie?I don’t want to be so lucky! “Big sister, underwear is for wearing, not for holding things!” En, I know, you like pie without the crust! “Waiter, get us a 9-inch pizza!” Facing a killer’s courting, what should I do? Yes, this is the story of an ancient killer transmigration into the body of a modern girl and living in a girl’s home. Did I tell you that both are women?


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