I Picked Up An Ancient Transmigration Killer To Be A Wife Chapter 102

This time, because it was a personal act, if there were any mistakes in it, the three of them would be solely responsible. Therefore, we cannot act rashly. So the three of them sat in the cafe for an afternoon and carefully discussed the arrangements.

    “There are a few things we should pay attention to in this action. First of all, we must not cause the other party to die. You must not involve the other party’s foreign affairs department.”

    “Punishing him must also be unaware of it and not leave evidence. Therefore, we We need to know his movements well. So, we may need to spend some time lurking near him.”

    “The most important point is that although I only know that Little Dog is a university teacher, why a killer would use such an identity to cover himself, beside him We don’t know how many people with the same identity are still hiding, and how they cover up their identities. Therefore, this operation is likely to be dangerous. What we need to ensure is our own personal safety. In case you feel unsure, you’d rather retreat completely than take the risk.” Zhang Qiang calmly analyzed it for everyone.

    “When are we leaving?” Guo Ming asked.

    “I’m contacting friends in N City, and there are still some equipment to be deployed. We will set off when everything is ready.” Zhang Qiang said, and then suddenly sighed: “Hey… Unexpectedly, I would also do illegal things. “

    Pangde You touch her head:” do not be sad, we are going to punish the bad guys, the party belongs to justice, although a slight deviation form, but we must control their own behavior, but the degree of punishment enough. “. “

    hey … maybe After this is over, I’ll go back to work as a clerical worker. Faceless to face my police badge. But I can’t swallow this breath if I don’t go.”

    After the discussion, they went home.

    Guo Ming told Wu Yuanyuan of this plan and repeatedly assured that there would be no security problems. Wu Yuanyuan was very worried, but she also knew that there was no way to change what Guo Ming identified. She could only look at Guo Ming’s eyes again and again, so that she could guarantee that there would be no mistakes.

    Guo Ming smiled secretly, her Yuanyuan worried that she was really cute. But I also knew that it was because of love, so I smiled, and still promised it over and over again.

    Three days later, Pang Deyou called and informed Guo Ming that he was ready to leave.

    The three bought high-speed rail tickets together, took their luggage, and set off together.

    No way, it is basically impossible to fly on an airplane with friends of Pound. Even if Guo Ming can clear all his physical symptoms, no one can help him with his psychological distress.

    City N, in the evening.

    The little dog had dinner with a few fellow villagers from Neon Country and went home alone. He has been working in N City for three years, and he still likes this city by the sea. China is rich in products and convenient in life, which is not comparable to its own country. It is a pity that there are a group of Chinese people living in such good conditions, which makes him very uncomfortable.

    However, although these Chinese people do not please him, the Chinese girls are still good. Young, beautiful, and innocent.

    No, no, he is definitely not referring to the kind of money bought. Such a woman can’t afford it if she can afford it, and she can’t afford it if she can’t afford it. The little dog looked around, spat on the ground, rolled his eyes, and continued walking.

    Back in the rented house, he first checked the phone’s WeChat. The girls really sent messages. The final exam is almost coming, and every year before the end of the term, there will be girls automatically sent to the door.

    “Teacher Little Dog, you promised to delete the video, please don’t break your promise, please!”

    “Huh! How is it possible!” Little Dog smiled contemptuously and deleted the information. Then I turned on the computer, took out his baby chef’s knife and wiped it, and watched the movie on the hard drive alone.

    And all these films come from his personal experience.

    ————————————————– ————————————————– ————

    “This is the address.” Pang Deyou looked at the building in front of him, compared the address in the phone, and turned to Guo Ming and Zhang Qiang.

    “Check the location of the camera first.” Guo Ming said, and then dispersed with Pang Deyou, Zhang Qiang.

    After all the inquiries were completed, the three drove back to the hotel separately.

    “Little dogs usually go out at 8:20 in the morning and take the subway to work. After work is at 5:30 in the afternoon, they sometimes go straight home after work, and sometimes come back after gathering with friends.”

    “What do you do at his house during the whole day? That’s enough.”

    “Tomorrow’s plan, you first dive in, take out all the furnishings of his house and take photos, and then we will set up the plan to install the monitor.”


    Guo Ming was there early the next morning. The little dog waited downstairs. After slowly eating the noodle soup in the breakfast shop downstairs, I saw the little dog coming out of the community.

    Watching the dog walk into the subway station, Guo Ming got up and set off.

    Baseball cap, short-sleeved t-shirt with vest, multi-pocket hiking pants with hiking shoes. This walking appearance provoked a few old men and old ladies to look at them too much. Guo Ming wandered downstairs in the little dog building twice, bypassing the camera, and then he was refreshed, and instantly jumped onto the air-conditioning stand!

    If someone looked out the window at this time, this situation would definitely surprise him. In between, Guo Ming is like a vigorous monkey. With the help of an external air-conditioning unit, he climbed to the eleventh floor with the help of an air conditioner!

    The position where Guo Ming went upstairs was directly opposite the bathroom of the room. The bathroom windows are not closed, because the floor is in the middle, and no one will make anti-theft nets, just screen windows.

    For Guo Ming, opening the screen window is not too simple. Although it was buckled inside, she gently pushed with her hand, and then lifted her air to push up again, only hearing a “pop”, the screen window buckle snapped off!

    Entering the room, Guo Ming took pictures and looked at it.

    This room is not big, with one bedroom and one living room, with toilet and kitchen. In addition to the TV, sofa and coffee table in the living room, there is also a large dining table, one side is empty, it is estimated to be used for eating, and the other side is a few books. It should also act as a desk.

    The room is not decorated and there are not many things. The bed in the bedroom is quite big, and there is a tripod at the end of the bed. I don’t know what it is for. Opening the closet, in addition to some fourth-level clothing, there is also a package wrapped in leather.

    Guo Ming stretched out his hand and took out the package. There were rows of shiny knives inside, and it was chilling!

    The author has something to say:

    Um~~~~ Scum appears~!

I Picked Up An Ancient Transmigration Killer To Be A Wife

I Picked Up An Ancient Transmigration Killer To Be A Wife

Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
What? I’d even picked up a transmigrator when going out for a movie?I don’t want to be so lucky! “Big sister, underwear is for wearing, not for holding things!” En, I know, you like pie without the crust! “Waiter, get us a 9-inch pizza!” Facing a killer’s courting, what should I do? Yes, this is the story of an ancient killer transmigration into the body of a modern girl and living in a girl’s home. Did I tell you that both are women?


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