I Love Farming Chapter 109: Revisiting the Outside World 2

Revisiting the Outside World 2

On the entire continent, the widest territory is Chinu, the most combative territory is Kelando, and the most populous territory is Ferry … The most enviable one must be Northumberland.

A territory with the highest per capita wealth and happiness values ​​is not large. It is just a little baron leader, but it makes countless people yearn for it.

Most people have not been there, just to hear about knights, merchants, and third-rate novelists. There are legends that the manor laws there are unique. Just three months ago, the last slaves were released as free people. There is no longer a slave.

Even the humblest serfs can live in luxurious stone houses, often eat white bread, precious brown sugar is inexhaustible here, after all, there is a Tangfang, which produces world-famous wine.

They have water wheels that can automatically irrigate. Their farmland is free from pests. They almost have an iron farming tool. They have high skills in curing cattle and horses. Wealthy output can be exchanged for something more comfortable at home, such as blankets, spices, furniture from other continents …

Without slaves, there is military service. These peasants are peasant households with gimmicks, and they are warriors again.

Businessmen who have been there mention it as if describing a dreamland. Farmers in Northumberland like gardens. Everyone is luxuriant in flowers and flowers, and often open all seasons.

The road is clean and smooth, no taxes are required for crossing the bridge, and no taxes are required for toast.

It is such a territory. Their lord is only twenty years old. He took over the place from the previous lord. Xiao Ji Cao Sui and hard work have achieved today’s results.

This day is the day when the lord master gets married. He has created another legend that he will marry the daughter of an ordinary serf family on his territory.

The leaders sent various congratulations, and the lord also ordered the kitchen to kill a large number of pigs and entertain the guests. Follow the tradition and host a banquet on the grass.

Because the kitchen was understaffed, the peasant women stayed to help, slaughtered the pig hoe, and dumped eight pieces.

Pig heads are placed together to make roasted pig heads. Because of good breeding conditions, these pigs are generally plump and their pigs are raised as if smiling strangely.

Jiang Tanwei and Cui Qichao returned to Northumberland. The first scene they saw when climbing up the grassy **** was this, countless pigs.

Jiang Tanwei: “………………”

He almost didn’t explode. “What do you mean, against me!”

Cui Qichao was also shocked and stopped Jiang Tanwei. “Wait, go and ask.”

Ljj programmers don’t want to play so much, have they designed a group of pigs to welcome Xiaobai?

Jiang talked slightly, followed behind Cui Qichao and walked to the open-air kitchen.

The busy peasant women hadn’t noticed them until the first person found them, and couldn’t help exclaiming: “Master Baron?”

For the first moment, they thought it was Lord Reims, who inherited the baronial title and is now the only lord of Northumberland.

But soon they found out, no, it wasn’t Master Lance, but Master Tristan.

The people most grateful to the Northumberland leader, Lord Lance ranked second, and Master Tristan must rank first. Ever since he left Northumberland and ventured to another continent, everyone has missed him all the time.

Now he saw him personally, and the screams were on and off.

Finally, Lance himself was introduced.

Lance wore a dress with his bride in her hand. When she heard that Uncle Tristan was here, she hurried over, and she didn’t know how excited she was.

I haven’t seen him for so long, and Lance has grown up. Cui Qichao recognized him and was very relieved. “Lance.”

“… Uncle! I’m finally waiting for you to come back!” Lance knelt on one knee, holding Cui Qichao’s waist, and cheeks flushed with excitement.

His bride knelt down on one knee at a loss.

Cui Qichao looked at her dress and thought of the grand pig’s head banquet, “Is it your wedding today? It’s a coincidence.”

“Please be sure to be my lead wedding partner.” Lance originally invited the lead wedding partner, but since Cui Qichao is back, of course this position must be him. “This is my wife, Annabelle.”

Unconsciously, he looked at Jiang Tanwei again. The stranger came back with his uncle and looked very intimate.

Cui Qichao hesitated a little before telling Lance in a whisper.

Lance listened, eyes widened slowly, and looked at them in shock.

After a while, he digested the news, and gave Jiang Tanwei a tribute, calling him by the mouth: “Hey.”

Jiang Tanwei: “………”

He wanted to scold someone and stopped.

Cui Qichao, as Lance’s main wedding, attended this event. All the leaders were very excited. In order to be able to see the respected Master Cui Stein of Northumberland today. He stayed here for seven years, making Northumberland a sea change and benefiting to this day.

They wished they could immediately invite the old man to take a look at the granary, their home, and most importantly, their sturdy wheat seedlings and the strong sows in the pen.

A freeman said loudly, “Don’t rob me, I must dedicate the old sow at home to Master Tristan. He has treated him personally. Since the master came to my house, my mother The pigs don’t know how hard they work! ”

Cui Qichao: “…”

Northumberland is Northumberland. It hasn’t changed at all …

See some familiar people again, such as the little maid Lili Cui Qichao rescued and watched her get married. She is already the mother of three children and has also become the housekeeper of the castle.

She was dignified and dignified a lot. After having her own family, she gradually stopped being troubled by the encounters when she was a girl and walked out of the haze.

The people in the trading team can all take their own side. They travel around the world all year round. This time, for the wedding of the lord, they rushed back from all over the mainland with various exquisite gifts. Unexpectedly, there was unexpected joy, and I could see Master Tristan.

There is also a very interesting person, Lance’s father Govin.

Since Reims became the lord, he has occasionally moved his mind, but was caught by Reims and sent back to his own territory to develop. This time he made a special trip to the wedding.

After returning, Gao Wen stopped working, but his eating habits have not changed, so after a few years, Gao Wen became a big fat man from the beginning.

In the face of Gao Wen now, Cui Qichao almost didn’t recognize it.

At the start of the meal, one plate after another was served. Each table must have a big pig’s head with an apple in its mouth, including the main table.

Jiang Tan sat there with a dark face, facing the pig’s head.

Cui Qichao whispered a command, and the pig’s head was withdrawn. Jiang Tanwei then relieved a lot, and began to eat meat-filled pies.

Cui Qichao looked around for a week, and saw that the leading people had eaten openly, and the appearance gradually coincided with that of the university student C who had only previously visited, and the pig head on the table was really much larger than when it was seen before, which proved that the feeding was proper and could not help showing A reassuring smile.


After leaving Northumberland, the next stop for Cui Qichao and Jiang Tanwei to go to their unmanned star planting base, and the spacecraft landed on the unmanned star originally opened.

The spaceship is still the same spacecraft that year, and has the highest authority of the base, so it is unobstructed.

It’s just different from the past, the scale of the planting base is large, and automation has been implemented for a long time. He did not say in advance that there is no one on the planet.

Cui Qichao didn’t care. He just walked along the path to observe the planting situation. He also called up the order from the system here.

The most dangerous agricultural organization in the entire universe, with businesses spread across galaxies, has been planted more than unmanned stars, and has planted bases in many places.

Cui Qichao sent a message to Cui Ting, saying that he returned from an adventure and wanted to meet with you, and then went on shopping.

He found that after leaving, Cui Ting and they seemed to have restored the small house he lived in, and put it on the original coordinates as a memorial. After all, Cui Qichao had no news as soon as he left, and no one knew where he was in the universe.

Cui Qichao opened the door with memories and walked in.

Jiang Tanwei also touched here quite familiarly, poking there, “I was sitting here and watching you grow boring.”

Cui Qichao smiled, “Yeah, I learned to drive a tractor later.”

They sat in the middle, and through the skylight, they could see the starry river, which was extremely low, as bright as the day.

Jiang Tanwei rested his head on Cui Qichao’s shoulder and murmured: “Good, you didn’t promise anyone before I became human. This is the most dangerous world …”

Cui Qichao also smiled, “When you were here, you hated me at first, and I was not willing to pay three pounds of food.”

Jiang Tan slightly glanced at him, “What do you say?”

On unmanned stars, there is only one person, one cat, and even many worlds, and they can only tell the truth to each other. Cui Qichao maddened him for a moment, and made him feel happy again. The feeling of love and hate continued for a long time.

Cui Qichao rubbed Jiang Tanwei’s head, “I’m wrong.”

Jiang Tanwei just wanted to hum, and suddenly frowned: “… well, did you smell anything?”

Cui Qichao: “Huh?”

A familiar and unfamiliar scent of grains permeates the small space, and it also contains a cold metal smell, like the shell of a bullet.

Both of them suddenly remembered. By the way, this is the abo plane. Did it just hit the estrus?

Cui Qichao thought about time, this is really the time.

And that very strange smell of strange metal, is it a white pheromone? He was a cat back then, and now he is a human. Of course, there will be **** and pheromone, but they never thought of it.

Cui Qichao is kind of weird. He didn’t think about what Xiaobai’s pheromone would taste, but cold metal? It ’s totally different from Xiaobai!

Cui Qichao can still think wildly, Jiang Tanwei’s two eyes have been lighted up, “Ljj programmers can still do human affairs, let’s not let them down!”

“Wait, this shouldn’t be their design, but you’ve been induced by my estrus …” Cui Qichao said against his shoulder.

“Well, don’t say it.” Jiang Tanwei bit his lip for a moment. “I think this alpha body really affects people’s will a bit. How did you do it, so calm …”

Cui Qichao was messed up by him, “Are you okay?”

“Not good!” Jiang Tanwei said loudly. “I want to say, what is abo without meat?”

Cui Qichao laughed, and for a long while, put Jiang Tanwei’s hand on the neckline of his shirt, and said, “Then you come to meet the standard. Mark me, Xiaobai.”

Jiang Tanwei: “!!!”

Under the stars, Jiang Tanwei was awfully hard in a flash.

They were in an unmanned space, in a solitary space, in accordance with the world’s setting all night. Finally, after many years, Cui Qichao went through the plot of this plane.

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I Love Farming

I Love Farming

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When Cui Qichao’s ancient emperor blood awakened, he began to suppress the emperor’s instincts in various worlds…by crazily farming. Yandi Shennong’s blood, quality farming guaranteed. Cui Qichao: I love farming, farming makes me happy!


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