I Love Farming Chapter 108: Revisiting a foreign land 1

Revisiting a foreign land 1

Cui Qichao once thought that if he had a chance, go back to those planes he had visited and take a look. Now it’s finally possible, Lin Lin promises to schedule him and send him and Xiaobai to visit the place again.

The first one to arrive was c.

Cui Qichao first came to his home here. Xiaobai had never met his biological parents, but knew that he liked the parents in this virtual plane so he bought gifts on purpose.

“Xiaojiang, come, sit.” Mother Cui groaned and talked to Jiang Tanwei, and Father Cui greeted indifferently with a disapproval and helpless look.

Mother Cui immediately said, “My son hasn’t been back for so long. What is your attitude?”

Father Cui could only curtly say, “… you sit here and don’t move, I’ll get you a bag of oranges.”

“Come on, Dad.” Cui Qichao took a look. The balcony and vegetable gardens he had set up here were still very well maintained, and he couldn’t help but feel relieved, picking up some tomatoes grown at home by the way of oranges, washing them and eating.

“By the way, what about your cat?” Father Cui asked dryly.

Cui Qichao and Jiang Tan glanced at each other in a tacit understanding, and then Jiang Tanwei said: “I’m still there, but I’ve made a boyfriend and are at his boyfriend’s house.”

“Oh.” Father Cui thought for a while, as if he didn’t remember whether the “little white” was male or female. He sighed and said, “That’s a good cat.”

Jiang Tanwei immediately said, “Thank you.”

Father Cui is baffled. He said that the cat, what kind of boy is this … wait, does it mean that when the son was still training the cat in the early days, it had something to do with this boy? Isn’t it because of the relationship between them?

Suddenly, Father Cui said, “Know your son Moruo, and vice versa.” He really didn’t agree with the relationship between the son and the man, but there was no way to get the son.

Cui Qichao didn’t know what he was talking about, only nodded blankly, “You’re right.”

After staying at home for a few days, of course, they went to C University, and they drove to C University by themselves. At this time, Cui Qichao’s uncle was no longer the principal of the school, so Cui Qichao did not contact him.

The time of their arrival was about five years before Cui Qichao left. During this time, the c-cafeteria was operating very adultly, and even let everyone mention the cafeteria dishes. It was no longer a dark dish full of brains. The new chili, which has the c-brand name, has also become a famous brand.

Cui Qichao and Jiang Tanwei walked across the campus. He pointed to Jiang Tanwei from time to time. Here, Xiaobai herds over ducks, and there, Xiaobai is trained.

They even met the little brother that year, the one raised by the aunt, but it didn’t know Xiaobai for a long time. They only lived in school all year round and their relatives were personal, so they came up and sniffed them.

Jiang Tan slightly crouched down and touched it, “Laughing until the end is the winner!”

“What are you talking about?” Cui Qichao asked.

“Nothing.” Jiang Tanwei immediately stood up casually, “Let’s go on.”

They took a look at the vegetable field. The vegetable looked good, and they even put up a sign with some names.

Cui Qichao took a closer look and speculated that it might be that the school is now using vegetable fields to allow students to take labor classes, and also allocated a small piece to the teacher, which can be planted at will.

The two sat casually at the edge of the field. At this time, a student came out of the cornfield and sat down to take a rest. He looked at them and said boringly, “Are you here to visit?”

Cui Qichao: “… be it.”

This student wipes sweat, it’s no surprise. Nowadays, there are people in C University who often come to visit, but even their own cafeteria and vegetable garden, even he himself, when he reported to the university, he liked the food close to home.

Speaking of this, Cui Qichao asked, “How is your cafeteria food now?”

The student proudly said, “There is no better canteen than us. After the expansion of the new campus, two new canteens have been opened. Both are delicious and rich. And there are always people who want to buy high-priced dishes in our school field. We will not let it, but only for the cafeteria. And our ginseng in the Baicao Garden … ”

The student looked at Cui Qichao and felt a little familiar, but couldn’t remember it. He didn’t think about it. Instead, he asked, “Do you know why our school’s food is so delicious?”

Cui Qichao: “………”

Jiang Tan almost didn’t laugh, and turned around, “I know.”

The student was about to pour it out, and then returned home to me, dejected, “Oh. Then you know the peppers developed by our school …”

Jiang Tanwei: “I know, I know!”

Students are speechless.

At this time, one came over, and looked at them, and immediately expressed a surprised expression, “General Choi ?!”

Cui Qichao also stood up, “Master Zhang.”

This is the chef of the previous cafeteria, of course, Cui Qichao is recognized.

The student next to him flashed, and suddenly remembered why he looked familiar to him, and he was the founder of the Shennong company who contracted the school cafeteria and forced vegetables.

No wonder he said “I know”! !!

Under the guidance of Master Zhang, Cui Qichao went to the cafeteria again, and told the old staff some old stories. When he was about to eat, he stood on the second floor and looked down.

I saw that there were students waiting in line early. A security guard stood at the door and watched everyone vigilantly. It was the best time for adolescents, and the staff at the window inside were also waiting.

As the hour came, the security guards opened the door, and the students rushed in, struggling to hold back but couldn’t hide the anxious pace, trotting towards the window.

The clever c university students will think about which dishes to eat early, where to line up the most cost-effective, and go straight to their goals.

A little more calm than before, but the essence in the bones has not changed. Cui Qichao concluded in his heart.

The cafeteria employees were a little curious about the young man next to Cui Qichao. They looked intimate and didn’t know what the relationship was. When Cui Qichao was about to eat, someone asked, “General Cui, this is yours …?”

Cui Qichao thought, “Family.”

Jiang Tan smiled implicitly, “It’s a boyfriend.”

The employee took a breath, and for a while, he wondered that Mr. Cui had to leave the other side, and immediately showed a normal appearance, “Oh, well, then, congratulations!”

Cui Qi Chaoren is still out of money, or everyone’s boss. Besides, they work in universities and have a lot of open minds.

“Thank you, thank you.” Jiang Tanwei shook hands with everyone. He also remembered the names of every old employee. He just heard Cui Qichao shouted before, so everyone felt that Cui’s target is also talent.

Cui Qichao came to visit C, everyone who knows knows, the old alumni’s circle of friends began to spread the video of Cui Qichao

“Remember the man who changed your university cafeteria, campus environment, and tasting ability? He is back!”

The students who were studying here at that time have already set foot in society. After researching multiple small videos, a puzzle that has troubled them for many years is finally solved. Why is the beauty of Cui Mei in the cafeteria all year round? Accept invitations from girls.

“Stunned, I just verified that the cafeteria aunt, the mixed-race handsome man holding President Cui is really his object.”

“I rely on the fact that President Cui does not like women. At that time, everyone was dedicated to Bai Blind.”

“It seems that Mr. Cui’s boyfriend is not old. Mr. Cui’s boyfriend was still a child! Mr. Cui was still so angry!”

“Did I hear it wrong? In the video, Mr. Cui called his boyfriend Xiaobai? Do you remember that the cat that Mr. Cui raised was called Xiaobai …”

“It scared me, what kind of fun is President Cui!”

“A sad thing that year, we had a group, all of whom were secretly in love with President Cui. After so many years, the entire group had no boyfriend, but President Cui had …_ (: 3∠) _ 2k novel reading network

I Love Farming

I Love Farming

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2018 Native Language: Chinese
When Cui Qichao’s ancient emperor blood awakened, he began to suppress the emperor’s instincts in various worlds…by crazily farming. Yandi Shennong’s blood, quality farming guaranteed. Cui Qichao: I love farming, farming makes me happy!


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