I Love Farming Chapter 107: Fanwai Super Change Change 5

Fanwai Super Change Change 5

Even mermaids began to pursue river owls as fashion, and humans certainly noticed this.

There is a special classification in humans called mermaid wind, which includes all aspects of beauty, home furnishings, and clothing. Just like some mermaids will imitate human models, there are also human-like mermaid styles.

At first, this river salamander was a bit scratchy. It belongs to the research category of marine biologists. A large number of mermaids began to catch river salamander. Does this phenomenon represent a change in marine ecology?

Most river salamanders live in fresh water. Mermaids may not be able to catch a species like Xiaobai, and they ran to the estuary to catch them, attracting people to watch.

Later, everyone traced their roots and found out that this seemed to be a new fashion of mermaids.

When humans think, okay, mermaids are so popular, they are caused by a very well-known mermaid, then we must imitate them.

As a result, this year’s mermaid-style brands are launching a variety of river motifs. Many people have complained. This year’s mermaid-style painting style seems a little different. The daughter / wife / boyfriend at home bought a lot of products. , Making me look like he was staring at the eyes of He Yan every moment … weird.

Under such a tide, the governments around Shamel came to Cui Qichao.

Cui Qichao’s cooperation has spread all over the world, driving up the number of local tourists. It is not surprising that they sought Cui Qichao’s cooperation. It was said that they wanted to set up a tourism image ambassador.

At that time, Cui Qichao immediately said, “No, I won’t do it.”

It’s not because of the others. It’s just too busy. He has also performed some performing activities under the arrangement of ljj, but now the ranch is very busy.

Cui Qichao intentionally hired mermaids to work, but the nature of mermaids was not restricted. At the beginning, he was curious and agreed to work, and he would leave and play without permission. Therefore, Cui Qichao had to hire human beings, but in this way, there were more things to worry about.

People from the government: “No, I’m looking for your river owl.”

Cui Qichao: “???”

This year, Xiaobai, as a key element of the mermaid style, has an image all over the world. As a representative of the river, the people of the Charlie government thought that it was simple to draw. It is more convenient and expressive than mermaids, whether it is in the surroundings or other. Just grab the features of round eyes and body.

The most important thing is that the usage fee is definitely much cheaper …

Cui Qichao was a little speechless. He asked Xiaobai and agreed to him.

As a result, Xiaobai turned into a specially invited ambassador for tourism in the area of ​​Chamel. When the government wanted to name it, Cui Qichao also provided a name: Xiaobai.

Everyone 😕 ?

They suspected that this was due to the difference between the mermaid and human culture. How to see Xiaobai was also the name of Tristan, not this river owl.

But Cui Qichao provided the name, and they had to use it.

In a blink of an eye, the image of the river owl spread all over Shameier. The mascot on the billboard, the dolls in the store, and the inflatable cushions on the sea all looked like river owls. The city government nicknamed it Xiaobai.

Xiaobai was also invited to participate in several public events, and Cui Qichao was restless and accompanied.

No one in the city government thought that Cui Qichao could participate in such an event. It was amazing that he could talk to human beings about business. The city government never thought he would attend.

But this is the case, Cui Qichao pays great attention to his river owl.

The person in the government office in charge of the docking stuttered, “Then … what time to introduce you …”

The symbolic meaning of Cui Qichao is too great. The first one is “shore”, a mermaid who has integrated into human society? The host of the specially invited ambassador?

Cui Qichao looked at him with suspicion, as if to say, aren’t you better at this kind of thing?

But he still frowned and replied, “You don’t need to introduce me specifically, if you want to publish articles, you don’t need to be known as a famous mermaid entrepreneur.”


Every human who comes into contact with Cui Qichao is always shocked by his familiarity with the rules of the human world.

The physical quality of a mermaid can actually stay a long time on shore.

Regardless of the beautiful appearance of mermaids, they are generally weaker than humans, but their evolutionary direction is different from that of humans. They need both IQ and hunting power in the sea.

After leaving the water, the mermaid can persist for three days and three nights before various symptoms caused by dehydration appear.

Cui Qichao let them prepare a special wheelchair for themselves, and very frankly exposed the tail of the fish to accompany Xiaobai to participate in the event, but only made an appearance, which also caused the media to shoot crazy. This is the first merman to participate in human activities.

After the end, Cui Qichao was sent to the beach. He hugged Xiaobai, and when the tail of the fish pressed against the ground forcefully, he bounced back in place and leapt into the sea, leaving a perfect arc in the photographer’s lens.

When Cui Qichao’s business developed, he inevitably needed a more formal identity for various cooperation. He’s not just content with marine pastures.

This involves the issue of nationality. When Cui Qichao showed his intentions, all humans in various countries threw out olive branches, hoping to become the first country to have mermaid citizens, and promised to give Cui Qichao all kinds of concessions.

Countries also have to fight each other. This one says that the sea area of ​​Shamel is in our country. The other says that Cui Stein has also come to us to trade seafood. This one says that you have killed mermaids in the history of your country. Inviting Mermaids to naturalize …

In the end, Cui Qichao chose a country in the Charmaire area and another country with very favorable conditions to become a dual-national mermaid citizen.

At the same time, there was a message circulating in the sea: Did Cui Stein actually want to become emperor in a human country? ?

This rumor has been circulating for a long time. I always feel that Cui Stein wants to attack the mainland. This mermaid has an inexplicable sense of ambition …

It’s not known if the mermaid was keenly aware of the strength of Cui Qichao from the depths of his blood, if he had the ability to ascend to the throne at any time.

In fact, after Cui Qichao’s business advanced inland, he himself gradually moved to freshwater lakes.

Then the history books of later generations will record that Tristan moved to the sea of ​​Charmel, symbolizing the beginning of two major events. The first is that the mermaid “landed” and “going to sea” again:

Mermaids gradually began to cooperate with humans. At the beginning, mermaids other than Tristan were more resistant, but slowly, with the help of their compatriots, they opened their minds.

And this part of the mermaid started farming, farming, doing business, all in all, they all knew to do business.

The second is the birth of freshwater mermaids. As a sub-species of Levi’s mermaids, they began to move inland from Tristan and entered the freshwater area from seawater. A new mermaid branch, the freshwater mermaid, was gradually derived.

Later, freshwater mermaids were also the most humanized one. Most of them joined different human nationalities, traveled around the world, made a lot of money to build subsea villas.

Whether human or mermaid, there are many conjectures about Tristan. Later, when the first case of mermaid and human marriage appeared, in order to persuade the government and the public, they still took the example of Tristan.

The first mermaid, Tristan, came ashore. Didn’t some scholars speculate that he was a lover of river owls? Is the river owl’s name Xiaobai actually a subject?

Now that Tristan can have a relationship with a river wren, although they are all fish, aren’t mermaids and humans more suitable?

The author has something to say: Will the next chapter write a tour of the old place and go back to the world before? Just write the first few worlds

I Love Farming

I Love Farming

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When Cui Qichao’s ancient emperor blood awakened, he began to suppress the emperor’s instincts in various worlds…by crazily farming. Yandi Shennong’s blood, quality farming guaranteed. Cui Qichao: I love farming, farming makes me happy!


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