I Fell in Love After Becoming a Ghost – Chapter 60

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Jiang also opened his eyes and saw the man leaning on the bathtub and looking at him quietly.

 ”Puleng!” He

 quickly put the towel over his lap: “Brother, why did you come in?”

 Xie Chen was amused when he saw his panicked look, but he couldn’t hold back his smile. He looked at him with smiling eyes and stretched out his hand to pull his waist. towels in the room.

 Jiang also immediately stopped: “Stop! ∧馏馐, what are you doing? Don’t bring such a scare person!!”

 He hurriedly pulled the towel to cover the important parts, and he howled: “Get out, get out, don’t make trouble with this. !”

 He thought that the big brother would definitely leave obediently, but he called out a group of people who were still stable for a long time.

 Xie Chen actually came in to take a look.

 I brought him some snacks and drinks, and when I came in, I saw a white man lying on his back in a sky-blue bathtub. His skin was really blown out in the water, and his body was beautiful and attractive, especially his face that was slightly raised above the water. .

 Drops of water were rolling on his chin, his slightly pink face soaked because of the high water temperature was delicate and small, his red lips were half-open, he squatted down when he looked at it and didn’t want to leave.

 Xie Chen’s eyes lingered all over his body, and finally stopped at the fingertips he put on the edge.

 The excitement of the afternoon came back to the furnace in an instant like a re-enactment.

 Seeing him open his eyes, he thought he would leave after a little teasing.

 But looking at the way he was covering up with a towel in panic, his throat moved, but he didn’t want to leave.

 Jiang also saw that he was letting go of the towel, and he was very proud, but his mouth was still unforgiving: “Tsk tsk, I didn’t expect my brother to look handsome and talented, and he also had a habit of peeking at people’s baths.

 ” A straight long leg.

 Jiang also watched in shock as the man ripped off his shirt, took a long leg, walked into the bathtub, reached out to hold the hand he was reaching out to stop, and the little head that had just left the bathtub was pressed back again, and then suddenly came Kissing heads empty.

 The light is ambiguous, the skin is sticking together, the hot spring water wraps the two, and the temperature is getting higher and higher.

 Jiang also closed his eyes obediently, and stretched out his arms around it, until his head was about to lack oxygen, and the man slowly left to take a breath.

 The pink on his face made the whole person very pleasant, Xie Chen glanced at him, and continued to lean down, ear, collarbone, all the way down, cherishing and careful, inch by inch, until the little guy couldn’t help but tremble slightly.

 Gently turning the little guy over, along his back, he left a gentle trace.

 Jiang also closed his eyes, and the whole person seemed to be floating in the air, constantly taking off, enjoying the strange and strong feeling with all his heart.

 Until the person behind him stopped.

 He just opened his eyes slightly from the fluttering throbbing of the waves that he had never experienced before.

 He thought it was over, and he was still a little unfinished. Just as he was about to lean back next to the big brother and continue to take a quiet bath, he was suppressed by the weight of his body and did not continue to turn over.

 The man leaned closer to his ear, little by little, gentle and warm, the bathroom was quiet and could hear each other’s breathing, which gradually increased.

 ”Are you ready?” A low, suppressed voice crossed the eardrum.

 Jiang also replied suspiciously: “Huh?”

 He was about to ask what to prepare when he stopped at an obvious place behind him, and he knew what it meant.

 ”Brother.” Jiang also said softly.

 ”I’m here.” Xie Chen held the bathtub with one hand and wrapped his waist with the other, whispering in his ear, he didn’t continue, he was waiting for the little guy to answer.

 ”Do you know who I am?” Jiang didn’t look back, his chin resting on his arm.

 ”The person I love…Jiang Ye.” For some

 reason, even if he knew it for a long time, Jiang couldn’t help but redden his eyes. He leaned back slightly and moved himself closer to him.

 With such an obvious invitation, Xie Chen didn’t look forward anymore, his arms were propped up in the bathtub, the lights were dim, and only each other’s breathing and heartbeat could be heard in the room.

 The water stirred up a gentle stream of water, and the clear blue water pattern rippled slightly, gently brushing the two people together.

 After a long time, the man got up and picked him up, took him out of the bathroom, returned to the room, and put it away gently.

 The moonlight from outside the window came in, shining on the white bed, and the beauty was like a work of art.

 On the big bed in the room, Xie Chen hugged the little guy who was curled up in his arms like a treasure, and came here several times, until they were both exhausted and contentedly fell asleep.

 In the morning, when Jiang Ye opened his eyes, he sighed, his foggy eyes looked up and saw the familiar and beautiful jawline, Xie Chen saw him awake, raised the corners of his mouth, his eyes were so sweet that he couldn’t dissolve them: “Wake up. ?”

 It’s alright if he didn’t speak, but when he spoke, Jiang’s face turned red again.

 Just as he was about to get up, he couldn’t help frowning and shrank back.

 Xie Chen bent his arms behind his neck and let him rest his head on his chest: “Are you tired, the hotel will bring soup to you later, drink a little and start again.” The

 man’s voice was still low, but he didn’t see any fatigue, which made Gang feel Jiang Ye, whose body seemed to be falling apart, stretched out his head in anticipation of victory and defeat: “Why are you tired? If you are not tired, I will not be tired. If you don’t believe me, lie down and I will come.”

 Xie Chen reached out and rubbed his little head: ” Alright alright, you’re the best, lie down and I’ll let the hotel deliver the soup.”

 Jiang didn’t say a word, and saw the man get up and put his hands on his face.

 The big brother didn’t even wear anything.

 I’ve seen it before, but I brought some small trousers and a bath towel, so that I can’t remember the last night’s toss until the middle of the night, and my face turns red again.

 Xie Chen got dressed, turned around and kissed him gently, the door rang, and he personally pushed the dining cart in.

 He went to the bathroom to get a wet towel, Jiang also seemed to have no hands. He was waited on after washing his face and rinsing his mouth. He also wiped some of his favorite baby cream, put on his clothes, and put various tonic soups on his eyelids. under.

 If he hadn’t picked up the ladle quickly, he would have wanted to feed him watching the big brother’s movements.

 He wasn’t confinement, but he just didn’t rest well.

 Not enough sleep, yes, not enough sleep time.

 People in the company can clearly feel that the big boss and the newly signed young artist have a good relationship with the naked eye.

 He also gave Jiang Ye’s office to him, which made Li Xiaoou’s teeth swollen.

 He opened his mouth for several minutes without saying a word.

 But what Jiang Ye said first: “Li Jingjing, do you have any instructions for me?”

 ”No, no.” Li Xiaoou murmured, then raised the volume again: “Did you have plastic surgery according to my brother Jiang’s face?

 Jiang also stretched out his hand and pinched his face and made a grimace: “It’s pure and natural, like a fake.” Li

 Xiaoou saw the familiar smile and voice, and his mind was a little confused for a while, and kept telling himself that even a small amount of power would be enough . To make the man occupying Brother Jiang’s office unhappy.

 As a result, the moment I saw this face, I couldn’t lose my temper.

 Even the temperament is like Brother Jiang, slow down and come back later.

 Before he could come again, the company announced that the newly signed artist Jiang Ye, and the assigned manager – Li Xiaoou.

 When the crew received the news, it was a bit messy at first. Although there is no need to change faces or reshoots, it is the best arrangement from any angle, but a person who has never acted and came in by relationship, how can he compare to a big director? Jiang Ye, who is full of praise.

 Results On the first day of joining the group, the whole group was impressed.

 Xie Chen’s car was parked in the parking lot outside the filming when he finished work, and when he saw him appearing to open the car door, he came over.

 The oncoming man seemed to carry light.

 Xie Chen looked at the little guy running over, as if he first appeared on the day.

 Xie Chen had just returned to China that year, and was abducted by someone from the Xie family’s opposite family. He was thrown on the side of the road because of a sudden heart attack. It was raining heavily that day. Seeing that he was dying, no one dared to stop.

 At that time, Xie Chen opened his empty eyes, knowing that his life might end tonight. There was no fear, no despair or disappointment in his eyes. Follow-up troubles for the dead.

 Until that figure appeared, a young and thin figure, holding an old umbrella, when he ran over, his trouser legs were muddy, he put the umbrella on Xiao Xiechen and called him anxiously: “What’s wrong with you? Can you hear me? Are you talking? Are you sick? My God? Why is it so hot!”

 That was the best voice Xie Chen had heard in his more than ten years of life.

 He couldn’t answer, he just opened his eyes to look at him.

 Looking at his thin body, trying to help him up, maybe thinking of this inaccessible place, it would be meaningless to help him up, so he turned to stop the car.

 It was raining heavily that day, and the dark clouds at the end of the sky were rolling with white light, as if there would be lightning and thunder at any time.

 But Xie Chen was wearing the jacket that the teenager put on his body, and felt the warmth like never before.

 He looked at the figure of the little boy who put his clothes and umbrella on him, wearing half white short sleeves and kept blocking passing cars, but unfortunately there were not many cars, and no one was willing to stop for a troubled boy.

 His heart is getting weaker and weaker, if he hadn’t tried hard to see the figure of the young man anxious for him, he would have closed his eyes long ago.

 The teenager stopped more than a dozen cars, and finally stood motionless on the side of the road, letting the cars pass by.

 Xiao Xiechen knew that he had given up, and he was already very grateful.

 I am very grateful to see someone really worried for him at the last moment of my life.

 Then he saw the motionless teenager suddenly rushing into the middle of the road, kneeling on his knees without warning and raising his hands to stop the car.

 The oncoming car braked suddenly. The driver, a middle-aged uncle, hurriedly pulled the child to the side of the road, only to see a figure curled up on the side of the road that seemed to be lifeless.

 The uncle hurriedly sent the child to the hospital and paid the medical bills in advance. The hospital notified the parents of the other party that they had already contacted him, so he stopped making money.

 The other’s family wanted to thank him, but he refused.

 The boy also followed, only to stay until he was picked up by the Xie family doctor.

 went abroad again.

 His heart is not good, and the doctor said that he will not live to twenty-eight, so he has never dared to see him. He checked his body a few days ago, and his heart has miraculously recovered. The little guy has also appeared for a month and never disappeared.

 And the middle-aged uncle who helped him was the owner of a media company that was on the verge of bankruptcy when he accidentally signed Jiang Ye.

 Jiang also ran over and hooked the big brother on the shoulder, smiling brightly.

 Xie Chen looked at him tenderly and kissed him sideways.

 You kneeled for me and gave me new life and love.

 When I knelt in front of your tomb for a few days, I had only one thought. If I can transfer my life, I would like to use the chance of eternal life to exchange for your well-being in this life.

 If it is destined to be separated forever, I would like to go with you in front of your tomb.

 ——Xiao Fanwai

 ”Ah! Why am I gone again!”

 Jiang also got up in the morning. Today, the crew has finished filming and plans to have a good time.

 As a result, as soon as he got up, he didn’t even have to lift the quilt, and people just wore the quilt and passed by.

 He looked bewildered, looking at the sleeping person next to him, and panic in his heart.

 For a month, he never changed back to his soul body, making him almost forget that he still had such a possibility.

 He thought that God had lowered the curtain and rewarded him with his life.

 How can I do this, what should the big brother do if he can’t see himself in the morning?

 Jiang also jumped in a hurry and shouted beside him: “Brother, wake up, I really didn’t disappear, I just changed back again, ah, what can I do?”

 Jiang also jumped out of bed, circling in the bedroom, the bed man opened his eyes.

 Xie Chen had discovered it long ago, and after a brief panic, he calmed down.

 Jiang also turned around for a few laps before remembering what he had to do before, and hurriedly ran back and hugged the big brother for a while.

 In the morning, the man was instinctively energetic, and as soon as he kissed his lips, Xie Chen couldn’t help it.

 He opened his eyes, looked at the cute little girl with an anxious face, and threw away his armor.

 Jiang is also busy. At that time, it was like this every time. The next day will be back to normal. Hurry up and change back!

 Zheng Bo was vigorous, and turned over by a burst of force on his waist, and then he looked straight into a pair of eyes.

 ”Brother, can you… see me?”

 Jiang also blinked, his pink lips gently opening and closing.

 Xie Chen’s eyes were gentle and he seemed to want to hide the whole person in his eyes. He slowly lowered his head and covered it, his voice was soft and hoarse in Jiang Ye’s ear: “Do you know how you can come back?”

 ”Maybe I know. .” The

 quilt was re-covered.

 Jiang also spent the first day of rest after finishing the project in bed.

 The whole day, exhausted at night, but unable to control his physical instinct, he gently pushed the big brother who was about to start again: “Brother, you haven’t said it yet, what can I do?”

 ”I’m telling you, Bao Son.”

 When he turned over, Jiang Ye exclaimed softly, confused and unable to think.

 Xie Chen fell asleep until midnight.

 Later, at a certain event, Jiang was also changing his clothes backstage, and when he turned around, the person in the mirror disappeared.

 He hurriedly called: “Brother, come here.”

 The person on the other end of the phone got up and walked out, calmly saying, “Call husband.”

 Xie Chen doesn’t know why there is such a bug, but he must be able to combine with the little guy. It’s a great opportunity to come back.

 It has been half a year since the last time he disappeared.

 With persistent efforts, the little guy can keep appearing.

 No, still can’t overfeed.

 He wanted to listen to this kind of distress call that the little guy was eagerly begging for.

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I Fell in Love After Becoming a Ghost

I Fell in Love After Becoming a Ghost

Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
The entertainment industry’s top star Jiang Ye, became a ghost trapped in a cemetery after his death. He never expected that the man kneeling in front of his grave, facing wind, rain, and thunder——turned out to be the big boss Xie Chen, who terrorized the business world with his ruthless methods! The media’s evaluation of this mysterious person was: Cold, Noble, Wealthy, and Indifferent. Jiang Ye looked at the man kneeling in front of his tomb stone for 7 days and nights with a dazed expression. This man stubbornly insisted on engraving under his name the words: Eternal life, My love. Jiang Ye: ??? Jiang Ye, who was now a ghost, left the cemetery with the boss. He found that as long as he stayed with him, he could touch anything as if he were still alive and that no one was able to see him. Big boss Xie Chen looked at the youth who was eating and drinking leisurely while being undressed. His mouth twitched slightly and his cold and noble temperament hid his darkened eyes. Shou Jiang: No one can see me. Gong Xie (pretending not to see): I really can’t see it.


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