Doomsday Stewed Salted Fish – Chapter 69

In 2150, the last group of C-level monsters on Antarctica was killed by Gu Fan and six people, and then turned to ashes in the raging flames released by the beacon.

So far, the mutant monsters that were once produced with the great radiation have been completely wiped out on the earth.

This also declares that the apocalyptic era that has shrouded the earth for a hundred years has officially ended, and human beings have once again become the masters of the earth.

“It’s finally over.”

Fenghuo lay in a pile of snow without any image, facing the blue sky.

The air here is cold, the sky is extremely blue, and there is no trace of variegation.

Maybe seeing him lying down like this was too comfortable, Meng Lianying, Xinghe, and Qingteng also lay down.

Gu Fan smiled and lay down on the other side of Qingteng.

Only Lu Ya, still standing upright in the snow.

He was special, and Gu Fan’s eyes fell on him.

Lu Ya is already seventy-eight years old, but because he has taken the Xisui Dan, Lu Ya looks only in his forties at this time, his eyes are more profound and restrained, and there are some wrinkles at the corners of his eyes, the years have indeed left him. The traces left, but it did not detract from his charm at all, on the contrary, it became more and more charming.

More than 30 years ago, there were no traces of monsters on all continents. Humans achieved land freedom and their populations increased.

Gu Fan followed the team back to the base several times. Every time he went back, Lu Ya would add a new batch of girl fans. The girls looked at Lu Ya with the purest and warmest admiration.

She was just an ant in the world of self-cultivation who broke into the earth by mistake, but Lu Ya was the real genius on earth.

Gu Fan could understand the girls’ admiration for Lu Ya because she was one of them.

Even if Lu Ya began to show his old age, in Gu Fan’s heart, Lu Ya was still the unattainable young commander of the base when they first met, a restrained man who quietly stuffed a pot of flowers into her tent. After fifty years, she My love for him is deepening day by day.

“You don’t need to fight monsters anymore, Qingteng and I are going to have a few children, what are your plans?”

After enough rest, Fenghuo smiled and sat up and asked his friends.

Qingteng glared at him, but did not refute.

Except for Gu Fan, they looked to be almost forty years old. After fighting monsters for so long, Qingteng also wanted to set up a small family.

For example, Sheng An, who was more rebellious and carefree when he was young, also married a wife when he was middle-aged and no longer followed them. Of course, Fenghuo speculated that Sheng An was jealous of the fact that they were still young and handsome, so they stopped playing with them. Otherwise, everyone was so young, only Sheng An was the youngest but looked like an old man in his fifties or sixties. , how sad.

Xinghe Road: “I want to open a library. It has always been my dream to be a librarian.”

Meng Lianying laughed. After laughing, he thought about it and said, “I will open an adventure club. Take those children who have never seen the world to visit the mountains and rivers of the motherland. Cousin, Fanfan, what are the plans for the two of you?”

Gu Fan looked at Lu Ya. As far as she knew, Lu Ya was very popular among the Chinese people. I really hope that Lu Ya will be in politics.

Lu Ya looked at Gu Fan: “Where are you, where am I.”

“Hey, my teeth are sore!”

Meng Lianying let out an exaggerated roar.

Gu Fan teased Lu Ya: “If I want to retreat, are you waiting by the side?”

Lu Ya nodded.

He has spent the first half of his life fighting for the base and mankind. From now on, he just wants to accompany Gu Fan until the end of his life.


four of Xinghe returned to China.

Today’s Huaxia Kingdom is no longer in ruins, cities are being rebuilt in various places, and the once tourist destination continues to be open to tourists.

Except for the Fairy Peak in Anshi.

Fairy Peak was circled separately and still belonged to Gu Fan’s private territory.

Gu Fan and Lu Ya returned to Fairy Peak.

Below the cave, after the pot of red flowers was transplanted to the ground by Lu Ya, it has been growing naturally, and now a sea of ​​flowers has grown. In the early summer flowering season, the delicate red flowers bloomed in full swing, and the faint floral fragrance drifted in the wind.

After several years of not returning, there was dust everywhere in the cave. Gu Fan performed a dust removal technique, and the two walked in.

“I may have to close a small gate.” Gu Fan said to Lu Ya.

A while ago in Antarctica, her cultivation finally broke through the ninth floor of the Foundation Establishment period.

The level of the cultivation technique in Gu Fan’s hands is really bad, which makes her practice very slow by meditating. If it wasn’t for Gu Fan who has been killing monsters and killing monsters for 50 consecutive years, if she only relied on meditating, she might still be doing it now. The sixth floor of the foundation building period.

Lu Ya knew that she wanted to stabilize her realm and let her retreat in peace.

Gu Fan: “Would you like to go back to Lu’s house? Your aunt is old, you should stay with her more.”

Lu Ya pulled her into his arms, touched her still-girly cheek, and said, “Tomorrow morning, you will retreat. , I’ll go again.”

Tomorrow morning retreat, naturally to do other things tonight.

He was so active that Gu Fan unceremoniously accepted him another wave of Yuanyang.

After a lingering night, as soon as Gu Fan retreated in the morning, Lu Ya left and made an appointment to come back in five days.

On the inaccessible Fairy Peak, Gu Fan was completely immersed in cultivation.

She didn’t know how long it had passed, but when her realm was stable, Gu Fan opened her eyes and swept her consciousness out, and saw that Lu Ya had come back, sitting on the sofa, looking at a pot of flowers on the coffee table.

Gu Fan laughed. He really likes flower pots. He raised a large one and made a smaller one.

After changing into a black skirt, Gu Fan walked out.

“How long have I been in seclusion?” Gu Fan sat beside him, then skillfully lay down in his arms, resting his head on one of his legs.

Lu Ya lowered his head, rubbed her long black hair with one hand, and touched her face lightly with the other, his eyes were gentle: “One month.”

Gu Fan grabbed his hand and kissed: “I’m sorry, let you I’ve waited for so long.”

This is an obvious invitation, and every time Gu Fan retreats a little longer, he will definitely compensate Lu Ya well when he wakes up.

Receiving her signal, a smile appeared in Lu Ya’s eyes, he leaned over, his mature and handsome face gradually approached Gu Fan.

Gu Fan closed his eyes, waiting for the familiar throbbing.

However, Lu Ya’s kiss has not arrived yet.

Gu Fan opened it suspiciously.

Looking at her so charming and confused, Lu Ya finally showed a helpless smile: “I have something, I have to tell you.” The

monsters have been killed, what else can make Lu Ya delay this?

Lu Ya held her up with a big hand and helped her up first.

Gu Fan was even more confused, sat down and waited for him to speak.

Lu Ya coughed, walked to the entrance of the cave, looked at the sky and asked, “Do you remember the barrier in the sky?”

Lu Ya rarely coughs, especially this kind of fake cough before raising any embarrassing topics, including him Just that helpless smile.

Gu Fan felt that there was something strange in his heart, but Lu Ya’s words suppressed the strange feeling in time, and answered first: “Remember, what’s wrong?”

Lu Ya still faced the sky, and coughed again: “I know How did that enchantment come to be?”

Gu Fan:

She doesn’t even know, how can Lu Ya know?

With her expression of disbelief, Lu Ya had already explained it herself: “In the realm of cultivation, the realm of cultivators is from the bottom to the top, which are the Qi-refining stage, the foundation-building stage, the Jindan stage, the Nascent Soul stage, the God-transforming stage, and the virtual-refining stage. The stage, the integration stage, the Mahayana stage, the transcendence stage, and beyond the tribulation stage, is the ascension to immortals. Among them, the monks in the virtual refining stage can transform into the primordial spirit in their bodies. The main body is of the same mind, and when the realm of the avatar is also cultivated to the perfect stage of refining, the main body and the avatar can merge into one, survive the thunder tribulation, and then advance to the cultivator in the integration stage.”

Gu Fan: …

Her realm is too low, so low that she has only heard of the magical powers of the Nascent Soul cultivator, and she knows nothing about the higher realms.

How did Lu Ya know?


“You listen to me first.” Lu Ya interrupted her warmly, and continued: “One of them was a monk in the Void Refinement Stage. When he merged the body and the clone, he ushered in a thunder calamity. Seventy-two Heavy thunder catastrophe, the last catastrophe is not a simple thunder catastrophe, but destroys the cultivator’s body and makes his primordial spirit into a small world, if the other party can resolve the catastrophe of the small world, it will be considered a successful calamity and will be promoted to fit.”

“The small world this cultivator has invested in is the Earth. His doom is life and death, not his own life and death, but the life and death of the entire human race. If he can help human beings gain vitality and break the calamity, he will be able to get fit. The cultivation base of the period will return to the cultivation of immortality. The barrier outside the earth was laid before he was reincarnated to avoid interference.”

Gu Fan subconsciously said: “Then how did I get through?”

Lu Ya lowered his eyes, the corner of his mouth. A complex smile appeared: “Because when the cultivator first broke through the spirit transformation period, he encountered a strong enemy and hid in a cave to heal his wounds. At that time, there was a couple of boys and girls in the cave, and the man was kind-hearted and saved them. The female nun who was almost humiliated. After the healing, the man wanted to walk away. The little nun was timid and prayed for his protection. Even though she could not get the reward, she followed the man boldly. The man found it interesting and protected her. Along the way, before parting, she also gave her a defensive talisman.”

Gu Fan was stunned.

This is her experience.

Lu Ya finally turned around. Before turning around, he was still mature in his forties. When he stood facing Gu Fan, he had regained his unparalleled beauty in two decades. The face is still the one that Gu Fan is familiar with, but the temperament has changed, some are loose, and some are looking at her helplessly: “Gu Fan, I am your savior anyway, you really can’t remember my face. ?”

Gu Fan was chilled, but tears rolled down uncontrollably.

She remembered this face, and remembered that it was the face of Lu Ya, an earth man. Now that the owner of this face has become that master, where did her Lu Ya go?

“Where’s Lu Ya?” She bit her lip, holding back her tears and asked.

Lu Ya: “I am Lu Ya. I grew up like this in the world of self-cultivation, and it was the same when I was reincarnated on Earth. From beginning to end, there was only one Lu Ya.”

Gu Fan’s vision blurred: “The Lu Ya I want to be with me.”

“Is that so?”

Gu Fan wiped away his tears. Looking at it again, the expert Lu Ya in front of the cave turned into a cold-faced Lu Ya in his 40s.

But she knew that his appearance had only changed slightly, but he was still the soul of a master.

So, Lu Ya, who had a cold face like frost and quietly sent her flowers, would never come back?

Gu Fan closed his eyes, unable to hold back his tears any longer.

“Don’t cry, how can I explain, he is me, I am him, if I don’t want to hide you, I can always accompany you in the way I just did.” Lu Ya walked quickly to the sofa, trying to wipe it off for her tears.

She had never cried so sadly in her fifty years of memory.

“Fan Fan…”

Gu Fan turned his head and covered his ears, not wanting to hear him call him that.

Lu Ya sighed, he could turn his hand to the cloud, but he didn’t know how to coax the girl not to cry.

Well, always give her time to accept it.

Lu Ya sat on the end of the sofa, looking outside, looking at her, and looking at the flowerpot on the coffee table.

Slowly, Gu Fan stopped crying, she lowered her head, and still had a question: “You gave me the defensive talisman, what does it have to do with me coming to Earth?”

Lu Ya: “The defensive talisman is dead. You may not even have time to take the talisman, so I left a touch of primordial spirit and a teleportation formation on the talisman, so that I can pass you to me when you are in danger.”

At that time, he already had a spirit transformation. Even the masters of the Nascent Soul stage are not in the eyes of the cultivation stage of the stage, and when they meet the disciples of the qi refining stage, they are regarded as a must.

But there was a timid and daring little female cultivator who broke into his world by accident.

She was afraid of death, but she was not greedy, she didn’t admire his handsomeness, and she didn’t care about his cultivation. She followed him all the way, and when she got to a safe place, she thanked her obediently and prepared to leave.

Looking at her childish little face, he took out a defensive talisman that he had collected in his early years. When he was about to give it away, he realized that this talisman might not be of much use.

As a result, eighty years later, when he almost forgot about the little female cultivator, this primordial spirit actually sent her to his small world where he was robbed.

Perhaps, this is his relationship with her.

Doomsday Stewed Salted Fish

Doomsday Stewed Salted Fish

Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
As a low-leveled alchemist with white skin and good looks, Gu Fan is greedy for life and fears death. She only wants to earn some small money. Transmigrating to Earth where monsters are everywhere, Gu Fan quickly went to the human base and continued to sell medicine for a living. Her medicines are high quality and inexpensive, and all major forces want to pull her in to join the group. Gu Fan was somewhat worried and didn’t know which one to pick. Lu Ya: Pack up your things and follow me to City C tomorrow. Gu Fan: Can I not go? Lu Ya: No. After so many times, the entire Jiangnan base understood that Gu Fan was the woman of Young Marshal Lu Ya. Love is hard to part with; you take it wherever you go. Gu Fan: No, no, no, he just wants my medicine! Stationed on the front line of the battlefield, S-class Young Marshal & greedy for money and afraid of death, Aunt Salted Fish.


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