Don’t Give Her the Shot – Chapter 9

9. Would you like to feed me? When I

  woke up, it was empty, and Meng Huaiyan blinked and let it go for a while before I remembered This is Jiang Shu’s house. He was not by his side, which seemed to be a dream of his own.

  But the quilt that surrounded her and the pillow that held her still had the breath that belonged to Jiang Shu. Meng Huaiyan closed her eyes and sank into the quilt. A dull, rising pain suddenly came from her lower body. All her senses were real, so it was not a dream at night.

  The curtains in the bedroom were draped, and there was no light, and the time in the room was blurred. She stayed in bed for a while, but she was no longer sleepy. She stretched out her hand under the quilt to look for her mobile phone, but didn’t touch it. After thinking about it carefully, she was probably still on the sofa in the living room. , did not care about it.

  Meng Huaiyan slowly got up, opened the curtains and finally let in light. The sun was shining brightly. She closed her eyes and basked in the sun for a while before she turned around with her waist stretched. Only then did she find the note on the head of the bed.

  ”Urgent business, don’t read when you wake up, the food is on the table, eat it when it’s hot. Wait for me to come back.” At the

  end, the word “Jiang Shu” was dropped.

  The person who left the letter probably changed his mind later, and there were several slashes above the word “Wu”. It’s really naive, and it makes the readers of the letter show their first smile of the day. The bathroom has been restored to order, there are no scattered clothes, and there is no splash on the floor, but Meng Huaiyan stepped in as if he saw the disorderly indulgence at the bottom of the order, and when he looked up at the mirror, it was already clear. A big red face.

  He rudely used the new toothbrush and towel on the sink, thinking that someone was considerate. I wasn’t hungry until I saw the egg fried rice and a few side dishes on the table, and my stomach made a few noises. Meng Huaiyan ate the meal clean and ate some of the vegetables in a big mouth. The rest was covered with plastic wrap and put in the refrigerator.

  It was almost twelve o’clock when we got home, and the little pimple ran over as soon as the door opened. Meng Huaiyan knew that it was hungry, so he hugged it distressedly, and then went to prepare cat food.

  The little pimple is her British shorthair.

  Meng Huaiyan squatted beside it, watching it eat happily, and tentatively said: “Little pimple, you seem to have a father.” The

  cat took time to respond with a “meow”, which was very perfunctory.

  She couldn’t figure out what it meant, and asked again, “Are you happy?”


  Meng Huaiyan thought that she was probably crazy, pursed her lips, and unconsciously smiled.

  The mobile phone alert sound came from the bag, Meng Huaiyan let it eat by itself, walked over and pulled out the phone, lying on the sofa without looking at it.

  It was a letter from an unfamiliar number.

  ”Are you awake?”

  Who else could it be, but where did Jiang Shu get her number?

  Meng Huaiyan slapped her forehead, and everyone knew his own address, what a phone number was.

  Turning over, letting his breath slow down, he typed: “Wake up.”

  The next phone call came in, Meng Huaiyan sat up in a jiffy, and answered the phone with a clear voice: “Hello.”

  ”Good noon.” Jiang Shu’s voice became more and more sexy when he spoke. It seems that with a smile, the air of joy is also conveyed to this end.

  She pretended to be indifferent and replied, “Good noon.”

  ”Did you see the note I left for you? Remember to eat.”

  ”Well, I’ve already eaten.

  ” Just watch TV, play with the computer, the password is the same as before, if you don’t remember…”

  ”That,” Meng Huaiyan interrupted him, and said cautiously, “I’ve already gone home…” There was

  silence on the other end of the phone . After a few seconds, he said, “I’m here, isn’t it okay?” The

  tone was calmer, at least not as happy as before, Meng Huaiyan explained: “No, the cat hasn’t eaten yet, I’ll come back to feed it, And I still have classes in the afternoon, and there are students coming.”

  Jiang Shu remembered that her profile said the studio teacher, but didn’t say where she taught: “Give me the address, and I’ll pick you up after work.”

  ”No need, It’s just upstairs from me, just walk a few steps, no need to pick it up.” The

  other side was even more silent, and for a long time said lightly, “Okay.”

  Meng Huaiyan felt that Jiang Shu was not very happy, and thought about it and said, “As a return gift. , do you want to come to me for dinner?”

  ”Okay,” Jiang Shu’s mood turned brighter and asked her, “What do you do?”

  ”Well, my cooking skills have improved greatly, so I’ll show you my skills today!”

  Her proud expression seemed to be in front of her eyes, Jiang Shu smiled: “Let’s wait and see.”

  It was about five o’clock after class, and Meng Huaiyan went downstairs with the students to buy the ingredients for the evening, passing by the convenience of the community. The store bought a piece of ice cream for each of them. In this scorching weather, there is always a little cooler town.

  The children said “thank you teacher” in various tongues, which is not respectful, but has a sense of intimacy. A leather monkey, who can only be quiet when painting, took a big bite, swallowed it whole and was shivered by the ice, and said to Meng Huaiyan, “Why is the teacher in such a good mood today, I haven’t seen the corner of my mouth all afternoon. I’m afraid not! I have a boyfriend!”

  Actually being teased by an underage child, Meng Huaiyan didn’t care about the majesty of the teacher, raised her hand and pretended to say hello to him, the child ran away in a hurry, after running for a while He waved his hand back and smiled brightly: “I’m going home! Goodbye teacher!”

  The dull, humid heat in midsummer is extremely annoying, but this season is the one that Meng Huaiyan likes the most, not only because of the coldness The appetite of the people is not only the liberation of getting rid of the heavy shackles on the body, but also that in this season, everything is prosperous, within sight, and everywhere is young.

  She also raised her hand and waved, and said goodbye loudly, as if she was many years younger.

  After saying goodbye to other children one after another, Meng Huaiyan bought some ingredients according to the list. When checking out, she saw the condom on the counter. After hesitating for a few seconds, she quietly threw it into the shopping basket, and then turned her head to look casually. .

  When Jiang Shu arrived, she had already prepared several home-cooked dishes, and now she was cutting potato chips.

  The moment he opened the door, he looked directly at Shang Jiang Shu’s eyes looking down. As always, he looked at people intently , “I’m back.” With even more firepower in his eyes, Meng Huaiyan avoided his sight, left the sentence “Remember to close the door” and ran back to the kitchen.

  Jiang Shu was not annoyed, he entered the door slowly and closed it again.

  The second time I visited her private territory, it was a completely different mentality from before. If that time was counted as a rash visit with an unknown future, then this time it can be counted as a leisurely return.

  ”I’m back”, it doesn’t mean that the house has someone’s name on it to be home, but Yu Jiang Shu said that Huaiyan will have his surname one day, then either of the two of them lived in her residence. Yes, he went, that is to go home.   Meng Huai didn’t lift his cigarette butt, and said, “If you’re thirsty

  , pour some water yourself. There’s cold drinks in the refrigerator. You can drink if you want.” Looking at

her, he lightly rubbed her cheek twice, “I just miss you very much.”

  Meng Huaiyan’s ear tip was visibly red, Jiang Shu looked at her in a good mood, and gave her a light peck twice.

  ”You’re like this, I’m not good at cooking.” I

  didn’t expect Jiang Shu to talk very well this time, so he didn’t put anyone in his arms anymore, he just said, “Okay, I’ll help you.” But

  she clearly agreed that she would cook Cooking for him, there is no reason to let him help. Meng Huaiyan kept his hands on him, coaxed him a lot, and finally sent him to Xiaogang to play with him, Jiang Shu took the opportunity to beg for a light kiss for reward.

  Xiaogang was having fun with the ball of wool, and didn’t pay attention to the people who approached. Jiang Shu squatted down and approached, and reached out to touch its fluffy hair, and it slid after the ball of yarn and ran to another place. In one place, he still ignored him.

  Jiang Shu had never been neglected by pets like this before, and now he was secretly more motivated. He untied the cuffs of his shirt, rolled them up on his forearms, walked over to the cat with his long legs, and called his name warmly.

  After going back and forth several times, Jiang Shu planned to reach out to hug it, but the little pimple simply climbed onto the cat climbing frame. Jiang Shu watched it slip through his fingers again, lay on the cushion, yawned lazily, and licked it. After a few claws, he buried his face away from him, closed his eyes and rested.

  Frustrated, very frustrated.

  Meng Huaiyan’s last roasted pork with potatoes was also ready. When he was in the stew pot, he paid attention to the movement here, and was overjoyed at the moment. She put the dishes on the dining table, holding back her smile and said, “Our little pimple is a handsome cat that I have photographed on the set. There are many people teasing it, but it only pays attention to girls.” Shu pulled over, “Don’t be discouraged.”

  Jiang Shu snorted coldly.

  ”Okay, it’s actually just jealous that you are more handsome than it.”

  There was also a commotion over there: “Meow!”

  Jiang Shu clenched her hand and looked down into her eyes: “Then as compensation, do you want to feed me? 10.

  Fuck you every day , how are you?

  Jiang Shu is serious and upright when discussing with people. He is not so coaxing in a low voice when he asks the other party’s opinion, but Meng Huaiyan will never be able to refuse him to ask her for something in such a tone of voice.

  She took a piece of green vegetables, hesitated for a moment, and chose to put it in Jiang Shu’s bowl.

  Jiang Shu sneered, took an egg and handed it to her mouth: “You want to feed people like this.”

  Meng Huaiyan glared at him, but stuttered obediently. He took another vegetable leaf for him, but this time he didn’t put it in the bowl.

  Jiang Shu finally stopped being picky and let her feed him in, and then he didn’t ask Huaiyan to give him any more sweetness in the name of compensation. After eating the meal peacefully, he took the initiative to take the task of washing the dishes, not like a guest.

  Meng Huaiyan didn’t stop him. After all, he could cook, but if he could wash the dishes, he could escape.

  When Jiang Shu cleaned up the kitchen, Meng Huaiyan had already prepared dinner for Xiaogang, and was doing yoga after the rest. Just as she was putting her hands on the ground and raising one leg high, it fell into Jiang Shu’s eyes, only to see her with her back to him, her plump buttocks tightly wrapped in cotton shorts, the shorts almost twitching. At the base of the leg, the slender straight leg opened and closed up and down, and there was an ambiguous fabric looming.

  Should not have any ideas, but can not help but have some ideas.

  Jiang Shu suppressed the thought that came up, and sat down on the sofa beside her.

  Meng Huaiyan looked at him distractedly, but as soon as she met those dark eyes, she acted as if she had stepped on a sudden stop, and she could no longer lift her legs. She sat up and changed to another movement that was less imaginative. She was surrounded by warmth, but she still casually chatted with him: “It’s getting dark.

  ” Too dark, the city center is nearby, and the lights are scattered not far away.

  Jiang Shu turned his head to look at it and said, “It’s okay.”

  He didn’t seem to mean to leave, but he didn’t say no. Meng Huaiyan didn’t want to ask again, it seemed like he was looking forward to something more, so he continued busy. with your own exercise.

  Jiang Shu took the magazine on the coffee table and flipped it casually. He didn’t pay attention to it at first, so he didn’t pay much attention to it. When he encountered a good composition, he would stay for a while until a familiar face appeared in front of him.

  It was a group of very hazy pictures, and there were only two things in the picture.
It is composed of elements, one is beauty, and the other is yarn forging.

  Meng Huaiyan closed his eyes and looked at the camera in a daze. His eyes moved to other places, leaving only a side face and a half side face for the camera. The semi-transparent gauze lightly covered his face, or fell on the top of his hair as if he would She dresses up as a bride, or wraps her body softly. The camera captures the soul-stirring moments from various angles. A stranger and a dead object, when they are combined into one, seem to have a wonderful impact, as if they can pull people out of this mortal world in the next second, or It is to grab the hearts that are floating around and teach them to completely fall into boundless vulgarity.

  Jiang Shu classified himself into the latter, and faintly gave birth to her unwarranted jealousy that someone else had taken her.

  He scrutinized each of them carefully. Meng Huaiyan didn’t hear his page turning for a long time, moved to him, sat on the armrest and looked at it, only to see that he was fascinated by his own photos, and he was in a happy mood : “Is it good-looking!” It

  doesn’t mean a question, it’s more like a student who can’t wait to be praised.

  Jiang Shu looked at her seriously and said, “You look good.” After a pause, he added solemnly, “You are the best looking.”

  Meng Huaiyan didn’t know how to react after getting his compliment so easily . Outside the window, I looked at him again: “Aren’t you going back?”

  ”You want me to go?”

  Meng Huaiyan muttered slowly, “It’s not…”

  ”Then I won’t go.”

  Meng Huaiyan said with an “ah”, “But I don’t have any clothes you can wear here.”

  Jiang Shu raised his eyebrows and motioned her to look at the cabinet at the entrance: “Bring it.”

  There really was a kraft paper bag on it. Huaiyan has been hiding in flames since she opened the door for him, but she never noticed it.

  It turned out that someone came and didn’t plan to leave, and she was the only one who was wondering whether to keep him or not. Meng Huaiyan turned his body in the direction of the armrest, put his feet on Jiang Shu’s thighs, and stepped on them lightly to vent his dissatisfaction.

  Jiang Shu was scratched at the center of her feet, and he put his hand on her ankle to prevent her from making trouble.

  Meng Huaiyan tried to pull out his feet, but he was tightly bound and could not pull out.

  ”Let it go.”

  ”Don’t let it go.”

  She moved her ankle vigorously, but it didn’t work, but it rubbed somewhere it shouldn’t have touched. With only one touch, Meng Huaiyan settled down and did not dare to move.

  ”Why didn’t you run away?” Jiang Shu asked knowingly.

  She didn’t want to answer anymore, and seeing Jiang Shu looked up at her and smiled, the idea of ​​not admitting defeat suddenly popped up. She moved her foot over, but Jiang Shu didn’t stop her, but she moved his hand easily with her.

  The sole of the foot felt a hard object rise slowly, and the shape and outline became clearer between the back and forth movements. Meng Huaiyan controlled the strength under his feet, afraid that stepping on him would hurt him, so the arms he was supporting tightened a little, and his fingers were slightly harder to grasp the sofa leather under his hands.

  Jiang Shu loosened his hands a little and slowly slid down the back of her feet, hugging her heels, and then lifted her lower body to find a more convenient position, and rubbed her genitals against the feet she held in her palms. He got up, groaning in a low voice.

  The last time he used his calf to set fire to the fire, this time he put on his feet to do further nasty things. Meng Huaiyan’s sanity was about to be gradually burnt out by Jiang Shu’s stiff and hot genitals.

  a long time.

  ”It’s so sour, I can’t move it.” She said softly.

  Jiang Shu really didn’t do anything, and returned to a serious sitting position, gently pinching her feet in his hands to relax.

  Meng Huaiyan looked at him with lowered eyes and serious actions, but couldn’t see the chaotic appearance just now, and asked, “Is it… uncomfortable there?”

  Jiang Shu suddenly paused, looked up at her, and said with a smile, “I did it yesterday. It’s too hard, Ah Yan, don’t you feel pain?”

  Ah Yan, Ah Yan.

  It wasn’t the murmur when he was confused, nor was it “Miss Meng” who had been estranged from each other since the reunion. When he was awake, Jiang Shu was calling him an affectionate name, and Meng Huaiyan’s heart almost turned back and forth.

  ”Well,” she shook her head, “it doesn’t hurt anymore.”

  Jiang Shu’s smile gradually faded, and he suddenly pulled hard on his hand, Meng Huaiyan accidentally slipped into his arms, and subconsciously hugged him for fear of falling. The waist and face are buried in the lower abdomen.

  She realized how ambiguous this posture was, and when she came back to her senses, the smell of Jiang Shu was in her nostrils. He used to use the fragrance of plants and trees, but now it was mixed with a bit of sweat that invaded Meng Huai’s senses, teaching her to take a few more sniffs.

  How could a man resist burying his beloved woman’s head against his lower abdomen, Jiang Shu put his right hand around her thin waist, his left palm turned her head to him, and suddenly lowered his head to kiss her.

  She hooked Jiang Shu’s neck and opened her mouth to meet his aggressive approach. I just ate strawberry-flavored candy, and now even the kiss is tainted with strawberry-flavored.

  An arrogant strawberry.

  Jiang Shu let go of her, she slipped her hand through the hem of his clothes, touched his distinct abdominal muscles, and whispered, “It’s so hard.”

  How could Jiang Shu not hear, and said, “You know, where is it more? hard.

  Meng Huaiyan turned his hand in a different direction, untied his trousers, and tucked his palms in along the seam. Jiang Shu was already hard, and his genitals could easily touch her hands when he raised his head . So Jiang Shu could only see the bulging mass of his lower body, which kept moving, and the glans gradually came out of his panties, so he couldn’t hide it. What you can see, what you can’t see, turns into friction and collision hidden in the dark.

  Meng Huaiyan got up, changed his position to sit astride Jiang Shu, pulled his hand over his hip, and leaned on him. He said, “Help me take it off. ”

  When Jiang Shu removed the cover from her lower body, two fingers suddenly touched the mouth of the acupoint. Jiang Shu went to check her condition and found that there was already some water, but not much. I wanted to help Huaiyan to do some foreplay. Knowing that she cleaned her pants more quickly, and then pulled down Jiang Shu’s underwear, holding his genitals in one hand and was about to sit down.

  Jiang Shu was caught off guard, and she hurriedly ate it into the hole, making a coquettish sound in Huaiyan. When he was panting softly, he groaned as well.

  He held the rest of the genitals that had not yet been inserted, and seeing her frowning and showing discomfort, he was suddenly sore and angry, and those obscene thoughts rushed straight to his forehead: “What’s the hurry? ,Take it easy. The

  emotion in his voice is not very good. Meng Huaiyan still frowned and wanted to sit down, but Jiang Shu grabbed his buttocks. Her tender pussy

  grinded enough water, and then she slowly released her left hand, letting her dick sink into her pussy again. It’s like a piece of tender tofu that will break when it hits. Jiang Shu restrained his strength and pushed upwards, lifted Huaiyan’s short-sleeved hem to suck her breasts.

  ”I don’t wear underwear, why don’t I just hold it . Grandma waiting for me to eat?

  Huaiyan took off her clothes seriously, and held her tits to Jiang Shu: “Then take a breath… ”

  Jiang Shu secretly cursed “Fuck”, opened his mouth and shoved the Yin Hong into the mouth, and when he switched to the other side, he squeezed out a sentence between his lips: “Is Ah Yan a slut?”

  Huai Yan ignored him and supported him His shoulders were forced up and down to be actively fucked. As a result, the tits also trembled up and down. Jiang Shu didn’t press too hard, so he always let the areola and nipples run out of his mouth.

  He straightened up and slapped her ass: “I’m so happy to be fucked? It’s so tight, but the tits don’t give me a good meal. Sao or not, eh?”

  Huaiyan looked at him aggrieved, and put the heavy two The group held Jiang Shu’s mouth and said, “I’ll give you something to eat…”

  Jiang Shu’s eyes were hot, and he gave her a hard punch: “Speak! Ah Yan is not arrogant!

  ” Yes, Ah Yan… Ah Yan is so flamboyant…”

  ”Is Ah Yan Jiang Shu’s little slut?” He pinched the erect nipple on one side.

  Huaiyan whimpered: “Yes! Yes…”

  ”Speak up,” Jiang Shu pretended to pull out his dick, “If you don’t say it, you will stop eating your dick.”

  Huaiyan subconsciously clenched her acupuncture points and caught Jiang Shu He took a deep breath: “Wuwu… Ah Yan is Jiang Shu’s little slut…”

  Jiang Shu wrapped his hands around her waist and pressed the areola in front of him tightly in his mouth. Jiang Shu’s pussy also seemed to be nailed to Jiang Shu’s dick and couldn’t move. Afterwards, he didn’t even have the strength to shrink, so he could only passively let him fuck hard.

  Being blocked by his tits, he was almost breathless, Jiang Shu picked up Huaiyan and put it on the sofa, and then gave her a violent fuck from the front. Huaiyan was nailed into the sofa by his strength, and sweat dripped from Jiang Shu’s body. She raised her hand to touch Jiang Shu’s face, with the same enthusiasm as herself.

  ”Come and live with me and fuck you every day, okay?”

  ”But I…here…ah…it’s more convenient…”

  ”It’s the same when I move here,” Jiang Shu hugged Huaiyan tightly, slammed under him quickly, panting in her ear, “I’ll move over here. , I fuck you like this every day, say yes, Ah Yan, say it.”


  Jiang Shu shot all of her in her, Huaiyan could still remember the box she bought at this time. It comes in handy, and then there is no strength at all.


  I don’t have it either.

  It wasn’t my intention to have a car in this chapter, it was manipulated by them.

  11. You stole my seeds . His

  strength was almost exhausted, but his consciousness was still there. Meng Huaiyan vaguely felt that Jiang Shu was holding him and lay down on his back. After a while, a blanket fell over him. With her eyes half-open, she saw Jiang Shu’s facial features enlarged in front of her eyes, and her back lip was lightly touched.

  ”Take a rest, I’ll go to boil water.” Wen Xu was gentle, as if coaxing a child.

  Meng Huaiyan replied sticky “Okay” and was kissed by Jiang Shu again.

  She found that Jiang Shu loved to kiss her like this, and she actually enjoyed being kissed by him like this. It was very different from when they were passionately intertwined.

  Jiang Shu walked into the bathroom lightly, and when he came back, he lifted the blanket and put his hand through Meng Huaiyan’s armpit and the crook of his leg.

Don’t Give Her the Shot

Don’t Give Her the Shot

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Native Language: Chinese
She’s mainly an arts class teacher, who’s working as a part time model. As if it’s not enough, she’ll also participate as one of the female guest in a dating show. And who knew that the director would turn out to be her ex-boyfriend? So what? She couldn’t give up on that money! In love, one is proud while the other is inferior. It’s love when they both interact and communicate. And despite their contradictions, she remains loyal to him. A sweet slice of life story following Jiang Shu and Meng Huaiyan.


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