Died Before the Wedding – Chapter 11

Then all my quarrels with him disappeared.

He is still as usual.

Don’t stir up trouble, live step by step, like a veteran cadre.

Except that the whole class had to detour when they saw him.

It was as if the words “Don’t mess with” were stuck on his face.

I think it’s amazing to be with him.

I can’t help but think about a few words. Every time he listens quietly, the expression on his face is as calm as ever, he never talks nonsense, and every reply is sharp.

I tried so hard to get waves on his face, to get him to reply to me as if it were a daily challenge.

I want to get closer to him, I want to do everything related to him, read the books he usually reads, understand what he likes to do, work and save money and want to buy something for him, although he never asks for it .

I especially like this feeling.

I don’t know when I changed from liking this feeling to liking him as a person.

It may have been the time when Tyndall’s light suddenly appeared in the cloudy sky, and he was there waiting for me when I rushed to the point.

Or there was a time when I went to self-study with him at night, and I couldn’t go back before the access control. He took me into his dormitory for the night.

I am very impressed.

It was a little cold in his dormitory, everyone was busy, and when they entered, they could only hear the sound of typing codes.

He changed into a very large black vest, which made his skin very fair, and his figure was thin, and he looked a little weak.

He said, eat fruit.

I suddenly came back to my senses and said, ok.

So he unscrewed two cans with his bare hands.

I thought I must be crazy, my heart was beating fast for no reason, and I couldn’t get my eyes on him.

I saw him see the strong muscular lines in his stomach and arms, and the slender eyelashes that were slapped every now and then.

When we were in the same bed, I could smell the fragrance on the back of his neck.


I tried my best to stay away from this dangerous smell, and pretended to casually ask him, “Senior, you smell so good, what brand of shower gel is your body?”

He said he didn’t know that his mother bought him all his toiletries. After he recognized a brand, he would keep buying them.

I remember that night vividly.

With his back to me, my heart was going crazy, and I had to try my best to contain the heat inside so that I wouldn’t kiss his spin or bite him hard on the neck.

I understand something incredible and irreversible.

I may have fallen in love with a man.

There is a certain desire that allows me to clearly separate this feeling from the friendship.

If Lin Chu found out, what would he think of me.

I don’t want to think about it.

I went to the hospital to get a blood test on my own.

It’s ridiculous and childish to think about it now.

This person unknowingly took root in my heart, until his every move could affect my whole heart, I knew I was hopeless.

I told him that day, I like you, Lin Chu.

Can you try it with me.

He was silent.

When people are in the second period of middle school, they always feel that they are not afraid of the sky and the earth, and stand upright. But at that moment I was scared to death.

I wonder what to do if I can’t even make friends in the future.

I think even if he ignores me, I will stick to him stubbornly.

I wanted to find a reason to take this as a joke, like a bet my roommate played with me…

and he agreed.

I felt like I was dreaming, actually I pinched my thigh blue and still felt like a dream.

It wasn’t until he took the initiative to kiss me, and we hugged in an empty corner of the restaurant for a long time, and I pulled out of my sluggishness.

I don’t think I’m dreaming, this temperature is real and comes from this man.

I’m crazy happy.

Go back and catch my roommates who have escaped everywhere and hug them one by one.

I had sex with him for the first time on the second day.

I really can’t wait, just so inexperienced, wanting to take possession of him in a youthful and reckless manner, to mark him, so that all the juniors and juniors who covet him know.

This is Xie Chenmin’s, no one is allowed to move.

If he hadn’t warned me to beat me up if I dared to leave a mark, I would have actually implemented this crazy and childish idea.

For the first time, he held back and didn’t say anything. I asked him if it hurt, and it just frowned and said you should continue.

It wasn’t until he finally couldn’t help the wet red corners of his eyes that I knew I had done a terrible job the first time.

He has never accommodated me.

Always have been.

So much so that I have a feeling that without this person, what should I rely on.

before I opened my eyes, I saw his memory and me in my mind like a revolving beacon.

Every moment is fleeting.

Only when we first started was very, very long, so long that I could even clearly feel my mood at that time.

It’s always good to have more memories of good things, to temporarily break free from the reality that I’ve lost him for a while.

But people always have to look forward, and dreamers will wake up one day.

I think I still have to live on.

The sun was shining brightly on the day I was discharged from the hospital. Lucky came to pick me up, wagging its fluffy white tail, and came over to arch my legs.

I said, go, buy sausages to eat.

He whimpered.

Mom was still worried, and I apologized to her and promised that these bastards would never think of suicide again.

That day, I was holding Lucky, it went to see the kitten, my mother went to see our father, and I went to see you.

Our family is really ill-fated.

Lin Chu, Chu.

I have finished reading your diary.

I listened to you and read it day by day for five years.

Can’t blame me, blame you. You have a lot of articles in one sentence, and I couldn’t help it, so I just read a few more articles.

I’m doing pretty well now. I quit my job and become a freelancer. I write some articles every day and take care of planning activities. .

My three roommates were planning to start a business together, so they pulled me over to make up the number.

Now our company is doing well, and it’s just the little guys in the program department who occasionally do some shit.

They joked that if you were the head of the department, we could be three or four times stronger than we are now.

I now earn enough money to support myself and my mother and all the little things in the house.

I picked up another kitten from the street, but the temperament of this follow-up treasure is so different, I thought I had two Erhas.

Except when I was not around, the two worked together very well when they demolished the house together.

Makes the house very lively.

Also, I’m a “father”.

Did not expect it?

I recognized the child of the female driver as my daughter. They were both mother and daughter. I thought I could do my best to

help them.

At first, I had a really good time.

I’m trying to adjust to life without you, don’t worry about me.

At first, I miss you.

But I still can’t forget your face and your voice. I can’t find another half who can stay with me.

Forget it, I still have my mother, a daughter, a cat and a dog. I am not alone at all, and I am not in a hurry to find another partner.

At the beginning, I had been soaking for five years, but your parents finally let me in for a cup of tea.

I think if I continue to grind for a year or two, I will probably be able to completely change my mind.

Ha ha.

In the beginning, there are more and more kind people in this world.

I compiled our story into a novel and posted it on the Internet, and I didn’t expect it to be quite popular.

The Lin Chu inside is a hundred years old.

Xie Chenmin inside still likes Lin Chu very, very much.


Died Before the Wedding

Died Before the Wedding

Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2019 Native Language: Chinese
I thought that if I walk with you, it would be for a lifetime. But I don’t know how far the end of a lifetime really is. I thought it was at least far enough to share until we are both old. But I died before the wedding.


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