I Love Farming Chapter 9

Happy sowing

Happy sowing

In the same university town, there is some connection between each other. The reputation of the big five tigers also resounded through the university town. In the past, there were even other schools betting on the big canteen. People who lost would have to go to the big random to ask people to take themselves to the canteen to eat, usually they will get a look at neuropathy.

The news that the freshman cafeteria was violently reformed also spread to other schools, and everyone should watch the theater, but they took the pepper oil of the cafeteria to the height of Ajinobayashi, or even more, which made many people doubt.

c. When college students invited, some people really did not believe in evil, and went to find them, and took them to a cafeteria for a meal.

It ’s a coincidence that at this moment there are home-grown chili oils. Students from outside schools are embarrassing themselves. If they mix chili oil with white rice, they can hold the rice bowl and eat it. sound.

Relying on Aichi’s early marketing work well, a cafeteria was inadvertently standing on the shoulders of giants, and in the opposite direction of dark cuisine, once again made a name for itself in the university town of Nanhai City.

Because chilli oil is still available in limited quantities, it has inadvertently caused hunger marketing.

A cafeteria can only eat by swiping the campus card of university students, and students of other schools can only use the university students to purchase or borrow their campus cards.

Many discussion posts popped up in the big c forum, which means that under such a situation of scarce resources, the students of our school also introduced wolves into the room, eating more and occupying more, is it really appropriate?

With the east wind of Ajinobayashi, the reputation of a cafeteria has even spread beyond the university town and within the Nanhai city. At the beginning of blowing a cafeteria, some people may feel that it is an overstatement. After too many people say this, it becomes a existence like a sweeping monk. A university cafeteria also has an expert, and the hot pepper oil made by it has passed the net red restaurant.

I don’t know who has come up with a food story, saying that it was cooked by a cafeteria broken-hearted chef alone, and it was sad that chilli oil, from planting to production, was full of the chef ’s mind, so it would be so delicious.

Not to mention the food story, some people will say that pure craftsmanship is good or great, unique ingenuity.

This is so popular that people at Ajinobay Restaurant don’t know.

In fact, the amount of chili oil in a cafeteria has not affected the business of Ajinobayashi for the time being. The signboards that are affected are the hottest ones. Over time, the enthusiasm of customers will continue to decline, I think your place is no better than a school cafeteria.

After making a stepping stone, the boss was furious and asked for a big lap. The result is that this seems to be a spontaneous tout of C University students. They deliberately turned around to find out what the stubble was, such as exposing the canteen peppers as exaggerated, just for the sake of marketing and pulling on the Internet red restaurant.


“No, boss, no one will believe it. The C canteen is not open for business. It only accepts teachers and students of our school. At least it is so.”

This place is an internal cafeteria. What use is it for you to do marketing?

Boss Ajino: I’m so angry! No way!

It took several days for Cui Qichao to lead people to turn over the available land on the hill, and all the weeds to be removed were also removed. The land was hoeed, basal fertilizers were prepared, and the crops were planted after shallow tillage.

Considering the speed of the canteen ingredients, leafy vegetables such as spinach, water spinach and pakchoi are mainly grown here, and those that can be picked multiple times are also sown the most.

Cui Qichao studied it when he selected the seed. He didn’t know the variety at that time, but only knew the quality and suitability. For example, the last choice of spinach seeds is large round leaf spinach. This kind of spinach has high yield, but is not cold and disease resistant, which is more suitable for sowing this season. The seeding rate per mu is about five to seven kilograms.

It was spring, and it took Cui Qichao a few weeks to take the time to fill the back mountain with people.

The staff of the cafeteria found that Mr. Cui was really professional, not just specializing in peppers. He also knew about these vegetables, and took everyone to use the falling seed method. Connect the pipe for watering the grass, irrigate until the water has penetrated the ground, and then seed and cover the soil.

Cui Qichao was wearing a suit and he was not afraid of the inconvenience of moving up the mountain. He looked solemnly: “Be careful, be careful, and strictly control the amount of watering and fertilizing. Spinach is very important this season!”

As soon as he looked serious, everyone became nervous. Mr. Cui has a deep background. So, is there any meaning to these vegetables?

Cui Qichao continued: “Although the spinach sown in spring has a slower emergence than the summer spinach and the harvest time is nearly half a month later, the summer spinach grows fast and the nutrients are accumulated less, and the taste is actually not as good as the spring spinach! We must cherish the taste of this season ! ”

Everyone: “………”

Looking at a scene where the hills have been reclaimed, Cui Qichao is filled with satisfaction and motivation. It is too happy to be satisfied with planting desire, and he will continue to cheer.

Because there are relatively few sunny days recently, Cui Qichao is still in the cafeteria to germinate convolvulus, otherwise it is difficult to germinate directly by sowing.

He chose the Amaranth variety because it can be cultivated not only in dry land, but also in shallow water. He has quietly pointed at some of the ponds in the school, and plans to plant condiments on the edge in the name of greening, and will not waste every inch of land.

Because of this, Cui Qichao also increased the number of times he came out of the office and went downstairs. The seeds were soaked on the first floor, and they had to be washed once a day.

It’s inevitable that we will encounter the peak of rice cooking when many people come down, and many students notice the flash of the chef.

At first, almost people thought that a background board was put there, but later they found it moving. After all, Cui Qichao’s dress and kitchen look out of place, in fact it’s out of place with the entire cafeteria. He seems to be more suitable for more formal occasions such as classrooms and hotels.

Cui Qichao was watched by students who were holding rice bowls across the cooking window. The aunt was annoyed, and he scooped the rice bowl with a spoon. “You go away without cooking.”

“Sister don’t want to, ask who is the little brother behind? What are you doing here?”

The aunt glanced back and said a little proudly, “This is our boss.”

President Cui’s face and temperament have raised the standard of the entire cafeteria. They are still relatives of President Cui, and they are still very proud.

All the students who heard it were unbelieving.

Impossible, so handsome looking to run a canteen?

Some time ago, the new boss of a cafeteria had a close relationship with the headmaster. They all supplemented the image of a relatively greasy middle-aged man like the headmaster’s classmates and little sister-in-law.

The person in front gives the idea that if he contracted for a cafeteria, the school should pay money.

The aunt looked at everyone’s skeptical eyes, and then folded her arms, “I don’t believe you can go online to check. Isn’t it possible to check the legal representative?”

Auntie said so, it should be no leave.

Not long ago, many people said that a cafeteria boss bullied others and ruined the big c holy place.

At this moment, when I saw Cui Qichao himself, the wind comment became:

“Wow, the new owner of a cafeteria is really nice!”

It’s so kind. I’m still growing vegetables in Houshan for everyone to improve their food.

——Cui Qichao’s practice of planting vegetables on the back of the mountain is all praise in an instant.

After all, he looks good and does everything right.

At first, Cui Qichao knew nothing about this. He neither intended to develop a relationship on campus, basically only communicated with the cafeteria employees, and did not use the Internet of this era to watch students irrigate.

But one week later, when he took out the proposal from the suggestion box and read it, about a third of it was clipped into the cafeteria suggestion, but it was related to him.

However, looking at Cui Qichao’s eyes, the only thing he remembered was: “The boss is so handsome, you can grow as many vegetables as you want, we have no opinion!”

Great, put away, this is proof that the students also support them in a cafeteria to grow vegetables.

It’s been a while since Xiaobai got home. Cui Qichao thinks it adapts very well. At this time, there should be no stress reaction in the bath.

“Xiaobai.” Cui Qichao shouted as he entered the door, and saw that Xiaobai was lying in his shoebox and sleeping. Soon after Xiaobai got home, she always tried to climb up on the sofa or bed to sleep, but she didn’t dare after being taught by Cui Qichao many times.

Cui Qichao put down the cat shower gel and cat nest that he just bought. “Come, I bought you a cat nest, so I don’t need a sleeping shoe box in the future.”

Xiaobai showed skeptical eyes and stared at the cat’s nest for a long while before “meowing” and walking up to lie down.

“Like, this cat’s nest is quite expensive.” Cui Qichao touched Xiaobai’s head.

When Xiaobai heard this sentence, a flash of self-abandonment flashed in his eyes, and he was proud to leave the cat’s nest.

“Why, do you still prefer shoe boxes?” Cui Qichao wondered, “What can I do if I can’t sleep in the shoe box in the future, can I go back to the cafeteria and get a box …”


Xiaobai stepped out of the cat’s nest and stopped, slowly lowered his front half, stretched his waist, then rolled back casually.

“I still like it.” Cui Qichao smiled and took it to the bath again.

Even if the genes are modified, it is necessary to slowly desensitize in things like bathing and blowing hair. However, Cui Qichao has already undergone obedience training, so after putting Xiaobai into the bathtub, he gave the password: “Sit down, be sure!”

Xiaobai could not move.

Cui Qichao gave him a bath while feeding some snacks. Xiaobai also performed very well. After receiving the password, he was not disturbed by the water and foam. He ate honestly and was rubbed over.

When the hair was blown, Xiaobai was even more obedient. Standing on the table, Cui Qichao blows it. It doesn’t hide, it also knows that it turns the other side.

“After the vaccine is finished, outdoor training is also available.” Cui Qichao pondered, “I’ll practice it at home these days.”

An excellent shepherd cat, of course, will be right next to the owner’s feet while accompanying, and keeps looking up at the owner so that he can receive the owner’s password in time.

The breeding of shepherd cats meets the needs of many people. Not only has the cat’s coquettish appearance and some personality characteristics, but also the dog’s obedience and loyalty, works smart, and eats less than dogs. It is no wonder It became very popular after it was invented.

When you take them out, they will almost never hold and dress like ordinary unimproved cats.

Xiaobai didn’t know if he understood, and looked up at Cui Qichao.

Cui Qichao looked at its round and big eyes, smiled slightly, leaned over his fluffy face and kissed him.


Cui Qichao got up and couldn’t think of it anymore. I was just impulsive. What should I do if someone has a zoonosis? I turned around and washed my face again.

Xiaobai: “………” 2k novel reading network

I Love Farming

I Love Farming

Score 8.4
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2018 Native Language: Chinese
When Cui Qichao’s ancient emperor blood awakened, he began to suppress the emperor’s instincts in various worlds…by crazily farming. Yandi Shennong’s blood, quality farming guaranteed. Cui Qichao: I love farming, farming makes me happy!


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