I Love Farming Chapter 7



The main signature of Ajinobay Restaurant is spicy. All the hot peppers are selected. They are absolutely spicy and unforgettable. Classic dishes such as boiled fish, spicy chicken feet, and Kung Pao chicken are very popular.

Since the opening of the Ajirin University Town Branch, the business has been as popular as their dishes, attracting diners in Nanhai City to try dishes that have been circulating on the Internet for a long time and can make people’s tears spicy.

At this time, in the most popular eating place of C University, in addition to a cafeteria is Ajinobayashi.

However, for everyone, the meaning of the two is different. The cafeteria dish is an independent cuisine. A cafeteria has long been famous, and no one can compare the two.

On this day, in the C facilitator’s dormitory, room 201, the food in a cafeteria was a little formal contest with Ajino’s signature dishes.

The counselors Xiao Qin, Xiao Chen, and Xiao Zhou returned from the cafeteria to eat. They didn’t go early enough, and they didn’t hit the few popular cafeteria dishes, so they had to stir-fry the cabbage and bean sprouts. Beef, San Xian Tofu and the like.

The counselors live in single rooms, but the little girl loves to eat together.

The lunch box was set on the table, and the appetite was inevitable when I thought of the dishes in it. Xiao Qin was still busy all morning and took the courage to open her lunch box. At the corner of the lunch box, she was drunk with two spoonfuls of chili oil. At this moment, Xiao Qin picked up a piece of beef and put some chili oil in her mouth.

As soon as the food touched his tongue, Xiao Qin could hardly react at first: it was delicious.

She was mentally prepared to eat beef that was too moist and fried a little bit, and today’s beef is indeed not fried well. However, a bit of chili oil wrapped in this unsatisfactory fried beef was the first to make intimate contact with Xiao Qin’s taste buds. The spicy taste burst out in her mouth, and saliva was earlier than her thoughts, and she responded immediately and secreted a large amount.

Xiao Qin quickly chewed a few mouthfuls of beef subconsciously. The spicy flavor of millet pepper, the aroma of red pepper, and a little white sesame seeds popping between the teeth, even covered with red oil, made the boring beef immediately hot. .

The fire was mixed with the scent and pressed on the tip of the tongue, and Xiao Qinxi coughed, but came out with surprise: “It’s spicy, it’s delicious.”

There seemed to be some red oil and white sesame seeds on the tongue. The aftertaste continued to irritate between the lips and teeth, making Xiao Qin’s lips slightly red.

“Huh? What, is this chilli delicious?” Xiao Chen gave her a surprised look. She didn’t use chilli oil. She picked up a chopstick bean sprouts, dipped some chilli oil in Xiao Qin’s bowl, and ate it.

“His–” Xiao Chen always liked spicy food, and was surprised at this time. The fragrance filled the mouth. The chili was fried and soaked in oil for a long time, but it was slightly crispy but not dry. The pepper seeds and white sesame seeds Rolling on the tongue together almost improved the taste of the bean sprouts, crunching a few mouthfuls, and the sweat came out.

Xiao Chen’s appetite was almost turned up, and the hunger began to growl loudly, and he quickly sipped a bit of rice to suppress the spicy taste. Now. ”

This spicy taste is so irritating to people’s appetite. The light vegetables that originally attracted people’s hatred looked so cute. They couldn’t eat directly with chili oil, after all, they were too spicy, but a big mouthful. Add a little chili oil to the dishes to change their taste. The mouth is almost full of strong and spicy flavor.

“Dear ones, see what I brought back.” When Xiaowen pushed the door of Room 201 with the packaged spicy chicken feet of “Weizhilin”, he saw three colleagues with flushed faces, moist eyes, and open Panting, almost gasping, she laughed. “No, what have you eaten like this?”

“One, one cafeteria, no, I can drink some water.” Xiao Qin looked at the bag in her hand, “I knew you had packed chicken feet, I would not eat so much.”

There is an inexplicable concept in everyone’s mind. Although there is no scientific basis, it seems to have been born naturally: the simple chili oil in a cafeteria is so delicious, and Wei Zhi Lin is so famous that it must be more spicy and delicious?

“Haha, is there a new dish in the cafeteria, is it still spicy?” Xiaowen put the packing box down. “Then do you still taste this spicy chicken feet? It ’s spicy, I used three packets of paper towels in the restaurant. , Wipe the nose and wipe off the foundation. ”

Then try it. Although you are full, you can have two more bites.

The three of them took a piece of spicy chicken feet and scooped it up. After the entrance, the spicy taste was also very exciting. The salty fragrance made the appetite greatly increase, but they were not as excited as they were.

Xiao Qin even thought in her heart whether it was her illusion. How did she feel that the chili oil delivered by a cafeteria for free was more delicious than the spicy chicken feet of dozens of pieces of Weizhilin?

Aji Zhilin’s spicy chicken feet are also delicious. If they are put in the usual place, they will probably allow them to eat the whole bowl of rice, and now they eat it, which is a bit of a surprise in the cafeteria.

Xiaowen looked at their strange expressions and asked, “Why, isn’t it delicious?”

“No, it’s delicious, just … how do you say …” Xiao Qin weakly said, “How do I think the chili oil in a cafeteria seems to have won.”

“… I think so, how do you describe it? Their chili oil seems to have a stronger flavor.”

“Is this a unique recipe? It just feels good to eat it alone, and it feels better than it is.”

Xiaowen stared and said, “It’s true and false, you won’t lie to me. Recently, it seems that there are many examples of new dishes in the cafeteria to lie to people in the dark!

Yes and no, we have our own distinction.

On the other side, the masters of a cafeteria are hurrying to freshly steamed rice. There is usually enough rice, but today there is even less. After all, many students have added chili oil. As a result, the appetite was stimulated to come back and add rice.

The whole cafeteria was rising and falling, the sound of sniffing and panting, I didn’t know I thought the school had hotpot together.

A big bowl of chili oil is now only half.

This spicy degree is too high. Some students with light eating habits can cry with a little lick. Even a heavy-tasting student, a spoonful of chili is very tasty.

This chili oil is absolutely versatile. Besides its spiciness, it also has a fragrant flavor, making people want to continue to eat while crying. Especially in a cafeteria, then even those who ca n’t eat spicy food should also consider whether to add spicy food or try dark food alone.

“Master! Please !!!! Rice !!!”

“How long will the master rice be steamed? Save the child!”

A group of students squeezed their rice bowls at the window, as if they had been hungry for three days.

This picture is even a little funny for the students themselves. When did such a scene appear in the cafeteria, even if they did not improve the dishes, everyone would sigh at most. He reached into the window and his neck stretched out long, just to see if the cooked meal was cooked.

The auntie inside also cried and laughed, “Otherwise you can order some pads, and the rice is not cooked yet.”

Dishes will also be served.

These students could n’t help but ask, “Did you buy chili oil?”

“No, I made it myself. When I saw the peppers grown outside, I just made it with the main ingredient. Our boss said that he would only add vegetables to the students without money.” Auntie said with a smile.

The pepper on the outside can be considered as everyone grows up. I didn’t expect it to look unattractive, and the spiciness is so amazing.

Some students also said, “What kind of peppers were eaten in Ajinobay two days ago, and they madly said that the peppers came from a special planting base. How can I feel worse than this pepper oil.”

Auntie Dafan didn’t know this popular restaurant on the Internet, she just thought about it and said, “It’s just ordinary millet pepper. It still grows out by keeping the seeds and seedlings.”

She feels that there is a secret recipe for Mr. Cui, just like the students do n’t know, the several improved dishes during this time are all the recipes given by Mr. Cui, which are very accurate, ranging from oil temperature to grams of ingredients.

After all, Mr. Cui planted peppers very accurately.

Now, the staff of the cafeteria is thinking about President Cui, who is sitting in the office of President Cui, holding the renderings in his hand. It is a hill on the top, and the cobblestone path extends to the apex. It is a gazebo and a stone table. Trees that are too tall, the rest are lush … small dishes.

One after another, without looking carefully, it was very green and eye-catching.

Principal Cui looked at the rendering and said dullly, “Hill, grow vegetables?”

This so-called back mountain was actually left over from the excavation of the soil when the school was expanded. The hill was deliberately created, some trees were transplanted, gazebos and paths were built, and the others were not intentionally arranged.

“Yes.” Cui Qichao calmly said, “Don’t you think it would be a waste to leave the mountains behind? I know, most teachers and students prefer to go to the playground for a walk.”

Principal Cui tangled and said, “What you said is, but as far as I know, many students and couples in the school like to go to the mountains to relax, and this is not something I decide arbitrarily …”

“They can choose to go elsewhere.” Cui Qichao said coldly, “Uncle, I really want to grow vegetables in the mountains.”

Principal Cui: “…”

Faced with such a special but extremely sincere request from his beloved nephew, President Cui only hesitated for two seconds and said decisively, “I’ll get it for you!”

“Thank you uncle.” Cui Qichao thanked ljj company in the bottom of his heart for arranging such a humanoid plug-in for him. The background is deep enough to make him wantonly in school.

When referring to LJJ Company, Cui Qichao thought about it, the campus romance they requested was impossible, and the airborne school’s rampant (planting vegetables) would soon be realized.

In this regard, it may be the most planned venue for the campus love song atmosphere, announcing that it will soon be destroyed under the **** of a cafeteria. 2k novel reading network

I Love Farming

I Love Farming

Score 8.4
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2018 Native Language: Chinese
When Cui Qichao’s ancient emperor blood awakened, he began to suppress the emperor’s instincts in various worlds…by crazily farming. Yandi Shennong’s blood, quality farming guaranteed. Cui Qichao: I love farming, farming makes me happy!


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