I Love Farming Chapter 6

Wind rating sharp turn

Wind rating sharp turn

After all, the canteen is a dark canteen that is famous all over the country. In the past, students have made jokes about them. The biggest fun is to cheat unsuspecting school brothers and sisters to eat.

Just as Meng Chang and his classmates said that they had eaten delicious food in a cafeteria, no one believed it. Posts discussing the changes in a cafeteria in the school forum were all used as stalks.

Everyone replied cheerfully, recommending a dish in the cafeteria and mixing the water more and more, and many people thought it was really playing again.

But also because of the popularity of a cafeteria, after about two or three days, more and more students realized that it was not a spoof, and these two dishes did not accidentally cause a small sensation in the cafeteria.

Many people reply to that post.

“I’m so naive, the landlord didn’t lie to me.”

“I’m not dreaming. Who will wake me up? My roommate helped me to make some braised potatoes to eat. I was so hungry that I almost swallowed my tongue!”

“Is the master of the cafeteria stunned?”

“I think it’s me being slaughtered. This is not a cafeteria in my memory!”

“Everything is moving !!!! Don’t stop at the cafeteria for thousands of blood books! Continue to change!”

“Help, my roommate couldn’t bear to laugh at tears, because I really want to cry.”

“Don’t mention that, I just sent a message to the graduated school sister. After she was sure it was not fake, she said that she would come back at the weekend to ask her to eat in a cafeteria.”

In such an atmosphere, there is a table in the newly opened Internet celebrity restaurant in the university city, University of C. After confirming that the cafeteria has really changed and started to improve the dishes, they are so excited to give up the number they will call immediately and return to The cafeteria went in line.

There is also a c-worker student from Ajino Forest, who said in a joke in the shop, “No way, a cafeteria is too famous in our school and has a long history. Hahaha, I want to try it, although I also doubt It is usually that everyone eats too badly in a cafeteria, and the seventies are all ninety. ”

This is just a discarded number, they didn’t look at it, they just thought it was funny.

At this time, the waiters in the restaurant and the diners who are eating hot and sweaty will not think that a school cafeteria can pose any threat.

Probably only the senior C canteen can feel such a little sense of threat, after all, the enthusiastic c university students these days robbed a restaurant of braised potatoes and loofah scrambled eggs.

However, the reception capacity of a canteen is so great that it is not necessary to go to other canteens in the end. ?

The small shock caused by the changes in a cafeteria in c, even the principal Cui knew.

Because not only the students are discussing, many young teachers in C University are also eating in the cafeteria. In fact, as long as you taste it, you have to admit it. Even without any impression points, these two dishes can reach 80 or 90.

Teachers know more than students. For example, the owner of a cafeteria is really a relative of President Cui, and some people joked with President Cui that they felt saved by President Cui.

After knowing it, Principal Cui didn’t think that the nephew was interested in cooking. Instead, he even felt that the nephew was really relaxing. Unlike the previous contractor who made money to make money, of course, it would not compress the quality.

In fact, he was quite happy. After all, the food in the cafeteria was famous all over the country, and he couldn’t say that there was light on his face. Anyway, as long as Cui Qichao is willing, he has no problem with losing money.

“Next. The braised potatoes are gone.” Li Tingmei said to the students outside, but only heard a grieving cry, and the team behind was still growing.

Someone looked at the window and asked Li Tingmei, “Auntie, can’t you make more braised potatoes? You see so many people haven’t tasted it yet.”

“Yeah, aunt, or improve some other dishes.”

“Okay, unify the style.”

Li Tingmei laughed: “Fast, we will have improved dishes in a while.”

Seriously, after working in a cafeteria for so long, Li Tingmei was entangled by students for the first time to ask for more weight. Then look at the students on the long tables and chairs outside. The way of eating is also much happier than before, of course. , Only for students who reach normal dishes.

As a chef on the first floor, Li Tingmei’s workload has increased greatly recently, and she is not enough to cook. She is asked to come to the window to replace her for a while.

Fortunately, because of everyone ’s response, President Cui also said that he would consider recruiting people. After all, the cooking pressure will be even greater in the future.

In the back, some students tried to eat these two dishes even after several meals, but they couldn’t be achieved because they were hot. The changes in a cafeteria, but the students who never eat in the cafeteria wanted to taste, and the team went to the entrance of the cafeteria.

“It is estimated that there are still some teacher windows …”

“Otherwise let’s go to the counselor and ask him to help?”

In fact, the teachers’ windows are crowded at the moment, and they are not the only ones who have such ideas. Besides, there are many young teachers or families who do n’t have time to cook or take out meals. They choose to eat in the cafeteria. Since there is an improvement in a cafeteria, of course I choose a cafeteria.

Even these teachers are saying hello to the staff and strongly demanding more dishes at this level, otherwise there will be two dishes, and after a few days, the taste will be too tired.


Cui Qichao opened the suggestion box with a thick stack of proposals in it, which is very different from last time.

He looked at them one by one, mostly applauding the small progress in a cafeteria, and urged to increase the weight. There were so many people. Now, a good number of people still only hear about the legendary super-level braised potatoes and loofah scrambled eggs. What about the name.

It ’s so pitiful that these students are chasing after two courses. There was some compassion in Cui Qichao’s eyes. Since the feedback was very good, he decided to take the time recently and continue to improve two or three canteen dishes.

Another thing is that his millet peppers are growing very well. The millet peppers planted before the start of school have grown to forty centimeters. They are lush and lush with deep roots. Some people who don’t know see it, almost thinking that this is to green the specially planted plants.

Cui Qichao carefully observes these millet peppers many times a day and makes adjustments in a timely manner. Seeing that it is about to enter the budding period, it is necessary to add nutrition to them. This millet pepper can produce results repeatedly, and after this wavelength is good, Cui Qichao will choose the preferred species.

If there are agronomy professionals here, you can definitely see that these millet peppers are much better than ordinary colonies and full of spirit.

Cui Qichao’s potted millet peppers are still bearing fruit, but no one except Meng Chang has the luck to eat the millet peppers he has grown.

For millet peppers planted outside the cafeteria, Cui Qichao has his own idea, and that is to make all of them into chili oil.

In addition to the often surprising combination of dishes in a cafeteria, the cooking is hastily, tasteless, or too much oil and salt. Therefore, instead of investing as a side dish, it is better to make chili oil, which is more versatile and can stimulate the appetite of students.

In addition, Cui Qichao did not plan to price these chili oils, and he placed them at the window for students to use, anyway, the amount was not large.

Cui Qichao first experimented twice with his own millet peppers and some bought peppers to debug a better formula. The millet he planted was spicy, hot enough, and scented, but it was not enough, and other varieties of peppers were needed for aroma.

When Cui Qichao did it, Xiaobai sniffed beside him curiously.

“No.” Cui Qichao lowered his head and reminded, compared to “cats can’t eat peppers”, of course, it said that no, wrong passwords can make cats understand more.

Recently, Xiaobai’s learning speed has improved by leaps and bounds. However, it is still a bit poor in obedience, or repeated, sometimes Cui Qichao feels that he understands the password, but he ignores it from time to time, as if he is being angry.

Xiaobai was still curiously sniffing the pepper, and heard Cui Qichao’s “No,” but he sighed and choked a pepper.

Cui Qichao quickly squatted down and held up Xiaobai’s face. Unfortunately, it was too late. Xiaobai spit out peppers, her face was full of tears, and her hair was wet.

“… Well, the master said no, why not listen.” Cui Qichao poured water to wash Xiaobai’s tongue. Fortunately, it hasn’t swallowed it. This spicy degree is very strong for humans, let alone cats.

“Okay.” Cui Qichao held Xiaobai in his arms, carefully wiped his tears with a tissue, and his tone was much softer than usual during training. In order to establish the majesty of his master, Cui Qichao only showed good looks when he praised Xiaobai. He was so rare that his eyes became more vivid, as if a little passionate.

Xiaobai looked up at Cui Qichao, his eyes flashed, his eyes were very aggrieved, he rubbed it a few times, his tongue spit out, his body gradually softened, and his head leaned on Cui Qichao.

Cui Qichao looked at Xiaobai, put it down, “Let’s practice the basic password again.”

Xiaobai lowered his head and was very angry.



“lie down.”


Xiaobai opened his mouth: “Meow-”

Cui Qichao rewarded Xiaobai with snacks, “Good cat.”

Xiaobai hesitated for a while, then opened his mouth to eat the snack, a little proud.

Cui Qichao chuckled, “Grow up quickly, you can work in the cafeteria when you grow up.”


There was a wave of millet peppers growing in the cafeteria. Everyone witnessed President Cui cooking himself, taking off his jacket, pulling up the sleeves of his shirt, or looking out of place with the kitchen. He just believed that he was doing the experiment.

But when pepper oil is made, they have nothing to say.

Millet peppers and red peppers are fried into chilli noodles without being too thin, and then mixed with cooked sesame seeds. At the step of frying, the peppers have emitted a unique aroma, and the canteen staff can’t help watching Swallowed.

In addition, prepare spices such as star anise, anise, cinnamon, etc., put them in the oil and burn them.

Pour a tablespoon of hot oil with a temperature of about 180 degrees into a large bowl of chili noodles. With a click, the hot oil will flush the red and coarse chili noodles out of a small groove. A series of bubbles was stirred up.

Crushed red peppers, light yellow pepper seeds, and white sesame seeds are wrapped in hot oil, which rolls along with the air bubbles, which excites a very strong spicy flavor.

The reason why Cui Qichao made a large bowl and a large bowl is also for the convenience of mixing at this time. Watch the spoon in the bowl and stir the hot pepper noodles along with the hot oil, and make full contact with the hot oil. , Everyone suddenly developed a strong sense of hunger …

The temperature of the oil slowly dropped, the hot air bubbles had disappeared, and the volume was just right. The oil was slightly more peppers. Use a spoonful of spoon to cover the peppers, and the white sesame seeds floated on top.

At this time Cui Qichao looked up and found out that I don’t know when the others were close.

“Is this the pepper we planted? It’s too fragrant …”

“I can smell a bowl of rice with this smell.”

“Mr. Cui, your skills are great!”

Cui Qichao smiled casually. “It’s better to make three more bowls for a few more days. At that time, put a bowl outside the window on each floor for students to take their own food.”

Everyone just looked at it and felt that they would not be able to take it anymore.

A few days later, chilli oil appeared outside the No. 1 window on the first to fourth floors of a cafeteria. It was filled with a simple large porcelain bowl, covered with a lid, attached to a note, and staggered with a few brush words: Free chilli oil supply .

Several big c counselors came to the cafeteria to cook, complaining while looking at the dishes next to the window: “Why do I feel that 10,000 years have passed since the last day of pay, almost no penny, but one It depends on half a day. ”

“Me too. Anyway, I charged the money in the meal card in advance. By the way, why didn’t Xiaowen come to work?”

“She and her boyfriend are going to eat the taste of the forest, left early. And we can’t even eat the braised potatoes, and we are all burned. How early do these people come to line up.”

“Hey, is there chili oil there? I don’t see any vegetables here. I added a little chili, and I imagined that I was eating.”

“Then you can really think!” 2k novel reading network

I Love Farming

I Love Farming

Score 8.4
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2018 Native Language: Chinese
When Cui Qichao’s ancient emperor blood awakened, he began to suppress the emperor’s instincts in various worlds…by crazily farming. Yandi Shennong’s blood, quality farming guaranteed. Cui Qichao: I love farming, farming makes me happy!


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