I Love Farming Chapter 5

Changes in a cafeteria

Changes in a cafeteria

Cui Qichao doubtfully ate two dishes in the insulated bucket, his face suddenly changed, “Wow, vomit–”

There are some ingredients there that he doesn’t recognize, and he has a preliminary understanding after eating. He also has a sense of the so-called strange mix in the proposal.

This mix is ​​too wild, and the compatibility of the ingredients has not been considered at all, and the seasonings are also quite arbitrary. Although it seems that he is the boss, he has beaten a lot of meat, but it cannot change the fundamental problem.

That is unpalatable.

Cui Qichao’s natural closeness to these plants, he tasted them, understood their characteristics, deeply understood each part of them, and deeply felt sorry for their end.

“No …” Cui Qichao murmured, how could he have such unpalatable dishes. And so many unpleasant dishes are eaten by so many students every day. After all, it is the 21st century. These children are so pathetic!

Cui Qichao took a look at the time, and planed out the time for him to observe the current planted peppers, study various grains, and study agricultural books every day. Indeed, he could set aside time and adjust each pair of dishes.

He needs to have a preliminary understanding of common ingredients and the cooking methods applied here, and then use his instinct to understand food to find out the best fit for them, and improve and standardize the production process accordingly.

The cauldron food in the cauldron does not use much complicated skills. As long as Cui Qichao can count the data that he thinks is most suitable, it can completely achieve unified operation, and the taste will not deviate too far.

Cui Qichao reluctantly took a few more bites to understand the taste of the dishes.

Xiaobai turned around, staring at Cui Qichao’s face, and stretched his claws to his arm.

“Is Xiaobai hungry?” Cui Qichao remembered that the cat had not eaten yet, got up and took some beef, and gave it more eggs, and trained as usual before meals.

The kittens are still young, and it is enough to teach one action a day. At this stage, obedience training is also predominant.

Cui Qichao poked Xiaobai’s paw, “shake hands.”

Xiaobai was forced to put his claws on Cui Qichao’s palm, because the soft claw pads had not been sharpened too much, as if Cui Qichao exerted a little force, the tender claw pads could squeeze water.

Who would have thought that such a soft kitten would grow up physically and mentally enough to run a sheep on the grassland.

Cui Qichao fed it a piece of meat as a reward and taught it several times. Xiaobai realized that shaking hands can eat meat. Cui Qichao commented subconsciously: “The response is a bit slow. Generally, you should be able to learn it within five times. Is it a comparison of a shepherd cat Silly.”

Xiaobai glanced at Cui Qichao quietly.

Cui Qichao didn’t notice it. He shoved Xiao Xiaobai’s head. Although he was stupid, he was given to the cafeteria. Teach new moves tomorrow.

After two days, Cui Qichao took the time to taste and understand the dishes, and formulated the precise process of the two dishes. The ingredients used in the cafeteria are: braised potato pieces and loofah scrambled eggs.

“What does it take for students to eat well?” Cui Qichao asked the chefs.

Masters: “Uh, the real thing? Responsibility? Love?”

Cui Qichao took out the scale and the electronic clock, “It is a precise recipe.”

This is respect for the grower and the food. Don’t make strange mixes and cooking methods anymore, the ingredients will die.

In the production of Chinese cuisine, “appropriate amount” is usually a very mysterious standard, and most of the time depends on the experience of the chef. Cui Qichao wanted to make the best amount of “appropriate” precision, otherwise, he would not be able to undertake the kitchen work alone.

The chef in the cafeteria can’t rely on the hand to accurately measure the weight to grams, but Cui Qichao has calculated both dishes, from the cafeteria’s large iron pot capacity to the heat, and standardized all the data from this. Placed.

This will indeed take more time than before, and even increase labor costs, but Cui Qichao feels that in order to understand how to save the poor students, it is also necessary to rescue those foods that can not die. Why?

As the start date approaches, C University students return to school one after another.

They all came from home, either brought home-cooked food or had enough living expenses, but anyone who could not go to the cafeteria would not go.

Meng Chang couldn’t do anything about it. His family conditions were average and even a little difficult. The tuition fees depended on scholarships. He usually worked part-time to earn living expenses.

“Do you really want to abandon me?” Meng Chang asked the brothers who were sleeping resentfully.

“Just go with us to Ajinobayashi. With the recent school season, you can get a discount with your student ID. Big deal, we invite you together.” The roommates persuaded indifferently.

“That is, it seems that the bed next door also goes, and more people pay together and fold up.”

“It’s still not possible.” Meng Chang was not embarrassed. Usually, everyone took care of him, and he was not good at taking advantage.

Everyone looked at each other. It was really embarrassing for them to abandon Meng Chang during the first meal of school.

Meng Chang took the lunch box and was preparing to go to the cafeteria. When he left the house, someone ran around and grabbed him by the shoulder.

Meng Chang said for a moment, “Don’t, brother, don’t you, I’m kidding, you’re in the woods for the holidays.”

“Just kidding, Ajinobay’s discount season lasts two weeks, but the pomegranate fried pork belly in a cafeteria is not available at every meal!”

“I go hahahahahaha.”

Everyone laughed.

Meng Chang had a warm current in her heart, knowing that they were accommodating themselves, “I’m so embarrassed, let you eat together in a cafeteria … But I wrote a proposal to them the other day, maybe it will improve. A cafeteria changed its boss, the handsome guy I said last time made me a very delicious leftover stew. ”

Speaking of this, everyone groaned again and again.

“Just open your eyes and talk nonsense, aren’t you enough to pit Lao Wang and Lao Li? I heard that I accompany you from the four canteens to one canteen and almost died of poisoning.”

“The two are rusted in their brains, and they actually believe your gossip. They would rather believe that the pie fell from the sky, or believe that dark food is not available in a cafeteria. Dark food is the body of a cafeteria!”

Meng Chang was particularly grieved because he was the only one who had eaten the chicken drumsticks and stir-fried white rice.

This is not to blame him, mainly because for so many years, too many people made fun of the one and four canteens.

The dormitory had a group of four people. They went downstairs and went to a cafeteria. Although the cafeteria and the cafeteria have been competing for the top five c tigers, whoever keeps it close to the men’s dormitory are all dark food. The point is high.

When they came to the door, the other four were still happy. “How did this land turn over and what do you plant?”

“A cafeteria actually grows its own vegetables, so they can’t do it well, can they use their time to cook the vegetables with confidence?”

“Chilli seedlings.” When it comes to peppers, Meng Chang drools again. “The dish I ate the millet pepper that day was delicious and spicy. It was delicious.”

“Go to yours, you are not finished.”

As soon as they stepped into the cafeteria, all four were stunned.

The first-floor window of a cafeteria, the leftmost window is lined up in a particularly long line, which is significantly larger than the other windows.

“What kind of dish is this?” Everyone looked suspiciously, looked from the side to the window, wasn’t it just the two large drawers of braised potatoes and loofah scrambled eggs, ordinary dishes, and next to it, the familiar strange mix, What fritters fried taro, steamed pomegranate and the like.

There was a classmate in the team, and when they saw them, they beckoned, “Brother, line this up. Just after my classmates cooked these two dishes, I went, as if they were packed by the master from the outside restaurant. Now. ”

real or fake?

Even Meng Chang is a little skeptical. These people take a cafeteria every day to play with stalks. This should not be discussed to deceive the new students. Why did they not receive the news?

At this time they heard someone asking the staff in the window: “Auntie, how do you two dishes taste different?”

The cafeteria aunt said with a smile: “Our boss received a proposal and asked to improve the dishes. These are the first two changes.”

All the people who heard it had only one thought, lying in a trough, and in their lifetimes, they could see a cafeteria suddenly wake up?

The proposal I wrote actually worked. Meng Chang fainted and stood with the roommates at the end of the queue.

Although it ’s just ordinary dishes, you can see it in almost every cafeteria, but the people in Meng Changyi ’s bedroom still have a sense of cherishment. After all, there are so many people who come to cook, they ’re the last. Several servings.

If you look carefully in your own bowl, you can see how they are different from before the reform.

The braised potatoes are not even tangy as before, but they are simmered and smashed. The chopsticks can be poked to the end. After the coloring of the seasoning, the sauce is attractive yellow, and the corners are slightly burnt. The rich soup poured into the rice slowly when the master poured a spoonful of vegetables into the lunch box, sandwiching the crushed potatoes and soaking the rice.

Before eating potatoes, first take a sip of rice soaked in plump soup. The savory and fragrant flavor instantly wakes up the taste buds, mobilizes the tongue so much, and licks the potato grains that accidentally drip out of the corner of the mouth.

And the loofah scrambled eggs are not inferior. The cold water washed loofah still appears fresh and green after the pan is out of the pot. The loofah has been softened into a small pool and hugs with the yellow and canned egg nuggets.

No excessive seasoning is needed. The flavor of the loofah is not too greasy at the right temperature, and its soft flesh is almost mobile and generally slips into the population. It does not have to chew hard to enter the stomach. It is warm Stretching, makes people want to sigh contentedly.

And Meng Chang did sigh with satisfaction, feeling comfortable from the tongue to the stomach.

“Why the master chef’s cooking is advancing by leaps and bounds. This is not bad for what I have eaten in the restaurant. It seems to be even better.”

Meng Chang said indistinctly: “I told you already, a cafeteria really has delicious food!”

Although this was not as amazing as the food he had eaten that day, it definitely counted as the dawn of his student career. For others, the appearance of this dish in a cafeteria is even more tempting.

At the same time, a post appeared on the campus forum of University C.

Title: New food in a cafeteria! Come and taste it! !!

Content: Braised potatoes and scrambled eggs with loofah, my ravioli is delicious! !!

1l: Call for a cafeteria and thought it was a fake.

2l: This dish is also called new dish? It has n’t been there for 800 years, but the four cafeterias are better. Today, there are squid stewed tomatoes.

3l: No, I ate in a cafeteria today. These two dishes are really good. They seem to have changed chefs. I highly recommend everyone to try them.

4l: It ’s not a chef change, it ’s an improved dish, and I hope to continue in the future. Come on.

5l: Mess, will a cafeteria change dishes? The original is good enough.

6l: I do n’t agree with the four canteens. Today I ate four canteens. I was lucky to hit that squid stew with tomatoes. It was really fragrant and fragrant!

7l: Wow, the schoolmates are too lucky. Change the recipe as soon as you enter school. Go to a cafeteria for dinner.

50l: Are you devil? Come post again to cheat the freshman? ? 2k novel reading network

I Love Farming

I Love Farming

Score 8.4
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2018 Native Language: Chinese
When Cui Qichao’s ancient emperor blood awakened, he began to suppress the emperor’s instincts in various worlds…by crazily farming. Yandi Shennong’s blood, quality farming guaranteed. Cui Qichao: I love farming, farming makes me happy!


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