I Love Farming Chapter 4

Shepherd cat

Shepherd cat

After Cui Qichao took office, he also inspected the refrigerator. He was actually not very satisfied with the quality of the supplier, but he was helpless at the moment. Anyway, it was still fresh.

The purchase of c canteen is divided into big and small, the big ones are rice noodle oil and so on. The qualification of the supplier needs to be confirmed by big, and the small ones can purchase by themselves.

“Well, add an item to the purchase list and buy a batch of seeds.” Cui Qichao said. Some dishes cannot be grown on their own, and you need to buy seeds. He just planted peppers in the cafeteria, other places he had planned.

When I came here, I planted some peppers myself. I knew the characteristics of the peppers at this time, so they were planted outside the cafeteria. However, as he expands the area of ​​conquest step by step, it is necessary to enrich the variety.

Purchaser Xiao Cao said confusedly: “Buy seeds? President Cui, what do we buy seeds for?”

“It’s useful,” Cui Qichao said. “Pakchoi, spinach, amaranth, okra, parsley, water spinach, beans … each of these comes with thirty pounds of seeds.”

Cui Qichao had only known them for a few days, and Xiao Cao still had some fear of the new boss.

Out of the refrigerator, Cui Qichao glanced at a handyman holding a friesian kitten in his hand.

Because I just saw so many dishes of unsatisfactory quality, Cui Qichao’s expression was a bit heavy. The handyman thought he was afraid of affecting the health, and he explained on his own initiative: “General Manager Cui, this is a school cat born from a female supermarket Insects, tell us to share one. ”

Cui Qichao’s expression eased and said, “Show me, this is too small to work, I have trained cats before.”

Although the handyman doesn’t know how to train the cat, he still knows the truth and said, “Yeah, this is only two months old. Do you want to bring him back to raise him first?”

“Yes.” Cui Qichao took the kitten over and held it in his hand. The kitten has mixed the pedigrees of some long-haired cats, and the half-length hairs are puffed up, especially the tip of the cheeks is long, the face is round, and the eyes are very agile. Maybe it was Cui Qichao’s brain supplement. His eyes looking at the kitten were full of human nature, as if watching himself.

Cui Qichao had a shepherd cat before. She is very smart and friendly to humans. She can also housekeeper and help the owner manage other small animals. The shepherd cat is a combination of the genetic characteristics of a shepherd dog.

He vaguely remembered that this technology was pioneered in the 21st and 2nd century. This cat is larger than a cat of the same age and loves to observe humans. It should also belong to a shepherd cat. With a little training, it can become a good partner for humans. .

When returning to the apartment he rented around the school, Cui Qichao added a cat in his hand and randomly named the kitten “Xiaobai”. He took it home, cut some chicken breasts, cooked them in white water, and tore them to eat. Call it by its name.

“Xiaobai, sit.” Cui Qichao made a gesture and raised the food.

Xiaobai looked up at him, unmoved.

Cui Qichao reached out and pressed Xiaobai’s rear drive. Xiaobai remained motionless.

After so many times, Cui Qichao said with some confusion: “Xiao Bai, are you really a cat? How can you not learn a password so many times?”

Even basic obedience training can’t be done. If it is not suitable for working cats, it is better to send it back.

“…” A little panic flashed in Xiaobai’s eyes.

“Come again.” Cui Qichao took the food again and issued a password. “Sit.”

I saw that Xiaobai slowly lowered the rear drive … sitting down, it seemed to be a little bit resentful.

Cui Qichao feeds it with satisfaction. The kitten was reluctant to eat, and it was probably a bit picky.

Although it was a bit slow, I learned it. Maybe it was too young. Cui Qichao touched Xiaobai’s neck and gave a language reward: “Good cat.”

After consolidating the sitting password several times, Cui Qichao let it go to eat and drink. Since it is a shepherd cat, you do n’t need cat litter, just take it to the toilet to have a regular bowel movement.

Cui Qichao twisted out a rabbit with a towel to make toys for Xiaobai, but he worked himself. He was familiar with the agronomy of this era.

In fact, Cui Qichao has not studied agronomy before. Since his blood was awake, he has planted some plants at home, all by instinct.

It wasn’t until the virtual plane came that I came into contact with theoretical knowledge, including the vocabulary used by the cafeteria staff to grow peppers, and learned it later. After all, we need to communicate with people and express the concept of our own needs.

It was so fascinating that his fingers hurt a little. Cui Qichao lowered his head and looked at it. Xiaobai bit him, but the kitten didn’t have much strength, and the seal was left. Cui Qichao overthrew Xiaobai and severely criticized it.

Xiaobai turned over and escaped from Cui Qichao, trying to climb onto his bed along the sheets.

Cui Qichao stunned Xiaobai again. “No, pets cannot sleep in the owner’s bed. You can only sleep in a shoe box.”

Xiaobai kicked his hind legs, plunged his head into the towel with pride, and his tail was almost vertical.

Cui Qichao laughed and touched the cat twice.

After having a delicious meal in a cafeteria that day, Meng Chang was shocked to be a heavenly man. Although the words posted in the class group were taken as false by everyone, he checked it on the official website after returning and was surprised to find that the latest school The results of the canteen bidding came out, and other canteen contracting companies have not changed. The only canteen has been replaced by a unit named “Shennong Catering Management Co., Ltd.”.

Is this why he ate delicious canteen dishes, did the school’s conscience find out? ?

Meng Chang used this as evidence, posted it to the class group, and advertised to the classmates who were still at school. At dinner, two half-believing fellow students were drawn to a cafeteria.

“Scrambled eggs with oranges, fried beef with virgin fruit, or spicy stir-fried rice noodles with fans?” The canteen master Fu looked at them indifferently and asked, there were not many dishes during the holiday, and all the ones that could be imported were all lightened.

The three were dumb: “…”

The other two wanted to beat Meng Chang, but where did it change? Isn’t this urine still a canteen in memory? The staff hasn’t changed, but they are still familiar cold masters, handsome guys, where are the handsome guys?

“I heard that tonight’s green pepper fried meat in the four dining halls is okay, I blame you, I’m sure it’s gone now!”

“You’re kidding me, you’re too human!”

Meng Chang was slammed into doubting life. Was it his dream before? Was he too hungry and forced to eat a canteen dish, which caused hallucinations?

But the taste in memory is obviously spicy and delicious, and the aftertaste is endless …

Meng Chang was abandoned by his angry classmates. When he left the meal alone, when he left, he saw a cafeteria man watering the turned grass, and asked curiously, “What is this kind of planting?”


Meng Chang thought of the potted pepper in the man’s hand. He couldn’t help but ask, “Why do you grow pepper? Yesterday, I was here, and I saw a big brother holding a potted pepper. He looks handsome.”

The cafeteria worker smiled. “You must be President Cui, this pepper is the one he planted, and said that it can be used for students to save money.”

Really not a dream!

Meng Chang’s heart suddenly gave hope. President Cui, is that person the new owner of a cafeteria? His cooking is so good, wouldn’t he be dissatisfied with the food in the cafeteria?

He turned his attention to the canteen suggestion box, which was almost ashes, and thought that Cui Qichao was quite approachable and helped him cook, so he decided to write an opinion and give it a try.

Cui Qichao opened the suggestion box of a cafeteria and found that there was a solitary proposal in it.

Since winning the bid, Cui Qichao has made no great efforts in management. Xiao Ji Cao Sui generally researches agricultural books, and has ideas for other places. He does n’t even care about tasting vegetables. A glance.

It was nearing the start of school. With the reminder from President Cui, Cui Qichao thought that the mass foundation was also important, so he opened the suggestion box.

Before that, because of the long-term inaction of a cafeteria, students still complained strongly at first, but now they have given up hope. In other aspects, a canteen can be changed even if there is a mistake. For partial dishes, it will not be changed.

Cui Qichao took out the proposal and saw that the student above wrote it almost in tears, and was slightly dissatisfied with the food in a cafeteria.

Speaking of which he only tasted two times when he cooked the dish for the student, the taste was average, but he hadn’t reached the point where the students responded with “exotic collocation”.

“Every month’s income is okay. Why is the opinion so big?” Cui Qichao felt another impulse, after all, Yan Di passed on the grain for the sake of the people. Now seeing a group of poor students suffering under their eyes, Cui Qichao immediately felt compassion.

Cui Qichao called the back chef in the office: “Some of the dishes today should be packed a little. Let me go back and make dinner.”

He tasted if there was a way to improve it slightly.

There was a response from the back kitchen, and he quickly cooked a few dishes in the insulated bucket and sent them to Cui Qichao. It was inevitable to add dishes such as dragon fruit stew and stir-fried Oreo.

Cui Qichao returned to the apartment with a thermal insulation bucket. When Xiaobai saw him, he perseveredly approached the ground and stood up and threw his legs. Cui Qichao pushed it back, “No, I can’t beat people’s legs.”

Shepherd cats are just too enthusiastic. Although this is an expression of goodwill, it is absolutely impossible to flap.

Xiaobai was pushed back by him, lying on the carpet indignantly.

“I brought some vegetables back.” Cui Qichao sat down on the floor, opened the insulation barrel, and saw Xiaobai turning around, saying, “Cats cannot eat …”

Before I finished speaking, I saw Xiao Bai who had smelled the insulation bucket and quickly turned his head and walked away.

Cui Qichao: “…” 2k novel reading network

I Love Farming

I Love Farming

Score 8.4
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2018 Native Language: Chinese
When Cui Qichao’s ancient emperor blood awakened, he began to suppress the emperor’s instincts in various worlds…by crazily farming. Yandi Shennong’s blood, quality farming guaranteed. Cui Qichao: I love farming, farming makes me happy!


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