Chapter 218: Extra 1: Twins

In the blink of an eye, seven years have passed.

The love story between the lady and her partner is still talked about by the general public.

The seven-year itch that most marriages will exist more or less does not appear in the female Jun and Shen Han.

On the contrary, with the passage of time, the feelings between the two became stronger and stronger.

Just like a jar of wine, the precipitation of the years makes it more lasting and fragrant.

In addition to the relationship between the two, the twin daughters they have have attracted countless fans.

The two daughters were born only 5 minutes apart.

The elder sister’s name is Gu Xinqin, and the younger sister’s name is Shen Xinrou.

The new character represents vitality and has the meaning of vigor.

The qin characters imply elegance and intelligence, while the soft characters imply gentleness and beauty.

The two sisters have just passed their fifth birthdays. They are well-behaved and sensible.

a Saturday in late January.

This was supposed to be Gu Junwan’s day off, but something went wrong with a nuclear energy project she was concerned about recently, cooperating with another country, forcing her to rush to the office after lunch.

She had just stepped into the administrative office building, and Xu Zhao, who had been ordered to come, had already greeted her with a briefcase.

“Your Majesty, I have collected the latest information. In half an hour, the video conference will officially start.”

Gu Junwan nodded lightly, and then asked her assistant a few key questions, all of which answered fluently.

In January, the temperature was low, and both of them wore long woolen coats and walked with wind.

When passing through the public area in the office building, the staff were secretly amazed.

In the seven years, it seems that no trace has been left on Gu Junwan.

Even though she is now the mother of two precious daughters.

But if you feel it carefully, you will find that the lady’s aura has become deeper and deeper.

Between the gestures, the majesty shows itself.

That momentum and dignity will not be overwhelming like a mountain.

It is more like a holy lotus growing on the top of a snow-capped mountain, which is admired and admired by people.

Although it is Saturday, there are not many staff working overtime in the Peace Palace.

After watching the lady and Xu Te help enter the special elevator, a group of young employees who had not been employed for a long time immediately became excited.

“To tell the truth! The most correct decision I made this week was to choose to work overtime today!”

“The lady’s clothes are really good! It’s like a walking fashion pictorial.”

“It’s another day when I envy Special Assistant Xu, and I really want to work for her by the lady’s side.”

“Who wouldn’t want to?”

“Oh, by the way, have you smelled it? The lady’s perfume smells so special! The woody fragrance is mysterious and restrained, and it hits the heart directly.”

“I smelled it too. Just when the lady passed by our corridor, I really wanted to know the specific brand and model of the lady’s perfume.”

When the conversation was here, the old employee behind the crowd suddenly snorted.

The voice was not loud, but there was a hint of arrogance like ‘everyone is drunk and I am awake alone’.

After the sharp-eyed young staff recognized that the other party was a senior who had worked in the Peace Palace for 11 years, they immediately surrounded the man and asked in a flattering manner.

“Sister Li, you have witnessed several historic changes in the Peace Palace. Just tell us about it.”

“What is the state of the lady when she is at a low point in her life? Are there any high-energy scenes before the Jedi counterattack?”

Sister Li looked up at the camera in the corner, and then took the new employees to their office with a stern face.

“You guys should be more careful in the future, don’t talk about the lady’s private affairs in public areas!”

“Everyone came here after layers of selection. You should devote more energy to your work, instead of wasting your professional time with the mentality of eating melons at close range.”

These words were a little heavy, and after the words fell, a group of young people did not dare to speak out.

Seeing these energetic staff, Sister Li suddenly remembered herself seven years ago.

At that time, she also whispered with her colleagues about the neutral fragrance on the lady’s body.

They thought that the lady suddenly changed the perfume because her preferences had changed, but later they learned from a special channel that it was a special perfume used to cover up the alpha breath.

After discovering this secret, Sister Li and her colleagues were secretly excited for a long time.

It turned out that she had been with Captain Shen long before the female monarch announced her relationship.

Of course, it was impossible for Sister Li to tell these new employees.

After a few seconds of silence, she slowly said: “The lady is a very good and respectable leader. No matter it is adversity or prosperity, she is consistent and persevering and will never give up.”

“Although we can’t follow the lady like Xu’s special assistant, as long as we fulfill our duties well, it can be regarded as a relief for the lady.”

After marriage, Shen Han did not leave the escort.

It’s just that compared to the charge in the past, she now spends more time behind the scenes.

Unless Gu Junwan is traveling, she will accompany her as the lady’s partner and personal bodyguard at the same time.

For the rest of the tasks, she assigned Ning Xi and Ma Haoyu to lead the team in turn.

After Gu Junwan went to the office temporarily, she began to fiddle with her own affairs.

In the past six months, Shen Han has developed a strong interest in coding.

The shielding device she has created is almost comparable to the same equipment currently used by the federal military.

Of course, this is not to say that Shen Han is a buried coding genius.

Her results are based on the existing technology of the federal military.

It is the winter vacation right now, and two daughters who are in the senior kindergarten class have also ushered in their own vacation.

At this time, the two little guys were having fun at the residence of the former empress. After dark, Shen Han would go over to pick them up.

At about 5 o’clock in the afternoon, Shen Han, who was concentrating on the capacitor test, was suddenly interrupted by a rush of phone ringing.

Seeing that the name of the caller ID on the phone screen was Ning Xi, she answered lazily: “What’s the matter, I remember you were not on duty in the office today? Would you like to come to me for dinner?”

On the phone, Ning Xi’s voice was a little serious: “Let me tell you something, don’t worry, Xinqin and Xinrou have sneaked out of the Peace Palace.”

Hearing this, Shen Han’s scalp almost exploded.

Before Ning Xi could finish her sentence, she had already stood up from the working chair and asked as she walked out, “How did they get out? How long have they been away from the Peace Palace? What’s going on with my mother-in-law? I’ve found someone. ?”

Ning Xi: “It’s been an hour. They climbed the wall and left the former Queen’s house, and then secretly ran into the carriage of a shopping cart.”

“Mr. Tang and the others have just learned about this situation, and haven’t told the lady, let me contact you first.”

“The road map for the purchase car has been obtained, but the driver’s phone has been unable to get through. The pony took someone to chase, and it will be possible to catch up in half an hour at most.”

After listening to Ning Xi’s words, the big stone hanging high in Shen Han’s heart relaxed a little.

The daughters weren’t kidnapped.

Buyers who can enter and exit the Peace Palace are strictly screened, and there is a high probability that they will not do anything outrageous.

What made Shen Han a little bit puzzled was that the Peace Palace was heavily guarded, and even if the two little guys were familiar with the terrain, they wouldn’t be able to ‘escape’ so smoothly.

If the walls of the former empress’ residence were so easy to overturn, wouldn’t the alarm system be useless?

Just as the thoughts turned to here, Shen Han suddenly jumped in his heart.

The little guy used the shield he made himself!

Only in this way can it be explained why they were able to pass through several levels smoothly.

Also, the phone of the driver of the purchasing car could not be reached, and it is estimated that it was also affected by electromagnetic interference.

Shen Han quickly met with Ning Xi, and set off in a floating car with a tactical team.

On the way, she wanted to call Gu Junwan several times, but finally held back.

She pondered that it would be better to find her daughter first, and then tell her wife about it.

Originally, Gu Qianqiu and Tang Qiucai also wanted to come out, but they were persuaded by Shen Han on the phone.

The former empress traveled, but it wasn’t like she said she could go.

If the battle is too big, it will cause unnecessary panic if time is delayed.

Thinking of the two little brats doing such a dangerous thing, Shen Han was both worried and angry in his heart.

She sat in the cabin without saying a word, her face cold and scary.

Ning Xi leaned forward and patted her on the shoulder, and said in a low voice, “Don’t worry too much, it’ll be fine.”

“Children, it’s normal to make mistakes. They’ll probably be frightened. If you stretch your face and say something fierce, you’ll make them cry. I’m going to be angry!”

For the past seven years, Ning Xi has never been married, and she has long regarded the two cubs as their own daughters.

At this time, looking at Shen Han who was about to beat someone, he even changed his camp.

Shen Han didn’t buy it.

She restrained her anger and said anxiously: “You don’t have to persuade me, and you are not allowed to stop me later.”

“If the two of them are not allowed to teach a lesson today, there will be a big slap in the face in the future!”

The speed of the floating car was very fast, and it arrived at the target area almost at the same time as Ma Haoyu’s team.

When the alarms sounded from the front and the rear, the driver of the purchasing car thought that he had just encountered an emergency.

And when he heard the repeated shouting to the side, he was surprised to find that the target of the aircraft in front and the military vehicle in the back was him!

The driver parked the car steadily on the side of the road and came to the front of the car with his ID.

“I’m a buyer in the Peace Palace, these are my ID cards and work cards.”

“May I ask which department you belong to? Is there anything I need to cooperate with?”

There were more than 30 people around, and everyone had obvious anxiety on their faces.

The two sergeants showed their credentials and calmly controlled the driver.

Shen Han took a group of comrades to open the tailgate of the truck and moved out one plastic box after another.

“Xinqin, Xinrou! Are you inside?”

At the moment when Shen Han’s final voice fell, a crisp child’s voice suddenly emerged from the innermost part of the carriage: “Mom, Mom, you are here!”

The voice that penetrated into everyone’s ears was crisp and sweet, tender and delicate, as clean as a pool of spring water.

After hearing the voice of his youngest daughter, Shen Han’s heartstrings were tense all the way, and suddenly he loosened half of them.

She jumped into the car, squeezed out the plastic box and walked in, while asking, “Where’s the new piano? You two, hurry up and come out.”

At this time, another girl’s voice softly sounded like a lark: “Mom, did Xinrou and I do something wrong to make you angry?”

In the dimly lit cabin, vision was a little blurry.

Even if Shen Han is an S-level alpha, he can only see two small silhouettes shrunk in the corner.

Shen Xinrou’s voice appeared aggrieved again: “We know we were wrong, Mom, would you like a hug?”

Under the offensive of the two daughters taking turns to be cute, Shen Han only felt that his heart was softened into water, and he was not willing to say half a word to the two little cubs.

She quickly walked to the innermost part of the carriage, leaned over and picked up the two poor little girls, and walked out with the daughters.

“Are you trying to scare mom to death? It’s okay to have fun, but there are some things you can’t do.”

“You sneak out like this, have you ever thought that the grandmothers and mothers will be sad? They will be frightened?”

Gu Xinqin and Shen Xinrou each sat in the arms of their alpha mother and listened to the reprimands honestly.

Feeling their mother’s worry, the two little guys exchanged glances in the air.

After that, the younger sister Shen Xinrou stretched out her fleshy little hand, hugged Shen Han’s chin, and said softly: “Mom, I wanted to come out to see the outside, so I took my sister with me, don’t be angry with my sister, you If you want to punish me, punish me.”

Sister Gu Xinqin gently pressed her cheek against Shen Han’s profile.

That obviously still has a tender voice, but at this time, there is a hint of coldness imitating Gu Junwan: “I took the shield, Mom, don’t punish your sister, and don’t get angry again, okay?”

Shen Han was coaxed into a dizzy state, and his mind was full of the cute and lovable expressions of his two little angels.

When she spoke again, her tone had completely changed.

“Then you can’t do this again.”

“Are you thirsty? Uncle Pony brought you juice.”

“Ah, yes! Are you all uninjured? Have you been bumped by the boxes in the carriage?”

The two little guys hugged their alpha mother’s neck and shook their heads in unison.

Behind Shen Han’s invisible neck, the daughters snickered and stretched out their short arms and slapped them quietly.

After Crossing, I Marked the Empress

After Crossing, I Marked the Empress

Status: Completed Native Language: Chinese
After passing through, Shen Han not only became a top alpha in the abo world, but also awakened the fire element ability. Ji Zai, who came from the earth, was terrified in place, there seemed to be something wrong with the back of his neck, and his sense of smell was so sharp that it made people nervous! Fortunately, in this wilderness area, there is a lost lady, hold on tight, don’t panic, if we don’t understand, just ask! Gu Junwan, the top omega, the empress of the Free Federation, was designed by her sister to hunt down and kill the forest in distress, but in this case, she met a stupid A.. Gu: If you take one step further, I will kill you! Shen (with a toothy smile): I really have no ill intentions. What kind of bad thoughts can serious people have when they meet by chance? Gu Junwan sensed the pheromone shrouded by the other party, her face was crimson, her delicate body trembled slightly, and her body’s instinctive desire made her unable to resist the other party’s approach at all. Looking at Gu Junwan with glittering eyes and soft body, Shen Han’s whole body was surging with blood and blood, and his fangs were gradually showing, like a half-starved wolf in the wilderness. …… Gu O: Go to hell! Shen A: I am not! I do not have! You listen to me explain! After that, Shen Han escorted Gu Junwan all the way out of the jungle, returned to the imperial capital, and regained power. The two join hands to create a bright world! The sultry and self-conscious loyal dog alpha X The cool, arrogant and decisive female king omega A brand new start, I hope you all like this story. PS: Female A has no pendant. There is a scarf: Xianting draws a pen Content tags: A match made in heaven, sweet text, cool text Search keywords: Protagonist: Shen Han, Gu Junwan ┃ Supporting role: ┃ Others:


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