I Love Farming Chapter 13

Discount on sterilization packages

Discount on sterilization packages

Huang Weihe is not like Cui Qichao, who knows many varieties of convolvulus. In his concept, there are two types of convolvulus in hydroponics and dry land. The taste differs greatly. In addition, it is simply and crudely divided by origin.

However, Huang Weihe has eaten from abroad to China, including places where it is said that the climate is very suitable for the growth of convolvulus, and he has not tasted this taste.

Under the influence of starvation and the influence of the student next door, he didn’t even have time to say hello to other old classmates, so he picked up a large chopsticks and stuffed the greens into his mouth.

Much better than his illusions!

That kind of natural deliciousness is too rare, the branches are crisp, the leaves are tender and delicious, the fermented bean curd is added just right, and the flavor is not too salty. He never thought that a vegetable could be so hooking, after all, he usually loves meat.

The method of cooking water spinach is extremely simple, and this southern-style dish is also unpretentious. But if you look closely, you can see that the leaves can still maintain the green color, but the oil is not greasy and rare.

What’s even more rare is the taste of spinach. After all, this simple cooking method maximizes the original flavor of the ingredients and only uses a few ingredients to enhance the flavor. It contains Huang Weihe’s years of experience in the media industry, but it is difficult to find the appropriate fragrance described in a sentence. delicious.

I feel that the leaves are chewed between the teeth, the crispness of the stems and the tenderness of the leaves, the special salty aroma of fermented bean curd, and the strong aroma of minced garlic. This delicious aroma makes people almost feel full of vitality.

Huang Weihe took almost one sip, eating the condiments without stopping, and then appetizing to taste other foods.

Without exception, other students also chose chopsticks after chopsticks to eliminate the condiments first.

Seeing this situation, Xiao He was quite proud and said, “How about, has it really changed? This condiment was planted in the back mountain. President Cui of a cafeteria personally supervised it and even planted it. I heard that he learned it while studying abroad. Finance is talented. ”

The crowd froze, “Is this connected?”

“… No.” Xiao He scratched his head. “I was listening to the cafeteria. It should be just to describe that he would do everything seriously. This dish, I heard that the amount of watering every day must be observed by Mr. Cui. to make sure.”

“You say that, suddenly I can understand why it is so delicious and the care is so delicate!”

And it’s not a gimmick at all, and it matches the taste.

Huang Weihe is eating other dishes. He also beaten the fried peppers with green pepper and scrambled eggs with loofah. The taste is also very good. If he eats it alone, he will definitely shock the visit to the cafeteria today. However, compared with the congee, the shortcomings are highlighted.

If Xiao He was right, then the nephew of Principal Cui is really a very professional person. The difference between these dishes can be said to be raw materials. At the same level of cooking, the condiments win a lot because of the excellent ingredients.

At first, when I was looking outside, everyone just thought it was a little fun. I actually planted vegetables in school, but now everything has changed. If it is this quality, it is enough to supply to first-class restaurants!

This point, Huang Weihe can guarantee with his tongue.

He didn’t pay attention to the price tag just now, but the vegetarian food in the cafeteria will also be one or two pieces, which will not exceed three pieces at most. This is a spoonful, and it will cost a lot to make a large bowl. However, this bowl has to be placed in a high-end restaurant. For one or two hundred problems, this still does not take into account the supply of raw materials-self-planting, and daily observation of watering and fertilizing.

Principal Choi ’s nephew, are you here for fun?

Huang Weihe was amazed, and asked Xiao He to make another condiment. He was hungry just now, and forgot to take a picture. And, who knows when President Choi ’s nephew will not play the ticket again, where does he go when he goes Look for such food again.

Huang Weihe just stopped eating.

At dinner, when they were having a meal with the teachers, they were all obsessed with the cafeteria and couldn’t help but pull the topic up. “We ate in the cafeteria at noon. I heard that it was opened by the nephew of President Cui?”

Several old professors immediately opened the box.

“No, I heard, this little Cui was too stressed when studying abroad and had some psychological problems, so he came to school to relax.”

“The work is serious and reliable. Immediately the quality of the cafeteria is raised. The business is too good, and even the other canteens have to be improved.”

“My wife now walks from the family area to a cafeteria every night, gets some chili oil back, and is very appetizing.”

“My daughter came back with no card today and brushed some condiments. That taste, don’t mention it.” The professor who said this pointed to the condiments on the table and said, “Compared to this, this is the grass. They all feel a little grassy. ”

I usually don’t feel like eating. After comparison, he said that other people who ate it carefully touched it, it really had a meaning, the level was too far away.

Huang Weihe laughed. “Everyone likes it so much. We knew that we were also in a cafeteria for dinner.”

“Ha ha ha ha ha,” the professor really thought about it, “this point, the dishes must be all gone.”

After speaking, the scene was still silent for about two seconds, which was a pity.

After returning home, Huang Weihe turned on the computer while Jiu Xing wrote a long Weibo, using a visit to his alma mater as an introduction, leading out a cafeteria, reviewing the past history, and then quarreling.

He does n’t use his own copywriting anymore. Today, he is a big fan of the day. He described the taste of the curd congee in detail, and made a comparison with the congee that he ate at night. The deliciousness is because the boss belongs to the talented and wealthy idler, and he takes care of it carefully, so he has absolutely nothing to say.

Huang Weihe graduated from C major and has been working in the media for so long. His writing is not bad. There are also a group of fans, including peers who follow. After a long Weibo, most of the people who laugh and then starve at midnight.

“Why is it so detailed!”

“Is it so exaggerated? The best condiments, I want to rush to Nanhai …”

“I can’t go. I didn’t see Mr. Huang saying that this requires a campus card.”

“Is it even better than our convolvulus in Xihe City? We have had a lot of food shows on our garlic convolvulus.”

“I was hungry. I was hungry. I paid attention to it because of Mr. Huang ’s c-cafeteria. I did not expect that c-cafeteria, the leading canteen cuisine, has turned around. This is to move towards another Extremely running? ”

“Lao Huang has absolutely no taste, I’m near Nanhai, and find a chance!”

“It’s really this cafeteria. My classmates turned me over to a video. There are more people in the cafeteria than Aji Zhilin. At that time, I thought I remembered it wrong. It must not be ‘that’ cafeteria.”

Of course, Huang Weihe’s bragging alone is certainly not likely to cause any explosion-level movements. It can only be said that it has a good response in his audience, because the description is really good. Many people think of it, and they still feel that this is the top of the cafeteria dishes, a bit of media-type exaggeration.

However, some of Huang Weihe’s peers, especially those who do gourmet content from the media, are a little curious, after all, they are familiar with Huang Weihe’s review style.

That is, this article tonight laid the foundation for a dining hall’s future popularity.


Cui Qichao stood on the balcony, watered the peppers, shallots, and garlic planted here, and shouted, “Little white!”

After a while, Cui Qichao shouted again, “Xiaobai.”

There was a little threat in this tone.

About three seconds later, Xiaobai ran over from the other end of the house and squatted in front of Cui Qichao.

“Put the kettle.” Cui Qichao handed the kettle to Xiaobai, and Xiaobai sighed and held the kettle, sulking, his eyes pulled down, and he went to put the kettle back in place.

There are obviously things Cui Qichao can do, but he just wants to give it to Xiaobai because:

“Does the shepherd cat like interaction? Xiaobai is not often given some tasks. What if Xiaobai’s psychological problems occur?”

Xiaobai looked at Cui Qichao’s beautiful and cold face, and “meowed” mentally.

Cui Qichao sat on the sofa, and Xiaobai, who had put the kettle, walked up and sniffed the strawberries placed on the short ones. This is one of Cui Qichao’s picks, big and sweet. The little white cat’s eyes twitched, and his tongue rolled a pink nose from time to time, a mouth-watering appearance.

“What should I do if I want to eat strawberries?” Cui Qi Chao Leng Buding said.

Xiaobaiyan turned her head and put her hands on Cui Qichao’s calf. “Meow, meow, meow.”

Cui Qichao: “Wrong. What to do?”

Xiaobai bears humiliation, sits upright, and arches his hands together.

“Good cat. Reward one.” Cui Qichao fed strawberries to Xiaobai. Xiaobai was kind of coquettish and unwilling to eat on the ground. Cui Qichao’s hands were wiped out and he drank strawberry juice.

Cui Qichao glanced at Xiaobai and said nothing, and wiped his hands with paper.

As soon as Xiaobai finished eating, he was far away. After all, he stayed beside Cui Qichao, and he didn’t know when he would train his cat with great effort.

At this time, his mobile phone, which usually had little movement, rang. The message came from the pet hospital he visited last time. Cui Qichao deliberately read it while watching: “Hello, our hospital has been celebrating for 20 years, and there is a discount recently. At the event, after the cat sterilization package is discounted, only the Chinese currency **** (male) / **** (mother) is required, and a high-quality Elizabeth ring is sent. It is valid for one year, and the discount is unprecedented. Parents can consider participating …

Cui Qichao said with a smile: “The discount rate is unprecedented, should you shoot one?” 2k novel reading network

I Love Farming

I Love Farming

Score 8.4
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2018 Native Language: Chinese
When Cui Qichao’s ancient emperor blood awakened, he began to suppress the emperor’s instincts in various worlds…by crazily farming. Yandi Shennong’s blood, quality farming guaranteed. Cui Qichao: I love farming, farming makes me happy!


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