I Love Farming Chapter 12

Xiaobai's exposure

Xiaobai’s exposure

“The potion has been dripped. This cat is really good. You can keep it still, and it won’t move anymore. It doesn’t matter how I blow hair. I’m not afraid of the hair dryer. This desensitization training is really good.” After the teacher took Xiaobai out, he continued to praise.

Cui Qichao watched the beautician hand over Xiaobai and stared at it indifferently.

It stands to reason that at this time, Cui Qichao should compliment Xiaobai, although Xiaobai always looks very disdainful. At this time, he can’t hear the praise but he is not used to it. He “meows” and the ending is a bit erratic.

Cui Qichao then reached out and hugged Xiaobai with one hand. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, let’s add a WeChat, we can inform you of events in the future.” The beautician took out his mobile phone.

Cui Qichao’s social software in his mobile phone has not been used, but his account is still registered. Once there, he adds the beautician and leaves the pet hospital with the cat.

Cui Qichao didn’t say anything on the road either, he was thinking about one thing. Although he whitewashed it in front of the doctor just now, he was actually shocked.

It turns out that Xiaobai is not a shepherd cat, or in other words, there is no shepherd cat in this era!

It is Cui Qichao who made a mistake. In the era where Cui Qichao lived, the 21st and 22nd centuries belonged to the old Chinese calendar. It was the past of human beings before they left the solar system.

Cui Qichao is not proficient in history, but only a general understanding. It is also a normal level of most humans with higher education.

In his impression, shepherd cats were indeed invented during the period from the 21st century to the 22nd century, and he did not expect that the shepherd cats had not appeared in the generations he had arrived.

As if in Cui Qichao’s impression, he knew that movable type printing was invented in the Song Dynasty, but he could not know in detail what period the invention was in and the Song Dynasty. Human history is too long, and history lessons have too much content.

Until this time, Cui Qichao knew that a common sense that did not exist in the information given by ljj and belonged to 20xx years: normal cat, not to say 100%, but it is basically impossible to learn to shake, roll, stand, etc. in five passes Not to mention the title, standard cordless accompanying.

Cui Qichao has been raising cats all the time! all! wrong! error!

But, even more incredible, all the training whites were done.

Now think about it, Cui Qichao just blame Xiaobai wrongly under the established impression, and Xiaobai’s learning ability began to make rapid progress.

——It seems like a person who also knows the details of history and is fooled by Cui Qichao, stiffly imitating the shepherd cat.

At the beginning, Cui Qichao thought of: bug.

The virtual plane is also simulated by data. It is artificial and not completely natural. It also has the possibility of bugs. Although it is compressed to the minimum, it is still possible.

But this bug is too smart, it is not like a guinea pig escaped.

Cui Qichao thought about the plug-in again, although ljj said, he also believed that ljj would not give him a plug-in for visibility.

Xiaobai’s identity is still open to question. Anyway, if it is a bug, ljj will fix it. If it is a plug-in, ljj will not let the audience find out.

Right now. Cui Qichao glanced expressionlessly at the soft animal in his arms, thinking, then you can continue to be a shepherd cat, see if you can endure it to the end.

Thinking about this, Cui Qichao put Xiaobai lying down.

“Xiaobai, title.” Cui Qichao gave Xiaobai a convenient bag in his hand, which contained a cat toy bought at a pet hospital.

This is the first time the Xiaobai Society has used it to help the owner to reduce the burden. It held the convenience bag in aggrieved way, and its claws were intentionally or unconsciously drawn on the bag.

Cui Qichao looked at it coldly, “You’re not like a shepherd cat. You won’t be able to collect your paws when you are so big.”

Xiaobai stiffened, and his claws were quietly closed. If he used his claws to grind them on the ground again, he collected the claws and patted them on a convenient bag.

“Well, did you cut your nails just now, did your nails feel uncomfortable?” Cui Qichao pinched Xiaobai’s claw pad, and rose up casually, “Let’s go.”

Xiaobai was carrying a convenience bag and was walking beside Cui Qichao.

Cui Qichao, who has a few in his heart, started to speed up the tutorial after returning. Anyway, I don’t know if this is a bug or a plug-in thing. It doesn’t seem to have raised a shepherd cat.

He looks as usual every day, using the speed of teaching basic movements, teaching little white shepherd cats to learn lessons, or courses that require a long time to understand, such as turning the refrigerator on and off, drinking drinks from the owner, guarding the owner, jumping obstacles , Refusal to eat, etc.

In addition, Cui Qichao also gave up Xiaobai in the cafeteria at night, but took it to and from the cafeteria to and from work. Because he has decided to train Xiaobai to catch mice, he just needs to clean up the warehouse regularly. He doesn’t need to sleep here all night and all night. Anyway, Xiaobai will definitely learn.

For Xiaobai, it was also eye-opening because he went to the cafeteria.

Xiao Bai met his brother in the cafeteria, and another little male cat born from the school supermarket female cat. The little male cat came with her owner, the hostess of the female dormitory.

Auntie heard that the cat raised by Mr. Cui in the cafeteria even shook hands and came to learn, but unfortunately Mr. Cui was not there, and he didn’t listen to anyone and didn’t make people feel.

Xiaobai opened his eyes and saw that the aunt, the aunt, was holding his brother, and the white cat was meowing. He snarled a lot on the aunt, and the aunt hugged it in his arms. Throughout the process, I didn’t see the aunt let the white cat do anything!

The white cat stayed in the arms of the owner for a long time, and it was fleshy. It didn’t look like sleeping in a shoe box at all, because the aunt said to others that he would kiss himself at night. This is definitely a bed with the aunt.

Yes, shepherd cats can also be used as pets.

Xiaobai looked in his eyes, remembered in his heart, limped upstairs, slipped into Cui Qichao’s office, and then jumped on Cui Qichao’s legs.

“Meow——” In order not to help the owner to slip the slippers later, Xiaobai rolled in Cui Qichao’s arms with shame. It still remembers that Cui Qichao kissed himself and went to wash his face.

The soft cat rolls on its legs, revealing its soft belly and pink paw pads, with a clear and gentle voice.

Cui Qichao touched Xiaobai’s chin, exaggerating as he wished: “Little Bai.”

Although the wording is much shorter than that of auntie, it is hard for Cui Qichao, who usually praises only after training is completed!

Cui Qichao touched Xiaobai’s chin for a moment, and slowly said, “Such a good cat will teach you to jump through the fire circle next week.”



Going back to the c-Big Five’s name, in fact, they became famous at least ten years ago.

Even ten years later, when several alumni of C University returned to visit their alma mater, they all mentioned the C University cafeteria. To this day, some of them do business, some work in politics, and some go abroad for development.

The alumni association of University C has been in charge of receiving them. Today, University C has a lot of new teaching buildings and renovations in many places compared with ten years ago.

Headed by Huang Weihe, the president of the Student Union at the University of C, he started his own business after graduating from the media and has now started his own company.

After the people made a circle on the familiar and unfamiliar campus and visited the teacher who was still at school, Huang Weihe made a suggestion: “Let’s have a dinner with the teachers at night, why not go to the cafeteria to eat?”

Several other classmates almost sprayed, “What a joke!”

“Go to the cafeteria, aren’t you afraid that it won’t be late at night?”

“Really, the food in the cafeteria is still my midnight nightmare.”

“Isn’t it a bigger nightmare that we have to pay to go to the cafeteria now that we are paid?”

“Ha ha ha ha ha!”

Everyone smiled and laughed. After hearing what he said, they really felt a little bit of sympathy. At that time, everyone had little money and could only eat in the cafeteria. Even though there was not much oil and water and the taste was very bad, they encouraged each other.

In fact, to say that the c canteen can make a name for itself in the culinary world of Huaxia University Canteen, and has a little connection with Huang Weihe. At that time, everyone was more curious than the canteen of which school. Huang Weihe personally wrote an article for the canteen platform of his alma mater. With his professional advantage, the article greatly spread and contributed a lot to the status of the canteen C.

However, while they were discussing with a smile, Xiao He, who was next to the alumni association secretariat, looked strange.

These are more than thirty now, and they are not obsessed with the Internet. The only Huang Weihe who is often in contact is particularly busy, causing them to not even know that the cafeteria of the alma mater is not what it was!

“Oh, in fact, since our nephew of Principal Cui took over the management of the cafeteria, it has been greatly improved, and now students all like the cafeteria.” Xiao He explained.

This remark attracted everyone’s more interest. It was really raining in the sky, and the big canteen can be transformed. And President Choi’s nephew actually went to work in the cafeteria, which is more strange than the red rain in the sky. Everyone knows the background of President Cui. Can his nephew run to the cafeteria?

With doubt, the group really went to the cafeteria, originally planning to go to the four cafeterias.

Xiao He stopped them and said, “A cafeteria has its own fresh vegetables today. Let’s go to a cafeteria.”

I’m going to the cafeteria. It’s the same where I go. A cafeteria is just a little more. Since Xiao He recommends it so much, of course, they will not lose face.

As a result, I took a look at a cafeteria. I did n’t come here before, but now I find out that the food in a cafeteria is not mentioned. The school ’s famous dating site is full of vegetables, including peppers in the flower beds on the roadside. .

This picture is a bit unusual. Huang Weihe is from professional literacy. He picked up his mobile phone and took a picture.

When I walked into the cafeteria, I was scared. It was called a crowd of people. Wudang was full of students. The window queue was long and long. In the nose, everyone smelled hungry.

This taste alone can also be said that Xiao He did not lie, this is definitely not the same as a cafeteria in the impression!

Xiao He took them to the teacher’s window, swiped his own card and hit the meal.

The canola that has been planted by I Canteen has been harvested. Today, we are launching fried bean curd with soy bean curd, so everyone here has their own choice of dishes, but under Xiao He’s strong recommendation, the betta was beaten.

Huang Weihe sat in his seat, too late to miss the dinner plate, which was exactly the same as the one regulated ten years ago, but stared at the bean curd fried condiments.

In the past few years, he has been working in the media. He has traveled a lot and eaten a lot of banquets. One tongue can be said to taste delicious, and all taste tired. He has become numb to the food served by his partners. In addition to nostalgia, it is good to eat a lot, I want to remember the bitterness and sweetness.

But the simple dish of fried bean curd and congee in front of him easily aroused his appetite. The leaves of the fried vegetables are fresh and green in color, fresh and refreshing, and the fragrance smelt into the nose with the steaming heat, possessing a hooky taste that has never been encountered elsewhere.

The male student next to him also happened to have a large mouthful of convolvulus. He may have just exercised and ate more boldly. The convolvulus leaves made a crunching sound in his mouth. With the color in front of his eyes and the fragrance between his nose, it made people live. How crispy and refreshing the branches and leaves should be, how can the scent of garlic, fermented bean curd and smooth vegetables in the teeth break out of the mouth, and how the soup flows between the teeth …

At this moment, Huang Weihe swallowed and was extremely hungry. 2k novel reading network

I Love Farming

I Love Farming

Score 8.4
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2018 Native Language: Chinese
When Cui Qichao’s ancient emperor blood awakened, he began to suppress the emperor’s instincts in various worlds…by crazily farming. Yandi Shennong’s blood, quality farming guaranteed. Cui Qichao: I love farming, farming makes me happy!


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