Bend That Blackened Villain – Chapter 163

Chapter 2 The Delicate Doctor's Delicate Little Mermaid (2)

The woman’s nails were almost dug into the flesh. If what she saw just now was really a mermaid, if she could find a way to catch that mermaid, would Song Jingyi look back at her?

She and Song Jingyi have been colleagues of each other for two years, and she is deeply aware of Song Jingyi’s enthusiasm for mermaids.

Thinking of this, a trace of determination and viciousness flashed across the woman’s eyes, no matter what, she must find this mermaid.

Taking out the phone, the woman wiped her face which was wet by the sea water, her make-up was completely gone, at this moment she was not much different from the female ghost.

“Think of a way to put the mermaid sonar on the shallow waters of Area B. I saw the mermaid. The sooner you move, the better.”


The little mermaid picked up by Song Jingyi is currently in the pool He is playing wantonly in the middle of the sea, his beautiful fish tail is splashing water, and his golden hair is scattered on his white back. He is a well-deserved darling of the sea.

Holding the raw fish in his hand, Song Jingyi looked at Shiran in the pool, and waved lightly, with a hoarse voice: “Come here.”

Shiran obediently swam to Song Jingyi’s side, supported the channel with his hands, and smiled sweetly again .

He rubbed his head against Song Jingyi’s calf, and made a purring sound in his throat, as if he was acting like a baby.

Song Jingyi picked him up from the water. As a cub, Shiran was not that big, his tail shrunk slightly, and he threw himself on Song Jingyi.

He liked the smell of Song Jingyi very much.

Song Jingyi handed the raw fish to Shiran: “Eat it.”

Shiran sniffed it with the tip of his nose, then suddenly turned his head aside, his delicate red lips were pouted, and his royal blue eyes were full of accusations.

You actually gave him stinky fish, you big bastard!

The beautiful fish tail flicked wildly, slapping Song Jingyi’s calf non-stop. Song Jingyi raised his eyebrows and looked at the unhappy little mermaid in his arms with great interest: “Don’t you like it?”

Shi Ran let out a soft hum from his throat, a little milky, very cute.

Song Jingyi carried Shiran back into the pool, turned around and put all kinds of seafood and shellfish he bought in front of Shiran: “Do you like these?

” After smelling it, he went back to the water aggrieved.

Hugging his own tail, his eyes were red under the pool from time to time, and he seemed a little sad.

He looked at the man standing on the pool, and suddenly exposed his small head again, with a few large characters clearly written on his face.

I’m angry! Come and coax me!

Batian looked at the milky and cute Shiran in front of him, biting the handkerchief sadly.

Where to find his son’s wisdom! ! If things go on like this, his son’s virginity will be gone soon!

He still doesn’t know who the villain is, and the blackening value has never fluctuated. He can’t do anything except worry here.

Song Jingyi patiently hugged Shiran again. The mermaid’s body was cold, but his body temperature was hot. The two extremes collided, and Shiran was somewhat dependent on Song Jingyi.

“What do you want to eat? Huh?”

Shi Ran put his arms around Song Jingyi’s neck and raised his chin to signal him to leave the bathroom.

The mermaid’s sense of smell is dozens of times sharper than that of humans. He carefully discerned the smell in the air, and finally his eyes lit up. He patted Song Jingyi’s arm with his small hand and pointed to the small biscuits on the table.

Song Jingyi looked at the cookies on the table, and a strange look flashed in his eyes.

“Want to eat biscuits?”

Shiran’s beautiful eyes shone with tiny gleams, he nodded, and rubbed Song Jingyi’s with his little face coquettishly.

Song Jingyi hugged him and walked to the coffee table, and handed the small cookies on the coffee table to Shiran.

The little mermaid sniffed the sweetness from the biscuits carefully, and then clumsily opened the packaging bag with her fingers.

The fragrant and crispy biscuits melted in the mouth, and Shi Ran squinted her eyes happily.

Two blushes floated on the milky little face, and the little tiger teeth were unconsciously exposed, extremely cute.

Song Jingyi could clearly feel Shiran’s emotions, the little mermaid in his arms is now… very happy.

After eating, the little mermaid hiccupped secretly. After Song Jingyi sent the person back into the pool, he gently patted Shiran’s head: “Don’t run around.”

Shiran nodded obediently, and then swam into the pool. At the bottom, the fish tail curled up and began to take a peaceful nap.

The cuteness of the little mermaid made Song Jingyi happy. He changed into a white coat, put on the watch on his wrist, and turned around to leave the villa.


“Boss…Are we really going to do this?” The

deputy looked at the chemically soaked specimens on the table, hesitating and trembling.

Song Jingyi pursed his lips, and his slender hands were hidden under the white gloves: “Only by endless exploration can we achieve the desired goal, can’t we?

” For the guy who wants to get it, the rest is naturally to explore and research. Only in this way can we know more about the little mermaid at home.

“But, we’re like this…” It’s against the law.

The deputy secretly swallowed the following words back into his stomach, and did not dare to say them out.

The country has strictly prohibited the study of mermaids a long time ago, and now the mermaid specimen on the table was bought by Song Jingyi from the laboratory at a high price.

Song Jingyi manipulated the scalpel and began to analyze the specimen without changing his expression.

Recalling the ignorant and beautiful little mermaid at home, the fanatical obsession in his eyes almost climbed to the top.

He needs to know his little mermaid better…

That little guy whose tears can turn into pearls is a natural favorite.


Shiran’s body at the bottom of the water suddenly trembled, and he hugged himself a little uneasy.

[Of course, can you hear me? ]

Batian tried to communicate with Shiran, he could understand that man’s speech, and he must also understand his speech.

Shi Ran heard the sound, and stared blankly at the bottom of the pool, but didn’t see anyone.

【I’m in your mind, you can’t see me, you just need to listen to me carefully. ]

Shiran sat obediently on the spot like a little baby ready to listen to a story, ready to listen to Batian’s speech.

Batian clutched his nose, almost got a nosebleed from his son’s good looks and cuteness.

[Your name is Shiran, your task is to influence the villain, and now I’m not sure who the villain is, so you just say to stay here obediently for the time being and protect yourself, understand? ]

Shi Ran blankly shook his head, then nodded with half understanding.

He didn’t understand a word of the previous words, but he understood the latter words.

The uncle in his head wants him to stay here obediently, there is a gentle brother and delicious biscuits here, he likes it here!

There is a pure smile in Shiran’s blue eyes, even at the bottom of the pool where the light is slightly dark, they are still beautiful.

Looking at Shiran’s reaction, Batian knew that he must not understand.

After sighing, he collapsed on the spot exhausted.

Forget it, for now, we can only take one step at a time.

【By the way, my name is Batian, but I have to remember this time. 】

Shi Ran silently repeated these two words in his heart.


The mermaid sonar was quickly moved over. Lin Qian sat on the speedboat and put the sonar in the nearby shallow water with her assistant.

“Sister Qian, if we take out the sonar so rashly, the professor will blame us?” The assistant scratched his head a little worried.

The current sonar is still in the experimental stage, and this sonar is only simulating the sound waves that mermaid ears can hear. As for whether it is effective or not, no one has ever seen a real mermaid, so there is no way to verify it.

“What are you afraid of? Just blame me for what happened.” Lin Qian rolled her eyes, as long as she thought that after catching that mermaid and giving it to Song Jingyi, he would look at her differently, Lin Qian would fall into an urgent panic anxious.

Turning on the sonar switch, the two drove the speedboat to the shore not too far away and waited quietly.

The sound of the mermaid’s sonar can cover a radius of 20 kilometers. Although she was sleeping lightly at the bottom of the pool, she suddenly opened her eyes.

As if summoned by something, he slowly swam out of the bottom of the pool.

Supporting his body with his hands, he sometimes crawled forward bit by bit, the blue fish tail dragged out a beautiful water stain, he crawled all the way to the door, he ignored the severe pain caused by the tail supporting his body, and forced to open it. the door.

The sun on the beach was extremely strong, and almost suddenly, not too far after climbing out, the originally wet fish tail dried up.

His throat became more and more dry, and Shi Ran’s complexion began to turn pale.

Hearing the sound not far away, like a call from ancient times, he instinctively propped up his arms and continued to crawl forward, getting closer to the source of the sound.

When Song Jingyi came back, he saw such a scene.

The little mermaid with beautiful scales was covered in blood at the moment, the fish tail was dry, and Shiran’s originally delicate and lovely face had completely lost its blood color at this moment, but he still pushed forward and crawled forward unconsciously.

Song Jingyi’s eyes turned cold suddenly, he strode forward and hugged the little mermaid.

Looking at the frayed fishtail on his lower body that was still oozing blood, he pursed his thin lips, and his words were filled with anger and gloom.

“Why are you running? Didn’t I tell you to stay inside obediently?”

Humans are not sensitive to the mermaid’s sonar, unless they are within close range, there is no way to hear it.

In Song Jingyi’s eyes, Shi Ran’s appearance of crawling out covered in blood was an act of fleeing.

His little mermaid wants to go back to the sea, he is not willing to be trapped in the pool by himself, he regrets it.

Thinking of this, the gloom between Song Jingyi’s eyebrows instantly piled up.

On the other side, Lin Qian waited for almost an hour without any movement. Looking at her skin that was about to be tanned, she waved her hand.

“There’s nothing, let’s go.”

Song Jingyi wouldn’t like her even more if she got tanned.

After turning off the sonar, Shi Ran regained his sanity in an instant.

He looked at his bloody tail, his eyes turned red suddenly, and the bright little pearls crackled on Song Jingyi’s hands, looking extremely aggrieved.

Thinking back to what Batian said, he opened his mouth from time to time, his voice was still immature like babbling.


Bend That Blackened Villain

Bend That Blackened Villain

Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
Shiran accidentally stumbled and fell from the roof. After his death he was bound to a system. System: “Our goal is to seduce the world-destroying villains who are unable to be loved by the heroine! Go on, host, let them kneel under your hormones!”


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