After the Villainous Supporting Male Had Raised the Wrong Canary – Chapter 62 (2)

The corners of his mouth curled up, “Oh.”

Everything about Qu Xueyu was so reassuring, Lu Bai leaned on the other’s shoulder and fell asleep.

In a daze, he seemed to have a dream.

In the dream, there was a white-haired boy with only one strand of black hair. His eyes were a deep dark blue. He looked at Lu Bai sadly.

“Thank you. I’m sorry.”

Lu Bai was stunned for a moment, and seemed to understand who the other party was. Under his feet seemed to be the room in his original world, familiar and unfamiliar, as if from a different world – this seemed to be a dream built by this young man. Lu Bai looked at him quietly, his eyes were indifferent, he said: “What’s going on?”

“I am the ‘order’ of this world, don’t worry, I will disappear soon, you and everything you love will get Complete freedom.” The white-haired boy said.

“The book “Old Snow” – or this world, lacks a traveler to be the protagonist. The real protagonist selected in this book is you. Originally, after you died in the original world, you will be reborn in this world, This is the choice of this book. As the ‘Order’, I have no consciousness and no feelings, and I am only responsible for bringing you here from the original world.”

“But I miscalculated the time of your death, and I came to you early. The world, because of the imbalance of power, I became very embarrassed, turned into a puppy, and lost all five senses, including vision, you saved me, I didn’t know at that time that the person I was going to take was you – only I can only sense you when you die.”

“In the original world, Bai Mingyuan was in the same university as you. He liked you, but you didn’t know him well. He secretly took your personal belongings, the bell. It’s one of them…” Speaking of which, the boy in white seemed to be in pain, he took a deep breath and was able to calm down his voice again, he continued: “I only learned this from him not long ago.” It’s a pity. , it’s too late.

“Later, you died in a car accident, and Bai Mingyuan died on the same day, also because of a car accident. I found him when I was looking for you. He had that bell in his hand. I thought it was him who saved me. , I thought he was my savior, and if he wanted to live, I wanted to repay his gratitude and let him live in another world.”

Under the care of this young man, he gradually developed feelings and awareness that he should not have had. , even if he lost his five senses, he could feel how tender the youth who took care of him was, he wanted his youth to live, and he didn’t want him to die. But he had to admit the wrong person.

Thinking of the boy in white bowing his head in pain, not daring to look into Lu Bai’s eyes again, he continued: “I want to save him, but you are the one chosen by this world, and if I want to bring him back, I must bring him as well. Your soul—yes, no matter what world human beings, there is a soul.”

Hearing this, Lu Bai said, “So?”

“So I brought your souls into this world.” The white-haired boy said in a low voice: “You were asleep at the time, but Bai Mingyuan woke up. He was surprised to see me, but quickly understood the situation he was facing – and he didn’t tell me that the person who saved me was Man is not him at all. There can only be one protagonist of the transmigrator in this world, so one of the two of you must die. He begged me to save him, he wanted you to die. I am the ‘order’ of this world, but I can’t Kill you directly, so I can only… kill you by weaving a plot.”

“I can control your behavior and the time of this world by consuming my life, and I can barely control you to weave a plot. Originally In the plot, ‘Lu Bai’ exists as the absolute protagonist, not a vicious male supporting character, ‘he’ will live a safe and smooth life, Qin Gu and Qu Xueyu are ‘hi’ most important friends, not lovers, “Gu Xue” “This book tells not a love story at all, but a trivial and warm life around ‘Lu Bai’. The birth of ‘Lu Bai’ is the beginning of this book, and this book exists for the happiness of ‘Lu Bai’ And as an ‘Order’, I actually just need to watch after I bring you into this world, I don’t have the qualifications to intervene.”

“But there can only be one transmigrator and protagonist in this world, and Bai Mingyuan can only survive if you die, so I controlled you, interfered in this world, and forced you to weave the plot of a vicious supporting role, and I wanted the plot to Killing you, but it didn’t go well, even if you suffered that kind of pain and pain, you are still resisting, so the plot I weaved for you is gradually out of control, and the plot of the book itself is completely derailed – I As the ‘order’ of this world, there is no way to control and interfere with the characters in this world, only you. Not only the last car accident, Bai Mingyuan and I have weaved countless plots of killing you, some You may still remember, for example, when you were a child, you fell from a tree or fell into a pool, and those were the reasons we wanted to kill you.”

“But your relationship with this world is really deep, and the world is protecting you subconsciously. All those accidents were resolved by your family, even in the end, Qu Xueyu would rather die to save you. And my actions were noticed by the world, it was slowly rejecting me and killing me.”

“Qu Xueyu Yu died for you. If you want to save him, you made the same agreement as I made that trap. At that time, it was right for you to threaten me with Qin Gu, because in the first book “Gu Xue”, Qin Gu and I Qu Xueyu is the most important friend of the protagonist Lu Bai, so they are the “lucky ones” in this world. If we really achieve our goal to kill you, Bai Mingyuan needs to have inextricable connections with them in order to truly be in this world. The world is based, when Qu Xueyu died, Qin Gu was the only one left.”

“Agreeing to make an agreement with you is Bai Mingyuan’s idea, because after Qu Xueyu died in your place, I can no longer control you, Bai Mingyuan Not reconciled, he wants you to face the death of your lover again and again and finally collapse. But he didn’t expect that you could really save Qu Xueyu.”

“After you rescued Qu Xueyu, Bai Mingyuan Completely panicked, his original plan was to wait for you to die before appearing in front of people, but he couldn’t wait and began to appear in front of you. My life and strength are almost exhausted, he wants me to kill you, I I can only rely on my remaining strength to weave small events to kill you, like the flower pot not long ago, or the runaway car on the set. I want to do these things and get close to you, I didn’t expect you to find me and take me Take it with you…Bai Mingyuan said it’s more convenient to start, so I’ll just stay…”

“You already know what happened next. You regained your memory and… recognized me. After seeing that photo, I confirmed your identity. I, I know you won’t forgive me…” After all I am the culprit of all your misfortunes. So I can’t even say ‘May Xiaobai be safe and happy in the days to come’, I don’t deserve to bless you, let alone call your name. Completely disappearing from your world is the only thing I can do for you right now.

“But, I want to give this back to you… Please, take it…” The

young man stretched out a transparent hand towards Lu Bai that seemed to disappear, and in his palm lay a bell full of teeth marks. Lu Bai looked at the other party quietly for a long time, or reached out to hold the bell in his hand, and asked indifferently, “Is Bai Mingyuan

‘s death related to you?”

No need to know.” He came to end everything, Lu Bai should live happily in this world, and should not have any relationship with Bai Mingyuan or him.

After speaking, the young man raised his head, with deep sadness and guilt in his eyes, but looked at Lu Bai with incomparable nostalgia, he said: “The derailment of the plot means real freedom, you did it, you got real freedom by your own strength. , in the future, no matter who it is or what it is, it will not be able to bind you or hinder your happiness.”

Lu Bai lowered his eyes, but didn’t say anything. After a while, he said, “How do you get out of here?” Someone is waiting for him.

The young man glanced at Lu Bai for the last time, then pointed behind Lu Bai and said, “Go in that direction, don’t look back.”

Lu Bai nodded, before turning around, he looked at the young man and said, “Abu, goodbye.” He turned and left without hesitation, striding towards the spot of light at the end of the road—behind the spot of light, there was a world where Qu Xueyu existed.

Behind him, who he couldn’t see, the white-haired boy opened his eyes wide when he heard the name. He looked at Lu Bai’s back and wept silently, his face covered with tears. Before disappearing, what he suddenly thought of was a character in this world, the person named Chen Ming. At that time, he also laughed at the other party’s stupid and pathetic, and even the benefactor could admit his mistake, but in the end, he was more pathetic than Chen Ming… He is worse At one point, he killed the young man he wanted to like, cherish, and love so much…

Lu Bai slowly opened his eyes, and Qu Xueyu felt the movement and turned his eyes from the window back to the young man.

The sun sets in the west, warm yellow everywhere, and tired birds return to their nests. Qu Xueyu rolled down half of the car window, and the fireworks burst into the space inside the car, and the warm sunset shone on Lu Bai’s face, making him look like a lazy cat. Lu Bai looked at the neon lights that were lighting up one after another outside the window, and said, “Um…is this the way home?” Home is such a warm and safe word.

“Yes,” Qu Xueyu bent her eyes and kissed Lu Bai’s forehead: “Xiao Bai, we are on our way home, just called your home, your parents, your aunt and sister, your Grandpa and my grandfather are at home waiting for us to go back to eat.”

Lu Bai smiled, stuck his fingers one by one into each other’s fingers, and muttered, “Okay, let’s go home, I miss them very much.”

“What is that?” Qu Xueyu suddenly found something that Lu Bai was holding in the other hand, Lu Bai was startled, spread his hand, a bell full of teeth marks lay quietly in the palm of his hand, Lu Bai lowered his eyes and said, “This is not an important thing.”

Qu Xueyu raised his eyebrows, took the bell in his hand, and rubbed Lu Bai’s hair with a smile: “Then I will help you put it away. “He always felt that this bell would evoke unhappy memories of the boy.

“Yeah.” Lu Bai put his cheek on Qu Xueyu’s palm, rubbed it affectionately, and muttered, “Xiao Qu, if you don’t like it, you can throw it away.” After that, he raised his head and smiled at Qu Xueyu eagerly. “Xiao Qu, I want to sleep for a while.”

“Then sleep.” Qu Xueyu took Lu Bai into his arms, and adjusted his posture to make him more comfortable: “I’ll call you when I get home.” Qu Xueyu pecked the other’s lips.

“Okay.” Lu Bai snuggled into Qu Xueyu’s arms and fell asleep warmly, this time without the interference of dreams at all.

Xingzi hangs in the sky, and the car is quietly driving on the way home where the sunset and the stars are intertwined.

xx year x month x day

“Mom, mom, what are you writing?” The small dumpling-like child ran over with his short legs, grabbed the corner of the woman’s clothes in front of the desk with his fleshy hands, and asked glutinously. .

“Yes,” a man with a gentle smile suddenly picked up the child, making the child giggled and called ‘Dad’, he leaned over to the woman and joked, “I’m asking on behalf of our Xiaobai, Amei, What are you writing?” The

elegant woman smiled like the sunshine in winter, she took the little boy, hooked the tip of his nose, and said, “Mom is writing Xiaobai’s story.”

“Xiaobai’s story? “The child pointed at himself and asked in a milky voice. He was too young to understand the concept of “story”, so he could only ask his mother with big black eyes like grapes.

“Yes,” the woman grabbed the child’s chubby little hand with her warm hands, her eyes full of light, she said, “Mom wants to write a happy story for Xiaobai, I hope Xiaobai can be as flat as the story. An An grew up happily, made many, many good friends, and had a super happy life.” So she took her son as the protagonist and imagined that she wrote this story.

“Darling,” the man took the book in his hand, glanced at the book and asked the woman with a smile, “Why is the title called “Gu Xue”?”

“Ah Lu Zihao, don’t look at it, return it to me!” The woman’s face suddenly turned red— – It’s really embarrassing for people close to her to read their own stories – “This is a story for my son! It’s not for you!” The woman blushed and snatched the notebook.

“Haha,” the man leaned over and kissed the woman’s blushing face, and then kissed his son, who was almost drooling from laughter, and asked, “Amei, why is it called “Gu Xue”?”

“Because—” Although the woman’s face was blushing, she still kissed her son’s face and muttered seriously: “Because Xiaobai likes the snow in our hometown the most. You forget, when it snows, we have more Xiaobai. I’m happy.”

Lu Bai seriously told Qu Xueyu this very occasionally: “Xiao Qu, in the old world my mother was called Ye Mei and my father was called Lu Zihao, the names are very nice. They love me very much.”

“By the way, Xiaoqu, the snow in my hometown is particularly beautiful.” After the

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After the Villainous Supporting Male Had Raised the Wrong Canary

After the Villainous Supporting Male Had Raised the Wrong Canary

恶毒男配养错金丝雀后, 恶毒男配养错金丝雀后(穿书)
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
Lu Bai had transmigrated into the novel “Gu Xue”. In this domineering pure love novel, he became the vicious supporting character who chased after the protagonist gong. Just like countless other villains in novels, Lu Bai did all kinds of plot and schemes in order to obstruct (assist) the protagonist gong, Qin Gu, and the protagonist shou, Qu Xueyu from being together and eventually caused ruin to himself. But Lu Bai, this villain, is a little special — he had a twisted mind and the way he courted disaster on himself was unusual. When other villains would raise canaries and support substitutes, they would raise a substitute of their white moonlight. However, Lu Bai raised the lover of his white moonlight– that is– a body double of the protagonist shou, Qu Xueyu—- He raised a canary that looked very similar to Qu Xueyu to, in nicer words, humiliate his love rival. In the end, he only brought himself to ruin. After transmigrating, Lu Bai took a look at the tooth rotting plot and got a headache. But in order to return home after the story line was completed, he still braced himself for it—– “Are you Ruan Jiangjiu,” He blocked the handsome young man who was a head taller than himself in an alley and threw a card in front of him: “You’re broke ba—-” Lu Bai grit his teeth and just spat out the words: “As long as you…. this one million is yours!” Ruan Jiangjiu looked at the person with a reddened face trying hard to appear strong in front of him. The youth looked like a fierce angry kitten. A dangerous smile filled with intrigue formed on Ruan Jiangjiu’s face. —- The film emperor Qu Xueyu took on a somewhat special role: A poor student with a warped mentality that eventually blackened. So, in order to take on this role, he disguised himself as Ruan Jiangjiu and went to work a part time job to experience the character’s life. The only thing he never expected was that the little dandy that always followed his childhood friend, Qin Gu’s, back would provoke himself in that kind of way. He also didn’t expect to be moved by his provocation and become addicted to the other party. — Lu Bai said bitterly: Xiao Ruan, as long as you can anger that Qu Xueyu you can ask Laozi to give you any resource you want. Laozi will even buy your way to become film emperor. Someone more amazing than Qu Xueyu! Xiao Ruan the canary: Smile.jpg


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