After an Infinite Flow Player Retires Chapter 8

Liu Zhaocheng: “…Huh?”

    “Although I am asleep, I am still thinking about work in my heart.” Ye Jia bit his head and made up: “As a public servant of the people, you have to do your best and you have to die. ……”

    At this moment, Zhao Dong hurried over from behind them and interrupted the conversation between the two.

    He panted and reported to Liu Zhaocheng:

    “Boss, there is ready.”

    Liu Zhaocheng’s attention was successfully diverted by the other party.

    He frowned: “The process is over? The Combat Division is about to enter so soon?”

    “After all, it’s just a C-level mission, and it’s normal.” Zhao Dong glanced down at the document in hand: “Oh, yes, The Combat Division said that we still need to find someone with our department to collect data and go back to do research.”

    Liu Zhaocheng seems to remember that there is still a big living person standing on his side.

    He turned his head and glanced at Ye Jia who was wearing a sick gown.

    “Isn’t it all after you die?” Liu Zhaocheng said with a cold face: “Go and change your clothes, you go.”

    Ye Jia: “…”


    He lifted a rock and hit himself in the foot.

    His face was full of resistance: “But…I’m still on sick leave…”

    But Liu Zhaocheng was ruthless: “Recently, there is a shortage of staff in Corey, and the newcomer has fallen down. Zhao Dong and the others have to check the data inside. Fluctuation, no one else is on except you.”

    ——Although he is indeed going to go in, he is not going to go in with those who are in the way in the Combat Division!

    Ye Jia tried to struggle: “

    Yes …” Liu Zhaocheng: “I will pay you overtime tonight.”

    He gritted his teeth, very reluctantly to add the sentence: “And this month to count your performance.”

    Ye Buddha: “!”

    He aroused, sincere and asked: “? Which clothes change”

    crowd all Zhao Dong: …It doesn’t have to be so real.


    Twenty minutes later, five combat section members and a logistic data recorder were ready to go.

    Ye Jia turned to look at a member of the Combat Division next to him, and asked: “By the way, what are you going to do in this school tonight?”

    “It’s nothing, it’s just one floor. Five people appeared in two days. A student who was living in nightmares, and another was in a coma. I guess it was a wandering spirit wandering into the school…” After that, the member glanced at him in surprise: “But, although the task is quite simple , But you came here without knowing anything?”

    “Temporary deployment.” Ye Jia shrugged helplessly: “Catch the ducks to the shelves.” The

    member nodded sympathetically: “Hurt, me too.”

    He pointed to himself. The sign of the “F-Class member of the Combat Division” on the uniform: “Everyone else was entangled in the skin-scraping case. There is no one here, so I was transferred.”

    “Zhao Guangcheng, how about you?” He stretched out to Ye Jia. Shot.

    “Ye Jia.” After the

    two shook hands briefly, Zhao Guangcheng proudly patted Ye Jia on the shoulder:

    “Don’t worry, buddy, you don’t have to worry! After entering, there will be me covering you, nothing will happen! “

    Ye Jia smiled slightly, her pale skin seemed to glow in the night, her light amber eyes half-squinted, and she looked very sincere when staring at people: “Thank you buddy.” On

    the campus at night. Without the students’ noisy play and loud reading, it seemed too quiet.

    Upon entering the teaching building, the light source at the entrance of the school was thrown away, as if entering an independent space. In the vast night, only the cold light illuminates the empty corridor in front of you.

    The team went straight to the floor where the incident occurred, the third floor.

    Ye Jiazhu stood at the back of the team, keeping a close distance, calmly surveying the corridor in front of him.

    Since all the people come in, it’s best to covertly and quickly solve the sucker before the people in the combat department notice it.

    After all, now only he knows the specific hiding place of that sucker, and he has long been used to dealing with this creature, so it is not a big challenge for him.

    After waiting for all the techniques, let the little black hand reappear once, let the Combat Division think that after it has been eliminated, declare the mission complete, the best of both worlds, everyone is very happy.

    The little black hand who didn’t know that he was about to be pushed out of the pot again: “Ha Qiu!”

    Why is there a strange sense of crisis suddenly?

    It looked around blankly, and then shrank under Ye Jia’s collar-probably an illusion.

    At this moment, the team leader who was walking in the forefront stopped.

    He took out a surgical device ball from the tactical bag on his waist and clamped it between his fingers.

    Ye Jia suddenly had an ominous premonition.

    He asked, “What is this?”

    He asked really abruptly, causing several other people in the team to turn their heads to look at him.

    The captain frowned impatiently: “This is the latest device in the game. It can force out the wandering souls hidden in the corners. You don’t need to use the detector to find them room by room. You can solve it early and go home early. Sleep.”

    Ye Jia’s mind made a big alarm:

    “Wait…” The

    captain glanced at him impatiently.

    What can a logistics member know?

    Without waiting for the other party to finish speaking, he pressed his fingers to smash the small ball.

    “Didididididi——!!!” The

    harsh siren sounded in the surveillance car at the entrance of the campus. Zhao Dong stood up abruptly and stared in shock at the large swath of red that suddenly jumped out of the screen.

    He took a few steps back in horror, not even realizing that he fell to the ground with a creak of the chair behind him.

    The other monitor screens are exactly the same.

    The almost violent Yin Qi index soared, bursting directly into the watch within a few seconds!

    Zhao Dong could hardly believe his eyes.

    This…what is going on?

    He has been engaged in off-site data monitoring for more than seven years, and has never seen such a situation…

    An incident that can be solved by a non-staff team, unexpectedly mutated into an extremely devastating disaster within a few seconds of personnel entry!

    Inside the teaching building.

    The smoke dissipated, Ye Jia slowly opened his eyes.

    Compared with just now, the scene before him has changed drastically.

    The thick darkness is like a living thing, enclosing the entire corridor, the dim and cold light above the head flashes with difficulty, but it can barely illuminate a small area.

    The blue-green walls are clinging to the dark meridians and blood vessels, beating, gurgling mucus leaking out, emitting a rotten stench.

    Ye Jia sighed silently.

    In addition to being difficult to find, the reason why a sucker is difficult to fight is because once it is stimulated by the outside world, it will instinctively create a temporary ghost.

    Although it is only Grade C, this kind of temporary ghost mythical creature can even reach Grade A or above.

    And the environment is completely controlled by the addict. Once entered, he will die.

    Only Ye Jia stood alone in the corridor, and the other team members beside him had already disappeared.

    After all, those people in the combat division are too weak, and they are likely to be taken away as food reserves the moment the ghost mythical creature unfolds. However, their threat is low. Judging from the eating habits of the sucker, the chance of survival is still very high. of.

    I just don’t know where it was hidden.

    Ye Jia looked around at the hostile people around him, and he had obviously noticed his surroundings, and couldn’t help sighing again.

    ——He really needs a salary increase.

    In front of the teaching building.

    “What’s the matter?” Liu Zhaocheng rushed into the car hurriedly, with fine sweat all over his bald forehead.

    When he saw the data on the screen, even if he was a minister who had experienced strong winds and waves, he couldn’t help being shocked:


    Zhao Dong looked pale and shook his head speechless.

    Through the car window, you can see that a dark, damp haze enveloped the entire teaching building, exuding a strange and ominous atmosphere, like invisible tentacles slowly spreading in the air, maliciously mocking the humans in front of them.

    “Quick…Go ask for support!” Liu Zhaocheng’s voice was dumb and hardly audible: “A-level emergency! Quick!”


    corridor was dark and cold, and the floor and walls were bent at a strange angle, gurgling. The ground is oozing with foul-smelling mucus.

    The young man walked forward unhurriedly.

    The little black hand shrank under Ye Jia’s collar and reminded in a low voice:

    “…something is looking at us.”

    In the surrounding light, a dark eyeball suddenly opened on the wall, and then quickly disappeared, like a crack that suddenly closed.

    Ye Jia calmly continued walking forward: “Of course.”

    “The smoker has always been cautious. When he finds that he can’t control his opponent at the first time, he will not act rashly immediately.” Ye Jia said slowly. Said: “After patiently observing, it will organize a wave of attacks based on experience to test the strength of the opponent…”

    As soon as his voice fell, several sticky tentacles protruded suddenly on the wall in front of him. The thunder could not cover the ears and violently attacked Ye Jia!

    Ye Jia raised his head slightly, and his light-colored eyes reflected the gradually enlarged dark tentacles, as calm as a lake.

    He squinted his eyes, and the cold light of the blade flashed between his fingers.

    The next second, silently, the menacing tentacles broke into several segments in front of him, fell to the ground, and then melted into the floor like raindrops falling into the water.

    “…It’s like this.”

    Ye Jia concluded.

    The corridor in front of me became darker and darker.

    The yin in the air is dense and almost condensed into entities, even if it is touched, it can cause irreversible damage to people. The ghosts polluted by ghosts appear in the corners of the corridors, rushing towards Ye Jia with teeth and claws. At the same time, countless The pitch-black tentacles flowing with corrosive liquid come from various insidious angles from time to time, waiting for an opportunity to swallow the ignorant humans who have strayed into their own domain.

    However, the young people in the whirlpool seemed to be undisturbed, and were still advancing at a constant speed towards the incident in Sun Jiale’s mouth.

    As he approached, the attacks became denser and irritable, as if trying to stop it.

    While Ye Jia dealt with the increasingly malicious environment around him, he still had time to complain to the little black hand:

    “Speaking of it, the reason why it is so disgusting in the game is that once the temporary ghost mythical creature expands, it can support all other ghost mythical creatures of the same level that are included in the ghost mythical creature, and control them to deal with the player.” The

    women’s toilet is right in front of my eyes. Up.

    The toilet was covered with thick black liquid from the door to the wall, and countless knotted blood vessels pumped in the wall, like the living heart of a monster.

    Ye Jia smoothly repulsed a ghost wearing an old student skirt, and then kicked the toilet door open, not forgetting to say lazily:

    “–but in the real world, although the ghost is unfolding, but the people around him are all These are harmless wandering souls…”

    Ye Jia sighed pretendingly:

    “Ah, what a pity.” The

    smoker seemed to be irritated by what he said, a high-frequency sting whispered deep in the wall. Fluctuating, the entire room, the entire floor, and even the entire building are trembling with it.

    The walls came alive.

    The whole building was roaring and pressing down on the tiny human being in front of him, trying to crush him to death under his own reinforced concrete fingers.

    Even Ye Jia was reluctant to deal with it.

    Suddenly, a pitch-black tentacles that were as thick as a waist suddenly rushed out of one of the toilets in the women’s toilet, and attacked Ye Jia like thunder–!

    The little black hand screamed out: “Be careful–” The

    viscous, foul-smelling liquid dripped from the ceiling, and before it fell to the ground, a sharp blade pierced the air with a light noise.


    number of segments to be cut neatly tentacles fell to the ground, broken limbs and even that still kept writhing.

    The young man stood in the blood and mucus, his thin white slender fingers loosely holding the black long handle of the sickle, and the long and curved blade tore the air, thin as if it had no thickness, and was as cold and clear as spring water.

    There was no trace left on the blade, as if everything it had cut was swallowed.

    Ye Jia glanced at the place where the tentacles were just stretched out, and said blankly:

    “…good place, suitable for you.”

    No one noticed, and all the attacks stopped when Ye Jia’s weapons appeared.

    A strange silence enveloped the narrow space before him.

    Suddenly, a small hiss sound sounded softly as if it was blown away, but the insidious tone in the tone could make anyone shudder:

    “It’s you…”

    Ye Jia didn’t expect this opening statement .

    He raised his eyebrows in surprise

    … Is he so famous?

    Even the smokers who are about to be exterminated know?

    “But a mere human…” The smoker’s voice was mixed with heavy hatred: “It will actually lead to the destruction of our entire ethnic group!”

    Ye Jia: “…”


    and many more? what?

    “If it weren’t for you, he wouldn’t come at all! If it weren’t for you! How could I be reduced to curling up in this toilet to survive, relying on the disgusting and weak souls of those little ghosts to barely survive!”

    Hatred made the somber and soft voice become Extreme and high-pitched, mixed with chaotic and crazy hiss, it is creepy.

    The floor and ceiling were shaking, and the strong malice caused the walls to burst out with dirty and foul-smelling mucus, which made a sizzling noise when poured on the floor.

    Ye Jia looked dumbfounded: “…”

    ——Where and where is this!

    Although the other party may not listen, he really doesn’t know anything!

    The author has something to say: Ye Jia: People sit at home, and the pot comes from the sky


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After an Infinite Flow Player Retires

After an Infinite Flow Player Retires

Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
As a renowned fierce god in the infinite flow world, Ye Jia deliberately hid his strength after clearing it and found an idle job in the Logistics Department of the Paranormal Investigation and Management Bureau. He originally thought that he would be able to return to his salted fish life and live comfortably. But what Ye Jia didn’t expect was…… One day, he opened the fridge and was met with an evil spirit’s vicious head, “Boss, boss. Did you miss me…..” Ye Jia: “………” He slammed the door shut and fell into deep thought. Wasn’t there something wrong with this world? The TV behind him was broadcasting news: Recently there has been a surge in paranormal events and the number of missing persons has sharply increased. It is currently under investigation….. * With the infinite flow escape game unexpectedly collapsing, countless demons and ghosts trapped in it were released, bringing disaster to the world. Only Ye Jia who cleared the game knew the truth. All of these……..were old acquaintances……… Ye Jia: My life is too difficult. #I clearly just want to be an ordinary corporate s*ave# Finally, one day, he saw an unexpected monster. After two seconds of silence, Ye Jia greeted dryly: “…….You came out too. What a coincidence.” The man before him smiled and slowly approached him, “My boyfriend ran away from home. Of course, I should come out to catch him and bring him back.” Ye Jia: “……..” Who would have thought that, along with the global sensation of ghost doors opening in the mortal world, there was also….. His peach blossom debt. It can’t be, sir. This is also okay?


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